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Syrian MLRS based on the Sadko vehicle

A feature of the fighting in Syria was the active use of the Syrian army and the allied formations independently manufactured by the MLRS. Currently, they are actively used in the operation to liberate the Yarmuk refugee camp in the Damascus area, reports Messenger of Mordovia.

Syrian MLRS based on the Sadko vehicle

Judging by the materials appearing on the Web, Golan installations of various calibers are actively used here. They are installed on pickups, various trucks and even Tanks.

“Installed on the chassis of the national all-terrain vehicle GAZ-3308" Sadko ". This fact is of greatest interest to military experts. If in the domestic armed forces this car is not used as widely as its predecessor GAZ-66, then in Syria the brainchild of the domestic automobile industry has become a real wagon, ”writes the author of the material Leo Romanov.

He notes that in the Sadko rocket variant, 3 guides, which launch missiles based on ammunition to the BM-21, are carried.

As seen in the photo, Syrian craftsmen have significantly increased the warhead of the shells. “As a result, targets that are only in the line of sight (as a rule, only a few kilometers) are affected, but, based on Syrian specificity, are no longer needed,” besides, weapons significantly demoralizes the enemy, the author concludes.
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  1. 210ox
    210ox April 26 2018 16: 05
    Well, we must pay tribute to the Syrians. Do not sit back ..
    1. Geisenberg
      Geisenberg April 26 2018 17: 42
      You want to live and you won’t even think of such a thing.
      1. Hire
        Hire April 26 2018 17: 54
        Here is one such projectile, apparently, and flew just before the Jews. It is unlikely that they use Kapustnik-B.
  2. Svetoch
    Svetoch April 26 2018 16: 06
    Rocket like a car floor)))
    1. barclay
      barclay April 26 2018 16: 19
      Quote: Svetoch
      Rocket like a car floor)))

      No wonder. The length of the projectile from the BM-21 is almost 3 meters (more precisely 2870 mm). As I understand it, an extra capacity with explosives was imposed by some kind of macaron on an ordinary shell Goal for fiction is cunning. The war spurs local inventors.
      1. 22 dmdc
        22 dmdc April 26 2018 16: 24
        Great bang bang turned out!
      2. Spez
        Spez April 27 2018 08: 47
        Most likely this is additional plumage
  3. Topotun
    Topotun April 26 2018 16: 15
    Here, in my opinion, not only the enemy will be demoralized. What if a little does not reach? It hurts a healthy fool ....
    1. bald
      bald April 26 2018 16: 35
      Well done! (Seriously). For some reason, the history of the Second World War was recalled, when from an airplane empty empty barrels were dropped, causing panic in their sound.
  4. Beby
    Beby April 26 2018 16: 37
    Could it be that they took the rocket from the Grad as a basis ... and "modified" a little, increasing the warhead and tail unit?
    1. Topotun
      Topotun April 26 2018 16: 40
      And hell knows, but it looks a little creepy. What if it explodes only by stepping off the guides? Samopal ...
      1. Beby
        Beby April 26 2018 17: 02
        Quote: Topotun
        What if it explodes only by stepping off the guides? Samopal ...
        So because, probably, I don’t see anyone in the cockpit either — I want to live!
  5. Beby
    Beby April 26 2018 17: 24
    There are still such photos:

    1. Zubr
      Zubr April 26 2018 17: 47
      It is interesting to see the result of her hit .. smile The baclush is decent ..
  6. mitchhunter
    mitchhunter April 26 2018 21: 22
    Quote: Zubr
    The baclush is decent ..

    Express delivery of gas balloons to terugrooms, direct to them in the field kitchen laughing