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The West will divide us? We will divide the West!


Our experts cannot elaborate on the strategy of Russia in the world; they usually lament that there is none, or it is so secret that it is impossible to discuss. They say that Russia is like peace and chewing gum all over the world, even for those who call Russia an enemy and think how to get rid of Russia once and for all. McCains, Clintons and Bidens do not seem to understand something, and our expert minds explain what their happiness really is.

In general, as in the times of the USSR: “We are for peace and friendship for the peoples of the world!” While the United States and the whole West see our friendship in a coffin. By the way, one of the reasons for the collapse of the USSR is that it has reached the handle for peace and friendship all over the world ...

Analysts like Sergey Karaganov explain theoretically that the strategy of Russia is to contain the United States and NATO, that is, this is a mirror strategy in relation to the strategy of containing Russia from the United States and NATO. Few, for example, sociologist Yevgeny Kopatko indicates this poverty and some fear of our political science thought to move away from preaching universal love for his professional duties. The idea of ​​“deterrence” must be filled with something, if only by analogy with the Western expert thought about “containment of Russia”.

The head of the British General Staff once declared to the whole world: “Russia can launch hostile actions quickly and in a way that no one expects.” A whole chief of the British General Staff accused Russia of preparing a surprise attack! It follows from this that the West is preparing to attack Russia suddenly and preventively. And what does our expert thought think about this?

Our General Staff and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs do not give in to such provocations, they simply ignore them. However, our analytical minds are silent like fish over ice or are thoughtfully remarked: this is the British General Staff trying to get additional funding, that is, nothing special. Strangely enough, some TV presenters give a correct assessment: this is some kind of horror!

Official structures like the US State Department, the British General Staff do not repeat, but the unrelated teams of American experts and analysts did not hesitate to draw maps of the section of the USSR, and today they are thinking openly about how to divide Russia. Freedom of speech! And we are surprised: where did the chemical provocations with Violinists come from, in Eastern Gute? Why “highly Likely” Russia is to blame for everything? Especially for Britain? But the General Staff of Britain has long explained everything!

When our experts, in response, speak of the struggle for world peace, they either cunning or show themselves fools. As a result, there is a tremendous dissatisfaction and mistrust of our expert thought, of the common, smooth and empty “peace-loving”, rounded phrases of our experts. Russia's strategy is to contain the West, and then silence begins. To talk further about such things is impossible? But Western political scientists can carry everything, carry any nonsense, even to the chiefs of the General Staffs, and our poor people have nothing but empty phrases about peace and friendship in the whole world.

Meanwhile, the classic "strategy of containment", or to be more precise, confrontation, is as old as the world. In biblical times, she expressed aphoristicly: "A house divided in two will not stand." In the Roman Empire, it was expressed more clearly and simply: “Divide and rule!” Therefore, the United States and the collective West are trying to divide Russia, as the USSR divided. And Russia?

If we do not want to be divided, we probably should strive to divide the West ourselves. If we proceed from the classic confrontation, which may not coincide with the opinion of our General Staff, the strategy of Russia should be to split the West: the United States, NATO Europe, Bandera’s Ukraine, preferably to pieces and pieces. As they wish us so.

This is the only way to force the West to peaceful coexistence, as it was in Soviet times. The United States saw a partner in the USSR only when Nikita Khrushchev showed America a nuclear “mother of Kuzma”, for the same reason the US does not see a partner in today's Russia: are they waiting for Putin to show them “mother of Kuzma”? Not only in the form of cartoons?

So, the classic of confrontation tells us that the strategic task of Russia is the disintegration of the West, primarily of Europe, of NATO. For this, Russia needs to make Germany a situational ally. This goal is facilitated by the Russian-German operation of Nord Stream - 1 and the planned construction of the joint venture 2. Germany supplies Russian gas are necessary to maintain the competitiveness of its industry, for Russia it is not only an opportunity to earn money, but also a way to drive a wedge into the Atlantic alliance. Russia can sell gas today in the Asian markets.

The arrival of the Donald Trump to the White House of Washington as a whole is to the advantage of the general strategy of Russia, therefore, in spite of everything, “Trumpnash”! He has already brought down the transatlantic partnership, Germany calls it a “bad country” for its trade surplus with America. With the postulate "America first!" Trump came into conflict with Obama's globalist policy - Clinton, which found a response in Europe. Germany feels threatened by this and stretches gas pipelines to Russia.

The second wedge is driven into Atlantic solidarity by the US Congress, which introduces not only anti-Russian, but actually anti-European sanctions, primarily against Germany due to the construction of the joint venture - 2. In general, the joint venture - 2 can be a turning point in relations between Germany - Russia and the fate of Europe. This is a question of the economic self-sufficiency of Germany, which is in conflict with its Atlantic solidarity.

