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Notes of the Colorado Cockroach. "Demons ... Demons are all meaner and meaner ..."


Greetings to you my friends! Another week of your coexistence has passed next to ... In short, next to us. So what to do? Geography can not be changed. We can dig the seas and pour the Caucasus with the Crimea. You are not such hard workers. Actually, I was very much looking forward to our meeting!

You, probably, didn’t understand why I had a joke that I remembered. No, I'm fine at home. But in our common home ... I will quote you one entry from Facebook. We have a mordokniga replacing now newspapers, magazines, official sites and much more. This entry was posted by Edward Dolinsky, Director of the Ukrainian Jewish Committee:

"If you are from 14 to 18, and you draw well, hurry. The Lviv Department of Education and Science holds a drawing competition on the topic" Ukrainian volunteers in the ranks of the Xalichin 1943-45 Halychyna division. the composition of the division, you win a prize - 3 thousand hryvnia. "

Notes of the Colorado Cockroach. "Demons ... Demons are all meaner and meaner ..."

These are our dumplings. Pa-lu-chi-te! You can and not signing. In Ukraine, there is no fascism. And the Reichsfuhrer Heinrich Himmler is almost a national hero. I think our "scientists" dig up in his ancestors some ancient Ukra. If they found it in Jesus Christ, they would even find it in Himmler.

I was not lazy, I contacted ours in Lviv. I really wanted to know how deep we got in the ass. It turned out deep ... Light at the end of this tunnel is no longer visible. And the march with torches will be. Accompanied by the same melodic fascist marches in reproducers. And there will be a memorial service for the murdered "defenses ..." bastards in the Cathedral of Saint Jura. And the laying of flowers on the 76-th field of honorable graves of the Lychakiv Cemetery will be. Even the lamps and the performance of "schenavmerly" will be.

"Also, as part of the celebration of the 75 anniversary of the creation of the Galicia division, the Embroidery March will take place from the square near the monument to Stepan Bandera to the square near the monument to Taras Shevchenko. The celebratory concert will complete the event."

Do you remember our political scientists and others that you have been registered on your television screens? Remember the talk about the fact that we also fought with the Nazis? Here is the answer. Who fought with whom and for whom ...

By the way, the symbols of the SS division “Galicia” are allowed in Ukraine, as they do not fall under the law banning the propaganda of communism and Nazism! This is not what I declare to you. This is our main expert stories from the institute of national memory Vladimir Vyatrovich.

What's next? I think next year we will witness a school amateur art competition with performances. I do not know yet what, of the Jewish pogroms or the execution of Soviet prisoners of war ...

Excuse me, dear friends, but probably Lviv must be returned to Poland. Russia does not want to deal with fascism, and the Poles quickly turn their heads on the "sigkhalyam." It's a shame to write this, but I just don’t see another option. It is sad.

But recently, Mariana Batiuk was outraged on your channels. Well, the very same historian in the 100 school, that Hitler congratulated him on the network on his birthday. Remember: "Great man, whatever one may say." And what happened? Exactly nothing. In addition to the dismissal Batiuk, of course. By the way, I really want to know what is written in the labor office about the reason for the dismissal.

A deputy of the Lviv City Council from the Freedom Party, it remains ... That's enough about bad things.

It is clear that we need to talk about what will protect us from all the troubles. Even such. So let's go to the army ...

We have a modern army hoo. Or yoke-go ... Do not believe?

Read the block of Petro Poroshenko in the Mordoknig same:

“The APU entered the top ten of the strongest armies in Europe. According to the Global Firepower version, it is the Ukrainian army that is the strongest on the European continent among the armed forces of non-NATO countries. We are proud of our military!”

Strange somehow. In the world, we are 29 from 136. Under Yatsenyuk, they were generally the strongest in Europe. And today they managed to get around in the ranking of the army of the Vatican, Moldova, Luxembourg, Andorra, Malta ... Right and that tempts me to shout: "Salo to everyone at my expense! Sala Ukraine!".

