Results of the week. Eloquent silence of Russia

Lope-trillion trillion?

The agency Bloomberg, citing its sources, wrote that Vladimir Putin plans to sign a package of documents (or a decree) after the inauguration, the purpose of which should be to accelerate economic growth and improve the quality of life for Russians.

Results of the week. Eloquent silence of Russia

Announced decrees of Putin. Life or survival?

At first, the all-knowing Bloomberg, citing all knowledgeable sources familiar with the situation (from any), announced that the new government would spend around 10 trillion rubles on social projects and economic development. They will invest, they say in education and medicine so much that it will not seem like a little ... And then Dmitry Peskov spoke. What, says, 10 trillion? From where, says 10 trillion. Yes, we say, we don’t know the numbers of such people when it comes to education and healthcare. In general, we are now in deep thought. Well, maybe Peskov was mistaken after all ...

Comments from our readers:

As I see Mr. Kudrin’s self-satisfied physiognomy, for some reason it becomes restless. From his actions for the development of the economy should be a complete collapse (of course, the economy is natural!) What it offers: an increase in the pension age and, as a result, an increase in pensions by as much as 30! percent, and investing money in the economy of other countries. Nods at the same time on the developed European dezhava. The age to raise to 65 years and the pension will be more from the person receiving 10 tr now, will 13 be tr. And health in 60 is not very good, but in 65 it is even more so. He has the main way to solve the problem of pensions - increasing the age! Woe to us will be with such a steering fact. Let's see what will happen, we will not think, but we hope for the best.

What are you talking about? Putin in the fat years did not really come out. And you want us to go up the hill with sanctions now. Putin is well aware that we will not go to any mountain, and for the people there are decrees in which everything will be fine. We have already seen what happened with the May decrees. In short. This system will not change in our country until now, nor will there be any changes. He was born dark and wretched, and he will die.

Offer to introduce personal responsibility for non-compliance with decrees? And hang with full confiscation? Personally, I have two hands on it.

Joker Nazarbayev

The Senate of the Parliament of Kazakhstan has ratified a protocol that allows the use of the ports of Kuryk and Aktau in the Caspian Sea for the transfer of US military cargo to Afghanistan. In addition, the agreement on military cooperation between Kazakhstan and the United States for 2018-2021 years, signed in September 2017, provides for the construction of a NATO military base in Aktau.

Will the USA "prescribe" in the Caspian? Kazakhstan provides the US Navy two ports

The sixth fleet of the United States, on any, already goes to the shores of Kazakhstan. All by the famous unforgettable manuals Jen Psaki. - Straight through the Rostov mountains, skirting Czechoslovakia. We are waiting for the announcement: it requires a burlatskaya brigade for dragging one aircraft carrier strike group of the US Navy with a drag.

Nazarbayev is a joker? .. Or is there really no time for jokes.

Comments from our readers:

Interestingly, the mattresses promised to the Kazakhs in return ...

Maidan, what else.

Most likely, they promised to defrost frozen reserves (last year they froze something around 20 yards)

They need to fear that their northern "Kem parish" after Nazarbayev’s frills in Russia would not start drifting.

EW in Russian

The American FoxNews channel came out with a report in which US General General Tony Thomas reports on the difficulties that the American aviation in Syria. According to General Thomas, the commander of the US Special Operations Forces, US Air Force planes, carrying out air support to the US Special Forces in the SAR, are faced with active counteraction of electronic warfare.

Russian EW funds in the SAR transform the SSO and US aircraft in the blind. General's complaints
Not yet C-300, but ... Russia supplied Syria with an additional batch of the Pantsir air defense system
What happens if the CAA receives the C-300?

By their means of EW, they prevent our servicemen from coordinating actions! - give them - more sanctions, smart and beautiful, and we - more funds from the budget, because 700 billions of greens for the “defense” becomes not enough. - A summary of the statements of the American general. There, somewhere else in the text, there was an important addition for the American senators, who were over eighty years old, “and they also called you earthworms.”

Comments from our readers:

Andrey K
let's turn on the brain and immediately everything will fall into place.
At the moment, the Syrians do not have C-300 operators, at least nothing is heard about their preparation.
Accordingly, if these air defense systems are delivered to Syria, then the operators will be Russian, or at best - the Syrians, again under the guidance of our specialists.
Israelis, knowing that Russians are in a position, will not strike at this position, or near it. Fraught with it. It will all end with the C-300 setting on combat duty and the duty "concerns" of the relevant Israeli structures.

let them supply "Shell", because C-300 must be protected ... Especially from Israelis ...

I think that our EW funds still do not work in full force and, if necessary, can create insurmountable difficulties for the Americans. Out of habit, Americans in foreign territories want to feel like masters whom no one has the right to oppose. A brattyness and a feeling of impunity sooner or later receive a well-deserved answer.

Shut off the water

The Ukrainian Cabinet has decided to submit to the Council for National Security and Defense (NSDC) the issue of banning the transport of Russian vessels in the internal waters of the country.

Next to the Danube? Political analyst on the intention of Kiev to close the internal waters for the courts of the Russian Federation

The main question here is not even when Ukraine is going to cut off the rivers Sluch, Styr, Vorskla or Pripyat for Russian “nuclear submarines”, but about the owners of which Russian companies still have a mind to use the internal waters of Ukraine. Indeed, it is one thing when the Ukrainian border guards in the pirate capture format are dragged to their shore, and quite another when the sailors on ships of Russian jurisdiction themselves are forced to send their ships to the “non-square” waters.

Comments from our readers:

For God's sake! Maybe then some of our stupid and greedy will stop entering the ports of Ukraine .... And our diplomats will have fewer problems .. By the way, our merchants are still carrying cheap metal from Zaporozhye and Zhdanov (Mariupol), and refuse to take the road from Volgograd. ..

Andrey Yuryevich
What is there to comment ... well, there will not be more "Boreas" to go there ...

This is not a Ukrainian initiative.
This is the "friendly" step of our overseas "partners."
The more “knots” appear on the fabric of mutual relations, the more there will be mutual insults and complaints, the harder the blows to each other will be, the less chance there will be a restoration of normal dialogue.
Ukrainians systematically make "chain dogs".
And this dog will then rush at us, at Russia.
And in relation to him, the only possible impact is possible - destruction.
I admire the scum who is called "Americans" and how systematically, thoroughly, they weave their intrigues for decades to come and lay mines.
And I am furious at the idleness and the toothlessness of our leaders. Absolutely useless people. They don't even think one step further. On one day!