This open secret is known to everybody, therefore the US Congress threatens to impose sanctions on the joint venture building companies 2, but Germany continues to see only the commercial aspect of this pipeline, and Chancellor Merkel announced Germany’s “special responsibility” to Russia the other day, recalling responsibility for the aggression Hitler against Russia-USSR, that the Anglo-American West is trying to wipe out of stories.

The third wedge into the West is driving Russia to the pro-American policy of Poland, who imagines herself Great in the light of America’s special patronage. Poland has managed to worsen its relations both with Russia and with Germany, brings both countries demands reparations! Russia definitely does not need a pro-American Poland, so its anti-Russian policy of fighting the memory of the Red Army, which liberated Poland from fascism, can have serious consequences: Moscow has already warned that it will not forget this blasphemy.

Anti-Russian and anti-Soviet Polish historical policy could call into question blagopriobretonnye with Soviet help the Polish border. Russia may agree to the return of German lands to Germany, which became part of Poland as a result of the Second World War, which could be a serious reason for the further rapprochement between Russia and Germany, and the collapse of Atlantic solidarity.

Today we see that Germany, despite US pressure, is not abandoning the construction of the joint venture - 2. Relations between Germany and the European Union with Poland are deteriorating, the pro-European Pole Donald Tusk, who became a VIP official of the European Union, speaks of a possible withdrawal of Poland from the European Union, following England, when Brussels will stop subsidizing Warsaw and the latter will have to pay for European loans.

Finally, Berlin's idea of ​​creating a United States of Europe with a parallel military structure of NATO's own delayed, but not removed from the agenda.
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  1. Uncle lee
    Uncle lee April 23 2018 05: 30
    Everywhere confusion and vacillations .... I hope our Foreign Ministry will be able to play on the contradictions!
    1. icant007
      icant007 April 23 2018 12: 15
      There are so many contradictions that I'm afraid our Foreign Ministers will not be able to systematically approach this issue.
      1. Basil50
        Basil50 April 23 2018 17: 11
        Yah. Those who are not burdened with power point blank do not want to see those who feed on power. Moreover, they will not make decisions until they create a collective responsibility for both opinion and decision.
        Today, the prevailing idea among the power structures is the ideology of the interim government.
        They don’t want to learn from the past. Already in this century, Caucasians threw both RUSSIA and the government and Putin personally, with Medvedev both at the state level and in person. It’s surprising that we hear only - * guys, let's live together *.
    2. Alber
      Alber April 26 2018 04: 35
      Quote: Uncle Lee
      Everywhere confusion and vacillations .... I hope our Foreign Ministry will be able to play on the contradictions!

      There is very little hope for the Foreign Ministry! Already painfully toothless Foreign Ministry in the current composition
  2. Per se.
    Per se. April 23 2018 06: 33
    If we do not want to be divided, we probably should strive to divide the West ourselves.
    Ingeniously, - "But what is there to offer? .. And then they write, they write ... Congress, the Germans are some ... The head swells. Take everything, and divide it ..." (M. Bulgakov "The Heart of a Dog") . How will we divide, than the Germans to themselves drag, except for "Nord Stream - 2"? The Germans themselves are sitting under the Anglo-Saxons, Germany is still actually an occupied country, like Japan, like South Korea, like the rest of the world, as a matter of fact, lay down for the dollar, the Fed, which climbed into the "casino" of world capitalism, its planetary masters, who now always benefit, as the whole world is compelled to play by the rules of their world system. Viktor Ivanovich, what are you talking about, what kind of "divide and rule" in relation to Europe, in general to the West, if our brothers oligarchs, our boys are bad guys, for the burzhuinskoe "pack of cookies" and "jar of jam" went under this very West ... We in capitalism, and we have the unsinkable Chubais, Medvedev, and other gentlemen that impose our life on someone else's patterns. For a quarter of a century, nothing fundamentally new has been created; we are consuming the Soviet safety margin, due to the former might of the Soviet Union, today's Russia is still alive. First of all, it is necessary to get out of the alien pole of power, to revive the socialist development model independent of capitalism, without which we cannot survive, we cannot save a strong and united country. After, with the updated model of socialism, it is already possible to drag the Germans to themselves, since Germany, like Russia, cannot escape from bondage and dependence otherwise. The new socialist union of Russia and Germany will have to save the world, our civilization from the planetary virus, the absolute evil that modern capitalism has become, with transnational monopolies and bloodsucking ghouls from world clans of billionaires ready for any crimes, for their profit and unlimited world power .
    1. Victor N
      Victor N April 23 2018 07: 13
      About the "updated model of socialism", please, in more detail. If you have something to say.
      1. Victor Kamenev
        April 23 2018 07: 27
        What about what, and lousy about the bath, they again want to build communism, biblical truths have not been learned, they give the universal scale again! It’s worth starting construction with them - everybody on an excursion to the GALAG camps, let them start building a new socialism-communism.
        1. Mordvin 3
          Mordvin 3 April 23 2018 07: 34
          Quote: Victor Kamenev
          they want to build communism again

