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The situation in Syria. Do Igilovs continue to be fruitful?

The terrorists lost their command post as a result of the sorties of the Iraqi Air Force to Deir-ez-Zor. Under the rubble of buildings destroyed during US air raids in Raqqah, dozens of civilians were found. Reports about it FAN with reference to Syrian sources.

After the Islamic State (IG, grouping banned in the Russian Federation) suffered serious losses in manpower and lost most of the previously occupied territories in the province of Damascus, the militants returned to the negotiating table with employees of the Russian Center for reconciliation of the warring parties and representatives of the SAR government. However, in the second half of the day, fighting resumed, with the result that several more buildings passed under the control of the CAA. In the course of the next day, according to the ultimatum, the radicals will have to give up their positions. In the meantime, another militant group left Yalda, Babila and Bayt Sahm settlements and went to Aleppo under the terms of a peace agreement with the Syrian authorities.

In the city of Al-Bab (Aleppo Province), civilians again rallied against the arbitrariness of the Islamists of the Syrian Free Army (FSA). In response, the militants opened fire on demonstrators. Information about the victims has not yet been received.

Local media reported on the opening of a strategic highway running through the cities of Hama and Homs. Previously, the highway was cleared of mines and IEDs laid by the militants. The CAA soldiers also destroyed all barricades and trenches blocking the tracks.

Last day Iraqi aviation resumed combat sorties in Syria. Aircraft attacked ISIS military facilities in the province of Deir ez-Zor. As a result of the bombing, the headquarters of the Ishilovites were destroyed. Recall, the Iraqi Ministry of Defense previously reported that sorties are carried out with the permission of the general security center as part of Russia, Syria and Iran. Meanwhile, 13 IS terrorists voluntarily surrendered to the Kurdish SDF and YPG units. Local activists claimed that the militants joined the ranks of Kurdish forces, as has happened many times before.

It was reported that the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) had transferred additional units to Rakku to begin construction of new fortified points on the outskirts of the city. By evening, it became known that under the rubble of buildings destroyed as a result of the air strikes of the US Air Force coalition, bodies were found around 50 dead civilians.

Throughout the day, Russian aviation inflicted air strikes on fortifications of a terrorist association in the south of Idlib province. Under the strikes of the VKS aircraft of the Russian Federation, the military facilities of Dzhebhat an-Nusra (banned in the Russian Federation) were located near the settlements of Arinba and Tramla.
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  1. 210ox
    210ox 7 May 2018 09: 01
    While the IGilovites have a "mom and dad" will multiply ..
    1. Logall
      Logall 7 May 2018 09: 04
      Quote: 210ox
      "Mom and Dad" will breed ...

      Dmitry, hi , they are not born terrorists, they become terrorists! (Paraphrasing Alexander Vasilievich)
      1. 210ox
        210ox 7 May 2018 09: 14
        Alexander hi Of course they become, they are brought up and fed .. "moms and dads" .. but simply naglosaksami, Gulf monarchies, etc. ..
        Quote: Logall
        Quote: 210ox
        "Mom and Dad" will breed ...

        Dmitry, hi , they are not born terrorists, they become terrorists! (Paraphrasing Alexander Vasilievich)
  2. Grandfather Makar
    Grandfather Makar 7 May 2018 09: 02
    Poor Syria! This is how many people have already died there ... It seems that only the world began to think about the restoration and the mess started again! Set aside gentlemen from Syria, how much blood can be shed?
    1. Vadim237
      Vadim237 7 May 2018 09: 57
      This would not have happened if Assad hadn’t pulled his tail in 2011 and dispersed all these demonstrations to overthrow the government.
      1. Normal ok
        Normal ok 7 May 2018 11: 36
        Quote: Vadim237
        This would not have happened if Assad hadn’t pulled his tail in 2011 and dispersed all these demonstrations to overthrow the government.

        So Assad did just that, - dispersed the demonstrations. Moreover, with combat shooting. At least google a topic before writing the "right" words.
      2. misti1973
        misti1973 7 May 2018 18: 48
        Everything is somehow upside down in your head! Assad just did all this. This was the reason for the civil war. Another thing is that he tried to do something, but too many of his dad remained henchmen at important posts that interfered as much as they could.
  3. Egorovich
    Egorovich 7 May 2018 09: 10
    Mattress, as a hermaphrodite, only bandits, terrorists and ISIS produces. wassat
  4. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 7 May 2018 10: 00
    militants joined the ranks of Kurdish formations, as has happened many times before.
    And where else, only under the wing to those whom the American coalition oversees. They are destroyed, and they are like roaches anyway from all the cracks.
    1. Wolf47525
      Wolf47525 7 May 2018 10: 10
      Good joke. Here they approve.
  5. Wolf47525
    Wolf47525 7 May 2018 10: 09
    First, we organize the export of terrorists in an organized manner, and then we wonder where they come from.

