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Baltic Plant is ready to resume construction of new-generation nuclear icebreakers

Baltic Plant is ready to resume construction of new-generation nuclear icebreakersThe Baltic Plant is ready to resume construction of new-generation nuclear icebreakers. In this regard, the shipyard will take part in a tender for the construction of a nuclear-powered icebreaker with a capacity of 60 MW, which Rosatom plans to conduct. This was announced today by the construction director of the company "Baltic Shipyard Shipyard" Andrei Buzinov.

United Shipbuilding Corporation (USC) and Baltiysky Zavod in December 2011 g signed an agreement to prepare for the construction of a series of nuclear icebreakers with an 60 MW capacity. Russia plans to build three nuclear double-icebreaker icebreakers by 2020, the first of which is supposed to be launched in 2016. Each ship is rated for 40 years of operation.

The Baltic plant built all Russian nuclear icebreakers, with the exception of the very first nuclear-powered icebreaker "Lenin", which was built in the middle of the 50-s of the last century at the Admiralty plant in Leningrad.

The Baltic factory was founded in 1856. The plant specializes in the construction of warships, large-capacity civilian ships for the transport of various cargoes and icebreakers / with nuclear and diesel power plants /. The plant carries out construction of cargo-passenger ships of the Ro-Ro and Ro-Pax type, tankers for the transportation of chemical cargoes, bulk carriers, and other types of ships and destinations.

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  1. domokl
    domokl 3 May 2012 12: 01
    It’s high time to already hold a tender and build .. Too awkwardly move in the north and NATO and China .. You need to have something to drive them from our seas .. even with powerful ice ..
    1. ward
      ward 3 May 2012 12: 03
      That's for sure ... it's one thing to draw a line on paper ... and another to swim there ... plus ..
      1. Aleksey67
        Aleksey67 3 May 2012 12: 09
        "Battle for the Arctic" is entering an active phase, thanks to global warming, the Northern Sea Route will soon become a reality and icebreakers will be in great need. Moreover, if I am not mistaken, Russia has always been a leader in icebreaking
        1. domokl
          domokl 3 May 2012 12: 23
          Quote: Aleksey67
          "Battle for the Arctic" enters active phase
          Greetings Alexei ... You are right ... And this active phase began two years ago .. We are back in the air again ... NATO will soon begin to conduct his maneuvers at Svalbard ... This is also a fact ... And our fleet is bigger scary in real life, I mean submarines, but surface-based ships are needed just to drive out ...
          1. Civil
            Civil 3 May 2012 12: 27
            Is there enough power?
          2. Aleksey67
            Aleksey67 3 May 2012 12: 33
            Quote: domokl
            .And this active phase began two years ago .. We are still in the back again ... Nato will soon begin to conduct his maneuvers at Spitsbergen ... This is also a fact ... And our fleet is still more terrible in real life, I mean submarines, and you need surface-based ships to just kick out ...

            At stake is a very "good jackpot", which is claimed by a lot of "owners". The fight will be hard, ours are also conducting exercises and the "polar special forces" are creating
            According to the US Geological Survey, the bottom of the Arctic Ocean contains about 25% of the world's hydrocarbon reserves, as well as rich deposits of diamonds, gold, platinum, tin, manganese, nickel and lead. Only Arctic oil fields, according to the UN, exceed 100 billion tons - 2,4 times more than all Russian resources.

            For a long time, these pantries of minerals, as well as biological resources were not mastered due to extremely difficult access to them. However, according to Canadian scientists, during From 1969 to 2004, ice volume in the east of the Canadian Arctic archipelago decreased by 15%, and in some places in the west of the country - by a third. According to experts, already by 2040, due to global warming, a significant part of the Arctic Ocean will be free of ice, which will greatly facilitate the extraction of natural resources from the bottom and reduce the cost of transportation. Robert Corell, chairman of the international organization for assessing the impact of civilization on the Arctic climate, recently stated that, according to his calculations, “by 2050, the Northern Sea Route will be open 100 days a year instead of 20. "

            According to the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea, the state’s economic zone in the maritime and ocean expanses must pass at a mark of 200 miles (370 kilometers), but its borders can be moved another 150 miles if it is proved that the continental shelf is a continuation of land owned by the country.

