Results of the week. Plant potatoes, citizens!

Loss of aircraft and crew in Syria

In Syria, the Russian fighter Su-30SM crashed. The plane fell into the sea. Both pilots died.

Results of the week. Plant potatoes, citizens!

On takeoff ... Su-30CM crashed in Syria
Su-30CM destroyed the bird flock. What is wrong with this version?

The loss of the aircraft is iron, the loss of the crew is a tragedy. The guys fulfilled their military duty to the end, making attempts to save iron. But something prevented. The commission, no doubt, will establish what it is. We do not doubt that the general public will not be informed about the real final conclusions. Whether the concrete conclusions of the military-technical commission need to be known to this widest public is a separate question. It’s just that in the Internet era, from every sofa, I want to know all the details in detail, simply because we don’t have any “extra” servicemen, including experienced pilots - the Defense Ministry, well, don’t talk too bad.

Comments from our readers:

The accident is more than strange. Why didn't the pilots eject? How can a bird fill up such a multi-purpose aircraft? Apparently, MO is not finishing something!
Eternal memory to the guys!

They may have tried to splash down after taking the car away from residential buildings. Well, in the final detonation of suspended BC.

Siberia 9444
One thing is strange, it seems that the star should save a catapult chair at any height! Sorry for the guys.

Wizard of OOS

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko on Monday officially announced the completion of the so-called anti-terrorist operation in the Donbass and the beginning of the operation of the combined forces in the region.

Began ... Poroshenko officially announced the start of the operation of the combined forces in the Donbass
Terror becomes the main weapon of Kiev

OOS appeared. Whether to wait for the appearance of "the wizard of OOS"? But it was somehow strangely coming out - the “anti-terrorist operation” ... Poroshenko and they ask: who are the terrorists? I wanted to say, LDNR, but stopped, because they did not decide between themselves whether to de jure recognize LDNR as a terrorist organization or not. Now combined forces go into battle. Where in the rearguard should be marched zbroyny lads with "Javelins". "Javelins" together with the lads, however, on the American rope, but for OOS-VSU it is generally in the order of things when you are tugged at the string.

Comments from our readers:

Russian wants to kill in a new way.

Already on his knees asks - "Putin, enter the troops." Apparently overseas owners tightly tight on Faberge.

The fact that the Ministry of State Security of the Republic of Lithuania receives information and has a reliable agent on that side is good. But with terrorists and saboteurs decided to deal seriously (in wartime to be destroyed despite all the conventions). If you shoot (blow up) several foreign instructors, it seems that their active work will decrease. Of course, the philistine can not know what work is being done by the MGB, but I really want it not to make a fuss with the ghouls.


The Russian Su-27 fighter intercepted a Boeing P-8 Poseidon anti-submarine patrol aircraft in the skies above the Baltic.

Su-27 intercepted "Poseidon". Again "unprofessional"
NI: Russian Su-27 terrifies NATO countries

And what is, in the American sense, "safe and professional"? There is an opinion that there can be only one option: when the aircraft of the Russian Federation Air Force (Air Force) "rot" on the airfields or are sawn into colander as part of the conversion adored by the liberals. All of the series: yes, how many retirees could be fed for one Su-27 departure! ..

But only Russia has already passed through the option when neither “Sushek” nor months of pensions for pensioners. Remember how the West liked us then - tears of affection from our democracy ran down the cheeks of the Germans and Americans. And now, you know, they are nervous - they intercepted them, you see, at the borders of Russia ...

Comments from our readers:

Do not "give them fly", and force. Edak kilometer and a half or two. Let then prove that "not camels." Then simply declare that we were "confident" in planning an attack on some strategic fishing boat that was at sea at the time. Well they do not know geography. That Iran, that Iraq, or Sweden and Switzerland are all one.

Vita vko
When kerosene is poured onto the P-8 Poseidon from above, as has already been done more than once or sprayed with paint, it is desirable that such means of communication and intelligence would stop working. Then they really have to scrub the antenna and optics for a long time.

The plane came out good, you can not argue. Only all those who sell it, are unlikely to be able to use its full potential. For modern combat, the capabilities of the aircraft are few. Need a whole system. And so, well, one will take off or let two, or even a few. Without the possibility of a modern general information warfare, it’s just a target.

Bollywood Dances Around C-400

The Pioneer publication publishes an article that tells us that India will acquire five C-400 anti-aircraft missile systems from Russia before the bilateral meeting of the leaders of the two countries. It is known that negotiations between Vladimir Putin and Narendra Modi (Prime Minister of India) will be held in October this year. The article itself in the publication is called “The Moment of Triumph of Air Defense”, beating up also the Russian name of the C-400 air defense missile system - “Triumph”.

Beijing sped New Delhi over C-400. But what about the program "Made in India"?

Indian Bollywood dance from the “Buy weapon Tomorrow, or maybe I will not buy it, this time I played a cruel joke with the Indian partners themselves. While they were dancing, the Chinese comrades had already acquired the C-400 from Russia and began to make clay modeling in the hope of fashioning their own version. Indian friends also want to sculpt themselves - according to the drawings and patterns of partners - but then the American brother inserts sticks into the wheels of a creaking Indian rickshaw. In general, the dance is still going on - by inertia ...