The Armenian opposition makes it clear that if a person from her circles does not become a prime minister, the protests will continue. And if the party of the parliamentary majority passes the position, as the Party of Regions (Ukraine) did at one time, after what time the opposition will declare that “Armenia and Russia are not on the way”? Or is it still not the case?

There is no end to the revolution. Is the Party of Regions waiting for the Armenian Republican fate??
80 trucks will block roads and bridges in Armenia. Opposition goes for broke
Armenian failure of Russian soft power

“Medical” fact: the concentration of an opposition that disagrees with nothing is especially great in those countries that are geographically close to the borders of Russia. The Armenian opposition - the guys are funny and perky. At first, I didn’t like electricity tariffs, then I stopped liking Serzh Sargsyan, now Sargsyan-energy “Maidan” in the past - the question on the agenda is: why shouldn’t a person who is supported by no more than 8% of the population really have to rule the country? .. from the podium can shout, and grow a beard, and in general he is for all the good against all the bad. Even Karabakh promised to raise to the Swiss level - and not in height, - it is already on it ... in terms of economy ...

Comments from our readers:

All the fuss just for the re-immobilization of the war in Karabakh, to annoy Russia. Aboriginal destinies do not care about our Western and Middle Eastern partners.

Turks joyfully rub their hands ...
How to stop the protests? Turn off internet and mobile on 3 of the day.

Wai Mae! Yes, got already! Let them finally (or at the end) choose ... Kim Kardashian, and in all institutions and public places hang portraits in frames gilded of her "soft power" ambush. And they will be there for happiness.

Lavrenti Pavlovich
Until the main troublemakers are caught and destroyed, and a couple of thousand stupid, corrupt "demonstrators" are not put in prison for ten years - everything will continue. Well, first of all, reduce the striped diplomatic mission to one person for peace and stability in the country. It is better not to be frightened and to shed some blood than the rivers will spill later.

Smart American missiles in a terrible Russian captivity

April 14 is a banal test of the defense capability of the Syrian missile defense umbrella, which is a kind of “miniature” of the Russian military air defense (air defense missile defense) due to the presence in the armament of medium-range anti-aircraft missile systems, as well as short-range anti-aircraft missile and artillery systems "Pantsir-С2".

Moscow is delivering a critical blow to the capabilities of the US Air Force: that research of surviving missiles will reveal?
Syrian air defense did not miss. The General Staff presented the wreckage of downed coalition rockets.
No missiles they have! The Pentagon has declared that Russia has no American missiles

Attention! Attention! Urgent message from the panel on the rights and freedoms of metal structures.

Russia, without shame and conscience, holds the peaceful wreckage of American missiles hostage. We demand to immediately release the hostages and start an international investigation under the auspices of the organization “Say yes!” To democracy! ”At the same time, the issue of the arbitrariness of Russia will be raised in the UN Security Council, where the Russian Federation must undoubtedly be denied the right of veto. The very possibility of depriving the right of veto for Russia is legally supported by the acts of Napoleon Bonaparte of 1811 of the year and Charles XII of 1708 of the year as the monarchs of the states of enlightened Europe.

Comments from our readers:

Uncle lee
Even in the raid you can find the positives!
Let our spectacles pick these racquets ...

And here is the first evidence ... someone here claimed that if there is no evidence, then the Syrian air defense is full of holes and ineffective. So what about the 70% of the intercepted goals, gentlemen unbelievers? Or do you think now that these are not rockets at all and that this is all fake?

And when the rocket parts are put under the nose of the mattress, they will scream that it is not theirs, etc. , etc. and so forth In general, the classic "deaf otkaznyak", nothing new, boring, girls ...

The most graphic evidence would be the return of the missiles to their masters under their own power, although then a number of other questions will arise.

100 frigates, 100 destroyers, nuclear submarines - also 100 ...

It became clear from the president’s address that a number of nuclear deterrent devices were developed in Russia in a “secrecy setting”, for which considerable funding was allocated. It remains unclear only why the Americans were warned that their efforts to build a missile defense system would be completely useless.

Missile defense is broken and what is left to our fleet?

Give us the construction of 100 destroyers for 2020 year! Give us the construction of 100 nuclear submarines for the next birthday of the head of state! Give us a couple of AUG next Friday! Well, do not forget for those same 10 trillion on education and medicine.
It is worth recalling that here Dmitry Medvedev, who has no money, but he is still holding himself, invited Barack Obama to come and see how our economy is “torn to pieces”. In general, we say "gop" long before jumping ...

Comments from our readers:

Financing fleet criminally inadequate and carried out all these years on a residual basis. And today we have what we have. The announced projects of the Leader destroyer, a new BDK, a new aircraft carrier, etc. remained only announcements and no more. In fact, we do not have a sensible fleet upgrade program. Shoigu said that the destroyers of project 22350 and 22350M will be the basis of our fleets. And where is it? According to the project 22350M deaf as in tank, and this project should at least somehow fill the niche of aging destroyers.
On the underwater component, too, everything is not glory to God. It is enough to look at the dates of construction of the Ash tree or on the project Lada submarine with VNEU.

In the best years, the USSR could not afford to finally remove the last pants from the people. And today we have to change the structure of the Navy. Russia, though, is "... our great power ...", but for us the Atlantic is far away, and our sea "backyard" in the Pacific Ocean covers China, to which the sea component is much more important than the land component. In fact, China repeats the path of Japan on the eve of World War II.
If you bring Kuzyu to mind - rest with a good repair of the hull, modernize the power plant (there are only Krylov system boilers - such a headache ...), then with the appropriate support of the AUG with him at the head - a very weak sea fist.
Today's bet on the small and mid-size fleet is not from a good life. But, given the noticeable progress in the development of carriers of all types, including sea-based, the size of the ships began to lose importance. As an example, dreadnoughts, battleships and battleships that have gone nowhere - the goal is painfully good.

