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The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation announced a competition for the modernization of the Su-25

The Russian Defense Ministry is holding a tender for repairs with the modernization of the Su-25 attack aircraft in the Su-25CM3 version, reports bmpd.

According to the documentation published on the state procurement website, the cost of the transaction should not exceed 1,6 billion rubles.

It is indicated that by November 10, the military department expects to receive four updated aircraft by 2019.

The contractor will be determined in June, "according to the results of a closed auction," according to the materials.

Last year, the Ministry of Defense concluded a similar contract with JSC 121 aviation repair factory. " Attack aircraft must be handed over to the customer by the end of 2018.

Reference bmpd: “By the beginning of 2018 of the year, 121 Aviation Repair Plant JSC (Kubinka) carried out a serial modernization of X-NUMX of Su-14 planes according to Su-25СМ25 variant - five in 3 and nine in 2016.
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  1. 210ox
    210ox 4 May 2018 14: 55
    The Rooks will long be one of the pillars of front-line aviation.
    1. Kent0001
      Kent0001 4 May 2018 23: 29
      Yes, they kind of said that machines were already being modernized .... they just said our Baltology is EVERYTHING. That is, in Syria we fly on machines with technical equipment of the 70s ..... without comment.
  2. MoJloT
    MoJloT 4 May 2018 14: 56
    Russian Defense Ministry holds a tender for repairs with modernization of Su-25 attack aircraft

    It’s as if an oil change service is being chosen. All these intermediary contractors are an eternally muddy story.
    1. Solomon Kane
      Solomon Kane 4 May 2018 15: 00
      The issue with the Contractor has already been resolved ....
      This is so - "ostentatious blizzard" as part of the control of "transparency" of public procurement ....
    2. 4 May 2018 15: 40
      This is just a tender for the selection of a direct contractor. Where did you see the intermediaries?
      Or are we working for a fan?
      1. MoJloT
        MoJloT 4 May 2018 15: 52
        You say the thing!

        That person explained everything
        Solomon Kane (Constantine) Today, 15:00 ↑
        The issue with the Contractor has already been resolved ....
        This is so - a "showy blizzard" as part of the control of "transparency" of public procurement ...

    3. The comment was deleted.
  3. Guru
    Guru 4 May 2018 15: 07
    Well, thank God that is not a tender. laughing Otherwise the Rooks would fall on their own.
  4. Tomato
    Tomato 4 May 2018 15: 10
    A successful glider, no worse than the American A - 10. Upgrade - and still serve.
    1. Pete mitchell
      Pete mitchell 5 May 2018 02: 09
      Quote: Tomatoes
      A successful glider, no worse than the American A - 10. Upgrade - and still serve.

      Sorry, are you an aviation specialist? Or is it a fan of Discovery Chanel and others?
      There is another vision: A-10 is not worse than Su-25
      1. Tomato
        Tomato 5 May 2018 09: 26
        No, at the moment I am transmitting the opinion of experts. But for that I am mentally healthy and honest.
        The senior sailor - so the senior sailor, did not stick the admiral's shoulder strap on the avatar.
        1. Pete mitchell
          Pete mitchell 6 May 2018 00: 47
          Where did you find specialists in Ventspils?
          Quote: Tomatoes
          stuck on the avatar shoulder strap admiral

          You don’t worry about my shoulder straps, I didn’t get any virtual shoulder straps either. And the doctors have no complaints against me either.
          1. Tomato
            Tomato 6 May 2018 09: 29
            No, Ventspils also has internet.
            PS Do not erase letters on the keyboard if you have nothing to say.
            1. Pete mitchell
              Pete mitchell 6 May 2018 09: 51
              Quote: Tomatoes
              Ventspils also has internet.

              "The Internet does not lie," says one cartoon character in my children.
              And about the availability of the Internet, I know that my friend is buried there, he died, and on occasion I always visit this pretty city. That is why it was so strange to read your bravura stories about life in the Republic of Lithuania, the locals are not all optimistic, those who live in the UK, Ireland, Germany are optimistic, you have the picture "all in chocolate." In a word, I’m glad that everything personally happened in Latvia for you.
        2. Pete mitchell
          Pete mitchell 6 May 2018 03: 30
          Quote: Tomatoes
          ..that I am mentally healthy and honest.