Comments from our readers:

the most important
And armor in addition! And if Pakistan buys more airplanes ... then our military-industrial complex will have happiness for many billions! And the main thing is that without 10 aircraft carriers of India can not live! It's time ... it's time for them to offer more aircraft carriers!

Predicting a new series of brainwash from India

40 years danced and sang a tender commission, until the great Shiva said: "Enough of the bullshit to suffer, decide on something!"

voyaka uh
Why China bought several C-400 complexes is understandable. Copy.
How much will India buy?

Shop on the couch. Lot another: "Javelins"

The Minister of Defense of Ukraine, Stepan Poltorak, confirmed the receipt of anti-tank Javelin missile systems from the United States by the Ukrainian army. At the same time, Poltorak reports when “direct work” with the US ATGM will begin in the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

When "Javelins" appear at LDNR? ..

Online stores and shops on the couch are already preparing for the announcement of a massive sale. They say that there will be an impressive discount. American suppliers, of course, are against it, but what kind of Ukrainian warrant officer will there be? In general, the United States will now have to form a guard company at the Yavorovsky proving ground, as there is enough specialists in “what’s lying there” in the APU - and de-communization does not save ...

Comments from our readers:

Major Yurik
Plastic coffins, a bag for transportation of the owner is attached!

With these Javelines, like devils with a written bag. Well, they will not help Bandera. Though they will jump.

private person
But tankers of the Armed Forces of the LDNR do not seem to think so, everybody wants to live.

What a wonderful reason for Russia to get out of any contracts and negotiations. And recognize who you need. And do not recognize who recognized in the hope of pacifying the Crimea.

"Kuzya" as good as new?

The only Russian aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov will receive the Polimet-Redut long-range anti-aircraft missile system in service during the modernization.

Pantsir-M and Polyment-Redut. On the "Admiral Kuznetsov" change the air defense system

As a result, from the original "Admiral Kuznetsov" there will be only a skeleton, and almost everything else will change. And here several questions are important: how much time in modern conditions may be required for such an upgrade, and whether such an upgrade will not turn out to be several times more expensive than creating a new combat ship of this type.

Comments from our readers:

It is easier and cheaper to build a new house than to do in the old repair.

It was smooth on paper ...
9М96Е2 is also 9М96МД - it does not fly by any message. 9М100 - too.
Gorshkovo are "short" mine. 9M96MD do not go there.
If this complex does work on Kuznetsov, it will be wonderful! "Informed sources" promise that this may happen in the near future, but for now we have what we have. By the way, with Granite (who had not worked for a long time) Kuznetsov, according to the Montreux doctrine, is a battleship, and can pass the Black Sea straits, on occasion.

In short, they were able to scrape only the option package called "homeless-set". By the time of the planned commissioning in the 2021 year, Granites can simply be thrown away, because they will be useless, unless radically upgrading their electronics and the HOS. And then again on the 4 of the year for a joke to change the strike weapons? New ew systems not? Antenna systems with AFAR?

Cool invented. Now the repair can be delayed indefinitely, as with the admiral series, and in 2025 to return the fleet without air defense at all, or with metal cutters at worst. The order is on their chest, a twist on their backs.

And aircraft carriers too

The debate over whether Russia needs aircraft carriers has been going on for decades. Thousands of arguments have been proposed and refuted, dozens of detailed schemes of varying degrees of competence have been published, debaters have repeatedly turned both to screaming and hoarse. And the disputants never came to consensus.

Does Russia need aircraft carriers? Syrian angle

Carriers are needed! Submarines - needed! Destroyers are needed! Deck aviation - needed! Escort vessels - needed! Hey, guys who are never oligarchs, it's time to make an informed choice - to serve the same Motherland or to stay with the form for informing about the freezing of assets in American banks. We understand that the choice is difficult, but ... And then the thesis "there is no money, but you hold on" - you will surely warm your soul (if it has not yet been completely sold).

Comments from our readers:

That's right, aircraft carriers are needed, but there is no money. Yes, and Su-57 is large, and what else will be in 10-20 years? If we build, then at least 4, we consider the construction time and we understand that we need a completely different air group. We will not pull, now the new bomber is more important, but it is easier, the carcass is demanding to the airfield.

Unfortunately, aircraft carriers in Russia now can not be based on the Baltic and the Black Sea.
In order to “overtake” an aircraft carrier to Syria, it takes at least two weeks plus a week for fees, what can happen during this time with “students”? The bases in Syria “stabilize” a huge region and cost less to build a second aircraft carrier. Twenty years later, maybe earlier, if “nothing happens”, Russia will “give birth” to it.

Are you sure that a full-fledged base is cheaper than an aircraft carrier? Well then to you as an example of the naval base Kamran, there only l / s 10 there was a man.

So the base and aircraft carrier needed. We still have no normal conditions for the basing of large ships (therefore, Kuznetsova was trying to drive out for the winter to warm seas).
In addition, the aircraft carrier is not only himself, but his escort (and this is at least a dozen ships). And there is only one submarine worth the same as one base.
In addition, we do not forget that to service an aircraft carrier we need docks, which we do once or twice. And we must build two at once. So you count, and I want to cry.
The answer to the question of whether our fleet needs aircraft carriers is yes needed, but not first of all.

