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What is common in the case of Scripale and the mandate for the bombing of Syria?

It’s no secret that in recent years the West has terribly annoyed the veto by which Russia (a permanent member of the UN Security Council) has stopped attempts by the US and its close allies to legitimize aggression against Syria through a resolution of this body.

Throughout the war in Syria, the best minds of the West come up with how to “fix” this situation and find a way out of the “legal impasse”.

And now, according to Western media, a method has finally been devised for how to solve this problem. The Guardian newspaper, citing its sources in diplomatic circles, said that in order to overcome Russia's veto, Western countries may try to use the precedent of the UN General Assembly resolution "Unity for peace."

The resolution, adopted in 1950, provides that, if nine of the fifteen members of the Security Council agree, the issue may be passed to the General Assembly for voting. Thus, the Americans and their allies earlier "legitimized" aggression against the DPRK under the flag of the UN.

However, to repeat such a combination for the legalization of aggression from that moment never succeeded, although several attempts were made.

Russia has doubts about the ability of our opponents to do this now. In particular, about this in an interview with RIA "News»Said the Chairman of the Russian Public Council for International Cooperation and Public Diplomacy Sergey Ordzhonikidze. He expressed confidence that Western countries will not be able to circumvent Russia's UN veto.

“The UN Charter is written in such a way that it is impossible to bypass the veto,” said Ordzhonikidze and noted that in order to transfer the matter from the jurisdiction of the UN Security Council, one must first prove that it is within the competence of the General Assembly.

However, judging by the latest events, the Russian veto is not such a big problem for the United States and its allies.

As you can see, Washington, London and Paris launched a missile attack on Syria, not only without any UN sanction, but without any evidence of Damascus’s “guilt” in a chemical attack.

Also, the Americans, the French, the British and the Turks do very well without a resolution of a supranational structure, carrying out the illegal occupation of the territory of the SAR. Having at the same time the audacity to declare the illegality of the actions of the Russian military contingent located in Syria at the invitation and at the request of the lawfully elected leadership of the country.

Perhaps they need a resolution in order to start a military escalation, to launch a large-scale invasion and regular massive strikes?

In fact, this is not hampered by the absence of official UN approval, but by the presence of Russian troops in the SAR. That is why the Americans, the British and the French rather imitated a blow, fearing to catch someone from the Russians in Syria.

Now the Americans want to back up their “proxies”, consisting of gangs of Kurdish separatists and jihadists, with regular troops from a number of Arab countries. However, even here we do not observe any dependence on the decisions of the UN Security Council.

For example, Egypt immediately and resolutely refused to participate in such a mission, making it clear that this was “not his war”. And there is no doubt that no resolution, Cairo’s position on this issue would change.

As for the “oil monarchies,” they, as shown by the example of Yemen, do not care much about the international approval of their aggressive actions. And in Syria, they are afraid of the same thing as the Americans - the Russian military presence. In addition, they are still terrified of fearless and seasoned Hezbollah fighters, Iranian volunteers and Afghan Shiites fighting on the side of Assad.

And those who are like Egypt are not at risk of refusing to the States, pushing each other ahead of themselves, trying to hide behind them.

For example, Saudi Arabia almost in an ultimatum form demanded that Qatar send its contingent to Syria, threatening that otherwise, the Americans would not “defend” this country.

Saudi Arabian Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir said: “Qatar must pay for the presence of American troops in Syria and must send its troops to that country before the American president refuses to defend Qatar, represented by the US military base on its territory.” At the same time, the Saudi diplomat added that if the Americans stop providing security for Qatar, the regime in this country will be overthrown in less than a week.

The fact that the head of Saudi Arabia’s foreign ministry acts as if on behalf of Washington cannot but surprise. But the East, including the Middle, as you know, is a delicate matter, and the clarification of the powers of the Saudis to threaten US disfavor is a separate topic.

