Step by step. Erdogan spoke about the main goal of the operation in the Middle East

Ankara will continue military operations in the northern regions of Syria and Iraq until the complete destruction of the terrorists, reports RIA News statement by Turkish President Recep Erdogan.

According to the president, who spoke with the election program before the activists of the ruling Justice and Development Party in Istanbul, the fighting will not stop until the militants (Kurdish forces) "from Ain al-Arab to Hasaki in northern Syria, from Sinjar to Kandil to Iraq will not be destroyed. "

According to Erdogan, Turkey “step by step is becoming the strongest country in the region and in the near future will become one of the major players in the world political arena”, while “attempts to redraw the borders of countries and the desire of certain forces to form a new status quo in the region the will of Turkey and the Turkish people. "

A strong power must produce its own weapon. Good examples of this are the ALTAY tank, ATAK helicopters and attack Drones Turkish production. The defense needs of the country must be fully covered by domestic enterprises,
said the head of state.

Recall the early presidential and parliamentary elections will be held in the Republic of June 24.
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  1. +5
    7 May 2018 08: 21
    Erdogan boasts, he would be silent ...
  2. +4
    7 May 2018 08: 29
    Here is such a "friend", Sam Brooke! ....
    Sultan Erdogan .... however, the Kurds are really his theme, so that everything goes as written!
  3. 0
    7 May 2018 08: 50
    Quote: CCP (Union of Free Regions)
    Syria for Turkey as Ukraine for Russia

    You didn’t mix something up? You need to know a little bit of history! Write the first comets and such bloopers! am
    1. +3
      7 May 2018 09: 31
      The opponent had in mind the degree of headache.
      No more.
      The truth is that Turkey itself is a BIG headache, for everyone.
      1. 0
        7 May 2018 15: 00
        Please specify a list of these same "all"?
  4. +1
    7 May 2018 08: 59
    While we are with the Turks along the way, and then ....................... we will look further.
    1. +1
      7 May 2018 11: 16
      While we are with the Turks along the way, and then ....................... we will look further.

