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Notes of the Colorado Cockroach. For some reason, Petya brought us scows with autocefal ...


Recently, I overheard a conversation between two women in a street market.
- Imagine, I found a wallet!
- Own, or what?
- No, with the money ...
(Instead of an epigraph.)

When I returned home I realized: this is probably the current national idea of ​​Ukraine. Find someone else's wallet with money and ... to the market. Go shopping. Not yet taken away.

Greetings to you, my friends and almost relatives! I understand perfectly well that for some of you I became a relative. Instead, those of the real that "lost" over the years. But they will be. Believe it. "This too shall pass". There will be, and perhaps they will explain to you, why it was so ... More precisely, as long as it is ...

Here, as it were, the matter is not in the ability to change the time in time, but in several different properties of the human mind, which are not completely lost in Ukraine. Or in the Ukrainian heads.

Heard from the Crimean fellows, you are very worried about the detained fishermen. In principle, properly worried. We can alienate everything that you can’t even imagine. Yes, and we, too. They were brought up in one country. But today I am not talking about that. I mean that you are terrorizing Ukraine again for something! Suddenly.

And why did you increase your activity in the water area of ​​the Sea of ​​Azov? The headquarters of the ATO is already in the pants imposed on intelligence reports.

"Reconnaissance of the headquarters of the Anti-Terrorist Operation notes the intensification of the activities of the Coast Guard ships of the FSB Border Service and the Black Sea fleet Russian Navy in the Sea of ​​Azov. "

"The headquarters of the ATO warns Ukrainian fishermen engaged in fishing in the waters of the Sea of ​​Azov about possible provocations by the Russian Federation, which could result in the detention of Ukrainian fishing vessels. The headquarters of the ATO also does not exclude the preparation of such provocations in the waters of the Black Sea."

The classic "and we are for something" in action. You, most likely, do not even know about this very "activation". Meanwhile, our border guards and other "water and amphibians" are just shaking now. Your boats run along the sea. Here and there, here and there. In the headquarters of the ATO in earnest talk about the amphibious assault in Mariupol!

But we prepared! A few days checked the readiness of our Navy to repel troops on the coast. Your landing party But now we are sure that everything ... Russia will not risk attacking.

Ours, when they dragged "Hyacinths", as many as two, dragged them onto the beach, but how ... they got into the sea, that's all. Believed.

And do not be surprised. We have called sea guns that shoot at sea!

And the marines, those who instead of T-shirts or T-shirts in stock vest issued. You understand that we have a lot of Soviet reserves. Where to put all this good? Here are the guys and wear.

By the way, they are also successfully shooting at the sea. Imagine 100% hit. Everything, until the very last cook, of any kind weapons fall into. In the sea. I was told by one that they were specially selected all over Ukraine. To understand from the first lesson, from where the bullet takes off and what to press, so that it takes off.

In short, the next Peremoga on the conditional front has been reached. The conditional landing on the conditional coast was conditionally completely destroyed. We all won! Europe is conditionally protected from conditional danger! Give me money!!! Or lose your wallet. And we can fish in ponds. Here it is.

Of course, we understand that we alone will not be able to defeat the second after the USA army of the world. These are not our conclusions. This is the Americans reinsured in Global Firepower. We would put you on the penultimate place. USA, Russia, China ...

And we, too, are not made with a finger. Our army has risen in the ranking. We are 28! Just between the great Greek soldiers and the less great Czech.

Now they decided to catch up with Poland. They are located on the 22 site. and Belarusians let us catch up. From your 42 place. And do not shake the body with air and make faces. "Between two collective farms" ... So what? But European! Almost the NATO army with us.

Many of you already know about our new weapons. Not completely, but they know. At least about the latest BMP! Those that we bought in Poland. You certainly have not seen such. BMP-1AK. By the way, "BMP-1AK is a special version of the infantry fighting vehicle, which was developed specifically for the APU. It is equipped with 73A2 XM gun and Thunder 28-mm machine gun. The crew is protected from nuclear, chemical and biological weapons using special filtration equipment" .

Oh, how it would be easier to live, if any fact could be proved in one phrase: "Well, everyone understands." And so ... The Polish company bought them from the Czech. Czech bought them in Cyprus. Cypriots bought for $ 20 thousand from ... Ukraine.

