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EKR troops will receive the latest radar systems

EKR troops will receive the latest radar systems

In 2012, around the 20 of the newest radar systems (RFC) will be supplied to the radio engineering regiments of the air defense units of the Aerospace Defense Forces (ASD). Among them are the updated "Gamma-С1М", "Volga", "Podlet", "Caste-2.2", as well as various modifications of the station "Sky".

The first samples of the radar station (radar) of the new generation “Gamma-С1М” are already in combat duty to protect the air borders of Moscow and the Central Industrial Region of the Russian Federation in air defense units of the East Kazakhstani Army.

This year, over 300 officers and junior specialists of the radio engineering units of the East Kazakhstani Army will be trained in training centers for the development of new types of weapons and military equipment.

Acquired skills in controlling the air situation, supporting the target and issuing target indications to the radio engineering units of the East Kazakhstani Armed Forces will demonstrate and consolidate this summer in the course of exercises with live firing at the Ashuluk training ground in the Astrakhan Region.

Gamma-S1M radar is intended for air reconnaissance, guidance and tracking of air targets in the interests of the East Kazakhstan Air Force, for use in automated air defense and air force control systems, in non-automated units, for quick reaction forces. It can also be used to issue information to automated control posts and control the air traffic of civilian aircraft aviation.

The station can effectively detect, determine the coordinates and accompany a wide class of modern and promising means of air attack in the face of natural and deliberate interference. Radar "Gamma C1M" provides recognition of classes of single targets - aircraft, rocket, target-trap on the signal and trajectory signs.
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  1. Tersky
    Tersky 2 May 2012 22: 00
    At least one great news of the day, I already wanted to sleep. fellow
    1. St Petrov
      St Petrov 2 May 2012 22: 18
      Combat Helicopters in Torzhok

      This photo conveys the whole diversity of the modern army helicopter combat helicopter fleet, you can see four types of helicopters of two color options!


      Photo by alekszeit from

      and if you want to smile every day - drinks
      1. St Petrov
        St Petrov 2 May 2012 22: 30
        In 2011, Aviastar-SP CJSC, after a major overhaul, returned two An-124-100 Ruslan aircraft to the military transport aircraft of the Russian Air Force.

        A photograph of the first aircraft, RA-82014, can be searched on the Internet)

        And now the RA-82039 got into the photographer’s lens!

        Photo by Yaroslav P. from

        1. St Petrov
          St Petrov 2 May 2012 22: 34
          Rescuers of the Black Sea Fleet use new diving complexes

          Specialists of the emergency rescue service of the Black Sea Fleet (Black Sea Fleet), when performing work under water, use the capabilities of the new generation diving complex Cyclops and the small-sized underwater robot Obzor-600.

          According to the press service of the Southern Military District, special equipment is used when examining sunken objects, training diving specialists, as well as when inspecting ship and ship hulls.

          The complex includes a wetsuit with a helmet, an underwater robot with a video camera and a control system with monitors. The advantages of the Cyclops are compactness and mobility; it is equipped with high-resolution video cameras, backlight and radio communications. The Cyclops is designed to operate at depths of up to 50 m, and the Obzor-600 robot is designed up to 600 m.
          1. St Petrov
            St Petrov 2 May 2012 22: 50
            There is a lot of news! Need to look for it!) And add here!)
          2. Ruswolf
            Ruswolf 3 May 2012 00: 20
            Well, firstly, the toy is not new.
            Secondly, this is an advertisement of the Tetis PRO company
            Thirdly, the basic equipment does not provide for the all-around sonar manipulator and much more.
            In the fourth according to the catalog 2009. the apparta was developed for the needs of the Ministry of Emergencies and the Ministry of Internal Affairs - this is the period when this company won a tender for equipping the Ministry of Emergencies, after which prices for this company were raised about 50-100%. If compared with the catalogs 2007g.
            In general, the thing is good, but given its capabilities, the indicated profitability depth is more suitable for the brand. Therefore, the price of this toy is doubled and unreasonable.
        2. iulai
          iulai 3 May 2012 09: 20
          powerful and just handsome!
    2. YARY
      YARY 2 May 2012 22: 45
      A cool news good and without a bulldozer!
      The system against which all sorts of "stealth" give in and missiles, and turntables, in general, surly eyes !!! angry
    3. iulai
      iulai 3 May 2012 09: 14
      everything is guarded by Moscow, and the rest of the territory, and the rest of the population?
      1. Yoshkin Kot
        Yoshkin Kot 3 May 2012 09: 47
        yeah, exactly so, but how could it be otherwise laughing
  2. Nechai
    Nechai 2 May 2012 22: 03
    Without ensuring complete aerospace superiority, no blitzkrieg will even begin. Axiom. Bomb, "rake" in dust, but only then the valiant good guys are sent to punish the bad, in their mind. And not otherwise. Who wants a star to take full advantage of ...
  3. Rezun
    Rezun 2 May 2012 22: 04
    CLASS ...
    Specialists - give a comment - do not sleep wink
    1. gothic2m
      gothic2m 2 May 2012 23: 49
      Quote: Rezun
      Specialists - give a comment - do not sleep