Fur animal

The famous Soviet song read “There is a beginning for a revolution, there is no end for a revolution”. And this can be fully attributed to the Armenian “velvet revolution”, which initially declared the resignation of Serzh Sargsyan as its main goal.

Potinyan's Smotrinyan's Successful Success
The situation can take advantage of enemies. Moscow warned Armenia

It is amazing how easily Mr. Sargsyan did away. Moreover, he also announced that “Pashinyan is right”. And now, against the background of this statement, an enthusiastic Mr. Pashinyan sees in himself the forces and roads to block, and block the bridges. Well, he's right ... and all the other politicians in the country are wrong ... So, he wants to see himself (and only himself) in the premier's chair. In the meantime, in the structures of power is torn apart, a well-known fluffy animal can quietly get to Armenia, who will tell you where he saw Armenian statehood ...

Comments from our readers:

Armenians took into account the negative image of the Ukrainian Maidan. Therefore, the Armenians, instead of pots on the heads of the crown of paper and cardboard. Which is also very symbolic.
Namely. Ponte from themselves Maidan opposition Armenians squirm a lot, and on their heads they have only a “gilded” papier-mâché! Under the first "rain" and soak their fabulous, sham crowned state! As they say, and the king is naked!

Xnumx vis
In Armenia, some Armenians have a springtime aggravation. Well, free will! Forward to Western "values" - gay parades and other pleasures. It is a pity, I respected your people very much for wisdom and hard work .... Yes, I would have banned Comrade. from Armenia, who reached "freedom" in orgasm of Maidan, then move (to escape) in Russia! Died, so died.

We do not want this either, since there are all signs that a strong fire will soon break out in the Caucasus. Whether we like it or not, soon the West, through the Armenians, will soon soon massacre between our two nations on our territory. Now how can we be, can you give Baku advice? Silently watch the flames approach our fence?

You just understand that in fact, if you just get under the batch, so let's say the ingredient to the sauce ... And the sauce itself is directed you know against whom!

"Stopitstsot" documents

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu this week reported that he had an archive of documents weighing half a ton at the disposal of his government, indicating that Iran had a secret atomic program. Mossad allegedly turned out to have 110.000 (why not 100.500?) Documents on Iran’s nuclear program.

Israel invited experts from several countries to familiarize themselves with the document. Russia was one of them. But at the same time, for some reason neither Israel itself, nor the United States allegedly familiar with the documents are not going to hand them over to the IAEA, which is obligated to do. “Apparently, they fear that the IAEA experts, having studied the documents much more detailed than the invited experts, will quickly determine that this is a fake ...” writes columnist J. Vyatkin. - The Americans officially refer to the Israelis: they say, these are not our documents, but those, as usual, make a smart face and do nothing, moreover. In general, "we have such devices, but we will not tell you about them," as it was sung in a popular song. But the Americans, of course, said they "believe" Israel. "

Great Persian collusion. The reasons and goals of a successful strike by the Israeli Air Force on the arsenals of the 47 Brigade
Provocative performance as the style of Israeli politics
There is an atom, but no buttons! Iran responds to Israel
Germany to Israel: submit to the IAEA data on Iran immediately

Interestingly, we note that the world community does not intend to forgive this trick and even to avoid its silence.

The Israeli authorities should, as soon as possible, provide the IAEA with their own information on Iran’s implementation of nuclear development, bypassing international control, a spokesman for the German Foreign Ministry said. Also, the representative of the Ministry reminded that so far the six of the mediating countries did not have data that Iran is violating the concluded nuclear agreement.

Recall that the agreement on the Iranian nuclear program was concluded with Tehran in 2015 year with the participation of six world powers: the United States, Russia, China, Germany and France. In 2016, the Joint Comprehensive Action Plan entered the implementation phase. The agreement provides for the abolition of anti-Iran sanctions previously imposed by the UN Security Council, the United States and the EU.

Comments from our readers:

There is a reason for disappointment ... Mossad, it turns out, does not have access to capacious data carriers ... Everything listed is completely obsessed with one carrier with a capacity of a couple of terabytes and fits in a handbag ... As presented, poor agents are dragging half-tons of documents .. So it is not far from trouble ...

Israel did not sign the non-proliferation treaty and the creation of nuclear weapons, and Iran signed, so that Israel did not violate anything.

So let Netanyahu and silent in a rag. Iran has someone to watch.

Same lech
The bad example set by Teresa May infected Netanyahu as well.
True, May is now preparing for a scaffold under the guillotine of the Queen of Great Britain, all the signs are already there, but Netanyahu has yet to do so in the future.
In general, the Israeli textbook on provocation concoction is not much different from the Anglo-Saxon. At least diversified, perhaps, in the style of James Bond with shooting and irresistible beauties. It’s more interesting to watch these endless spy series ...