Only here the military prosecutor and one of the deputies of the Rada voiced one strange figure for a strong army. Almost 500 servicemen committed suicide and more 1000 ATO veterans. Normal losses for war ...

By the way, the same picture is in our city. A word to the head of the Kiev department of the national police, Andrei Krishchenko

"Now there is a surge of suicides. On a day of two or three. On some days there were 5 suicides: two were shot, two were hanged and one jumped out."

But just recently there were one or two suicides per week. Do you know what opinion I heard from one deputy of the Kyiv City Council? Sit down to not hurt so much. So, for 4, the Ukrainians got rich, covered with fat. And in the conditions of stabilization of the situation in the country, out of boredom, people began to lay hands on themselves ...

For whom there is a bell bubumkaet? No, you can not hear?

Although, not only people are suicidal. At home too. Especially those who are guilty of the destruction of national wealth! This is me about the second volume of "Dead Souls". Finally, the deserved punishment overtook a house in Odessa, in whose fireplace a great work burned out!

The house has long been camouflaged on the street Gogol 11. Since 1846, the disguised. Even posted a sign. Type here for a whole year Gogol lived ... In 1850-51's. And then again ... and part of the roof collapsed, ceilings and wooden floors on the second floor collapsed. Covered the old decor with a copper basin.

That's all simple for people. Remember the beginning of your family life. The young husband realizes that his wife is a fool somewhere on the second day of family life. But the wife understands the same only in the second year. But for some reason in ordinary life, both men and women never reach an understanding of their own stupidity.

I passed this house about ten years ago. Even then it was scary to watch. Although the plate hung. Again about the "klyatyh Muscovites" in the Russian Empire, who in the middle of the nineteenth century were so cleverly built, so that in the twenty-first century we had problems? In general, in Odessa, the entire historical center is like that.

This is the top of the famous "house with Atlanta"

"Masonic House" ...

Odessans are generally funny people. One very seriously talked about his neighbor. In the evening in the gateway, a burglar approaches him. "Give me money". He replied: "I have no money!". "And if I find?". "Yes, you will not find anything. I spent the last money on a gun ...".

Or another case. For the first time in the history of independent Ukraine, the deputies of the Odessa City Council decided to hold a session at the state move. It seems to be like.

Speaker mayor Gennady Trukhanov. Represent in Ukrainian! Then come the deputies. And also on the move! And such joy lasts for half an hour. And then ... switched to the language of the "aggressor." Well, just so that later on the second time not to explain. But the names are still pronounced in Ukrainian!

I say, funny people. They laughed before serious work. Relaxed. Trukhanov, probably, left schenevmerlu at the end of the session. That to families the cheerful deputies went. Only now I don’t understand why they switched to Russian? There, on this advice, 90% are children of lawyers. Hebrew is more appropriate.

But here and in other places there are plenty of humorists. For example, in the police. You already know, probably, that we announced the recruitment of police officers to the Crimean police. And they even named the places where these policemen would be still serving. In Russia, once again laughed at us.

But in vain! I will reveal a little secret. Indeed, a tricky category of people has been preserved in the Crimea. These are those who want to live in Russia, and in Europe to travel on Ukrainian passports. Have you ever thought about why our border guards detain the Crimeans almost every week?

Yes, simply because they are traveling to Ukraine with Ukrainian passports! In Crimea, they are Russians, and in Ukraine they are Ukrainians. It quite rolled before. But ... I quote the head of the Main Directorate of the National Police in the Republic of Azerbaijan and Sevastopol, Anatoly Bakhchivanzhi:

“5800 people who served and stayed there after the withdrawal of military units to the mainland are wanted. For the first time in four years since the occupation of the Crimea peninsula, a registry of members of an illegally formed armed group has been created. There are data on 860 people.”

I do not want to offend anyone, but I have to pay for slyness. Or put on pants, or remove the cross. Those almost 6 of thousands of people who were voiced by Bakhchivanzhi are just the tip of the iceberg. But there are still a lot of working sites, like "Peacemaker". And besides the border guards, the Security Service of Ukraine and the police, Crimeans also monitor the activists.