Imported part of the BMP in Ukraine separately. Each tower was estimated at $ 66 thousand, and each chassis - at $ 99 thousand. The previously disassembled parts at the plant were again connected. The cost of these works was another $ 40 thousand per unit. BMPs worth $ 20 thousand cost the Ukrainian defense budget $ 205 thousand.

Do you remember how you laughed at our LEV-1? They laughed. We have just passed the tests of a completely new helicopter. Everything, before the bolt and something else they did. April 16 in Zaporozhye completely Ukrainian helicopter MSB-2 "Nadiya" took to the skies.

I agree with the “Nadia” did not work out very. Not quite that, well, nothing. But otherwise: completely! 70% composite helicopter! Removed from the cabin tank! Not like in the Soviet MI-2. And here is another European wheels set. And we will have everything in the United States. They have missiles with an unpredictable flight path even for the military, and we have a helicopter with the same unpredictability ...

I "rubbed" here in the Ministry of Defense, as you probably already understood, soon another peremoga is planned. In Bulgaria, it is worth it. The Soviet MTLB, once bought by Bulgarians for scrap for $ 14 thousand, and sold to us for the same $ 200 thousand apiece ...

For your understanding of the ability of the media to influence the brain, I’ll reveal a little "nastiness" that I laid down specifically in the message about the BMP. And you already draw your own conclusions. Remember, "BMP-1AK is a special version of an infantry fighting vehicle that was developed specifically for the APU" ... Did it hook you? Most do not!

"Object 765 CX1" adopted in 1966 year. Discontinued in 1979 year. And when did the state of Ukraine appear? That's it. Excuses about letters after 1 are not accepted. Young and not very educated people believe that this weapon is really "especially for VSU" ...

There is another department to which you, Russia, with your Syrian affairs, directly stake in ... stood up across the throat. MFA is ours. Tell me, many of you were interested last week about our affairs? And in the world?

What do you know about the Principality of the Sea Land? And about the Principality of Seborg? And about the Principality of Alamey? Vooot ... And we do not want so much to be known about us. We want to be fed and watered. We want at least someone to know that we are. And we want to eat. That earned our diplomats.

“No one will say 100% about Russia's possible reaction to the actions of the Western allies in Syria, since it’s not known what’s in Mr Putin’s head. But I have to prepare for the worst. Last week I was in the east with my Slovak counterpart (Slovak State Secretary Lukasz Parisek) and we saw our defenders preparing for defensive actions and for the worst scenario. "

This is our Deputy Foreign Minister Vasily Bodnar focuses on Ukraine. Us soon! Rat, people! SOS!

"Diplomats are now working to somewhat shift the focus of world attention from events in Syria to Ukraine in the sense that another blow from Russia is also possible in the east of our state, which will have to be beaten off."

Something tells me that in May, interesting and possibly bloody affairs will begin. The hydrant understands that before the inauguration, Putin will not “eat” us. But we can easily "eat our own tail".

Everyone knows about fake with the Russian troops in the Donbas. Yes, and tired of all this Europeans and Americans. Money does not give. SP-2 is being built and will be built. "Turkish Stream" too. Gazprom frankly scored on the decision of the Stockholm court. Mundial unwinds, and will be held in your opinion. Grand and beautiful, sure.

We have only two ways. Or return the status of "offended and humiliated Russia." Or - martial law and the abolition of any democracy, even imaginary. Start a mess in the east or on the seas. Fishermen - the first swallow. Or directly provoke a conflict with Russia on the border. Otherwise, the status of offended does not return.

Really it is necessary that we were offended or ... danced. Or all at once in one package.

Finally began what I had long predicted. The hydrant and his mongrel decided to take us for ... soul. And you are to blame! Do not be surprised, but it really is.

"Our Square Patriarch," or rather the Patriarch of Kiev and All Russia-Ukraine, Filaret, often speaks of his "equality" to any other heads of churches. So often that some believers believed that a sect could be a church. For people. Like that:

Or not, better like this:

Notes of the Colorado Cockroach. For some reason, Petya brought us scows with autocefal ...

Well, you understand what the point is, right?

But your patriarch of Moscow and All Russia does not speak about this. He is just the head of the church and that's it.

So, Pope Francis and the head of the Russian Orthodox Church, Cyril, adopted a joint statement in connection with the exacerbation of the situation in Syria. Imagine? And Philaret was not called! And not even counted among the chapters. It's a shame!