          Do you mean that you refuse health and honesty? It's funny Senior comrades are right: wounded animals cannot be left ...
  5. nikoliski
    nikoliski 4 May 2018 15: 15
    The Chinese when they commented on the death of our rook with the pilot Phillipov were right- they said that fighting with attack aircraft nowadays is just risking an expensive plane and the lives of pilots, it’s much cheaper and easier to make shock drones, which an ordinary gamer will be able to control after a short training course sitting in a chair with a cup of coffee (is there really a difference in the six-year training of a military jet pilot, not only in time, which in the event of war, but also in money) And in terms of combat capabilities, the last attack drones will not yield to a rook in height there is no flight in the review and the armament is similar (for the USA ATGM Helfire, for the EU ATGM Hot, for the Jews Lahat, we can put the ATGM Whirlwind, it’s the same for the modernized Su-25)
    1. okko077
      okko077 4 May 2018 15: 34
      I’m very glad for your primitivism and the Chinese, you can’t expect more miserable conclusions ... For dummies, including the Chinese, I’ll remind you that for the strike UAV to work, it is necessary to provide information coverage of the combat zone for real-time information exchange via secure channels and not in unmasking ways ... The smart ones will understand what it is, others don’t need .... Our capabilities in this regard (up to 100 km) allow us to block (shoot through) this positional area of ​​operations with conventional self-propelled guns, MLRS and ..... according to the signals of ordinary UAVs for target designation, but we don’t even have such systems yet ... We have suicide heroes spotters with binoculars. So, the drone UAVs are not yet available to us and are not needed ... Clearly, comrade .....
      1. nikoliski
        nikoliski 4 May 2018 15: 49
        All this is true, BUT in a war against barmaley they cannot even get in the way of a flying drone, which CAM using its surveillance means (which, say, the Global Hawk drone does not compare with our rook, which does not even have a thermal imager, which is why in Chechnya due to bad weather, a lot of guys died who could not be covered by rooks due to rain or fog) so the drone doesn’t need your suicide bomber with binoculars - he has a thermal imager that even detects people in the forest (oh, like in green It would be useful to Chechnya, otherwise they could even buy matrixes for thermal imagers from the French on the T-90) and then attack them (ours seem to be trying to make shock drones, they even bought something from Israel, but the series hasn’t reached the point yet) by the way in Georgia, in 5 days our people lost 6 Su-25, if instead of rooks there would be drones, there would be at least a few widows (or you and my leadership don’t care? They say the women still give birth)
      2. nikoliski
        nikoliski 4 May 2018 15: 52
        Armed conflict in South Ossetia (2008)
        During the conflict, the Su-25 was actively used by the Russian Air Force and the Georgian Air Force. In the war, the Su-25SM was used, but since there was no EW system on these aircraft, they often came under enemy fire. The obsolete sighting system does not allow the aircraft to work in bad weather conditions, as well as use X-25/29 missiles at night, most of the attack aircraft use NAR and air bombs. [30] The Russian Air Force lost 6 attack aircraft during the Five Day War (two Su-25BMs, three Su-25SMs, one Su-25Ks), including 3 were shot down in sorties and another 3 returned to airfields with military damage and were later decommissioned [31 ]. At various times, the South Ossetian and Russian parties announced the destruction of a number of Georgian aircraft
        1. okko077
          okko077 4 May 2018 15: 57
          Is everything normal with your head? The last 2 posts are clear to me and I agree with them ... Or are you overheated in the sun ...
          or you and our leadership do not care? they say women still give birth
          This is not for me. Learn to read and think ....
    2. Sergey ippon
      Sergey ippon 4 May 2018 19: 49
      at the moment, do not compare any UAV with weapons and rook functionality.
      1. nikoliski
        nikoliski 4 May 2018 20: 05
        The MQ-9 Reaper has a large flight altitude (even tori cannot get it) can fly for exactly one day, (upgraded version for more than 30 hours), performing both reconnaissance and striking with precision bombs against targets identified by it itself
        1. Sergey ippon
          Sergey ippon 4 May 2018 20: 19
          only weapons are 5 times smaller, more expensive and more difficult on these UAVs.
          and the infantry will not be covered, and the column will not really be combed out.
          1. otstoy
            otstoy 5 May 2018 18: 05
            UAV at the beginning of its development, which is very rapidly. Let now the UAV's efficiency is lower, but in the future 5-7 years they will leave attack aircraft far behind. That is, we cling to the outdated concept of support for troops over the battlefield.
    3. APASUS
      APASUS 4 May 2018 22: 09
      Quote: nikoliski
      The Chinese when they commented on the death of our rook with the pilot Phillipov were right- they said that fighting with attack aircraft nowadays is just risking an expensive plane and the lives of pilots, it’s much cheaper and easier to make shock drones, which an ordinary gamer will be able to control after a short training course sitting in a chair with a cup of coffee