      And then it will be too late. And where is it along the way? They are with us so far you can profit with the help of Russia. Example, Syria. They got what they wanted, I think they want it even more, and they don’t refuse their words about Assad.
      1. +2
        7 May 2018 15: 41
        Well, as I said earlier. The Armenians are doing their best to create the impression that Armenia is Russia's best "friend" and "ally", and Turkey is an enemy and all that jazz.
        In fact, we should not forget that the US political course in Transcaucasia determines the Armenian lobby in the US Congress, which, I recall, is the second most influential after the Israeli lobby. The chairmen of some of the most important committees of the US Congress, including the committee on international affairs, are traditionally members of the Armenian caucus.
        After the collapse of the USSR, the Armenian lobby in the US Congress raised the question of the need to protect Armenia before the US Presidential Administration.
        And here the US Presidential Administration began scratching turnips. It is impossible to ignore the request of the Armenian lobby - it is very influential and is needed to resolve many other issues important to the US Presidential Administration. On the other hand, it is necessary to ensure the protection of Armenia in such a way so as not to cause irritation of the old NATO member - Turkey, with which the United States then had love and full mutual understanding. And we still have not to offend a new friend - Yeltsin's Russia, where then the best friend of the USA - Andrei Kozyrev was in charge of foreign affairs.
        It would seem that the simplest thing is to accept Armenia into NATO. But this will just outrage Turkey and Russia. Moreover, it contradicts the NATO Charter, since states that have territorial disputes with neighbors cannot be accepted into NATO. And Armenia is not something that has a territorial dispute - it generally occupied part of a neighboring country (Azerbaijan) and openly claims to part of the territory of a NATO member - Turkey.
        You can place a US military base in Armenia. But this step will cause exactly the same reaction. And how to explain to US taxpayers why the US has a base in Armenia when there are bases in neighboring Turkey?
        And then the United States made a deft Jesuit move. They recommended the Armenians ask for a base .... in Russia. And the Armenians, who had recently spit in our direction to such an extent that they banned the holding of a referendum on the preservation of the USSR on the territory of Armenia, quickly changed their shoes and began to sing songs about the great friendship of the Armenian people to the great Russian people. For his part, A. Kozyrev presented to EBN this case so that we could allegedly launch a hedgehog in the US pants and that the USA supposedly could not do anything to us. Of course, this proposal led EBN to delight. As a result, Kozyrev received another order, and Armenia received our base.
        And the USA joyfully rubbed their hands. Since this decision alone immediately killed a lot of rabbits.
        - Ensured the security of Armenia without quarreling with Turkey;
        - Saved money;
        - They laid a mine under Russian-Turkish and Russian-Azerbaijani relations for decades to come.
        Now this unfortunate base, which is absolutely unnecessary for us to protect Russia proper, has a huge knotty log lying in the way of establishing relations between Russia and Turkey. Armenia’s membership in the CSTO, by the way, is also.
        That is, our base in Armenia is not only with the permission of the United States, but, in fact, on the instructions of the United States.
        Let me remind you that Armenia has territorial claims against Turkey, and does not hide it. And since we keep our base in Armenia, and even on the border with Turkey, it means that we, too, seem to support Armenia in its territorial claims. And that means the Turks can rightly accuse us of a double game. How is that, the Turks have the right to ask us: "On the one hand, Russia offers Turkey friendship, and on the other hand does Russia in Armenia (which claims to be part of Turkish territory) maintain its base, and even on the border with Turkey" ?? This is the real role of Armenia in big politics. Role - a huge knotty log lying on the road to improving relations between Russia and Turkey. Preventing the union of Russia, Turkey and Iran.
        Summarizing again.
        Armenia is needed by the United States precisely as a state that, by all means (including the forces of Russian Armenians such as the garnik lad garnika), must pretend that it is "Russia's best friend and ally," "outpost" and so on. For the USA’s worst nightmare is Turkey’s withdrawal from NATO and Turkey’s alliance with Russia, to which Iran will join. The task of Armenia and Armenians is to prevent such a development of events. And she (Armenia) is doing her best to appear as our best friend and ally.
        1. 0
          7 May 2018 19: 03
          All the same, I’ll answer you, not at least. You develop the idea and answer yourself. Learn, the Turks are enemies of Russia, they claim the whole Turkic world, and this will not do without war or without internal unrest. This is what the US and the campaign want. The Turks understand this and therefore are capricious, knowing in advance that the Americans will not refuse them.
          12 wars confirmation of "friendship."
          AAA is a strong organization, but not so much as to force the United States to recognize genocide, the Turks are still more important.
          So far, the most faithful strategic ally of Russia is Armenia, despite the desire to drain from Russia to strengthen the deadly "friendship" with Turkey. April 2016, one of the attempts, there are such conversations in the highest echelons of power in Armenia.
  5. +2
    7 May 2018 10: 36
    broken about the will of Turkey and the Turkish people
    Directly statement by the DPRK TV announcer. Is the success of the DPRK in a showdown with the United States inspired Erdogan.
  6. +2
    7 May 2018 10: 46
    Erdogan’s idea has a right to exist: a strong, independent state.
    Gas pipelines from Russia and Azerbaijan defend their economic interests, returned tourists and, if you want, tomatoes.
    About the fact that the state should produce its military equipment, it’s also right, rockets are needed - I’ll buy from Russia and blather out a bulb!
    The expulsion of diplomats, in which the West arranged for distillation in front of each other, was not supported by the Turks.
    Kurds harm Erdogan, get a military operation, despite the fact that the States support them, etc.
    1. 0
      7 May 2018 15: 27
      Considering that out of all 7 Black Sea countries, 4 lie tightly under the ami (Ukraine, Georgia, Bulgaria and Romania), and one (Abkhazia) is not recognized, then, besides us, there will be another country on the Black Sea (Turkey), allowing herself to ignore the opinion of the Washington regional committee, cannot but rejoice.
  7. 0
    7 May 2018 15: 19
    Sultan Erdogan is still a weather vane, I don’t think that his ambitions ended on Afrin, he wants to revive the Ottoman Empire, therefore Assad also bothers him. He was friends with the Kurds, now they are being bombed. It was friends with Russia, then its planes shot down. He was friends with the EU, before the story with the "refugees" for which he demanded several lard. He was friends with Israel, while hoping for the modernization of weapons and the purchase of new ones. He also wanted to be friends with the States, but Trump was touchy, remembered the "Big Satan" and did not give airplanes. Krasava, a super diplomat, apparently the horse that kicked him, shook the last Muscovite. laughing
  8. 0
    7 May 2018 19: 12
    It can be said with a 90% guarantee that those captured by Turkey will not return to Assad’s control, but will not be annexed to Turkey. This will cause an extremely negative reaction of absolutely everyone. A puppet state, such as Northern Cyprus, will be created.
    1. 0
      7 May 2018 20: 27
      Hatay Province was annexed in the same way, after 2MB.
      1. +1
        7 May 2018 21: 41
        who is annexed? in some mandated territory. so the mandate holders were not opposed.
        1. 0
          8 May 2018 06: 00
          It’s a mistake on my part, Hatay has been a part of Turkey since 1939. I am sure that the same voting procedures will take place to enter Turkey.
      2. 0
        7 May 2018 21: 46
        I am in this thread not about the events of the 70th prescription.

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