    In general, I forgot to say thanks for the jokes.

    And yes, al-Bab .......
    From the morning hours of today in the city of Bab, violent clashes continue between militants Ahrar Al-Sharqiyy (mainly from the Shetat tribe of the city of Der-ez-Zora) and the Al Waki ​​family (originally) (the largest family in Bab). At this hour, two dead and seven wounded are known.
    In addition, the militants Ahrar Al-Sharqi strengthened their ranks, calling for help from their fighters from Afrin. Militants use heavy weapons.
    Our observer was able to get a record of militant negotiations related to the Turkish authorities on the Internet. The militants talk about the willingness to come to the aid of Ahrar al-Sharqiyah in Bab.
    In the video materials that fell into our hands, one can see how Action Ahrar Al-Sharqi is heading towards Bab. Other shots depict the use of 23 mortar installations in the city.
    As a result of mortar shelling, Al Fattah Hospital in the center of Bab was hit hard.
    Residents call for the opportunity to bring home children who are still forced to remain in schools.
    The area is fierce fighting and shelling. Rod Al Waki ​​is not going to surrender to the militants Ahrar Al Sharqiyah.

    Recall that with the uprising in Raqqa?
    1. misti1973
      misti1973 7 May 2018 18: 42
      How do you come to an agreement with them if they soon have a group in each yard?
      1. Wolf47525
        Wolf47525 8 May 2018 09: 57
        Who does it have?
  6. sagitch
    sagitch 7 May 2018 14: 10
    Shut up the propaganda machine of Islamic fascism!
    To produce, to teach the young generation of intimacy and understanding of all religions, not tolerance, namely the similarity! God is one!
  7. Andrei Sokolov
    Andrei Sokolov 7 May 2018 16: 46
    They don't learn anything. After all, there was Korea, there was Vietnam, there was Yugoslavia and there was, and still is, Afghanistan. They don't learn anything! So many nations have already tried to destroy - and nothing comes of it. Own country is on the verge of an economic collapse in anticipation of another depression, but no: the last money is being tricked into the military! Calm down already: think again, surround yourself. Pity your own people, 90% of whom live below the poverty line, vegetating in debt. $ 400000 - This is the Debt of Every American Family! $ 24 trillion - total debt of the FSA. Do you really think that you will be able to take this money from Syria and Iran in order to pay off your creditors? There is none: you have to destroy half the world to close this debt. Are you sure, in general, that half the world wants to be destroyed if only you feel comfortable? I think they don’t want to. And if they really don’t want to, they can spank. And it hurts to spank so much that they will forget, after ten years, where this America was. And it would be nice!
    1. misti1973
      misti1973 7 May 2018 18: 38
      They do not try to destroy peoples. This is absolutely stupid! They are trying to bring everyone to one system. Until this happens, civilization will stagnate. Read Marx. We must remember the lessons of Afnanistan! Take an interest in how many civilians were destroyed by Soviet troops, how much money the USSR spent on this venture.
  8. misti1973
    misti1973 7 May 2018 18: 28
    It would have been better to crap, how many civilians died from the bombing of the aerospace forces and Syrian aviation and shelling! One hundred pounds no less than from the American ones. And they will multiply as long as they are supplied with money!
    1. Andrei Sokolov
      Andrei Sokolov 7 May 2018 19: 17
      Yes, I understand what globalization is for today's civilization. Yes, I know that the future is impossible without the unification of all sane forces of the modern world community. And - yes - I cannot imagine the future of our planet without joining forces in the hope of surviving the collapse of the world that we see today. And nevertheless, the world, as we know it, is collapsing, today, despite our demands on it. Ask Russia, ask America: do you need globalization - they will answer “no!”. Here is the answer. Digging our grave deeper and making ourselves comfortable ... No messiah, no future.
      1. Petio
        Petio 7 May 2018 20: 36
        There is information about the loss of Ka-52 from MANPADS. It will be good if it does not harden!
  9. Apollo
    Apollo 8 May 2018 16: 46
    Nothing will change until the ISIS surrendering to the ISIS people supplying money are taken out of danger points by buses and helicopters. Russia can do little here.