And believe me, the Crimeans will be accurately tracked and imprisoned. This is not Roma. Remember the talk of burning a camp of rums on Bald Mountain? When did the insurgents C14 descend there and burn everything? So, this was nothing!

There were timurovtsy who cleaned the garbage left by the camp on Bald Mountain! This is to us the head of the Kiev police Andrei Kryshchenko said:

“About Bald Mountain. Policemen with representatives of juvenile services repeatedly left there. There are children in these camps and they are not provided with enough conditions, so this work was done. Most of these Roma arrived on funeral days and they left. Yes, they left behind a lot of garbage, but this garbage burned. "

Well done the police. Properly decided not to get into disassembly with this Hitler Youth. I read their website with comments about this. news. I was glad that the hair on my head does not grow ... I do not advise a faint-hearted one ...

It is strange that about the clash near the monument to Vatutin was not written in the Ukrainian style. "С14 are good guys. They cleaned the area near the monument. They even painted the pedestal in some places. They did not let the irresponsible citizens litter flowers."

But soon people will start to burn ...

Yes, you need to inform about the next economic peremog. Buy from us the Nikolaev shipbuilding plant! "OpenMarket (SE" SETAM "of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine) sells buildings and a land plot with an area of ​​6,924 per hectare of the Nikolaev Shipbuilding Plant (the previous name is the Communist Plant 61) for 52,3 million UAH."

And why does the song of the Soviet years sound in my head? "And Lenin is so young, and young October is ahead ...". Please note, do not buy the shipyard - no one can eliminate wage arrears. So, even more Ukrainians will become negative towards Russia. Auction 21 May! Well, buy ...

No, you need to charge you with positive. On labor feats and the correct consumption of kebabs.

We will amuse you again with our own coins. Read aboutnaval series "your comments. Liked? Well then get the" Crimean series. "5 hryvnia coin. To pay the salary of the Crimean police in ... Kherson.

"The coin depicts a composition symbolizing the Crimea: the Bear Mountain (Ayu-Dag), against the background of stylized waves - an antique ship, the Khan's palace in Bakhchisarai, a gazebo in Chersonese, where Prince Vladimir was baptized, below - a bunch of grapes, an amphora, Tatar and antique coins and flowers of mountain lavender. "

Once upon a time, I was in that place where the "arbor in Chersonesos, where Prince Vladimir's baptism took place, is located." At least 10 years ago there was no gazebo. In general, and I am sure that you will pass on my wishes to the residents of the Crimea, I think that memorable (about the once existing state) coins should be changed in the Crimea for Russian 200-rubles. For fun.

Remember, I wrote about my otherwise gift to see far? Another confirmation. Dear we say goodbye to the Park of Friendship of Peoples! And for the Russians, so that they are not happy, I also have news. Instead of the Friendship Park, we will now have a park of the Ukrainian hero ... Ilya Muromets!

Already the sculpture of a prominent Ukrainian warrior is sculpted from Vasyl Virastyuk. On horseback, again Ukrainian, our hero sits. The mayor himself said this:

"A monument to Ilya Muromets will appear in Kiev soon. Work on its creation continues. And the modern Ukrainian bogatyr Vasyl Virastyuk is posing for the sculptor. We plan to erect a monument in the summer in Muromets Park (formerly Friendship of Peoples Park), where reconstruction is continuing."

"The spirit of our gallant antiquity and modernity will unite in the new park. It was not by chance that it got the name of Muromets, because it is located in a historical place where the territory of the guard squadron and the place of permanent deployment of the Kiev squad were in 12-13 centuries."

I saw this monument. Ilya - Katsap Katsap. With a beard, without oseledets. Brazenly sitting like that. In a businesslike manner. But he came to protect our Square from the Vladimir region. I could leave some embroidery for posterity ... I would put it on the armor.

Well, for quite a cheerful mood I inform you - we no longer have universities! We do not need these same higher educational institutions as in Russia. We have all ours. We now have "institutions of higher education"! Envy silently. We ourselves are silent ... too ...