"The world has come to a dangerous point - to a real failure in international relations and cooperation that was carried out for the benefit of the whole human family. In the face of this terrible threat, we appeal to all world leaders to realize their responsibility to their peoples, to humanity as a whole and to By God. Together, we urge political leaders to prevent further escalation of tensions, to avoid confrontation and take the path of dialogue. "

Common situation? We were offended! Where is the Hydrant? And it began ... President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko will send an appeal to the Ecumenical Patriarch with a request to provide Tomos to the Ukrainian local church and asks deputies to support this appeal. The president said this on Tuesday, April 17, during a meeting with faction leaders.

"Ukraine, as an independent state, not only has the right, but simply has to create this church. I, as president, decided to appeal to the Ecumenical Patriarch (Bartholomew) with a request for the provision of Tomos to the Ukrainian local autocephalous church, and I would ask you, dear colleagues, Parliament supported this appeal. And he did it as quickly as possible. "

I am not strong in church affairs, but does a secular president and a secular parliament solve church issues? In my opinion, these are the affairs of the Synod. In which, most likely, Bartholomew himself is rather decorative in nature, since in reality, he doesn't really control anything.

It seems to me that Poroshenko decided to follow the path of the English kings. The president will be the head of the church. Pontiff Peter ... And after death - St. Peter Chocolate, the fence of the lands of the Ukrainian ... These are the dumplings.

Something I have today about the global. About life need more.

As usual, Kyivenergo in Svyatoshinsky district was rushed. Boring Windows, doors, facade grazed. One thing is good - no one was hurt. Although not. Well, that did not use a grenade launcher. In general, it is interesting that rockets were beaten on Syria, but it exploded again with us. Friendly fire? Glory to Ukraine and America with us?

In Kyoto Park, near the Lesnaya metro station, another veteran of the ATO slammed a grenade. One of the fighters in the hospital with multiple injuries to the lower body. A veteran of the ATO, we no longer have an honorary title, but a diagnosis. Moreover, the further, the worse it becomes. They continue the war already on the streets ...

The Cougar armored car turned over at the Nyvky metro station. Good again. Both military did not suffer.

On the ring road, a tractor carrying military equipment could not pass under the overpass passing Victory Avenue. The driver later realized that the “Buk” on the trailer would not pass under the bridge. So stuck slightly.

But you are just sure everything is the same or almost the same. Well, or very similar.

Much more interesting in our sportsmen are curious. Remember I told you about the ban to speak in Russia? Out. Blew away Minsport. "And how breathing! How breathing!" ...

"Please note that in accordance with the order of the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine from 11.04.2018, the order from 14.03.2018 of the year, which prohibited the participation of Ukrainian athletes in events held in the Russian Federation, was canceled. At the same time, the order from 11 of April 2018 did not prohibit Ukrainian athletes to participate in international competitions held in Russia, but prohibits the financing of sports activities at the expense of the state budget. "

Everything. Now you will not receive money from us for holding competitions in your Russia! Interesting, but before they got it? Do you think our officials understood their own stupidity? No, they have come to understand the old truth. The more you do today, the more you redo tomorrow!

International competitions, by the way, are also a pass to all European, World and Olympic Games championships. If you don’t score a certain amount of points, you won’t go to the championship. And there will be no championships - there will be no Minsport.

Somehow, our Kiev Rada flew out of my attention zone. And there are people there too ... I mean, Ukrainians. It means that they can amuse the people. I was surprised to learn recently that Kiev ... has no coat of arms! On the one hand, I see. We are not some Rostov-papa. Dad seems to be as it should be. We are the mother of Russian cities. A mother does not need a coat of arms like.

And on the other hand? Kiev is he! So it’s already not the mother. Medicine you know where you went for a thousand years ... A man without a coat of arms ... Well, you understand everything. That's what the city council secretary Vladimir Prokopiv said:

"In the capital, two emblems are used at once, one of which is not approved, the other approved as early as 90's, but with the wrong description."

You probably thought that it was our officials who noticed such a metamorphosis from zeal? How so. The National Bank decided to issue a coin. Anniversary. And then there is such a bad luck. In short, the Ukrainian heraldic society conducted an examination of both coats of arms and recognized them historically unfounded and not in accordance with the principles, rules and traditions of European heraldry. We wait...

Coins are now in our run. The National Bank of Ukraine on Wednesday, April 18, issued a commemorative coin with a denomination of 10 hryvnia on the occasion of the centenary of the Ukrainian Navy.