Strongly expressed

“The strong expressions of the American and Israeli military leaders that have sounded in recent days have outlined, so to speak, the framework conditions for the forthcoming Israeli military actions against Syria. US Secretary of Defense James Mattis actually agreed with Israel’s “right” to make “sovereign decisions” on the bombing of the territory of that country. And his Tel Aviv colleague Avigdor Lieberman warned that if during these bombings someone dares to shoot at Israeli planes, then the shooter will be destroyed. Specifically, it was about the C-300 anti-aircraft missile systems, which either will be, or have already been put into service with the Syrian army, ”recalls columnist Y. Selivanov.

Battle of the end or the beginning?

According to the author, for Russia, the issue of its military strategic solvency in Syria falls into two related sub-questions. The first is the ability of the Russian Federation to reliably protect the state interests of its main ally, Syria. The second is the combat effectiveness of the Russian troops, as well as of the Russian weapons located in this country.

Russia cannot allow an unpunished beating of a Syrian ally: throughout the world this will be regarded as a demonstration of the low level of fitness for the union. Russia can not allow and undermine its reputation as a military and arms state.

Comments from our readers:

Same lech
"Russia can not ..."
Something doubts gnaw me on this postulate ... The recent attack of the US coalition with Tomahawks on the territory of Syria clearly shows what it can. The only question is, to what extent. Where is this red line located? Maybe there is none at all.
The Israeli air attack under the cover of a coalition on holidays is what?
In general, I see that this practice will continue. And here it is not clear who leads the world community by anyone: whether Jews or Americans, or our politicians in the Kremlin, or both sides at the same time practice verbiage ... We will live and see.

And my doubts ended even after Yugoslavia. I remain confident.

There is a red line, but it is very mobile and unstable, and it is constantly moving away into the depths of Russia.

Hole puncher
Yeah, the author sees the solution to all problems in C-300. I suppose his disappointment will be bitter. The bombing of Syria by the coalition aviation and Israel will not stop, the C-300 will not help here with anything. He is simply not capable of this, as is C-400.

Why? In such cases, it is necessary, as they say, "justify", and not rush words!

Because any defense has a limit, defense is overloaded, a hole is made in it, and everything else is destroyed through this hole.

"Slow poisoning" and one hundred fifty managers

Russia is allegedly involved in the poisoning of the head of the British oil and gas company "BP" Bob Dudley. Behind the poisoning of Dudley, which occurred in the summer of 2008 in Moscow, is the FSB, writes “The Telegraph”. This was allegedly told by a former BP official, Ilya Zaslavsky, who said that the Russian leadership wanted to remove Dudley from his post using the “slow poisoning” plan.

“Initially, against Dudley and several other senior managers began to initiate criminal proceedings. Against them personally, and not against "BP." Dudley hinted that he needed to leave, but he did not do that, ”said Zaslavsky.

According to him, after this, Dudley was poisoned through food. However, Zaslavsky noted that it is impossible to prove who exactly poisoned the top manager of BP.

He also added that the Russian authorities wanted to remove not only Dudley, but also the order of 150 managers from other Western companies.

Please read the entire list! British media blamed Russia for Bob Dudley's poisoning

It seems that through the efforts of the British media, the FSB is slowly turning into a monstrous Borgia clan. Only the red bull as a logo is missing. However, in London (or in Salisbury) and the bull will draw.

By the way, the aforementioned Mr. Dudley is not at all dead.

Dudley is now 62 of the year, he is alive and well, since October 2010 has been the CEO of BP. Moreover, having left Moscow, Mr. Dudley continued active interaction with Russia. He recently praised the Russian industrialists: in February 2018, he called “very good” cooperation with the Rosneft concern.

Comments from our readers:

- Excuse me, did I ruin the chapel too?

It is clear, with the Scriptures did not roll, it is urgent to throw in a new horror story in the media. It's boring ...

With pocket media and wagging tails, the heads of "independent" states can be completely rewritten history, everything, from the genocide of the Indians to the murder of Gaddafi hang on the Russian special services.
Stupidly curious, new sanctions on this issue will be?

In our age, the truth is hard to hide, but some persist in doing so.

a housewife
You know, I think so, someone jinxed them there. Maybe Buryat shamans, maybe some witches. Everybody has something with a brain, as if the end is coming soon. Flies in the autumn, too, bite like mad.

How the Baltic became a hindrance for NATO

The Institute of Modern Warfare, which belongs to the United States Military Academy at West Point, published a report in which it noted that the railways of Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia pose a problem for the rapid movement of alliance forces due to different standards. In these countries, railways have remained since the days of the Soviet Union and have not changed.

Rails of the wrong system. The United States called the Baltic railways an obstacle for NATO

The Baltic States will be able to say good-bye to the legacy of the “Soviet invaders” in the coming years. At whose expense? Probably at the expense of the fraternal peoples of the EU.

The European Union has already planned the implementation of the Rail Baltica project - the construction of a European standard railway line, which should connect the Baltic states, Poland and Western Europe. The project will be completed no earlier than 2025.

In turn, expert strategists recommend resolving the issue of the Baltic railways as soon as possible. The modernization of railway lines will create advantages for NATO, according to the institute of modern warfare.

Hurry up to fight?

Comments from our readers:

Now you need to shift all the railway tracks. It remains for the Balts to decide the main question: where is the money, Zin? Or, as always, the Germans and the French will pay for everything? They are the richest in the EU.