And the criminal chronicle of the Cockroach. On Thursday, a terrible crime occurred in Kiev.

"We have here the crime of the century and the criminal of the century in one video! Syretskaya 5, 3 building (entrance from Sklyarenko), in the night from 24 to 25 April stole the mat under the office building. The guy walked around the mat, tried it, removed it, but then after a minute 15 returned with a stocking on his head, forgetting to put it on, as it should be, twisted the rug and ran away. "

I, frankly, connected all of our people to find out the fate of the girl from whom this monster had selected one stocking. Imagine the spiritual shock of this person? Attacked at night. He took off his stocking and ran away ... And nothing more ... So you can get into the asylum ...

Although, if so, we did not leave it anywhere.

Time to say good-bye. Congratulations to all of May Day. Holiday kebabs, vodka and bent back summer residents. Hold on there. And we will live!
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  2. Hoc vince
    Hoc vince April 30 2018 21: 29
    "... If you draw an SS man well ..."
    Every fourth Jew who died at the hands of Nazi executioners during the war lived on the territory of Ukraine. The total number of victims of the Holocaust in the Nazi occupied by the Nazis is estimated at 1,5-1,6 million.
    “The German composition of the Einsatzgruppen was actually very small. There were only about 3 thousand people on the entire Eastern Front ”, (director of the Historical Memory Foundation, historian Alexander Dyukov). Einsatzgruppes could not destroy so many people only on their own, but they had enough helpers from among the local residents.
    In total, during the years of World War II, Nazis destroyed more than 1,5 million Jews in Ukraine — a quarter of all Holocaust victims in Europe. According to historians, the tragedy has reached such proportions largely due to participation in the mass killings of local police.
    1. svp67
      svp67 2 May 2018 16: 30
      Quote: Hoc vince
      Every fourth Jew who died at the hands of Nazi executioners during the war lived on the territory of Ukraine. The total number of victims of the Holocaust in the Nazi occupied by the Nazis is estimated at 1,5-1,6 million.

      And you were not interested in how many Jews in Ukraine are the most ardent ukronationalists and Russophobes now?
      1. mult-65
        mult-65 2 May 2018 21: 23
        It’s not Jews, then it’s burning.
    2. Opozdavshiy
      Opozdavshiy 3 May 2018 00: 08
      And how many total civilians were destroyed by the Nazis on the territory of Ukraine? According to official figures, 4.5 million people. Who were the "remaining" 3 million people by nationality?
      I, as a Russian, somehow disgusted to read about the heroic Jewish Holocaust on the planet.
      1. Sars
        Sars 4 May 2018 04: 19
        According to the 1938 European census, there were 3,5 million Jews in all. Today, more than six million victims (1,5 million - a quarter) are already in the Holocaust. Last year, the figure was 5 million.
      2. gm9019
        gm9019 4 May 2018 14: 59
        Quote: Opozdavshiy
        And how many total civilians were destroyed by the Nazis on the territory of Ukraine? According to official figures, 4.5 million people.

        And I'm sorry ALL. All martyrs, executed, tortured, tortured, adults and children, old and young - all. And God be with her, with nationality ...
    3. BAI
      BAI 3 May 2018 10: 58
      In the occupied territories of the USSR - the Baltic states, Ukraine, Belarus, and the regions of the RSFSR, the Germans killed over 90% of Jews (I don’t know in Moldova, but in Poland - the same figure) - this is more than in any country in Europe, even in Germany, the percentage is lower. All this was possible only with the active help of the local population. (The family of the father-in-law, the Germans hung in front of him (he was 13 years old) in Belarus by the denunciation of neighbors).
  3. Catfish
    Catfish 1 May 2018 00: 53
    I look at these “Galicia” mummers with standards and only one thing is seen very specifically: they all live in the last century! And none of them have a future. If a nation does not have any heroes other than these, who wore a foreign form and carried out the orders of war criminals, to realize their own national pride, then what can be said about this people. Then one does not have to be surprised that they offer their children to draw not "father with mother", Reichsfuhrer SS Himmler. What kind of people are such heroes, and such children of this people. negative
  4. Sergey-svs
    Sergey-svs 1 May 2018 10: 00
    Thank you Okoloradsky and you with May Day and delicious kebabs with vodka! wink
    ... but, probably, Lviv should be returned to Poland. Russia does not want to deal with fascism, and the Poles quickly turn their heads over the zigkhail. It's a shame to write this, but I just don’t see another option ...