Fleet is an expensive toy.
At this stage, as I understand it, we are not talking about the development of the Navy. Only keeping afloat so as not to lose frames and technically not to fall behind, so that in the future, when opportunities arise, to build a powerful fleet.
Now we can invest in the nuclear triad - there is parity. We can strengthen our ground forces, we can build new aircraft, air defense systems, develop missile weapons. There will be money for all this, at least expensively, but firstly - it is necessary for the defense of the country, and secondly - the budget will pull out. The very existence of Russia as a state depends on all this.
And the fleet, of course, is important, but does not play a leading role in the defense of the country. It will be important when we become not only defending, but also attacking. That's when you need a powerful argument on the ocean theater.
Now we can not build their own X-NUMX tikandorog, 20 arliberk and ten aircraft carriers. And to build less - it makes no sense.
Let's wait. 20-30 years ...

The best future in Georgian

In the published documents of the new Georgian initiative called “Step to a better future”, it is in fact acknowledged that the residents of Abkhazia and South Ossetia do not consider themselves to be citizens of Georgia and are not going to become them.

“Tbilisi has now announced another“ peace initiative ”called“ Step to a better future ”... The text of the document specifically states: participation in the advertised preferential Georgian programs will not mean confirmation or acquisition of Georgian citizenship for the Abkhaz and South Ossetians. Thus, the official Tbilisi finally admitted the obvious: the residents of Abkhazia and South Ossetia do not consider themselves to be citizens of Georgia and do not wish to become such, even for generous promises of all kinds of benefits, ”said Maria Zakharova, a spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Ministry, in an interview with the Rain channel. According to her, “the recognition of this fundamentally important moment allows us to hope that in time Tbilisi will be able to fully realize and accept the political reality.”

Tbilisi has changed its position on Tskhinval and Sukhum

Will anything change in the relations of Abkhazia and South Ossetia with Georgia? Will the future be brighter?

Georgian Prime Minister Georgi Kvirikashvili probably believes that yes. At the meeting of the Cabinet, he stated that the initiative “Step to a better future” is aimed precisely at “improving the humanitarian and socio-economic situation of the residents of Abkhazia and South Ossetia”. He even cited specific areas for improvement: “expanding and simplifying trade along dividing lines, creating additional opportunities for obtaining quality education and creating a mechanism whereby Abkhazians and Ossetians will have easier access to Georgia’s achievements as a result of its development, including the right to use visa-free regime and free trade with the European Union. "

It is possible that the peace initiative is aimed at the opposite of what was voiced by Comrade Zakharov. The course of Tbilisi is known for a long time: aspiration to join NATO. And the “better future” for the residents of Abkhazia and South Ossetia implies the resolution of the territorial problem according to a soft Georgian scenario. Peaceful. Education, programs, trade, visa-free regime, Europe ... is it tempting?

While in the Foreign Ministry of the Russian Federation they cheerfully report about “they will be able to fully understand and accept political reality,” the mentioned reality is farther and farther away from propaganda.

Comments from our readers:

“Thus, at last official Tbilisi recognized the obvious: the residents of Abkhazia and South Ossetia do not consider themselves citizens ...”
I am afraid that the Georgians themselves didn’t keep it in their thoughts ...

Then the grandmother said in two. Georgia breaks into NATO, and the presence of unresolved territorial disputes is an obstacle under the NATO charter. So they think to settle the problem with "buns", since it did not work out by force weapons.

As far as I know, this concerns territorial disputes with neighboring states. And neither South Ossetia nor Abkhazia are states. We recognized them, but do not claim on their territory. But is it interesting how NATO determines if there is a territorial dispute, or is it not?

Well, how does it determine? There is one criterion - the presence of territories not controlled by the official authorities, i.e. Tbilisi. They have the same hat with Ukraine, where Kiev does not control the Crimea and the Donbass.

New stage of the Russian catastrophe

The geopolitical catastrophe of the Russian civilization did not remain outside the borders of the last century, but continues today. She even entered "a new, even more sinister stage," says Yuri Selivanov.

We are talking about "the enormous weakening of the total aggregate potential of Russian civilization, which fatally affected the place and degree of influence of Russia in the world around." And that "is of key importance for the chances of any civilization not only for successful development, but even for elementary survival," the columnist believes.

Fiery belt around Russia: the heat will soon flare!

Here are the arguments.

What is happening now in almost all national republics, these “torn off pieces of Russian territory, which in most cases have never even had their own statehood on a historically significant scale,” has one denominator. This, the analyst further points out, “a total and final cleansing of everything that is somehow related to Russian civilization and to historical the borders of Russia. "

Where they are trying to resist, in the course goes brute force. As, for example, in Armenia: the pro-Russian government of which became the object of aggression of the next “Maidan”.

Comments from our readers:

Same lech
The reason is simple. I think this is a weak economy. Dependence on the US financial system and the low standard of living of ordinary citizens of Russia. Obvious things.
How can we attract neighbors to our side? Nothing yet! Writing off billions of dollars in debt to our country only worsened the situation. What other options are there? Nothing yet.
We must make our country and, above all, our people a rich and prosperous people. And with this, while problems ... Big problems.

Limitroph countries always stick to the rich neighbor's boots. There will be a decent standard of living in Russia, they will all back and crawl.

New Year day
Exactly. If we ourselves have 20 million. Poor and the collapse of health, then what can Russia offer a neighbor? Only C-300 or C-400. The ordinary citizen is on the drum.

Ross xnumx
The geopolitical catastrophe of Russia is that with such an attitude towards its own people, the authorities may remain within the boundaries of the Moscow Region. Not because of the foreign invasion, but because of the lack of population in the vast expanses of the country. A holy place is never empty. In the USSR, there was a motivation for settling the expanses of Siberia, the Far East and the Far North in the form of belt zones and wages. Now there is no such motivation. But there was a motivation among the numerous Chinese people to develop the "abandoned" space. And in this matter, the peasants with the "hehe" and "turned on" the case does not argue. If in the USSR there was an ideology of a just society, then the highest stage of slaveholding, capitalism, is dictated by the laws of “PCI.”
And our people and "not ours" for some reason united under the idea of ​​putting dust in the eyes of a neighbor. And, as practice shows, the attitude towards children in our country is still far from complete state care.