No one wants to invest in the Baltics! There will not be enough military investment from the NATO budget, and nobody will sponsor the economy killed by the European Union. Baltic for the EEC - market, port and transit in the Russian Federation ...

But they want to tear her away from Russia. And the gap, as a rule, voluntarily pay themselves detached. And if such delusions appear, they talk about the lack of confidence of the masters in the behavior of their slaves tomorrow.
Because, as it seems to me, from a military point of view, it is not necessary to alter the rut. Well, they will not be her to Vladivostok pull (or Moscow, they think it will be enough?). A pereobuvat composition is better in the rear than at the front.

That is what will pull. In World War II, it was possible to simply alter the gauge to the European standard, which the Germans did, now this is not a ride.

"Senseless" Russian pistols

The National Interest magazine brought the top 5 “worst pistols” ever created in Russia (from the time of the Russian Empire to this day). True, the publication noted that many different types of these weapons were created in Russia.

According to the author of the material, one of the worst Russian pistols is the OTX-23 “Dart”: the pistol is very heavy and “meaningless” because the 5,4518 mm cartridge is very weak.

On the second line is the Nagan revolver of the 1895 model of the year. The third place according to the publication was occupied by the pistol П-96С. The list also got the Swift pistol of the Arsenal company. And the latest pistol in the list of the worst was Yarygin PYA / MP-443 “Grach” pistol.

Five of the worst. National Interest named the most "unsuccessful" pistols of Russia

Well, since “The National Interest” not only brought the top-5 “worst” Russian pistols, but noted that many different types of these weapons were created in Russia, we will wait for the second rating. You give the top 5 the best Russian pistols!

Comments from our readers:

Well, if you judge so, then the best short-barrels are still in the USA. Just due to the fact that it is a mass product, and we have so, small series.

So we have prohibitors. Why do we need competition and mass goods? Why do we need a civilian arms market, because we have the best weapons for all occasions - our prohibitors. Thanks to them, we don’t need to develop and improve our weapons. With such friends and enemies do not.

Where continuous prohibitions, a sense of slavery.
Oh, how I envy the Americans, in the sense of weapons!
And with regards to the P-96 so, indeed, wrote amateurs.
The letter "C" means that it is official (for the chop), by law, the power of the cartridge is reduced by 30% of the combat, hence all his problems. And so - you can shoot.

Named the new main enemy of the United States

The American magazine "The National Interest" came out with an article that is dedicated to the "main enemy of the United States." Many might think that the publication will talk about Russia, China, North Korea or Iran, but no! Journalists turned out to be objective this time. It is noted that the main enemy of the United States is a huge total debt!

NI: US will not cope with main enemy by 2022 year

And it is true. The count of total US debt now shows the value in 21,165 trillion. dollars.

But a few months ago, the US government declared: the government’s task was to prevent the debt from overcoming the psychological mark in 20 trillions.

For the militarist Trump, as well as for the peacemaker Obama, there is only one way: to increase the "ceiling" of duty. Path tested.

True, experts, for example, Jørgen Möller, say that the US is close to a technical default and that the problem of borrowing in the US will not be solved by 2022 ...

Comments from our readers:

21 trillion debt exceeds US GDP. Or is it already not considered a default?

At this time, the Wall Street scoreboard was stopped, so as not to frighten the American population, but this does not stop the debt from growing.

Something went wrong with them ... Again, Russia was pushed back from the first place "enemies". What's the matter? Did the last rehearsal in Syria show the wrong results? Or did not like Putin’s March appeal?

Mojahed with four stars

The US Marine Corps General Robert Neller called the US military in Afghanistan and the Afghan army the mojahedin.

“Terrorists call themselves freedom fighters, mojaheds, but they are not. They are criminals. They are traitors. They hide behind Islam. They sell drugs. They kill innocent people. Islam is not about that. The army of Afghanistan and the Americans are mujahideen, ”says Mr. Neller.

Though stand, at least fall! The American general gave the US Army a new name.

The word "mojahed" has long been associated with the militants, and therefore Mr. Neller, in general, is right in calling the US Army mojahedin.

The four-star general and earlier allowed himself strange statements. For example, speaking in the winter in front of the marines, he declared that the Marine Corps should prepare for war with Russia.

We propose to rename the US Marine Corps to the Marine Mujahideen Corps.

Comments from our readers:

What happened to him ?! Oh, yes ... Freudian clause ... It is not surprising. The more you lie, the more you lose yourself in your own lies!

Captain Pushkin
I measured the height of the forehead of this general with a school ruler ... No, it was not the seven genius in the forehead that this ... was representative of the copperheads.

Four stars replace the mind. Sometimes it happens.

Russia will save potatoes

The observer V. Kuzovkov does not expect anything good from his (new) government. “Will it be Medvedev again, or Mr. Kudrin, the most incompetent Minister of Finance in the Galaxy, or a clone of Oreshkin, Siluanov ... Or even pardon, some Glazyev - so what?” He laments. And offers a way out.

“And if so, let me give you, dear readers, advice about choosing a personal economic strategy: plant potatoes, this is the best futures of the next five years!

And we still will have political victories, except for jokes. And the military, maybe.