    No, Okoloradsky, deal with your zigging Bandera yourself, as they say you gave birth to them, and you need to strangle them with lace underpants! yes It’s good to go out on our hump ... it’s already used to be too painful for a freebie ... you’re our “non-brothers” ... lol
    PS And don’t worry about Lviv, I’ve been talking closely with the Poles on the oceans, so after the third glass, they immediately forget about tolerance and start shouting: “Lviv! yes And one Polish girl generally said that she had already gone to see their house in Lviv, in which her grandmother lived and to which she even had documents of ownership ... and she expects that as soon as ... she will immediately throw everyone out of there! So that the beaten and homeless "Lviv patrioti", anyway, will come to you in Kiev ... laughing
    1. pafegosoff
      pafegosoff 2 May 2018 19: 14
      Apart from the ambition of the Poles, the Poles have nothing ... Yes, and the European Union, although they disobey, is only about emigrants. And NATO is the law!
      1. Igor V
        Igor V 2 May 2018 21: 30
        In Kaliningrad, after the third, they begin to vilify Russia. Yes, all Russian obscenities. We do not need such "partners".
  5. svp67
    svp67 2 May 2018 16: 32
    About koradsky hi
    "... If you draw an SS man well ..."
    And we have already "poisoned feathers" hone, unfortunately. Well, we do not learn from the mistakes of others, we are trying our best.
    Excuse me, dear friends, but probably Lviv must be returned to Poland. Russia does not want to deal with fascism, and the Poles quickly turn their heads on the "sigkhalyam." It's a shame to write this, but I just don’t see another option. It is sad.
    No, it’s you, excuse me, “cockroach”, but you fell ill with Ukrainians. You all want to do it with the wrong hands, but what yourself? Well, return us to Kharkov, Donetsk, Lugansk, Dnepropetrovsk, Kirovograd, Zaporizhzhya, Nikolaev, Kherson, Odessa and Transcarpathian regions ... the “Zigkhail” will not have the same goals
    I’ll tell you a little secret. Indeed, a cunning category of people has remained in Crimea. These are those who want to live in Russia, and travel to Europe according to Ukrainian passports. Have you ever wondered why our border guards detain Crimeans almost every week?
    I’ll also reveal the “secret of an open secret” - dual citizenship is forbidden only for civil servants, but for the rest of the citizens it isn’t.
    Well then get the "Crimean series." 5 hryvnia coin. To pay the salary of the Crimean police in ... Kherson.

    I’ve never seen it ... A Russian banknote of 200 rubles ...

    And yes, here is a commemorative coin for reminding ...

    And five rubles in 2016 ...

    And of course...