            In 2001, Russia filed a corresponding application with the United Nations Commission on the Limits of the Continental Shelf, but Moscow’s claims were rejected “because of insufficient evidence”. The Russian expedition “Arctic 2007” seemed to find them, and this allows the Russian Federation to claim 1,2 million square meters. km of the shelf of the Arctic Ocean (about 45% of its area). With which some members of the world community strongly disagree.
            1. domokl
              domokl 3 May 2012 12: 44
              Quote: Aleksey67
              At stake is a very "good jackpot"
              I agree on the jackpot, but, in my opinion, it’s worth adding that the Arctic is now for the United States the only truly dangerous direction of attacks of Russian missiles with nuclear weapons ...
              The absence of islands in NATO-controlled AOs does not allow the neutralization program of these launchers to be fully implemented .. And the flight time on this route is the shortest ... in 15-20 minutes
        2. Armata
          Armata 3 May 2012 15: 11
          You are not mistaken. And this project with an atomic boiler already exists, exists on paper, and God forbid that it finally comes to fruition.
      2. YARY
        YARY 3 May 2012 13: 15
        This is a fat plus, even a plus !!! fellow good
        Now orders are needed and only ours! bully angry
        1. Neighbor
          Neighbor 3 May 2012 17: 13
          Russia intends to build three nuclear two-draft icebreakers by 2020, the first of which is expected to be launched in 2016!
          good good drinks drinks laughing laughing
          .... to them all - not the ARCTIC !!!!
          am am
    2. nokki
      nokki 3 May 2012 12: 43
      Yes, in theory (if Russia considers itself the successor of the USSR) all this husk in Arctic waters should be drowned. But we got into some kind of stupid agreement and signed obscure documents. Now prove that it's yours! You have to be simpler: arrogance is the second happiness! Moreover, the Arctic (Hyperborea) has always been Russian! And God will always help us get rid of these Zionic and narrow-eyed crooks ... There would be a desire!
      1. 755962
        755962 3 May 2012 16: 29
        The campaign of the West to achieve global dominance has reached the top of the earth. And in this light, the news is more than appropriate!
        The largest military exercises since the end of the Cold War (and possibly even earlier) in the Far North, inside and directly outside the Arctic Circle, ended on March 21 in Northern Norway.

        If it were not for the crash during the Norwegian military transport aircraft in Sweden, the world would have remained ignorant of them.

        The Cold Response 2012 exercises were held from March 12 to 21, mainly in Norway, but also in Sweden. They were attended by 16300 troops from 15 countries. Full-scale maneuvers of the air force, naval forces and ground forces, as well as special units, were carried out against the backdrop of the battle over the Arctic over the past three years.
        1. Vashestambid
          Vashestambid 3 May 2012 17: 17
          Having a nuclear fleet is cool !! good

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  2. St Petrov
    St Petrov 3 May 2012 12: 04
    I propose to build icebreakers in the basic configuration with CUBAM
    1. Tersky
      Tersky 3 May 2012 12: 26
      Quote: s-t Petrov
      I propose to build icebreakers in the basic configuration with CUBAM