The main thing that the potatoes are not over! "

The best futures of the next five years. Chinese recipe for Russia

And we’ll plant cabbage, turnips, beets for potatoes, grow tomatoes in greenhouses, and in her barrels we will salt herring. It is also good to keep chickens, grow boars and cows at dawn to milk. Oh, let's live!

And the government? Well, what's the government? Is it new, is it old, and for some reason the result is always the same. Comrade Chernomyrdin described him in his time: they wanted it better, but it turned out as always!

Comments from our readers:

Uncle lee
"The main thing is that the potatoes are not over!"
Here it is, the economic forecast for the next decade!

“Russia is one of the few countries that have no real economic problems, no matter how paradoxical it may sound. Yes, we have everything for successful development - a large domestic market, an educated and qualified population, an adequate level of technological development, almost all the necessary resources, and so on. There is no only people who can manage this ... "
I do not agree. Regarding the educated and skilled population. A quarter of a century of reforms killed Soviet education and vocational training. Technological development? Partly, because most of the technology came to us from the West and partially from China, because science was in the pen ... And I agree that there are no people capable of managing. No, because everything rests on the desire to get a fleeting result ...

The author writes that Russia has no economic problems ... Yes! The main problem is that we entered the world market as an amateur boxer against Mike Tyson, unprepared. The world market is beef from Argentina, consumer goods from China, telephones from Korea, i.e. minimum cost, huge volumes, worked out schemes. We have nothing of this! And to get out of the WTO-it is necessary to explain Putin, and not the Russians.
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    6 May 2018 05: 06
    Thanks for the review. In general, a calm week was outstanding. Apparently the calm before the storm.
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      Quote: Maximys
      Thanks for the review.

      The artist, as always on top. good
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        6 May 2018 05: 52
        Sincerely sorry for the dead pilots, but war is not without loss.
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      Quote: Maximys
      Thanks for the review. In general, a calm week was outstanding. Apparently the calm before the storm.

      In the morgue, in general, there are 52 calm weeks in the year !!! belay
      Everything was calm, except for:
      - Israeli missile attacks from planes flying on American echelons ... belay
      - missile attacks on Syria with the approaching American AUG ... recourse
      - the crash of the Su-30SM in Syria ...
      - a march through the cities of Russia under the motto: "You are not the king to us!" ... am
      - fire in the mall in Noyabrsk ... belay
      - the introduction of the minimum wage in 11 rubles ... good feel
      and so on the little things ... stripping by the FSB, but otherwise, a beautiful marquise ...
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        Quote: ROSS 42
        the introduction of the minimum wage in 11 rubles

        Is that something you didn't like?
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          Quote: Golovan Jack
          Is that something you didn't like?

          "It's a shame, listen ... Honestly ...." laughing
      2. +14
        6 May 2018 10: 11
        Horror is happening in the country ... You do not hesitate - Putin is to blame for everything .. even there)
        And it’s nothing at the time of salary, the pension is paid on time - the prices in stores are not rising like an avalanche?
        1. +13
          6 May 2018 10: 22
          Quote: Romulus
          And it’s nothing at the time of salary, the pension is paid on time - the prices in stores are not rising like an avalanche?

          You quickly get used to the good. Man, in general, is quite a pig animal, if you essentially look laughing
          1. +2
            6 May 2018 12: 26
            Quote: Golovan Jack
            You quickly get used to the good.

            Roman, did you give me a fuck?
          2. +2
            6 May 2018 12: 40
            Quote: Golovan Jack
            . Man in general

            It is obligatory social.

            we continue smoothly for longer
            Roman: I'm sorry - in the snot hi
        2. +5
          6 May 2018 13: 09
          Quote: Romulus
          prices in stores do not grow like an avalanche?

          Avalanche does not grow, but in two years everything has risen in price + \ - twice. And s \ n as it was, and remained.
          P.S. Petrol AI 92 over the past month increased by 10%. For no apparent reason. All is well, beautiful marquise ....
      3. dSK
        6 May 2018 10: 37
        Quote: ROSS 42
        March in the cities of Russia

        Yes, these are trifles, several hundred gorlopans were brought up, in a "prosperous" France, "kneading" is cooler: According to AFP - In Paris in a protest against French President Emmanuel Macron take part in 160 thousand people. This was reported on Twitter by the left political party "Unconquered France", which acts as the organizer of the action. Also, protests are held in Toulouse and Bordeaux.
        The publication also publishes Twitter posts of the protesters. Macron was represented as Napoleon and Count Dracula. Read more at RBC.
  2. +5
    6 May 2018 05: 25
    And what else are people who do not plant potatoes? I feel sorry for them.
    1. +8
      6 May 2018 06: 35
      The potato business has many options. You won’t believe it, but there are even people who "plant potatoes"! You can say, "potatoes are planting people" ...... The classic expression is "planting a bag of potatoes" .... laughing
      1. +6
        6 May 2018 08: 38
        you haven’t believed it in Russia. It’s very important in Russia. To steal a billion and leave for parole and for a bag of potato for 5 years from bell to bell.
    2. +3
      6 May 2018 09: 28
      Quote: Heterocapsa
      And what else exist people who don’t plant potatoes? I feel sorry for them.