      Too lazy to paint the specific performance characteristics of all these wonderful devices, since you can easily recognize them by scoring in Google. Therefore, I will confine myself to a couple of sentences: under the various modifications of the "Sky" radar, I think so, they mean "Sky-UE" and "Sky-M". All other radars are of course very good, but "Sky" is actually something! fellow good

      For example, "Sky-UE" combines meter and decimeter ranges, so that little shines for stealth. And "Sky-M" generally "sees" at 2000 km and, as I think, will work in conjunction with the S-500.
    2. YARY
      YARY 3 May 2012 07: 23
      Full description with pictures wassat
  4. Tersky
    Tersky 2 May 2012 22: 20
    Quote: Rezun
    Specialists - give a comment - do not sleep

    Here is the link, everything is detailed there and for everyone, and until the morning there will be enough scribble wink

    Quote: s-t Petrov

    Thank you colleague! For this it is possible and for the coming dreamdrinks
    1. Rezun
      Rezun 2 May 2012 22: 59
      Thank you!

      Looked, just SONG !!!
  5. kasper
    kasper 2 May 2012 22: 30
    A very useful purchase.
  6. sahha
    sahha 2 May 2012 22: 58
    Further more! In the future, I dream to see in service with Russia the T-50 and S-500 in full! drinks

    Further more! In the future, I dream to see in service with Russia the T-50 and S-500 in full! drinks
  7. sahha
    sahha 2 May 2012 23: 01
    Further more! In the future, I dream to see in service with Russia the T-50 and S-500 in full! drinks
  8. saturn.mmm
    saturn.mmm 2 May 2012 23: 16
    Great news, plus specialists are being trained. And I agree with Tersky, the mood has become better.
  9. aspirin02
    aspirin02 3 May 2012 00: 36
    This radar system was created together with Ukrainian experts on the basis of our new Radar N001 system ... well done)) That's what it means together we can achieve more! How can they not understand that in terms of defense they need to work together ....

    It was also pleasing to the Russian Federation and Ukraine to develop a joint model project for a nuclear power unit.
    1. Rezun
      Rezun 3 May 2012 00: 47
      Bro, your words --- in all x x x x l am in your ears !!!
      I have them in my ears, my children will have tomorrow ....
  10. Odinplys
    Odinplys 3 May 2012 00: 56
    Where has gone ... "patriot" ... that we are silent ... Say your "weighty" word ...
    Apparently sad news like you ...
    1. Rezun
      Rezun 3 May 2012 01: 29
      Let him sleep, take pity on the poor.
  11. ars_pro
    ars_pro 3 May 2012 01: 54
    good thing !!! looked "done with us" even became good =)
    here by the way about the radar Sky M
  12. oksana212
    oksana212 3 May 2012 02: 48
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  13. ars_pro
    ars_pro 3 May 2012 03: 27
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    DERWISH 3 May 2012 03: 33
    1. with
      with 3 May 2012 08: 00
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      And to be honest, sometimes for fun hamsters tease, and even calculate their addresses !! bully
      You will be surprised, but there are practically no Russians there!
  15. lotus04
    lotus04 3 May 2012 03: 55
    EKR troops will receive the latest radar systems

    I would like to read - East Kazakhstan troops received .......
  16. Magadan
    Magadan 3 May 2012 04: 55
    Quote: DERWISH

    Just supporters of liberalism and Russophobes of all stripes, as well as Russian by origin, but west-clinging in spirit, we have long been torn to pieces and who they are in fact, we have proved to them, on numbers and historical facts proved.
    1. esaul
      esaul 3 May 2012 07: 16
      Quote: Magadan
      , we have long since decomposed into the bones, and who they are, in fact, we have given them reasoned evidence on numbers and historical facts.

      Greetings buddy. Good words, but only it strikes from which crevices they continue to creep out? The Tenacious - A Superman laughing like a cockroach.
      1. Armata
        Armata 3 May 2012 07: 26
        Quote: esaul
        The tenacious ones are a sufferer, like a cockroach.

        Duck there are always those who love cheap freebies more than their homeland. And nits can hibernate for up to 25 years and then hatch. On the site, they can be pressed, but in life it’s somehow more difficult, but it turns out slowly. smile
  17. Vanek
    Vanek 3 May 2012 07: 33
    Quote: DERWISH

    Because Russia is our homeland for us !!!

    And HOMELAND she
  18. Yoshkin Kot
    Yoshkin Kot 3 May 2012 08: 00
    oooo banduputin support !!! prosralivsepolymer bastards !!!!!! laughing
  19. crossbow
    crossbow 3 May 2012 09: 54
    It is especially pleasant that all the radars shown in the photo are self-propelled.
    1. Civil
      Civil 3 May 2012 11: 02
      mobile that is))
  20. Oladushkin
    Oladushkin 3 May 2012 11: 18
    Nevertheless, we would like more new radars in our army, and not just Serdyukov inflatable ones. than if that (God forbid) will we defend ourselves? Let them not come to 20 troops in the army and 2000.