Military Review

Over-protected T-72 reveals militant defenses in Damascus

The operation to free the terrorists of the last district of Damascus Yarmuk is in full swing. The Syrian army tirelessly strikes militant positions from the ground and from the air.

Building density, as well as an extensive network of underground tunnels significantly complicate the promotion of government forces. However, thanks to the upgraded technology, as well as competent actions of military leaders, the army team can beat a meter by meter.

Yarmuk is a former Palestinian refugee camp. Uncontrolled buildings turned the area into an impassable labyrinth. From any window, at any time there may appear an action with a grenade launcher or a sniper. Therefore, the Syrian army has to practically compare with the ground every house that stands in their way. Nevertheless, a wide network of underground communications allows terrorists to quickly move to a safe area.

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  1. Sadko88
    Sadko88 2 May 2018 22: 04
    need to learn from nature wink
  2. svp67
    svp67 3 May 2018 03: 47
    As far as the "overprotected" T-72 plot is outnumbered there, the main burden of the autopsy fell on the "old men" T-55 and BMP-2 ... Yes, that’s where our BMPTs would be very useful, and to them, a bonus grandfathers, ISU-152
    1. Chaser
      Chaser 3 May 2018 11: 44
      This is with proper use of them ... But if they use a sword and attack, they will burn everything ... Neither BMPT nor St. John's wort is a panacea. Arabs think very straightforwardly (secular, at least. And Islamists - Allah Akbar all the time!) True, when I worked in the Middle East, it was peaceful there. Early 2000s).
  3. ICT
    ICT 3 May 2018 19: 22
    Quote: svp67
    the "superprotected" T-72 is outnumbered there,

    a slightly weakened defense is also in use, but 72 there is little left in fact,