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Balts proudly "shot in the foot"

The Balts began dismantling a high-voltage trunk transmission line, which connects their energy system with the Belarusian and Russian ones. At the edge of the attack - Lithuania. It is she who declares herself as the initiator of these actions, which to date have been supported only by Poland, which is not directly related to the process. Thus, the proud Lithuanians intend to show their independence. However, upon a detailed consideration of the issue, it turns out that Vilnius only fulfills the order of the powerful.

The Baltic country took the 2 of the year for the complete elimination of the BRELL energy ring. It is by this date that the nuclear power plant under construction in neighboring Belarus should be put into operation. According to the customers of this "circus", the elimination of the power line will make it impossible to export Belarusian energy to Lithuania.

The situation emerges very strange. On the one hand, Lithuanians are depriving themselves of cheap electricity, on the other - the Belarusian NPP does not incur any losses, since it was originally designed with an eye to the internal consumption of the electricity produced.

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  1. Same lech
    Same lech April 22 2018 18: 48
    However, a detailed examination of the issue reveals that Vilnius only fulfills the order of the powers that be.

    The Balts have every right to bury their economy in accordance with the realities of the free market in the WEST.
    Expensive energy resources will bury Lithuanian goods in advance ... they will simply become uncompetitive with the ensuing consequences.
    Further, as they say, the bottom.
    In the future, the Baltic States will return to its natural state of an abandoned outskirts of nobody ... I wish them good luck in this noble cause for them.
    1. Reptiloid
      Reptiloid April 23 2018 04: 27
      Shot in the leg? Maybe they’ve gotten into your pocket too? And in the compote? I’m waiting, when will the hara-kiris be done?
      1. konstantin68
        konstantin68 April 23 2018 19: 20
        But pride did not allow receiving from Russia or Belarus and selling surpluses in the EU? Germany is not in a hurry to liquidate its gas hubs, on the contrary.
    2. The comment was deleted.
  2. TochkaY
    TochkaY April 22 2018 18: 56
    Something is silent about the Baltic population. Do you agree with the rise in price of electricity?
    1. Captain Pushkin
      Captain Pushkin April 22 2018 20: 02
      Quote: TochkaY
      Something is silent about the Baltic population. Do you agree with the rise in price of electricity?

      And who tells the population about such trifles as the dismantling of power lines?
  3. NEXUS
    NEXUS April 22 2018 19: 00
    Such a feeling, looking at the attempts of the Baltic states, Ukrainians, Georgians, etc., that the story "Ward No. 6" is not a writer’s imagination, but a census about real characters.
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. Shurale
      Shurale April 25 2018 10: 49
      Do you think that there are parallels between what is happening in the reality of the Baltic states with the plot of the book? Did you read it?
  4. Dart2027
    Dart2027 April 22 2018 19: 06
    Free will.
  5. Thunderbolt
    Thunderbolt April 22 2018 19: 18
    Well, why immediately the "circus"? The Balts will not be left without energy, they only reorient their system, inherited from the times of the USSR, to cooperation within the EU.
    You see, it would be very strange if, for example, at one time all the Soviet Socialist Republics were closed into a single autonomous system, but the Baltic States would depend on suppliers of states belonging to a hostile camp. We should not worry about rising tariffs in the Baltic, but about how much less our power engineers will get from this “cutting off”.
    1. svp67
      svp67 April 23 2018 07: 12
      Quote: Thunderbolt
      It is not necessary to worry about rising tariffs in the Baltic states, but about how much our energy industry will receive from this “cutting off”.

      No, we need to think that the energy released as a result of this would be used in Russia at the NEW PRODUCTION, in the same new economic port area near St. Petersburg. You must work for yourself, even when everything is against you
      1. Vladimir Shpakov
        Vladimir Shpakov April 23 2018 11: 20
        Do not be infantile, you will be forced to pay more. And no good.
        1. NIKNN
          NIKNN April 23 2018 15: 56
          Looking new? Did you get a training manual for a long time? Here we have such suckers who turn to a stranger to you, they just bite. You have zero prospect, it would be better to bring down ...
    2. Evgeny Zhevlonenko
      Evgeny Zhevlonenko April 25 2018 07: 01
      and it’s not a matter of how much you will receive, the fact is that supplying Kaliningrad without a brel was previously impossible, whereas right now it’s easy .... and how much Lithuania consumed ... the population of one large city is the whole country.
  6. steelmaker
    steelmaker April 22 2018 20: 09
    Fool is not a disease, it is education. Keep your distance from this! No need to regret, it’s better to help - I can personally convey the rope and soap!
  7. PSN10
    PSN10 April 22 2018 21: 04
    Mice cried, pricked, but stubbornly continued to gnaw a cactus ... With liquefied gas it was already like that. I saw how their liquefied gas tanker plant was saved in Klaipeda. Kingston completely washed away silt, cooling began to disappear. There was a threat of either an explosion or an emergency reset. They dug up that time. So it will be with electricity. But the neighbors took gas from the pipe ...
  8. thinker
    thinker April 22 2018 23: 06
    At the forefront of attack - Lithuania
    This is not the whole Baltic, but there are their own troubles.
    The Lithuanian authorities did not manage to enlist the support of their neighbors in the issue of boycotting Belarusian electricity.
    s / 19042018-latviya-mozhet-stat-energovorotami-bel
    arusi-v-litvu /
  9. Moore
    Moore April 23 2018 05: 41
    There was one more trick: dismantling the BRELL, it was planned to put the Kaliningrad region on a "hungry ration".
    Result: the ring is dismantled, in the Kaliningrad region there are new thermal power plants, But father’s own, Lithuanians are proud of their “energy independence”, but at a high price.
  10. antivirus
    antivirus April 23 2018 07: 00
    if only the foundations of the power lines were not dug up.
    and go through Suwalki-have already passed more than once.
  11. svp67
    svp67 April 23 2018 07: 07
    Lithuanian economy ?????? I have not heard of such a long time ...
  12. kan123
    kan123 April 23 2018 09: 41
    Apparently they are not sufficiently dependent on Europe and the United States. And of course, money is energy and food, all that even poor countries consume, every day, still water, in some sort of Bolivia. All this is given to the anxiant, along with independence, democracy, national pride, etc. People when the USSR was canceled, since then they realized in which raspberries they lived.
  13. Irina Krivtsova
    Irina Krivtsova April 23 2018 12: 51
    What do we need?
  14. NF68
    NF68 April 23 2018 15: 23
    Well done. Let them destroy everything further from the USSR to the bottom. Perhaps then they get smarter, but it will be too late.
  15. Anatoly KLF
    Anatoly KLF April 23 2018 17: 30
    right foot? and if in a head? death from a shot in the head does not threaten the Balts; there is no brain in the head.
    1. NF68
      NF68 April 23 2018 20: 48
      Quote: Anatoly KLF
      and if in a head? death from a shot in the head does not threaten the Balts; there is no brain in the head.

      So maybe at least not a lot of the brain will get into the head through this bullet hole?
  16. Vyacheslav Kononov
    Vyacheslav Kononov April 23 2018 17: 39
    Yes, even if they all rested there. Our only pity.
  17. The comment was deleted.
  18. sanyasn
    sanyasn April 26 2018 07: 50
    Through the looking glass some. They invent more and more sophisticated methods of genocide from year to year, the next step, probably, people will be forced to hide under the sun during the day, it comes to them from the east (from Russia).