They encroach on the interests of the Russian Federation

“A whole series of critical geopolitical and operational-strategic events are unfolding right before our eyes in recent days. And practically each of them prepares the most conscious part of our society for extremely harsh and alarming scenarios for the development of the situation both directly at our western and southern borders and in the Middle East zone of strategic interests of the Russian Federation, ”writes columnist Yevgeny Damantsev. In his opinion, the trend is explosive. It can be traced not only in the accelerated preparation of highways and railway junctions in Eastern Europe for the transfer of heavy armored vehicles and tank bridge-laying vehicles, but also in building up NATO military contingents in Romania, Poland and the Baltic countries, on the border with the Western Military District.

A new surprise for Russia: “cooperation in the name of war” starts in the coming days

But there is also Syria. The Americans are planning to entrust the “dirtiest” work associated with attempts to ground assault the positions of the Syrian army, the armies of the Arabian coalition. The reformatting of the site of the UN General Assembly under the rightless one-sided court is ideal for the United States. From this point on, any pre-planned provocation, any movie from the “White Helmets” can be a convenient reason for unleashing a regional confrontation, and even in the “legal” wrapper.

Comments from our readers:

The United States and some other countries ignore UN decisions anyway.
At the moment, this is the only venue that could regulate world issues, itself has completely discredited itself, as the League of Nations once did.
Therefore, in the case of using the above document, Russia and China can also ignore the decisions on the document A / RES / 377 (V), especially since they, as correctly stated in the article, will be anti-Russian.
I believe that after the conflict in the Middle East, provided that the whole world does not flush, a new organization may appear instead of the UN.

Everything is clear with the UN, I just don’t understand the ultimate goal of transporting such an armada of armored vehicles to the borders of Russia, do the Yankees hope to introduce ground forces into the territory of Russia ?! If foreign invaders walk on my street, I personally will even tear my teeth, and people like me, the majority.
When you attempt a direct military conflict with Russia, you, the Yankees, are only waiting for death, and you will only have to pray that it will be quick.

Until coffins float across the ocean, a lot of coffins covered with striped cloths will not change anything. Americans understand only after they bleed very well.

IDF confirms

There are reports from Syria that Israel struck another blow to the country's territory. The press service of the IDF confirms these data, stating that the blow was struck on the firing point of the Syrian army.

Quote from the press service of the Israel Defense Forces: “The IDF will not tolerate attempts to strike at the sovereignty of our country, at the safety of our citizens. The IDF considers the Syrian regime to be responsible for what is happening on its territory. ”

According to Syrian data, in the course of the CAA armed clash with militants in the south of the country, one of the mines exploded in the northern part of the Golan Heights. It is reported that, in all likelihood, we are talking about crazy ammunition, which flew over the positions of terrorists.

Another Israeli strike on Syria

According to the latest data, one artillery gun was destroyed by Syrian government forces.

At the same time in Israel itself it is believed that the ammunition that exploded in the north of the Golan Heights was there by accident, that is, the CAA did not conduct targeted shelling. However, the realization of this fact did not prevent striking precisely the government forces of the Syrian Arab Republic ...

Comments from our readers:

"The IDF will not tolerate ..."
And the Golan Heights is not Syrian territory ??? The question arises, what they do there, do not give to understand for what is happening on the Syrian territory))))

Well, now you will again remember that officially the war between Syria and Israel is not over, and just because of the Golan Heights, and more precisely, because of freshwater resources.
Well, the bogeyles, apparently, do have some kind of agreement with the IDF, for they didn’t touch Israel at all and periodically find their MaidIn Israel weapons, but all this is unprovable. And ordinary Israelis have nothing to do with it.

Papa Assad was dreaming to shut off water from the Golan Heights, that is the reason for the annexation of the Golan Heights by Israel. Golan Israelis will not give up, for them it is a vital territory.

Towards each other

The inter-Korean summit at the highest level, in the opinion of both sides, was brilliant and opened up broad prospects for the development and unification of the two Koreas. In one Korea!

"North and South will seek full and comprehensive improvement and development of relations and thereby bring the future together prosperity and reunification," says a joint declaration adopted at the end of the summit of the leaders of North Korea and South Korea.

Two Koreas: the end of confrontation and the way to a bright future

However, in Seoul, many see integration not as a union, but as the accession of North Korea to South Korea. With the mandatory dismantling of the political system of the DPRK and the prosecution of the “servants of the regime”. His word here and say people from the US State Department.

However, the Korean people moved on a new peaceful path.

Comments from our readers:

It is worth holding the Southerners with the Americans a little doctrine, and tru-la-la, and in fact it is planned, and not one. The Americans will take care of this, so to speak, they will check the outlined "friendship" for strength and laugh, thus showing: where are you, clowns ... Go near! This is the southerners, and the cur - kick in the ass, they say, spring, instincts.

I do not believe that the signed will come to life. For the meeting with Trump is preparing, the information background favorable Kim prepares. He will not disarm. With a hydrogen bomb in your pocket, you can declare anything. Personal opinion.

In fact, it is quite possible to unite the two Koreas. But the joke is that in the united Korea there will be no place for all these North Korean "leaders", since South Korea will drag all over on itself, and it will be the main governing party, and North Korean leaders will quickly lose control over the crowd of their citizens, overwhelmed by bursting private ownership and consumption. But is it really necessary for South Koreans? Do they need a lot of competition in the labor market? How to fill the stomachs of the starving North Koreans? And so forth, and so forth. The unification of Koreas is the path to disaster, only a long path of peaceful existence of two states with gradual economic alignment is possible. But, first, these states should develop independently, without restrictions and any sanctions; secondly, it is impossible to make a mandatory condition for the replacement of the state system in the DPRK; thirdly, the nuclear and other disarmament of the two Koreas should take place (leave only small armed forces for self-defense and police operations); fourthly, the Americans must get out altogether from the Korean Peninsula. Well, what of all this is really doable? Never mind!

Everything will be fine exactly as long as the territory of the North. Korea will not go to non-governmental organizations and the embassy will not open. And then - the classic cultivation of the opposition and pumping them with money and training manuals.

There will be relationships, there will be sanctions!

In the Indian press, citing senior officials in the Department of Defense, it speaks of the claims that the Indian Ministry presented to the United States. The reason for bringing claims to Washington from New Delhi was that the United States made India understand unambiguously the following: if you cooperate in the military-technical sphere with Russia and buy weapons from Russia, anti-Indian measures will be taken in response.