      UAVs work under a specific order. The goal is static, the size of a house. How can they support the advancing or defending your thermal imagers?
      Moreover, looking at the US Air Force, there we will find vehicles even older, but they have a completely different tactic. So maybe not everything can be solved with one UAV?
      1. nikoliski
        nikoliski 5 May 2018 00: 05
        The Americans have a UAV operator operating from a laptop right in the upcoming ranger squad, that is, a drone hovering with Ptur Helfire is always at the service of this squad (it’s enough for the operator to see the image from the thermal imager of the soaring Predator on the monitor screen, just select the target, be it a tank or an action truck how the predecessor destroys it with the Helfire missile (the same on strike Apaches) from a height unattainable not only for MANPADS, but even for Tunguska air defense missile systems (however, against which this UAV was created) notice the Americans in Syria and Iraq have been trying to fight terrorists for much longer (I agree that it’s not always successful) but we must give them their due, they don’t lose either planes or pilots, and our losses, taking into account that we’re fighting not with the country, but with a bunch of barmel men without military air defense are already going through the roof, a lot of aircraft are already lost (and these are ours guys) so I repeat the Chinese are right - it’s better to stamp a bunch of shock drones (instead of almost useless, they only perform visual control) and let them destroy enemies with impunity, in addition, it would be nice to attach various satellite navigation sensors and laser target indicators to drones so that they can correct artillery fire (for example, aiming Krasnopol shells, it is proved that 1 Krasnopol replaces more than 100 conventional shells if the fire is fired, for example according to DotA, the quo of conventional unguided landmines is up to 150 meters, so it’s better to shoot right away for sure) So the future lies in contactless wars, all kinds of robots and other cyber monsters (I won’t be surprised that the 6th generation fighter will be unmanned and controlled by artificial intelligence, people only limit the possibilities cars, because it can’t withstand heavy overloads) and our Su-25s only show that we are all fighting as in the Great Patriotic War, not even moving forward, it was the same with the defense of Sevastopol in the Crimea when our soldiers with smoothbore guns swore because the British there were already rifled long-range (and more accurate) rifles and)
    4. Kent0001
      Kent0001 4 May 2018 23: 33
      And you thought what kind of communication channels are needed to control drones (noise immunity, bandwidth Mbit / s, etc.?). the Americans and the Chinese can technically, we don’t. Here to wash the dibs is yes, but the control channel is not, not ours. And this is not sarcasm (unfortunately). Therefore, the Rooks will fly with our pilots ... and someone will buy yachts for 600 million euros.
  6. Nikolaevich I
    Nikolaevich I 4 May 2018 15: 20
    Oh ho ho! Julitta is coming, someday it will be ... For the first time, messages about the Su-25СМ3 appeared, probably, about 3 ago ... as about a "completed" modernization! And then ... Again! And all the same, CM3! fool
  7. iouris
    iouris 4 May 2018 15: 21
    Competition for the modernization of the Su-25: Georgia and Israel are participating ?.
  8. Zaurbek
    Zaurbek 4 May 2018 15: 28
    Interestingly, are there any prospects for a new turbojet engine for the Su-25?
    1. Genry
      Genry 4 May 2018 16: 13
      There are special engines with increased survivability. For display at foreign exhibitions, they are usually replaced with simple ones.
      1. Zaurbek
        Zaurbek 5 May 2018 13: 17
        Whistle, this is an afterburner variant of the RD from the MiG-21 ... adapted for different fuels (for turbines it is not so difficult)
        1. Genry
          Genry 5 May 2018 13: 56
          Quote: Zaurbek