    Instead of the Friendship Park, we will now have a park of the Ukrainian hero ... Ilya Muromets!
    And I’m glad ... they don’t spin, they don’t spin, and NEVER GIVEN FROM THE GENERAL HISTORY.
    1. Mih1974
      Mih1974 4 May 2018 22: 15
      I support - pisinus pods and "pink stump on the collar" (c) "72 meters" and not our RUSSIAN lands. And the Roman rabbit’s island backward we would turn up sobbing and bequeathed to posterity not to open our mouths on Russian lands. am
      The fact that in Ukraine (yes, with a capital letter because now it is not a country) is like a complex inflammatory process in a person, you can “give antibiotics” and wait for “healthy cells to defeat the sick” there, you can “perform a removal operation”. And the results will be almost consistent. "Operation" is a cut off part (hordes of corpses), phantom pain "verbiage that they could be re-educated" and "scar" - the memory of relatives. "Antibiotics" is an informational effect showing that "health" is better than "disease." But it is dangerous with “pertonitite” - that diseased cells will suppress healthy ones and will lead to the death of the “organism”. What is already close, the "corpse eaters" (Poland, Hungary, etc.) are already licking their lips at the borders, handing out passports
      In general - everything is bad there and every day the "decay" is intensifying. Different people talk about the months, the years of the existence of Ukriana as a state. And here is the reality - the IMF loan repayment schedule, the termination plan for the Gazprom-Navtogaz agreement. No, I’m not mercantile, I think that the West loves too much loot to “forgive” Ukria’s debts for a long time. No one will forgive her anything, which means that all the bacchanalia may last until the transfer of Ukraine to the "ownership" of the United States. I seriously, arable land, water bodies, nuclear power plants (that have not yet exhausted their resources). Maybe after that, the Merikas will try “option B” - the “pro-Russian authorities” (as supposedly in Moldova) will come to power so that if not through occupation, then through “fraternal help” they would hang these debts on the neck of Russia as a “stone” and push it into the river. "
  6. evil partisan
    evil partisan 2 May 2018 16: 50
    In the same place, in this council, 90% are children of lawyers. Hebrew is more appropriate.
    Cockroach - "Offset"! Ahead of time. good
  7. Sergey-8848
    Sergey-8848 2 May 2018 17: 08
    These jokes, they are good from under the cockroach skirting board.
    They burned Odessa, the anniversary has passed. As now Odessa citizens can talk about their great will, about their main city on the Black Sea. Someday the Gotzman will ask - what was there under the Romanians, and under the Nazis, and under Bandera, and under the Europeans?
    1. pafegosoff
      pafegosoff 2 May 2018 19: 06
      Yes, they will not. Odessans are now either in Brighton, or in Israel.
      1. NyeMoNik70
        NyeMoNik70 4 May 2018 18: 43
        Odessa is a Russian, Orthodox city. Odessans at home, in their own land. Those to the Brooklyn ghetto and Israel left those who were "badly" in the Union. In the 90s, the list was supplemented by mixed marriages in the direction of Israel. So we are there and we all remember.
  8. pafegosoff
    pafegosoff 2 May 2018 19: 05
    About the Nikolaev plant. In principle, the price is adequate. Communications failed, but still have to torment with the territory - one expense. I have land (without a house) - 1000 rubles one square meter (Western Siberia, a small non-industrial town) pay taxes and sleep peacefully!
    As for "Lviv - Poland!" Well, so the United Kingdom has been repeating from century to century: "Kiev - Poland!" so, if anything, to be Kievites: to whom - a pan, and to whom - a serf ...
    About the Galitchina. Here the experience of Germany is useful. How they reforged the Hitler Youth.
    As for the Jews. Here it’s more difficult. They did not "allow Nazism." They supported him, raised him and armed him.
    Yes, the same main Jew of Ukraine - Kolomoisky!
    Of course it is sad. Kiev in the mid-1970s was a cozy, polite and beautiful city. True, the Lavra was still dilapidated ... But people were good. And now, like that taxi driver from Brother-2 ...
  9. Vasya Svoyakov
    Vasya Svoyakov 2 May 2018 20: 17
    Lord, I am not yours, I cannot love my neighbors, let me not be a servant, and let me not be a master.
    Let me go crazy, because there’s no demand for madness, let me break at least once, this too normal light.
    Demons are all evil and evil, demons in my soul ....
  10. mult-65
    mult-65 2 May 2018 21: 18
    Beat Khokhlov-save Russia !!! Bullied already.
  11. The comment was deleted.
  12. Altona
    Altona 2 May 2018 21: 58
    They sculpt Ilya of Muromets, but it turns out Yuri Dolgoruky. Only without outstretched hands. And in general, the heroes in Russia were decent, they could have taken another character. Because there is Murom near Moscow, and eastward. And names are enough, and Stavr, and Oslyabya, and Svyatogor, I do not want to choose. Yes, even if Chernomor or Gvidona were stolen from Pushkin, and that would have been a line. laughing laughing
  13. Gato
    Gato 3 May 2018 00: 33
    You can shoot me on Bandera Avenue, but I can never imagine a Ukrainian warrior who shoots a “Javelin” worth two apartments in Kiev in some sort of Separian tank. Well, his finger won't bend. I don’t believe it !! 11 stop
    1. Cxnumx
      Cxnumx 3 May 2018 06: 37
      Quote: Gato
      You can shoot me on Bandera Avenue, but I can never imagine a Ukrainian warrior who shoots a “Javelin” worth two apartments in Kiev in some sort of Separian tank. Well, his finger won't bend. I don’t believe it !! 11