We are talking about the requirements of the United States to comply with anti-Russian sanctions under the so-called CAATSA Act. To put it simply, its purpose is to extend sanctions to those who enter into trade relations with Russia in the arms market and in the energy sector. India has such a relationship for many years and today declares its interest in acquiring the C-400 air defense system.

India: The United States can offer us nothing that compares to C-400
What is India left with after giving up the FGFA? On specific Indian claims for Su-57

Meanwhile, India continues to discuss the decision of the military-industrial leadership to withdraw from the joint FGFA program with Russia. A few days after the decision of New Delhi, statements appeared that claims were claims, but what was the result that India was going to replace the project, on which years and considerable funds had already been spent?

The report of the military analysts of India for the country's defense department, which criticized the stealth characteristics of the Russian Su-57, is also being discussed. Namely, Su-57 actually had to become the basis for a joint Russian-Indian development. The report says that the flows created by the engines of the so-called first stage allow fighters to be detected by radars. It was noted that in American fighters this problem was largely solved with the help of the design features of "special partitions covering the engine surface", as well as the shape of the airframe itself, partially covering the work of the power plants. In addition, there are other reasons for the "low stealth characteristics" of the Su-57 fighter, which, however, are not officially reported ...

Against this background, the Western press briskly states: that in this situation India has one option left - to become a partner of the American F-35 program!

Comments from our readers:

I want India and prick, and the State Department does not order. They want to sit on two chairs, but does not work. Now they are abandoning airplanes, but they are trying to buy C-400. They will bargain with us: either airplanes or rockets.

Hindus are not looking for freebies. This is one of the world's largest buyers, in particular, weapons. And, of course, whoever pays, he orders the music. The buyer is capricious, each tender is accompanied either by a scandal or by transfers and re-elections, but billions are paid, and all the arms sellers dance around them.

Hole puncher
Very much looking for. So we offered it to them, but they cut the price and conditions are unreal, the assembly of the missiles from them, and our lifetime warranty. That is, if their curved hands appear in the product, then we will respond. They fired with the French on this, also on Rafali, made in India, demanded a French guarantee, but they sent them and did it right. With the United States, they definitely will not burn out such things, but our guys are twisted, they know what they can.

The balance did not converge

The Secretary General of the Council of Europe, Thorbjørn Jagland, called the fact that Russia does not pay contributions to the Council’s budget “completely unacceptable”.

“I consider Russia's refusal to make a financial contribution unacceptable,” Jagland said. At the same time, he said: "I am in favor of Russia remaining in the Council of Europe."

PACE Secretary General: We have deprived you of authority, but you still have to pay money!

Recall, the delegation of the Russian Federation at PACE in April 2014 of the year was deprived of its main powers because of the events in Ukraine and the reunification of the Crimea with the Russian Federation. In response, the delegation of the Russian Federation stated that it was refusing to work under such conditions, and in 2016-2017, it did not send an application to confirm its authority because of the Russophobic sentiments in Strasbourg. At the end of June 2017, it became known that Moscow was suspending the payment of its contribution to the Council of Europe due to the non-participation of the delegation of the Russian Federation in the work of PACE.

Now the hosts of the banquet demand to pay for the banquet of the one who was kicked out of the banquet. If the person absent from the banquet does not pay the bill, the result will be “completely unacceptable”. Which one At the following banquets, empty plates will stand in front of important gentlemen.

Comments from our readers:

Hurry, we would be expelled from this Council!

And for what we have to pay there, for sanctions, or what?

Yes, not for sanctions. There is a double loss: firstly, there is little money, and secondly, there is no one to pour shit on. We should be satisfied and grateful when we are watered. And for the pleasure you have to pay.

"Absolutely ineffective" Russia

After Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke about the latest developments of the Russian military-industrial complex, all of Washington’s propaganda efforts were thrown into a propaganda campaign: they say, in fact, Russia is a backward country, and its armament is outdated and inferior to the Western in most parameters.

A new impetus for “debunking” the military power of Russia was the missile attack of the United States and its allies on Syria. Pentagon spokesman Dana White announced at a specially convened briefing that the air defense systems operating in Syria failed to intercept any American missiles. “Of the land-based missiles launched by the Bashar Assad regime, almost all were launched after the last of our missiles hit the target. Russia's missile defense systems were completely ineffective, ”said White.

Backward country Russia. Pentagon is one tooth!

Forming the image of Russia as a colossus on clay feet was an indispensable informational event for all those who prepared the attack on our country, starting with Napoleon. Yes, just need to remember that, for example, the Nazis, their powerful propaganda went sideways!

The leadership of the Reich itself was thoroughly imbued with propaganda, believed in it and began to trust the materials of the Goebbels department more than reports of Canaris subordinates. As a result, from the very first days of the war, the German military faced unpleasant surprises. Russian armaments, the quality of technology, the fruits of industrialization - all this was contrary to propaganda and often put the command of the German troops at a standstill.

Comments from our readers:

Andrey Yuryevich
And in response to our difficult and dangerous silence ...

Our propaganda is lagging behind. MO with proofs is slow, people are always divided into 3 categories: for, against and "summing up." And the task of propaganda is to drag those who are combining to their side.

Telepaths need to hire and broadcast information through them))). Foreign and many Russian media in the hands of the enemy (((

Our silence is more eloquent than the most bravura speech of any representative of the United States and it is expressed in the use of Soviet and Russian weapons by the troops of the CAA and the Russian contingent in Syria, which shows quite successful results.
But in general, is it really worth being so distracted by all these passages from the USA about the quality of domestic weapons, if the Americans themselves, recognizing the quality and unpretentiousness of still Soviet weapons, quite well so bluntly declare that they will start producing Soviet weapons on their own and on its territory? That's what you need to write about.
From the same opera "expert opinions" from China, India, Azerbaijan or Ukraine, etc. about the poor quality of Russian weapons, which are sometimes reprinted by our media.
The armament market is fairly stable and financially attractive, and Russia takes second place on it, but many competitors do not like it, so they give their "professional expertise" to the ground on the basis of photos and drawings.

Free for foreigners only

“Mriya” in Ukrainian means “dream”. So called a large transport aircraft An-225. Now this name bears the hotel "Resort and Spa" - the most expensive hotel in Crimea with presidential villas.

