With new features. Su-34 ZVO air regiment received advanced Khibiny

The Bomber Aviation Regiment of the Western Military District, stationed in the Voronezh Region, received upgraded Khibiny complexes for modernization, the press service of the Western Military District reports.

With new features. Su-34 ZVO air regiment received advanced Khibiny

As a result of modernization, the capabilities of electronic warfare (EW) facilities of the Su-34 multifunctional front-line bomber were significantly expanded. The new complex allowed increasing frontline capabilities aviation ZVO due to the installation of an additional special container on the plane
- said in a statement.

It is noted that the previous generation Khibiny electronic warfare systems were intended only to protect the bomber itself, now they have acquired the ability to protect the aircraft in groups.

Also, the crews of the Su-34 will be able to interact in an automated mode with ground interspecific groupings of troops and other aircraft - aircraft and drones.

The modern experience of the combat use of aircraft equipped with a new generation of EW complex, will expand the combat potential of the aircraft and optimize the work units in the conduct of maneuverable air battles. Also, advanced Khibiny electronic warfare systems will increase the survivability of the Su-34 bomber crew due to the possibility of carrying out large-range launches without a hitch
  • Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation
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  1. +10
    4 May 2018 17: 03
    EW "Khibiny" of the previous generation was intended only to protect the bomber itself

    hi The composition of the complex type "Khibiny":
    - RER system "Proran" or more modern;
    - system of active jamming "Regatta" or more modern (in a container or in an airplane glider);
    - system for setting active interference of group protection (in the container);
    - broadband block for precise frequency memorization - TS block:
    - Computing multiprocessor subsystem;
    TTX complex:
    L-175V L-265
    Container length 4950 mm
    Container diameter 350 mm
    Container weight 300 kg
    Coverage area in the rear and front hemispheres sector + -45 degrees
    The operating frequency range of electronic intelligence equipment is 1,2 ... 40 GHz
    The operating frequency range of active jamming equipment is 4 ... 18 GHz
    Operating frequency range of containers of active jamming of group protection 1...4 GHz
    Power consumption 3600 W
    - R&D "Proran" - development of a complex of electronic intelligence;
    - research / development work "Regatta" - development of a complex of active jamming;
    - ROC "Khibiny" - a complex of electronic intelligence (ROC "Proran") combined with a complex of deliveries of active interference ("ROC" Regatta);
    - the Khibiny-10V / L-175V / L-175VE complex - the REP complex for T-10V / Su-34 aircraft.
    - the Khibiny complex / KS-418E - the design of the REP complex for export aircraft Su-24MK / Su-24MK2, the development of the complex is apparently not completed.
    1. +6
      4 May 2018 18: 04
      a great cartoon, very patriotic, the children are delighted, if in fact everything was like that - it would be great, unfortunately in life it's not so simple
      1. +4
        4 May 2018 18: 49
        Quote: _Ugene_
        ... children are delighted ...

        ... And it pleases. fellow
      2. +8
        4 May 2018 19: 04
        Quote: _Ugene_
        ... life is not so simple

        EW knocks missiles in flight. Apr 21 2017 year
        ... "Axes" (approximately) also broke off soldier
      3. +3
        4 May 2018 19: 43
        Quote: _Ugene_
        children are delighted

        it’s most important that they be delighted with the army of their country and do not write "not everything is so simple."
        1. +1
          4 May 2018 20: 18
          yes, let the children rejoice, it’s good, it’s a pity that many adults, like you, also enjoy children's cartoons, although it may be good, blessed are those who don’t know
          1. +4
            4 May 2018 20: 41
            Quote: _Jack_
            sorry that many adults like you

            yes I am. The most important thing is that everything is fine with you and God forbid you do not become negligible of the West. The cartoon is useful for everyone both for children and adults, children just watch the cartoon and enjoy, and adults perfectly understand what animation is and read dry TTX figures. In life, everything is always not simple because there are no clearly defined parameters initially, unlike weapons that have them in the form of TTX.
            Therefore, everything is just as it works or does not work in the switch. Russian weapons work and work faultlessly.
            1. +1
              4 May 2018 21: 16
              and where did you, interestingly, read the TTX Khibin, and even updated? I really want to read, so please enlighten
  2. +1
    4 May 2018 17: 03
    It is like two universes opposite and two concepts of invisibility for the enemy.
  3. +1
    4 May 2018 19: 44
    Uuuuh, now the idiots will come running, Donald Cook will be dishonored ... Do not know dunno that with Su 24 Khibiny are incompatible and never stood on it
    1. +1
      4 May 2018 21: 36
      Folk Wisdom:
      to just realize the degree of your ignorance you should have (at least) a valid first form of admission :)
    2. +2
      5 May 2018 01: 47
      Uryayayaya! I still remember the stupid Cook sailors after the flight of our experimental Su-24 with the Khibiny))
      1. 0
        5 May 2018 01: 50
        Quote: Seaflame
        with the Khibiny

        Not with the Khibiny, but with Khabina. One belay
        Do not distort a beautiful legend laughing
        1. 0
          5 May 2018 01: 57
          the container does not fit?
          1. 0
            5 May 2018 02: 08
            Quote: YELLOWSTONE
            the container does not fit?

            In the lodge laughing
            1. 0
              5 May 2018 10: 46
              under the plane Yes
              1. +1
                5 May 2018 13: 04
                Sea flyers are such aces that they can tow on cable drinks
  4. 0
    4 May 2018 22: 05
    Against the Ships ...
  5. t-4
    4 May 2018 23: 37
    I read all the comments and not a single joke about the cook and diapers.
  6. 0
    4 May 2018 23: 39
    In Syria, 'lost' Shell C1


    not a combat loss.

    to /
  7. +2
    7 May 2018 08: 26
    Nicely! Well done!

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