          You generally - in the rank of art ...
          Quote: Zaurbek
          this is the afterburner version of the RD from the MiG-21 ... adapted for different fuels

          The R-95Sh engine (and later R-195) is not a R-13 scrap, but a new development based on it, with borrowing the dimensions of the gas generator for the required power. And the R-95Sh and R-195 are not deprived of the possibility of installing an afterburner (this is an option with the addition of the letter "F").
          And who needs the adaptation of a turbojet engine "for different fuels" if the airfields have a standard fuel supply based on kerosene. This is a problem for piston engines due to the ignition phase.
          1. Zaurbek
            Zaurbek 5 May 2018 21: 33
            I don’t know, but I read that it can work on a solarium.
  9. san4es
    san4es 4 May 2018 15: 41
    hi TYPE Sturmovik
    CREW 1 person
    POWER PLANT Two turbojet engines R-195
    Rod, kN 2 x 44,13
    Aircraft Length, m 15,36
    Aircraft height, m ​​4,80
    Wingspan, m 14,36
    Wing area, m2 33,70
    Maximum take-off, kg 17.600
    Normal take-off, kg 14.600
    Empty curb weight, kg 9.500
    Domestic fuel, kg 5.000
    Maximum speed, km / h M = 0,82
    - at sea level -
    Cruising speed, km / h -
    Maximum speed at the ground, km / h 975
    Maximum rate of climb, m / s -
    Practical ceiling, m 5.000-10.000
    Practical range, km -
    Range, km 1.850
    Max. operational overload 6,5
    Combat load, kg 6.000 kg at 10 nodes of the suspension
    WEAPONS One 30-mm double-barreled gun GSh-30-2 in the lower bow with 250 rounds.
    Bomb load: Up to 8 laser-guided bombs,
    8-10 x 500-, 250-kg bombs, 32 x 100-kg bombs, armor-piercing bombs, napalm tanks NUR: 8-10 PU UB-32-57 (320 (252) x 57 mm)
    or 8-10 240 mm, NAR blocks of type S-5 (57 mm), S-8 (80 mm), S-24 (240 mm) and S-25 (340 mm). UR: air-air R-3 (AA-2) or R-60 (AA-8). air-surface X-25ML, X-29L and S-25L. SPPU-22 containers with a 23-barrel GSh-23L double-barreled gun with 260 rounds. soldier
  10. Topotun
    Topotun 4 May 2018 17: 38
    Interestingly, there seemed to be a message about the start of work on a new attack aircraft. In the media as a Hornet project. Although, in the current conditions, the development of a new car is too long. And the situation around Russia is becoming less stable and manageable.
    1. NKT
      NKT 4 May 2018 18: 54
      The main thing is not to be based on the Su-34, otherwise rumors circulated .......
  11. Landscaping
    Landscaping 4 May 2018 20: 32
    My colleague in Kant, while there is no better machine than Grach. And the Minister of Defense himself ordered to update
  12. Hiller
    Hiller 4 May 2018 21: 30
    The machine is decent and the reserve for modernization is great ..
  13. Whowhy
    Whowhy 5 May 2018 05: 52
    Is the Su-39 already outdated?
    1. NKT
      NKT 5 May 2018 07: 36
      This is the anti-tank version of the su-25T
  14. otstoy
    otstoy 5 May 2018 17: 54
    Instead of developing assault drones, flying titanium bathtubs continue to improve.