The Mriya hosted the 4 th Economic Forum. Chairman of the organizing committee of the forum - the head of the Republic of Crimea Sergey Aksenov. According to the organizers, the forum was visited by 3000 people from 70 countries.

Andrei Nazarov, co-chairman of the organizing committee of the forum, solemnly concluded that international interest in the Yalta forum is growing higher than in the world forum in Davos, Switzerland. True, Mokey Rusinov writes, world-famous companies that have flipped out of the chairs of the Davos forum to Mriya chairs were not reported by Nazarov ...

And what did he say? He said that the signing of agreements worth 150 billion rubles is expected. However, only one of the projects planned at the forum was declassified. According to Nazarov, this is the creation on the territory of the Crimea ... a goat farm. And here is its value: 6 billion rubles. Such is the innovation!

Yalta Economic Forum. We wanted the best, but we got a goat farm

The forum turned out to be discriminatory for ... Russians.

Foreign guests did not have to pay an organization fee (by the way, an impressive amount: 130.000 rubles). However, this fee was obligatory for the Russians!

Such an infringement of its citizens is indicative: for the sake of reports on the “representatives from 70 countries” attending the forum, the Crimean authorities took the money to hold the forum in the pockets of Russian participants and taxpayers. Tricky plan?

Comments from our readers:

Alas, we have the following tradition: not to consider our people, but to move and fawn in front of Westerners. And the sense of these forums (the obscene word, language study) is simply zero, or more precisely, some losses.

Mordvin 3
Y-yes ... It's a shame. All that can result from this forum is to build a goat (animal such) farm. For 6 billion. And these people teach us to pick the nose!

It is a pity that the president does not know. However, I do not enter those 77% that voted to continue such forums.

The government is the kind of people who take our money, keep some of it for themselves, and for the rest they create problems for us ... I live in Kerch. Sometimes you climb Mount Mitridat, a beautiful view of the Kerch bay, idle cranes in ports and ferryboats scrolling ... It is not clear whether the patient is alive or dead. And the results of the forum clearly will not contribute to the revitalization of the ports on the Kerch Peninsula.

Yes, near Bakhchisarai, there are a lot of unfinished objects with access roads, where the horse has not yet been rolled, and the facade was put in order in the city itself, there are no roads in the depth, the garbage is not removed, the picture is sad.

All these pseudo-economic forums are only for embezzlement of budget money. Russian citizens to establish normal salaries, scholarships and pensions? On this "there is no money, but you hold on!" As for the bureaucratic oligarchic riffraff - so please. But the citizen will spend the salary here, in Russia, it will start a cash flow, and for the year each ruble paid to the Russian will be able to create a value equal to at least two rubles. The budget money spent on pseudo-economic forums will not return to the economy and will not create anything. And where else, if not in such forums, you can flash the wealth stolen in Russia!

All these forums are our pathological desire to be like the West. We take, as always, the worst. IMHO.
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  1. +6
    April 29 2018 04: 53
    And then Dmitry Peskov spoke. Which, he says, 10 trillion?
    1. Cat
      April 29 2018 06: 25
      Quote: Dead Day
      And then Dmitry Peskov spoke. Which, he says, 10 trillion?

      Wooden !!! wassat
  2. +7
    April 29 2018 07: 01
    Thanks for the results, as always for five +! In Russia, everything is stable, while we hold on .. Soon it will start across Russia to mother hehe (saliva flowed straight ..)))
    1. +10
      April 29 2018 09: 16
      Quote: MIKHAN
      Everything is stable for Russia, while we are holding on.

      Vitaliy, hi why did you miss this event? Not only hold on, but also win! Today at 4:00 ...
      1. +6
        April 29 2018 09: 24
        I saw this, he punished him abruptly for impudence .. Fedor even called the FBI for questioning to moderate his ardor .. But somehow it’s not tolerant he he he Wets everyone in a row !!!! fellow

        Russia Russia Russia !!!!
        1. +7
          April 29 2018 09: 38
          I wonder why there are no Jewish boxers ..? hi
          This is not a joke, just a question ..
          1. +10
            April 29 2018 10: 51
            Quote: MIKHAN
            I wonder why there are no Jewish boxers

            How is it not? Klitschko brothers, for example. hi
            1. +6
              April 29 2018 10: 53
              Quote: Egoza
              Quote: MIKHAN
              I wonder why there are no Jewish boxers

              How is it not? Klitschko brothers, for example. hi

              These half-breeds .. gee gee Managed!
            2. +6
              April 29 2018 10: 56
              Quote: Egoza
              Quote: MIKHAN
              I wonder why there are no Jewish boxers

              How is it not? Klitschko brothers, for example. hi

              Helen, love Jews, like a talker, are distinguished by their intelligence and quick wits! What is not possible to say about Klitschko ...
              1. +2
                April 29 2018 11: 56
                "If the sport was really useful, 5 Jews would spin on each horizontal bar."
          2. 0
            1 May 2018 20: 28
            ..a anecdote. Almost Odessa.
  3. +15
    April 29 2018 07: 05
    In the USSR, there was motivation for settling the vastness of Siberia, the Far East and the Far North in the form of zone zones and salaries. Now there is no such motivation.
    There are no people to relocate, what if motivation, what without it. There is no overpopulation of Russia anywhere. And the source (the Russian village) dried up in the early 1980s
  4. +7
    April 29 2018 07: 48
    Here is good news for Russia and all the adequate countries of the world ..!
    "Nine-country defense ministers gather in Beijing to discuss
    safety and cooperation and move forward. It is important and far
    going importance for maintaining peace and stability in the world and the region ", -
    said the Minister of Defense of China.
    "We must seriously implement the accomplishments of the chapters.
    agreement, try to increase the level of cooperation
    in defense and security, "said Wei Fenghe, opening on Tuesday
    in Beijing, the 15th meeting of defense ministers of the SCO member countries.

    And this is a serious force ..
    1. +1
      2 May 2018 07: 11
      Quote: MIKHAN
      Here is good news for Russia and all the adequate countries of the world ..!