      And don’t say, godfather! The husband herself is a drunkard ... laughing I recalled an episode from KVN, where there was a man who not only planted potatoes, but also did not hold money in his hands:

      laughing bully
    3. +4
      6 May 2018 12: 17
      Quote: Heterocapsa
      And what else are people who do not plant potatoes? I feel sorry for them.

      You know, on the asphalt, the potato stubbornly doesn’t want to grow. Mushrooms break it, but potatoes do not master ... request
    4. +2
      6 May 2018 13: 11
      Quote: Heterocapsa
      I feel sorry for them.

      We can do without your pity. Its potatoes are both tastier and better stored. And without nitrates with GMOs.
  3. +5
    6 May 2018 06: 32
    Going forward sucks turns out. Then back. Everything was fine there. We weave bast shoes, play the balalaika and lie on the stove with a bottle. Well, and potatoes, where without it. Here you have a national idea.
    1. +4
      6 May 2018 09: 37
      Quote: vladimirvn
      Well, and potatoes, where without it. Here you have a national idea.

      I can’t even believe that there were times when there were no potatoes in Russia. There were "kidney rabbit kidneys, pike heads with garlic. Black caviar! Red! Yes ... Overseas caviar ... Eggplant!", But there were no potatoes ...
      1. +5
        6 May 2018 09: 55
        Quote: ROSS 42
        I can’t even believe that there were times when there were no potatoes in Russia

        Quinoa, however, has always been. In general availability Yes
        1. +5
          6 May 2018 13: 13
          Quote: Golovan Jack
          Quinoa, however, has always been. In general availability

          Yes you are a foodie, Pussycat! good But seriously, quinoa during the war saved thousands of people.
          1. +4
            6 May 2018 14: 35
            Quote: Ingvar 72
            But seriously, quinoa during the war saved thousands of people.

            Work, exorbitant "plowing" of the people in the rear, mainly women and children - that’s what saved. It saved everyone, including soldiers drafted into the Army, 37 million healthy men who were divorced from economic tasks. Without them (women and children), work and a swan would not have been, and Victory too.
            1. +5
              6 May 2018 14: 52
              Quote: ARES623
              Without them (women and children), work and a swan would not have been, and Victory too.

              Yes, everything is clear that people are more primary, but people need to eat something to work. request
              1. +2
                6 May 2018 15: 44
                Quote: Ingvar 72
                but for people to work, eat something

                Primary are not people, but their labor. What they raised, what they gathered, then they ate. When - quinoa, when - horse sorrel, when - potatoes from the house adjoining site. In the villages they grew up on personal plots, in Leningrad they were in blockade and immediately after, for example, on lawns instead of flowers. So quinoa alone does not save.
    2. +10
      6 May 2018 11: 54
      Quote: vladimirvn
      Going forward sucks turns out. Then back. Everything was fine there. We weave bast shoes, play the balalaika and lie on the stove with a bottle.

      This is very back .... Yes, actually, even then, the Russian peasant did not have time to lie on the stove with a balalaika and under a bottle. Then the man went to the Far East through the Stone Belt and Siberia, so that Russia would grow with the earth. Such a territory by itself would not fit in under the drunken and torn. Then this man did industrialization, electrification, dug channels, blocked the rivers with hydroelectric power stations, ditched to death the most powerful army in Europe, created atomic weapons, first flew into space and made the second economy in the world. What is in bast shoes and with a balalaika is because I was ready to sacrifice a lot and be content with the little, for the sake of the interests of my country and the truth. This man was deprived of the idea of ​​building a just society, betrayed and robbed by those who did not hold any plow or balalaika in their hands. They were replaced by those who are “embarrassed” of bast shoes and are ready to lick the fifth point of the mattresses for Louboutins.
      1. +6
        6 May 2018 13: 14
        Quote: Nyrobsky
        They were replaced by those who are “embarrassed” of bast shoes and are ready to lick the fifth point of the mattresses for Louboutins.

        And they are in the highest posts of the country. And the Russian language is clogged up with English.
  4. +5
    6 May 2018 07: 45
    Week yes, calm. The government is traditionally far from the people, but perhaps its business will not be lost, but somewhat ambiguously .... potato as an investment is a very good idea, and it would not hurt to think about protecting native chickens as an investment from all kinds of flying predators, from all kinds of them a lot of.
    1. +6
      6 May 2018 09: 42
      The government is traditionally far from the people,

      Why far away? He thinks about him constantly. They were preoccupied with taxing the "self-employed", that is, those who do not have a permanent job and are interrupted by casual or temporary earnings. In addition, a bill was introduced to the Duma for discussion, according to which they will fine people involved in the “circulation” of sanctions products — they will find a box of Parmesan from France — please, a fine of 5000 scars .... /media/
      1. +2
        6 May 2018 10: 01
        Quote: Monster_Fat
        find you a box of parmesan from France - please fine 5000 scars

        A nefig scorched.
        In addition - and how is it - they will find?
        Quote: Code of Criminal Procedure Article 182. Grounds and procedure for the search
        1. The basis of the search is the availability of sufficient data to believe that in some place or at any person there may be tools, equipment or other means of committing a crime, objects, documents and values ​​that may be of significance for a criminal case.
        2. The search is carried out on the basis of the investigator's decision.
        3. Search the home by court decisionadopted in the manner established by Article 165 of this Code.
        4. Before the search, the investigator presents decree on its production, and in the cases provided for by part three of this article, - Judgmentpermitting its production