The obverse of the coin depicts the small state emblem of Ukraine, on the right against a mirror background - a stylized flag of the Ukrainian Navy of the early twentieth century and the outline of a warship on the waves. The reverse on the background of stylized waves depicts the inscription 100, in the zeros of which is a wind rose (a vector diagram characterizing the direction of the wind) and a trident superimposed on the anchor, on both sides of which years: 1918, 2018.

Interesting to happen yes? There is a coin, but no fleet. It is Ukraine...

Well, for the mood I will tell another case. I really can’t understand whether it’s funny or sad. The monument to Lenin stood in the town of Dergachi, Kharkiv region. Naturally, during the democratic transformation, the monument was won. In the sense of piled. And the pedestal?

In short, not really bothering, they painted the coat of arms of Ukraine on a pedestal, and the flagpole was stuck on top. To the holidays was where to hang the flag. Handsomely.

So, a yellow tractor came to the pedestal to 23-30 ... A night and a yellow tractor ... On the other hand, a black-black car arrived ... And a black-black man with a black black camera came out of it ... This is how Alexander Anchishkin, head of the public council of the Dergachevsky District State Administration, tells about this case.

In short, the tractor this very coat of arms and dumped. Together with the flagpole. A black-black car immediately went to the side of the gymnasium №3 ...

Now they are thinking in the administration: what to do? Tractor activist to punish or release? The night was. Maybe he confused the coat of arms of Ukraine with Soviet symbols? Or maybe I forgot that Lenin had already fallen down before? Do you know how this happens? Gorilka is different. Thrusting, bush, Yamnaya ...

But another question torments me, and where did he learn it? Just not crazy.

Here we are. Fun is not fun, but there’s definitely no stagnation. I used to, when I heard the "era of stagnation," experienced negative emotions. Now for some reason only positive ones remain. Degradation of the psyche?

See you, my friends! All sneakers are not enough. We will smile and raise children and grandchildren. Will live! And prepare for Victory Day, good, a little left!
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  1. Sergey985
    Sergey985 April 24 2018 06: 44
    Report from the mental hospital! laughing
    1. Chertt
      Chertt April 24 2018 07: 38
      Quote: Sergey985
      Report from the mental hospital!

      The most correct decision is not to pay attention to the horses. They have a bite of themselves, and the sick will die out.
      1. Berber
        Berber April 24 2018 08: 49
        Darwin's theory of natural selection comes to mind. One significant difference is breeders from the west, and the breeding goals are not in our favor.
        1. Chertt
          Chertt April 24 2018 09: 00
          Quote: BerBer
          Darwin's theory of natural selection comes to mind. One significant difference - breeders from the west

          And selection, and mutation, and banal degradation. So either fence, and temporarily forget, or euthanize every fifth repeat
          1. Hunter 2
            Hunter 2 April 24 2018 09: 32
            Cockroach, you are a real TaraTank! good as always, interesting, with humor! Good luck to you and your loved ones !!! hi drinks
            1. japs
              japs April 27 2018 14: 48
              I join, thanks, Cockroach! Health and good luck!
          2. Berber
            Berber April 24 2018 13: 32
            I agree with the proportions. I admit, not all "bells and whistles", but unfortunately there are a lot of critical ones.
            1. Evdokim
              Evdokim April 24 2018 15: 17
              Quote: BerBer
              I admit, not all "races"

              Therefore, Ukraine needs to be rebranded, renamed Ukraine Skakua-New Ukraine, policemen as orderlies, and most importantly, whoever stood up and the head doctor, that is, the hydrant president. wassat
    2. zenion
      zenion April 24 2018 18: 23
      Do not judge by yourself, but sit quietly. He writes beautifully, it’s not boring to read. With the humor that is so loved in Ukraine. A man falls from the roof. The second one passes by and asks that the godfather has fallen from the roof? My roof, as I want, and I get down. What are you building? So the crypt is standing. So, God forbid, that they would move before the fall.
  2. atos_kin
    atos_kin April 24 2018 07: 15
    Hydrant is a useful thing, unlike Poroshenko. It is more precisely called a grantrant.
    1. Ren
      Ren April 24 2018 07: 24
      Quote: atos_kin
      Hydrant useful thing

      Or simply - Count Dyakula Residual wassat
      1. Chertt
        Chertt April 24 2018 07: 41
        Quote: Ren
        Or simply - Count Dyakula Residual