      - And there’s a lump on the path! Wait ... snow for dinner.
  5. +10
    April 29 2018 08: 14
    With the presentation of material on the economic forum in the Crimea and judging by the comments, it turned out sadly and one-sided, such as "Niacom, it’s unprofitable and pointless." Like they didn’t take money from foreigners, goat-sheep, etc. etc. nagging and tears ....... Although if you delve into the essence, the forum venue was not chosen in St. Petersburg or Novosibirsk, namely in Yalta i.e. in the city, which, according to the "international community" is located on the territory of Urkaina, "illegally" annexed by Russia, in respect of which there are sanctions. And in this situation, there were 3000 delegates from 70 countries in Yalta who made it clear that Crimea was Russian. What is this if not a bummer for Kuev, the US and the EU?
    As for the goat farm, it may be that a pretty “goat face” is hiding behind it for our well-wishers. Maybe the project provides for the construction of the latest high-speed autobahn to this farm through the entire peninsula with the deployment of air defense assets around the perimeter, to protect goats.
  6. +13
    April 29 2018 08: 18

    Look at the faces of the victorious warriors. They did not fuss about petty, trying to flirt with the enemy. They came and twisted his neck.
    1. +9
      April 29 2018 09: 00
      Quote: vladimirvn
      They came and twisted his neck.

      Well, in Syria, the generation of these Victory soldiers, this also confirmed to the whole world! We have not forgotten how to fight when there is motivation and purpose .. soldier
      1. +5
        April 29 2018 10: 11
        We have not forgotten how to fight

        On the sofa, with a beer in my hand .... For some reason, I always imagine all the Russian “patriots” - “sofa warriors” in the form of Svetlakov in front of the TV from “Our” rushi. It’s clear - the image is odious, but I can’t get rid of him, as I read posts with a "patriotic" bias, so immediately Svetlakov before his eyes .... probably this is a disease .... you need to go to an appointment with a psychiatrist, so as not to run .... wink
        1. +6
          April 29 2018 10: 32
          Quote: Monster_Fat
          For some reason, I always represent all the Russian "patriots" - "couch warriors" in the form of Svetlakov in front of the TV from Our Nashi Rashi.

          But what we represent you, it’s better not to advertise until hehe .. wassat
          You’re everywhere without soap, in all the media .. And here we are fighting our war, let us humiliate us, etc ...
          But our cause is just and our soul is Russian .. Maybe we are clumsily expressing ourselves and yet!
          So let's see whose one takes .. hehe

          And Svetlakov, by the way, is a graduate of the FSB Academy! bully
          1. +2
            April 29 2018 11: 22
            And Svetlakov, by the way, is a graduate of the FSB Academy! bully[/ Quote]
            This is a joke? Ural Institute of Railways!
            1. +6
              April 29 2018 11: 44
              Sunday news .... pop news ... wink
            2. 0
              April 29 2018 11: 45
              [quote = yawa63] And Svetlakov, by the way, is a graduate of the FSB Academy! bully[/ Quote]
              This is a joke? Ural Institute of Railways! [/ Quote]
              I have such infa, and there I really don’t know who he was then, etc ... bully
              1. +1
                April 29 2018 15: 21
                I have such info

                Really, he himself said over a mug of light, "icy"?
          2. +1
            2 May 2018 07: 15
            Quote: MIKHAN
            You’re everywhere without soap, on all the media

            And you grunt with soap and linden in all topics ... Is this a chip or a disease? On the topic, against and for ... wassat They will give you a marshal, do not tear the gyrus. One trouble, there will be no salute at the funeral and no bust at home ... lol
  7. +6
    April 29 2018 10: 44
    As always at a high level, and special thanks to Vitaly Viktorovich, the cartoons are brilliant!
    The Armenian opposition makes it clear that if a person from its circles does not become prime minister, the protests will continue.
    Here it does not even make it clear, but a direct ultimatum.
    At the rally, the leader of the “People’s Velvet Revolution” Nikol Pashinyan said that if the Armenian parliament does not elect him as prime minister, then no one will be elected to this post.

    In the subject of "The new stage of the Russian catastrophe" and good mood.
  8. +3
    April 29 2018 10: 55
    And what are you here for your trillions! For education, medicine .... We have no money for the army! wassat Our defense minister reports so ...
    “One US soldier costs 510 thousand dollars a year, Great Britain - 250 thousand pounds, in Germany - 220 thousand dollars, Poland - 100 thousand dollars, Russia - 83 thousand dollars, Lithuania - about 80 thousand dollars, Albania - 20 thousand dollars. And how much is our soldier? Last year - 8 thousand dollars, this year - 12 thousand dollars, ”he said.
    “I can’t do more for 12 thousands than can be done for 510 thousands,” he added.

    But we have a code for all sorts of employees there, including deputies. That is where true democracy and freedom of speech are!
    At a session of the city council of Dnepropetrovsk, deputies adopted a resolution “On the approval of the Code of Conduct”, Ukrainian media reported.
    Also, employees of the City Council are forbidden to criticize the activities of the President of Ukraine, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, officials of local self-government and to evaluate the performances of deputies of the City Council in the media. It is forbidden to create and distribute materials that contain false information and analysis.
  9. +5
    April 29 2018 11: 55
    Quote: Olgovich
    In the USSR, there was motivation for settling the vastness of Siberia, the Far East and the Far North in the form of zone zones and salaries. Now there is no such motivation.
    There are no people to relocate, what if motivation, what without it. There is no overpopulation of Russia anywhere. And the source (the Russian village) dried up in the early 1980s

    Yes, it happened more than once in Russia, when only hungry dogs were the main population of vast expanses ... Even when John IV took off, the geyrops slapped, believing that Russia was an extinct semi-desert! True, having gotten too tough in the Livonian War, they suddenly realized that they were mistaken. And so many times in a row! We would only have a clear idea today, but the power is not corrupt, and prepare your memory.
  10. +4
    April 29 2018 11: 59
    Quote: Monster_Fat
    We have not forgotten how to fight

    On the sofa, with a beer in my hand .... For some reason, I always imagine all the Russian “patriots” - “sofa warriors” in the form of Svetlakov in front of the TV from “Our” rushi. It’s clear - the image is odious, but I can’t get rid of him, as I read posts with a "patriotic" bias, so immediately Svetlakov before his eyes .... probably this is a disease .... you need to go to an appointment with a psychiatrist, so as not to run .... wink

    Do you regularly look at yourself in the mirror?
  11. +2
    April 29 2018 15: 21
    Quote: Logall
    Jews, like a bird talker, are distinguished by intelligence and quick wit! What is not possible to say about Klitschko ...

