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Due to engine failure. Search engines figured out the crash history of Pe-2 in 1942

Search engines of the association "Aviapoisk" established the circumstances of the crash in Primorye in 1942, the Pe-2 bomber, whose fragments were raised in November last year, reports RIA News.

Together with the fragments of the aircraft, the remains of the gunner-radio operator M. Kolychev were found.

According to the search engines, for almost half a year the work on identification of the Pe-2 crew was going on, archives were checked. And only recently - before the celebration of Victory Day - the documents came in which set out the circumstances of the disaster and the names of the crew members.

It is reported that "in June 1942, the Pe-2, piloted by Captain Alexander Leonov, flew from the Varfolomeevka airfield to the test site", but a problem occurred, "the flight was stopped, after which the motor group was replaced."

On June 29, Captain Leonov flew out to test the replaced material in the air. According to the observation from the ground, on the first approach to a dive from a height of 3000 meters, the plane immediately left the corner and got into horizontal flight. For 10-15 seconds, the pilot’s cap was dropped from the plane. At the same time, a cloud of smoke immediately appeared, and the plane sharply ignited. The aircraft's navigator, Senior Lieutenant Ivan Ivanovich Korobov, jumped out with a parachute, remained alive, and, with burns of a 2 degree, was taken to the Novosysoyevsky military hospital. The pilot, captain Leonov, also parachuted, but caught the plane and was killed in the air by a propeller,
the document says.

The gunner-radio operator foreman Miron Konychev remained on the plane, which "went into a steep dive and crashed into the ground."

The surviving navigator Korobov reached the rank of major, participated in the war with Japan, was awarded the Order of the Red Star and the medal "For Military Merit." He died at the age of 37.

Currently, search engines are looking for relatives of Leonov and Konychev. The remains of the radio operator are planned to be buried in June.
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  1. Russia
    Russia 7 May 2018 10: 46
    Let the earth rest in peace for you, soldiers of the Fatherland. soldier
    1. Grandfather Makar
      Grandfather Makar 7 May 2018 11: 08
      Thank you guys for not stopping the search and find out who died and how ..! God bless you and help the guardian angels of the Russian soldiers who fell .. hi
    2. Dam
      Dam 7 May 2018 11: 21
      The war goes on until the last fallen soldier is buried. Earth you rest in peace guys. Special thanks to the search engines
  2. taiga2018
    taiga2018 7 May 2018 10: 58
    Eternal Memory. How many are still missing, somewhere is my uncle who went missing in August 1941, and he was only 18 years old ...
  3. igorka357
    igorka357 7 May 2018 11: 01
    A very, very necessary thing, all these wars gave their lives in exchange for ours, so that we could live ...
  4. Evdokim
    Evdokim 7 May 2018 11: 10
    flew from the airfield Varfolomeyevka to the training ground, the navigator of the aircraft, senior lieutenant Korobov Ivan Ivanovich, parachuted, remained alive and with second-degree burns was taken to the Novosysoyevsky military hospital.

    This aerodrome is well known to me; the MIG-25 was also stolen from it to Japan. And in the hospital Novosysoevsky had a chance to be treated, around in the taiga a few more planes are lying, it’s just extremely difficult to get to them. And they lie from the beginning of the thirties.hi
  5. Igor V
    Igor V 7 May 2018 11: 24
    "Died at the age of 37." ???
    Then died? Or is it a typo?
  6. san4es
    san4es 7 May 2018 11: 59
    hi Bomber PE-2 1938 was established in the year and in 1939 made its first flight. Based on the twin-engine fighter "100" or "weaving", as he was known in wider circles, originally as a fighter aircraft designed for high-altitude flights. bomber Creator became VM Petlyakov. The history of its creation is interesting because Petlyakov caught by a wave of repression, he was remanded in custody, as a pest, but, due to the fact that the state did not want to minds disappeared, Special Technical Division was established on the basis of the NKVD - STO. Actually hence the name.
    ... A dive bomber was used for precision strikes against enemy bases, transport hubs and ground equipment in heavy cloud cover; it was used to destroy enemy convoys.
    Pe-2 characteristics:
    Modification Pe-2
    Wingspan, m 17.60
    Length, m 12.60
    Height, m ​​3.42
    Wing area, m2 40.50
    Weight, kg
    empty 6200 aircraft
    normal takeoff 7775
    maximum takeoff 8715
    Engine type 2 PD M-105
    Power, hp 2 x 1100
    Maximum speed km / h
    at height 540
    off the ground xnumx
    Cruising speed, km / h 412
    Practical range, km 1500
    The maximum rate of climb, m / min
    Practical ceiling, m 9000
    Crew 3
    Armament: two 12.7-mm UBC machine guns and up to four
    7.62-mm ShKAS machine guns
    bomb load - normal - 500 kg, maximum - 1000 kg soldier

    Expedition to raise the diving bomber PE-2 "Pawn" Jul. 2015 year soldier :
  7. Strategia
    Strategia 7 May 2018 23: 48
    O-ball = do it! The reasons for the current crash of aircraft cannot be established, but in 1942 they can.
    Tudes, however!