However, it is clear that Riyadh, wants by all means to drag Qatari to Syria, in order to destroy their relations with Iran. But the reality is that the Qatari armed forces, not too numerous and consisting mainly of foreign mercenaries, can hardly successfully participate in foreign adventures, fighting an experienced and motivated opponent.

However, similar problems are characteristic of the armies of other oil monarchies.

This is what the UN resolution is really absolutely necessary for, and a detour of Russia is Ukraine. It is this conclusion that can be drawn from the speech of the Deputy Foreign Minister of Ukraine, Sergei Kyslitsa, who, having only learned of the West’s intention to try to circumvent the veto, immediately accused the UN of inability to stop the “Russian aggression” against Ukraine.

"In 2014, neither the leaders of the United Nations nor the members of the Security Council at that time could stop the military aggression of Russia, the occupation of the Crimea and the Donbass," said Kyslitsa during a speech at the UN General Assembly on peacebuilding, blaming Moscow also for supporting "his client Assad ".

But the interest of the Kiev authorities, here, we can say only the "humanitarian". But even if we assume that the West will manage to carry out the combination mentioned above, Kiev, of course, will have no practical benefit from this. However, the very idea that someone has managed to “spoil” Russia in some ways will warm the souls of Ukrainian leaders.

However, for the sake of this, the West would not have tried exactly.

Washington is well aware that, even if they make the desired resolution, neither Russia nor Iran will stop supporting Syria, as the USSR and the PRC in their time did not abandon the defense of the DPRK against invaders under the UN flag.

In other words, this initiative has as its goal not only Syria, but Russia. The task of the Anglo-Saxons here is the same as in the case of Skripale: to make as many countries as possible go into confrontation against our country. And Syria, Ukraine, or the “poisoning” of a pardoned spy is no more than an excuse. Of course, to isolate us, as the Americans would like, they will fail, but it is very important for them to drag as many states into their camp as possible and “tie” them with participation in an obviously illegal (from the point of view of international law) action.
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  1. dog breeder
    dog breeder April 27 2018 04: 51
    Today the news was in Syria found a warehouse of terrorists with chemical weapons from England.
    The diplomat expressed hope that the OPCW expert group, currently located in Syria, “will visit the depots where the chemicals left by the terrorist groups in the Duma were discovered.” The Syrian army, he said, “found chemicals from Germany and the UK, including from the Porton Down lab in Salisbury.”,
    But Rodchenkov refused part of the allegations of doping by Russian athletes.
    This is a common piggy bank.
      YELLOWSTONE April 27 2018 05: 54
      there was a discussion already, what the UNGA accepts and then it goes back to the UN Security Council where the one with veto power can veto it
      in 1950, there was no representative of the USSR at the Security Council meeting because they were boycotted because Taiwan took the place of the PRC, and therefore the veto was not applied.
      9/15 what is this “unity"? this is 60%, a sharpie damn
      1. Basil50
        Basil50 April 27 2018 08: 23
        You can get around * veto * right. When putting something to a vote there, it’s enough to arrest * those who disagree * with drugs in their pockets or on charges of raping an animal or a black woman. And that's it, * veto * no, say what you want.
        1. YELLOWSTONE
          YELLOWSTONE April 27 2018 08: 36
          diplomatic immunity, by the way, it did not interfere with the US Permanent Representative to whom Nebenzya approached, it is rumored to contact a psychiatrist for 2,5 years 46 times
          1. Tatyana
            Tatyana April 27 2018 09: 00
            Quote: YELLOWSTONE
            diplomatic immunity, by the way, it did not interfere with the US Permanent Representative to whom Nebenzya approached, it is rumored to contact a psychiatrist for 2,5 years 46 times