    Wikipedia ranks the Jews with an average IQ = 113, although in Israel itself the problem with low intelligence of the younger generation has long been recognized.
    1. 0
      April 29 2018 21: 51
      Quote: Altona
      Wikipedia ranks the Jews with an average IQ = 113, although in Israel itself the problem with low intelligence of the younger generation has long been recognized.

      The very idea of ​​a mono-ethnic state is fundamentally wrong, and driving Jews into their own state is a double mistake.
  12. +3
    April 29 2018 15: 25
    Quote: Monster_Fat
    On the sofa, with a beer in my hand .... For some reason, I always imagine all the Russian “patriots” - “sofa warriors” in the form of Svetlakov in front of the TV from “Our” rushi. It’s clear - the image is odious, but I can’t get rid of him, as I read posts with a "patriotic" bias, so immediately Svetlakov before his eyes .... probably this is a disease .... you need to go to an appointment with a psychiatrist, so as not to run ....

    Is the American “patriot” different? Ah, yes, he has a kosyachok smoking in the ashtray next to him and a room shotgun in his hands. In the USA, now all kinds of weapons are sold: children’s, women’s, indoor, beach, yard, for mother-in-law, against neighbors, whatever you want. laughing laughing laughing
    1. +2
      April 29 2018 15: 46
      My cats and dog are also armed .. Actually, what does the weapon have to do with it? Ah, yes, it’s envious ..... I understand .... wink
      And by the way, American "patriotism" is just like "2 pence" -pay me and I will be your patriot .... while you pay .... wink
  13. +1
    April 29 2018 17: 29
    Quote: Monster_Fat
    My cats and dog are also armed ..

    Mice and spiders too? laughing laughing
    PS I have at my disposal an instrumental section, if anything, this is about the issue of envy. wink
    1. 0
      2 May 2018 07: 28
      Quote: Altona
      PS I have at my disposal an instrumental section, if anything, this is about the issue of envy.

      The technical inspection commission arrived at the tank unit. A drunk lieutenant comes out of boxing and, upon seeing the general, comes up to him with a marching step: - Comrade General! The commander of the tank corps, Lieutenant Petrov! “As long as I serve, I have never seen a lieutenant as a corps commander.” - It's simple. They drank the engine, drank the chassis, drank the gun, there was only one body left ...
  14. The comment was deleted.
  15. +3
    April 30 2018 01: 09
    Quote: Monster_Fat
    Monster_Fat (Yes, What a Difference) Today, 10:11 ↑ New
    We have not forgotten how to fight
    On the couch, with a beer in his hand ....

    You provoke insult. Suppose I’m purely personally I won’t get to you completely (this is in the United States, to make it clear), but I can’t vouch for others. Anderstend, Monster?
  16. +1
    2 May 2018 07: 24
    What an interesting groundhog week ... Is there any news coming out of the line? For instance:
    The Russian oligarchs decided to build ships for the Black Sea Fleet with stolen folk money ... wassat
    Medvedev told the State Duma how the government and officials will “stick to the average wage in the region” ... wassat
    Israeli F-35s were shot down by unknown missiles, because the Russians, according to the Americans, are not capable of this ... wassat
    Russia decided to trade oil and gas only for rubles, yuan and euros ... wassat
  17. 0
    3 May 2018 10: 28
    I listened to the speech of Medvedev, his interview with Sokolov. Conclusion, but professionalism there is simply ZERO. Take the country of Qatar or the UAE, some have gas, others have oil. In 70 years they lived in the sands, neither industry, nor roads, nor other benefits of civilization, etc. ... We got industry, education, science from the USSR, much more good in all areas, but there was a difficult economic situation, but this not SAND. How ARABS live We know how we live WE also know this in a country that has up to 40% of the world's natural resources, that is, we have EVERYTHING. which is not in any state in the world. And when you listen to the prime minister carrying the nonsense, you ask yourself a question, and they think what’s up there at the top. And the president’s speech shows how low the professionalism of our “husbands” is in the economy and domestic politics. How scary you are from the PEOPLE and more scary what are your professional qualities, your political will, strategic thinking and planning the national economic complex, at least to raise your mind, read the transcript, the program of the Congress of the CPSU, well, if this causes you an allergy, then the CPC Congress China, learn how to plan the development of the country and what indicators you need to invest in this development, you could not even read this, and maybe it was difficult to overcome this topic. I don’t see any development and advancement, and 22 million. RUSSIAN CITIZENS is your shame and criminal negligence. Anyway, this whole liberal model has simply rotted, and you are clinging to this rot.

"Right Sector" (banned in Russia), "Ukrainian Insurgent Army" (UPA) (banned in Russia), ISIS (banned in Russia), "Jabhat Fatah al-Sham" formerly "Jabhat al-Nusra" (banned in Russia) , Taliban (banned in Russia), Al-Qaeda (banned in Russia), Anti-Corruption Foundation (banned in Russia), Navalny Headquarters (banned in Russia), Facebook (banned in Russia), Instagram (banned in Russia), Meta (banned in Russia), Misanthropic Division (banned in Russia), Azov (banned in Russia), Muslim Brotherhood (banned in Russia), Aum Shinrikyo (banned in Russia), AUE (banned in Russia), UNA-UNSO (banned in Russia), Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar People (banned in Russia), Legion “Freedom of Russia” (armed formation, recognized as terrorist in the Russian Federation and banned)

“Non-profit organizations, unregistered public associations or individuals performing the functions of a foreign agent,” as well as media outlets performing the functions of a foreign agent: “Medusa”; "Voice of America"; "Realities"; "Present time"; "Radio Freedom"; Ponomarev; Savitskaya; Markelov; Kamalyagin; Apakhonchich; Makarevich; Dud; Gordon; Zhdanov; Medvedev; Fedorov; "Owl"; "Alliance of Doctors"; "RKK" "Levada Center"; "Memorial"; "Voice"; "Person and law"; "Rain"; "Mediazone"; "Deutsche Welle"; QMS "Caucasian Knot"; "Insider"; "New Newspaper"