      the fact that they are now shooting (and even earlier if possible shot) does not bother?
      1. Gato
        Gato 4 May 2018 20: 32
        Of mortars of own manufacture by mines of the 19th shaggy year? This is not even Russian - this is Ukrainian roulette
      2. Gato
        Gato 8 May 2018 23: 38
        [quoteto that they are now shooting (and even earlier if possible shot) does not bother?] [/ quote]
        From the Hammer? Let them shoot more - fewer banderlogs will remain
  14. Cxnumx
    Cxnumx 3 May 2018 06: 36
    and you will endure all this until the new generation decides that this is the norm. in order for memory to disappear, only one generation needs to actively etch it.
  15. Dimka75
    Dimka75 3 May 2018 11: 52
    And about Himmler and SS the author of the lie. There is no such thing in the article on the FB and it was not. This is a reprint of the week-old article from VO with such author’s comments.
    1. domokl
      domokl 3 May 2018 14: 14
      laughing Did I meet something like that in Sharia ... Did he, too, lie? You can't write it down exactly in the pro-Russian ... He is also a warrior against us ... Umen and quite objective. Do not suffer love for us, rather lover of a warm EU ...
      1. Dimka75
        Dimka75 3 May 2018 16: 26
        these links to the left pages of the FB are just lies and are specially created for inciting ethnic hatred

        An announcement about this type of important and kind of monetary event is placed on some post, while usually they are sent to educational institutions by e-mail?
        Where is Himmler and SS here ??

        Especially -
        Here is the website of this Department with a detailed indication of all the events where this desa is not.
  16. Sverdlov
    Sverdlov 3 May 2018 22: 20

    Our creaks are also not far gone. Uncle Styopa "policeman"
    Sergei Mikhalkov rolled over in his coffin, and I’m lying on the couch

    Who doesn’t know Uncle Styopa?
    Uncle Styopa is familiar to everyone ...
  17. AB
    AB 5 May 2018 10: 50
    Interestingly, and such a 5 hryvnia coin, in Moscow you can get it? Suddenly it will soon become a numismatic rarity.
  18. Ivan.A
    Ivan.A 6 May 2018 13: 44
    Excuse me, dear friends, but probably Lviv must be returned to Poland. Russia does not want to deal with fascism, and the Poles quickly turn their heads on the "sigkhalyam." It's a shame to write this, but I just don’t see another option. It is sad.
    At the moment, unfortunately yes, I agree with you.
    Thank you for your articles, I always read them with interest.
  19. Gassdrybal
    Gassdrybal 6 May 2018 21: 44
    Good day, Tarakasha) Explain why on the standard of "Galicia" and (real) patriots, 3 (three) crowns and a lion on its hind legs? This has nothing to do with Sweden?))
  20. KVIRTU
    KVIRTU 12 May 2018 11: 36
    "... a cunning category of people has remained in Crimea"
    I would have told him, but banned. Nonsense is. Here everyone crosses the border so who has two passports.
    5800 are the employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs who remained in the Crimea. Only now put on the wanted list. The remaining 14000 thousand security officials have already been announced. Neither one nor the other does not visit Ukraine, it is understandable why.
    Ukraine does not allow Crimeans to renounce citizenship. Therefore, when applying for a civil service, people write a denial in their FMS, then they seem to be sent to U.