            Nikki Haley sometimes seems to me mentally insane!
            1. Tatyana
              Tatyana April 27 2018 09: 07
              Thank you for the article!
              The article is relevant a lot in the legal plan correctly explains.
            2. YELLOWSTONE
              YELLOWSTONE April 27 2018 09: 07
              they usually don’t hold others there,
              he argues, man argues with someone exhorts, and then it turns out that ...
              the same with many here.
              1. Vladimir 5
                Vladimir 5 April 27 2018 21: 02
                Big politics is a matter of the strong, including the special services .. Our failures in politics can not be explained as liberals in power, including in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. and MO, and other services. Mr.. S. Lavrov brought the state of the foreign policy of the Russian Federation to obstracism by the majority of the UN. It’s not time to replace such odious figures, but how to replace it, because behind it is the entire liberal cabinet of ministers of the prime minister of the liberal, who for decades has been disastrously guiding everything in the state and beyond ...
                1. YELLOWSTONE
                  YELLOWSTONE April 28 2018 07: 14
                  whom to change, so its last ...
  2. Baloo
    Baloo April 27 2018 06: 14
    Everyone is waiting for the Syrians to present photos and documents of the killed English, French and other special forces during the liberation of Guta and elsewhere. Or is it fake?
      YELLOWSTONE April 27 2018 08: 55
      the missiles were also without documents, they are not real wassat
    2. Vladimir 5
      Vladimir 5 April 27 2018 21: 22
      Our liberal government and bureaucracy with money and families in the west will do everything not to disturb Americans and especially the British. Our fighters are selfless in Siri and give their lives, and then sheer betrayal ... (where your money is, your homeland is there, this applies to our officials) ...
  3. Azim77
    Azim77 April 27 2018 07: 06
    The United States Department of State has prepared a report listing the countries voting in the UN General Assembly in accordance with Washington’s position, as well as a list of states that have their own position on world events.

    According to the report, in the 2017 year, the UN General Assembly considered the 93 draft resolution, and in 31% of cases, most states supported the position of Washington, RIA Novosti reports.

    Nevertheless, according to the State Department, over the year Washington’s support in the UN General Assembly was reduced by 10%.

    Commenting on the report, US Permanent Representative to the United Nations Nikki Haley stated that “this is an unacceptable response” to American investments, as the United States pays 22% of the total contributions to the UN budget, that is, more than the three subsequent donor countries combined.

    “Despite this generosity, others at the UN voted with us only in 31% of cases. This is the lowest figure since 2016 of the year, ”complained Hailey.

    This is how they see world law. UN auction for them, where they redeem votes.
    1. Sergey985
      Sergey985 April 27 2018 07: 32
      The US will never stop trying to "privatize" the UN.
  4. aszzz888
    aszzz888 April 27 2018 07: 28
    The task of the Anglo-Saxons here is the same as in the Skripals case: to force as many countries as possible to become involved in a confrontation against our country.

    And for the sake of this, the blatantly mericatonic “cooperative” is ready for anything. Up to the most extreme measures both in the economy and in the military confrontation.
  5. Vard
    Vard April 27 2018 08: 13
    UN ... old lady who no longer needs anyone ...
    1. Egoza
      Egoza April 27 2018 08: 40
      Quote: Vard
      UN ... old lady who no longer needs anyone ...

      But she still hopes for something !!! wassat And how scary - list the organizers of the UN! Suddenly Russia will be the first to send the UN on foot erotic tour? Who is she to cling to? With your values?
  6. Baloo
    Baloo April 27 2018 09: 09
    Quote: Tatiana
    Nikki Haley sometimes seems to me mentally insane!

    She honestly and faithfully fulfills her salary. Where else would she find such an opportunity to receive money for lo-lo-lo? There are no options. And then this is a feature of the mentality of American Nazi-global dominance at all costs.
  7. kig
    kig April 27 2018 10: 21
    Thus, the Americans and their allies previously “legitimized” the aggression against the DPRK under the UN flag.
    But nothing that it was North Korea that invaded South?
  8. komis55
    komis55 April 27 2018 18: 15
    It’s they who draw evil pictures for themselves, I keep Gorynych’s thought for 30 years, but no question. And this is explainable.