      No, .. I do not agree, with the complete set of the complete arsenal of "Peter the Great", it will be just right wink
      1. Alexander Romanov
        Alexander Romanov 3 May 2012 12: 47
        Gentlemen, maybe we will not be wise, but we will simply build "Peter the Great" only of ice class, and preferably 2!
    2. domokl
      domokl 3 May 2012 12: 46
      laughing and then I just figured the size of such a ship ... It’s easier to build a road to the Gulf of Ob ... Asphalted ... Or tie this Peter himself to a normal icebreaker ... It’ll be much cheaper .. Let’s tandem and plow .. the Bolshoi Theater laughing pa
      1. Tersky
        Tersky 3 May 2012 13: 12
        Alexandra! here comedians laughing All offers are valuable in their own way, lol then we accept everything and everything! laughing
  3. lewerlin53rus
    lewerlin53rus 3 May 2012 12: 09
    It remains only to wish success to our shipbuilders, who are building such nuclear powered ships, which have no analogues in the world. The Arctic should remain Russian, and without the most modern icebreakers this is not feasible
  4. patriot2
    patriot2 3 May 2012 12: 25
    I wish you success in the tender - Baltic Plant!
    News +
  5. S_nami_strength
    S_nami_strength 3 May 2012 12: 37
    It is necessary to build and build and the more the better smile because we have no equal in icebreakers yet smile
  6. old rocket man
    old rocket man 3 May 2012 12: 44
    Greetings, Alexander, you are right, icebreakers, of course, need to be built, but in the Arctic we need air as much now, ice-class military surface ships capable of operating independently during the navigation period (without icebreakers) and icebreakers need 12-15 pieces on the Northern Sea Route, to ensure the full use of this "road of the future"
  7. Mostovik
    Mostovik 3 May 2012 12: 56
    Atomic is atomic. But in the photo, does the ice drift work on coal?
  8. sahha
    sahha 3 May 2012 13: 12
    On the site, sometimes the photo does not correspond to the content of the article.
  9. balamut_x
    balamut_x 3 May 2012 13: 28
  10. Ion coaelung
    Ion coaelung 3 May 2012 13: 38
    Not every fleet can make its way through the ice ... Glory to our designers!
  11. Senzey
    Senzey 3 May 2012 14: 50
    Everything built in the 60s 70s requires updating. If there is funding, then there will be a fleet. The Arctic is interesting to many now, so I think there will be money.

    Everything built in the 60s 70s requires updating. If there is funding, then there will be a fleet. The Arctic is interesting to many now, so I think there will be money.
  12. kasper
    kasper 3 May 2012 14: 50
    They just lack catastrophically.
  13. Nechai
    Nechai 3 May 2012 15: 41
    Quote: Old Rocketman
    We now need the Arctic as air, ice-class military surface ships capable of operating independently during navigation (without icebreakers)

    "Sevmorput" icebreaking transport vessel (lighter carrier) with a nuclear power plant. Built in Kerch, at the Zaliv shipyard. Laid down on November 2, 1984, launched on February 20, 1986. It was commissioned in 1988. In October 2009, the general director of FSUE Atomflot, Vyacheslav Ruksha, stated that “the Atomflot lighter carrier“ Sevmorput ”is without work, and if this situation continues in 2010, you will have to hand it over“ to the needles ”. And he could have served another 15 years. They were going to make a drill out of it. Dzhapy and amers at the time adhered to - not to let them into their ports, they say radiation hazardous. And the cargo turnover in our Severs actually fell to zero. But the system is the one for them. Does not require ports at the mouths of rivers. Yes, in general, anywhere can carry out loading and unloading independently.
  14. kagorta
    kagorta 3 May 2012 16: 18
    The Northern Sea Route really should bring granny. It is shorter than through the Sutsk Canal. It must be developed necessarily.
  15. Chicot 1
    Chicot 1 3 May 2012 20: 59
    But this is really great news! smile good drinks
  16. suharev-52
    suharev-52 3 May 2012 21: 20
    Good news. Icebreakers are essential. Only now vague doubts gnaw at me that the built icebreakers will work for the benefit of Russia and the Russian people. Almost all explored oil and gas fields have been transferred to foreign companies. And on the nose announced "Privatization-2", it is there that the sale of explored shelf deposits is planned. By the way, the first purchase by the Yeni corporation has already been made. And on the way: "VR", "Exxon" and other "sharks" of capitalism. That is why the next castling of the tandem is carried out in order to complete the started sale. So, for whom the built icebreakers will work is a big question. Sincerely.

    PS By the way, for the "well" held elections, Churov received the order.
  17. Bashkaus
    Bashkaus 3 May 2012 22: 59
    Good news, interesting, but the new generation of icebreakers will continue the tradition of the possibility of an additional option "auxiliary TARK" with storage shafts 20 basalts bags of potatoes? )))