        Sharia look tongue On VO news about ukRuin, more informative wink
        1. Ren
          Ren April 24 2018 07: 42
          Quote: Chertt
          Sharia look at VO news about ukRuin, more informative

          So you, I look, in the subject. wink
          1. Chertt
            Chertt April 24 2018 07: 48
            Quote: Ren
            So you, I look, in the subject

            Atoch. In me, the blood of the four main Slavic peoples is mixed. And Ukrainian is also not a small percentage. I live in Siberia, and have been to Ukraine, before the "hassle" of 2014. So the topic is not a stranger
    2. novel66
      novel66 April 24 2018 07: 38
      it’s better to call it somehow unprintable
  3. Egoza
    Egoza April 24 2018 07: 25
    Tyu on you Cockroach! I remembered about the emblem of Kiev! We have no coat of arms of Ukraine !!!! So, there is a "small coat of arms" trident to put on all sorts of information there, but a large coat of arms - netuti! And all these historians! You can’t shove it in any way, you know, a Cossack with a squeak and a lion, a horse, a hetman’s mace .... in short, "Nenko" with a pitchfork will die, well, you know, with a small trident.
    1. Mih1974
      Mih1974 April 24 2018 19: 06
      laughing laughing It is not in vain that Ukraine was proclaimed (for the real first time) in the Circus tongue good . Do not take it for chauvinism, but the Ukrainians-well, they are not at all capable of being a country. The principle "my_hata_skray" is directly opposite to the essence of the country "all for one." Actually, what is happening now in essence and the apotheosis of this “confusion”, there is a war in the east - a desire to rob or get money for killing "not your own." Even if we assume the fantasy "Russia has taken everyone out of Donbass" and the ukrovermaht occupies empty Donetsk and Lugansk with its environs, these geeks will rush to loot if people leave something when leaving. No one will go to "develop" the occupied lands, to settle, to build instead of the destroyed, such a task was not initially envisaged. Yes, metal marauders with aftagers will even come soon and they will saw ALL for scrap. Yes, and this scenario is even more dangerous for Ukraine than the current slow war because these hundreds of thousands of people who lost their human face will "return" to the "rear" and then "the living will envy the dead."
      1. Turist1996
        Turist1996 April 24 2018 21: 02
        Yes there is no such people - Ukrainians! It's like "Vologda" or "Voronezh" .. More about the Belarusians-the same crap! Let’s talk about Siberians, Transbaikals and Far Easterners then ..
        There are simply Russians and everything - from the Carpathians to Vladivostok! And nationalists - to the wall, as separatists. Actually, it is time to legally recognize the separatists: Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Northern Kazakhstan. Tribaltov generally in one area to collect in the subordination of Kaliningrad.
        1. Mih1974
          Mih1974 April 25 2018 02: 40
          Forgive yourself yourself at least once talked with the Ukrainians? Yes, yes, they really are, and they are really different, even Belarusians so close to us, and those - are cast a little. Note I have never written - they are worse, dumber, slower or something derogatory, it is not at all like comparing a resident of Novgorod and a Siberian for example repeat . Living conditions leave their mark. Unfortunately, Ukrainians really exist, and it’s just “moyahataskrai” that is precisely their peculiarity.
          And now in Ukraine there is a "refining" of such "housekeepers", they are the ones who go to the ATO, they go to the national battalions and porn sectors.
          I had a chance and quite a bit to talk with them (Ukrainians), the best example of the difference between us and them is “swamp / bow” when it seems like under the same pretext as in Ukraine, the People came out and showed where and how he had these liberoids. good But VNAUkrina - this was not the first Maidan and knowing the consequences after each People "May_hata_s_kraya". Only the Russians really tried to resist, and even then most of them turned out to be their Crimea. But in the same Donetsk there are still "strange people" who, despite shelling, blockades, and terrorist attacks from Ukraine, are ready to "come back" and cooperate with the SBU. fool
  4. Pagan
    Pagan April 24 2018 07: 31
    And why is the helicopter painted in the colors of the Russian flag? winked
    1. svp67
      svp67 April 24 2018 16: 22
      Quote: Pagan
      And why is the helicopter painted in the colors of the Russian flag?

