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Forgotten bunker. KP Novorossiysk naval base and 18 th army. Part of 2

In the first part, we examined the territory adjacent to the entrances to the KP and the remnants of the PDO system. We came to the very entrance to the bunker. I have to point out that the security of the premises is zero, there are not even any information plates, so we did not encounter any obstacles, which pleased me with the absence of intersection with legal norms. In fact, apart from a small advertisement on a rusty pillar in front of the entrances to the bunker, which says "memorial zone", and two numbers on the concrete formwork ("1941-1945"), nothing to indicate the nature of the object is not mentioned. KP, once one of the main arteries of decision-making, is now completely abandoned and forgotten.

The weather was extremely sunny, even hot, so the bunker was breathing in the face, as they say, with a grave cold. A rusted wire, probably electrical, slid across the ceiling vault.

The flashlight beam, despite the brightness, did little to help the camera, therefore, the quality of some of the shots can cause complaints. It is difficult to focus, to maintain the point of shooting and so on, especially in the impenetrable darkness and with different debris under their feet.

In some places the air was very dry and “clean”, and in some places, especially where the ceiling was darkened, there was an unpleasant dampness that beat in the nose with a worse stale basement stench. Apparently, time still undermined the mighty, but rather aged, body of the bunker, and in some places the water penetrated inside. This is not surprising, given the stormy streams of rainwater rolling down from the mountains after each rainstorm. However, the condition of the bunker is not the worst, as one would expect.

In some places, there were pieces of wood on the floor, perhaps the remains of a former exposition here. After all, the object, in fact, was part of the museum complex.

Numerous concrete niches, which were most likely used for equipment and ammunition, were now filled with two beer bottles from which they had taken. Sadly We grabbed this stuff with us when we headed for the exit.

Forgotten bunker. KP Novorossiysk naval base and 18 th army. Part of 2

In one of the rooms were the remains of a distribution telephone cabinet, some pieces can be seen on the floor. Apparently this place was located communications center.

Some parts of the walls were strikingly different from others. It seemed to the author that certain passages of the bunker were concreted after the war. This conjecture was confirmed by a punched opening in one of the walls. Inside it, we found something like a cave or grotto. Perhaps this part was not used at all, and perhaps it was not trimmed, since the bunker was built during the war, which speaks of a certain rush. For example, in some places on the floor we came across pieces of rotted wood sticking out of the concrete groove - remnants of formwork.

Rusty parts of the reinforcement, on which various equipment was attached, “grew out” of the walls everywhere. There were also remains, as it seemed to us, of power cables.

Finally, we left the bunker. I can not say that access to fresh air did not please me, despite all the passion for stories. However, we left this place all the same with sadness.

The fact is that the locals told us that the object is now “under the supervision of” the military. Where are these military? “On the other side of the gorge,” was the answer. There we found only villas and landscaped lawns. On the territory of one of them, two sailor men in their robes, 18-ti or 19-ti, were idle; they first shot cigarettes from us, and then asked not to take pictures. And behind our backs the galleries of the forgotten bunker continued to dilapidate.

Of course, I understand that KP is not lucky with the location (you can not drive a tour bus there), nor with the infrastructure (neither you have pizzerias, nor cafes, nor other eateries). But these are weak arguments, considering the full potential of the sign fortification object. This situation saddened me even more when it became known to me that the city authorities suddenly decided to urgently establish a “sundry” for the Novorossiysk sundial (!). The cost of the new "attractions" according to local media will be 10,5 million rubles. Something like this…
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  1. Amurets
    Amurets April 27 2018 05: 36
    Author. Many thanks. I always read your articles with great interest.
    Of course, I understand that the KP was not lucky either with the location (you can’t drive the sightseeing bus there) or with the infrastructure ..... I was saddened even more by this situation when I became aware that the city authorities suddenly decided to urgently establish “extremely necessary "sundial for Novorossiysk (!). The cost of the new "attractions" according to local media will be 10,5 million rubles. Something like this…
    The clock, according to the administration, is more necessary. It’s necessary to check the chronometers for some reason.

    The main thing for the local administration is to leave a memory of itself.
  2. Olgovich
    Olgovich April 27 2018 06: 45
    The object is interesting, I love such excursions myself.
    But not unique.
    To use it somehow, so that it would be preserved and that the benefits would be ....
  3. Aviator_
    Aviator_ April 27 2018 08: 38
    Thank you for the article. And how Novorossiysk lived for so many years without a sundial - it must have been terribly tormented. The tireless concern of the city administration about residents is clear.
  4. Monster_Fat
    Monster_Fat April 27 2018 09: 40
    And I’m more of a villa under the guard of sailors who forbid taking photographs. They’d be interested in ... Come on, "defenders of the fatherland" of the marine type "in ranks", they settled there, away from immodest eyes and questions: "but what kind, such shisha ..." or something passing through the documents as a "base of inter-cruise recreation" .... winked
    1. feokot1982
      feokot1982 7 May 2018 17: 43
      If I correctly understood the description of the place, it’s just in this gorge that, as you said, the “inter-cruise recreation base” is located not only for sailors, but for the command of the 7th Airborne Division in the form of the main building with numbers, a bath, a pool, etc. and guarded by conscripts. And there is the house of the former measure Prokhorenko.
  5. Ragoz
    Ragoz April 28 2018 00: 11
    “No one is forgotten and nothing is forgotten” - Our rulers remember this thesis or rather the slogan only during the month of May of each year, and then safely forget.
  6. SEER
    SEER April 28 2018 03: 35
    "A rusted wire, probably an electric one, slid across the ceiling vault."
    ??? and what other wires are there?
    1. Monster_Fat
      Monster_Fat April 30 2018 10: 38
      There are (it’s hard-iron, or did someone meet iron, single-core wires for electricity without braiding in the room?) For attaching to them something of the same electric wires, pendant lamps for transferring them to different places ..... rings for chains of slaves ....
  7. Normal ok
    Normal ok April 29 2018 22: 42
    I saw this "live". He even drove children. Former ZKP of the Odessa Military District, before that the former 412 coastal battery. Built before the war. If I find a photo, I'll throw it off.