        Nothing - no ... cheese request
        1. +4
          6 May 2018 11: 43
          Well, you can "burn off" with cheese in any way; the main thing would be an article ... But what a scope for improvisation .... For example, no one needs to, now they can throw cartridges .... you can parmesan, jamon, etc. .... The main thing for a serious article does not pull, but you can shake denyuzhki .... Yes, and about the search ..... there is, also, the so-called "search" ....
          1. +2
            6 May 2018 11: 55
            Quote: Monster_Fat
            there is also the so-called "search"

            Inspection, with your permission. I'm still talking about the refrigerator in the apartment Yes
            Also by court decision. As part of an investigation of something there ...
            I mean, even if they introduce a "fine for cheese", it will not work request
            1. +5
              6 May 2018 12: 16
              At my place, a mustachioed striped gang always suits all baggage searches, such as: "And what did you buy so tasty for us, .... it smells like .... now we'll see .... WHAT? Didn’t you buy ANYTHING for us? Well, you and urod, master, ... "All this is readable on their faces. Yes
              1. +4
                6 May 2018 12: 26
                Quote: Monster_Fat
                you and urd, master

                Life hack: a local robot-guardian of morality "stupid" in Latin. Replacing one letter in a word with a Latin one that is similar in style allows you to increase, ahem, the readability of the text.
                Otherwise - a rake:
                ski - it was "turpentine"
                Authorship - it was "Autopia"
                Gay Lussac - it was "Gay Lussac" ... oh, damn it, Gay Lussac - repaired laughing
      2. +3
        6 May 2018 14: 56
        Quote: Monster_Fat
        In addition, a bill was introduced to the Duma for discussion, according to which they will fine people involved in the “circulation” of sanctions products — they will find a box of parmesan from France — please fine 5000 scars .... /media/

        Why are you distorting? request The penalty is only for those who will bring products for sale, products for personal consumption are not subject to a fine fool .Here you would be fined for disseminating knowingly false information, and best of all in public, on the square, but on the bare ..., and with ramrods, so that the chrome burst. belay Then there will be a lesson for everyone, so that they don’t waste in vain. laughing
        1. +3
          6 May 2018 15: 10
          That would fine you

          Better yet, hang ..... wink . By the way, in the text nowhere is there only about "implementation". And the “turnaround” is such a thing, it will be possible to turn it around in any way, they will find a “superfluous” slice of cheese — everything is already in a “commodity” quantity, we know, they have already passed at the Finnish (Russian side) customs ... But this is was at customs, and now (if the law is passed) they can also look in the refrigerator for this extra piece of cheese, at the call of a well-wisher or a neighbor .... the joy is what kind of guardians of the parish "37-year" will be .... winked
  5. +7
    6 May 2018 09: 02
    The main thing is not to lose heart. It’s just that we have to think a little bit about it.
    at his own expense and was looking for work where every month they pay. It’s all from the evil one, that ordinary people waking up think about their homeland and
    his power. The people live by their everyday problems. Let's take a look at what's new in the world and think to ourselves, yes and to hell with it.
    But the people do not like it when they are humiliated by external or internal enemies. I do not advise anyone to anger the Russian people. Before,
    when I was young, I was interested in everything, but with age you understand that whatever you say, all this to ease the soul.
    You never know what anyone wants. For me, nothing falls from the sky, and glory to the one who created us.
  6. +6
    6 May 2018 09: 40
    Thanks for the review. Everything is as usual with Oleg and Alexei: clearly, cheerfully, topically. And most importantly, without pink glasses in the spirit of “PutinNasheFsyo”, which has really really bothered me personally over the past couple of years ...

    PS we have been planting potatoes with father-in-law for a long time. Although the income of our family is more than normal.
    And I’m thinking about a house in the remote taiga. Tell me, am I a realist or a pessimist?
    Okay, we are waiting for the next Kudrin-Gaidar Putin to appoint us to the main "economists" ....
    1. +1
      6 May 2018 15: 00
      Quote: Magadan
      And I’m thinking about a house in the remote taiga. Tell me, am I a realist or a pessimist?

      It depends on what you learn - AK or Chinese laughing
  7. +1
    6 May 2018 13: 20
    Quote from dsk
    Quote: Maximys
    Thanks for the review.

    The artist, as always on top. good

    Shcherbak Vitaliy Vladimirovich - artist, illustrator, comicsmaker, interior designer, pseudonym Vitaly. good
  8. +6
    6 May 2018 15: 37
    They already say about the Su-30 that it did not fall on takeoff, but after completing the flight plan.
  9. +2
    6 May 2018 20: 50
    At the king’s carriage, the rear left wheel fell off.
    Decree of the next day: "check the rear left wheels of all carriages."
    That's how we live...
  10. 0
    7 May 2018 09: 15
    Thanks for the detailed review! It was nice to read and analyze.
  11. 0
    7 May 2018 21: 25
    Theresa Cool Witch