      Yak, what? Oh, then zrada .... Well, Yak farba Bula, the one and painted ...
  5. Altona
    Altona April 24 2018 07: 44
    Coin smiled. One side in the style of the collector cover, which on the streets lay earlier. On the second side is an incomprehensible ship with one pipe and four towers. I was surprised how the armored car was able to roll over, but its center of gravity should be low, that it would overturn its FIG. The Buk stuck on a trailer under the bridge, apparently the driver did not bother with the route and checking the dimensions of the cargo. However, in the Land of Eccentrics this may not be the case either.
    1. svp67
      svp67 April 24 2018 16: 29
      Quote: Altona
      On the second side is an incomprehensible ship with one pipe and four towers.

      It’s they who raised the dreadnoughts in the Ukrainian flag in 1918, such as “Empress Maria” depicted ...
      Quote: Altona
      I was surprised how the armored car was able to roll over, but its center of gravity should be low, that it would overturn its FIG.

      And here you have to have a special talent ...
      1. fa2998
        fa2998 April 24 2018 17: 23
        Quote: svp67
        And here you have to have a special talent ...

        Breaking does not build! Here, special talent is needed to have your own BMP and MTLB sold earlier for 14-20 thousand and buy again for 200-205 thousand bucks! LEARN! Here Bender is resting! laughing hi
  6. Altona
    Altona April 24 2018 07: 45
    Quote: Egoza
    so "Nenko" with a pitchfork will die, well, you understand, with a small trident.

    More likely on these "pitchforks". laughing
  7. The comment was deleted.
  8. jonht
    jonht April 24 2018 08: 27
    It remains to be hoped that it will do without large and small wars on the outskirts ....
    Thanks for the article! As always with humor about sad ....
  9. BAI
    BAI April 24 2018 09: 21
    already two pieces, dragged ashore

    But in the photo - 4.
    2. About BMP already was discussed on April 18.
    But there is a slightly different chain:
    Zhytomyr Armored Plant (ZHBZ) purchased decommissioned BMP-1 weapons from the 1980s from Wtorplast from Poland. The Polish company, in turn, initially bought them from the Czech company Excalibur Army at € 20-25 thousand per unit - at the price of scrap metal, according to the documents.

    In Bulgaria, it’s still standing. The Soviet MTLB, once bought by the Bulgarians for scrap metal for $ 14 thousand, and sold to us for the same $ 200 thousand apiece.

    If for 14000 - cheap (not profitable to sell, profitable to buy). We have 50000 worth (but on the go, with conservation).
    MTLB narrow caterpillar on request
    MTLB wide caterpillar on request
    MTLBu narrow caterpillar 2
    MTLBu wide caterpillar on request
    MTLB HTZ-10nk on request
  10. major147
    major147 April 24 2018 14: 43
    Today on Rambler published an article from a women's forum entitled "9 signs of poverty that give you away." I applied these signs not to a woman, but to Ukraine. Look what happened.
    Material values ​​are higher than spiritual

    Constant complaints about life

    They are not interested in anything but money.

    Instead of making money, it's better to demand!

    They envy a lot and do little

    With manic persistence, they buy new items (this is about coal from Pennsylvania and gas from Poland)

    Public opinion is most important

    They strive to get married as soon as possible (this is about the association with the EU and NATO)

    Don't know how to be grateful
    1. Egoza
      Egoza April 24 2018 20: 49
      Quote: major147
      I applied these signs not to a woman, but to Ukraine

      Well, Ukraine is a TYPICAL POOR, BUT A WOMAN!
      1. major147
        major147 April 24 2018 22: 02
        I meant a human woman. stop
  11. Vlad Petrov
    Vlad Petrov April 24 2018 15: 04
    "Ukraine" The Austro-Hungarian project is where the root of evil, as long as it exists, will be one grief. Ukrainians came up with this, it’s not Rusich, the ancient Sumerians. Until the 19th century, no one had heard anything about Ukrainians. Hetman Bogdan Khmelnitsky also did not use the term “Ukrainians”. It was Western Russia, conquered by the Poles. This was an untitled territory. Outskirts of Poland.
  12. izya top
    izya top April 24 2018 17: 47
    Interesting happened yes? There is a coin, but no fleet.
    but the admirals are full of mouth wink
  13. Mih1974
    Mih1974 April 24 2018 19: 09
    And here is the sholanda belay negative - it's over. On this feces, I would even scamper in a safety vest to go out to sea. Although the rest of the video from the ancient Sumeria is apparently already "normal."
  14. alexxxz
    alexxxz April 27 2018 17: 32
    Thanks, Cockroach! Amused. I will not comment. Why take a shower?