          And what is it? What are you against?
          Quote: Victor Kamenev
          Bible truths never learned

          Chur me! Why do I need these truths?
          Quote: Victor Kamenev
          GALAG camps

          What kind of beast is this? GALAG ... laughing
          Quote: Victor Kamenev
          let them begin to build a new socialism-communism.

          And without the GALAG is impossible? sad
        2. Per se.
          Per se. April 23 2018 07: 53
          Quote: Victor Kamenev
          What about what, and lousy about the bath
          The question of who needs a bath, for whom the country has become sick, forgotten diseases again appeared, homelessness, illiteracy, poverty appeared, the level of culture, morality, general education and health care fell. You and the people are dying without these clichés with GULAG. What then on Chinese "national communists" do not run into the "biblical truths" and the universal scale of development? By the way, denying God, the Communists were much closer to the precepts of Christ than the current priests snickering, especially that immoral husk, which is considered the "elite". The singers of capitalism somehow do not want to see that their system does not have a decent future, and Russia has exactly as much time left as for the Soviet reserve of safety, science and technology.
          1. Mestny
            Mestny April 23 2018 09: 09
            I want to remind the singers of socialism that the USSR had every chance to prove the viability and correctness of the chosen path.
            However, it all ended in collapse.
            And by the way, poverty and a low level of culture and morality were also places in the USSR.
            In other words, on the territory of Russia, the ideas of socialism and especially communism failed with millions of victims.
            To repeat again there is no desire.
            1. Per se.
              Per se. April 23 2018 10: 16
              Quote: Mestny
              In other words, speaking on the territory of Russia, the ideas of socialism and especially of communism have failed with millions of victims
              Capitalism has developed much longer, and the millions of victims on it are much more, they, in fact, do not stop. Maybe what the United States and their satellites are doing to capitalism does not apply? The fact that under socialism, "there were also places of poverty and a low level of culture and morality", this is strongly said, especially if you speculate in the first years of Soviet power ... For the rest, I repeat, it is still on Soviet developments and ideas We live, thanks to the science and education, the Soviet heritage from the superpower.
              1. Mih1974
                Mih1974 April 23 2018 16: 55
                I support. Let’s recall a little the “achievements” of capitalism that liberals sometimes frighten hanging on communism: slavery, the slave trade — precisely at the height of capitalism, to reduce the cost of sugar production — these are Millions of victims, and by the way it all started in blacks, and then they took on whites, yes yes, I'm not talking about Russia with serfdom, it's about Britain. Culture - under capitalism, this is another business aimed at satisfying the most basic desires of a person, because they are "better sold." Which leads to a cultural "fast food", if it is even simpler "give nudity and porn", the most striking example is public executions for fun. “gulag” or other inhuman exploitation of human labor — here communism didn’t lie close to the “achievements” of capitalism, in addition to the above slavery, where penal servitude was much more common, then during the industrialization period “sheep killed people” - landowners drove out farmers to create large sheep’s shelterbeds and people really were dying of hunger; I have no way to find work. You’ll laugh, but the very “productivity increase" that the liberals so "moan" reproaching Russia and the Russians, saying "we are working poorly and not productively." By the way, at the beginning of the 20th century, the same Naglia was greatly famous for its merciless exploitation in the production of CHILD labor am , they were paid less trivially, and there is no need to be a strong man like Valuev to stand at the groan and “sharpen” which thread is crap. And now we look at communism / socialism - general employment is the exact opposite of productivity, but it eliminates hunger, poverty, reduces crime (forced), mortality and suicide, a complete ban on child labor - only "seasonal side jobs" not related to survival, but rather " on sweets ", centers for studying and preserving the revival of the culture of small nations were created (in capitalism the" culture "of the metropolis was just destroyed and planted) the same story with the transition of Kazakhstan from Cyrillic to Latin is echoes of CREATION for writing good , winked and if it were capitalism of Naglia or the USA there would be English writing. Look what happened to the culture of those countries where the USA came to, if the Americans do not care about the country - the culture is simply destroyed, if they "go to rest", then an "acidic" analogue of the culture is created (the example of Hawaii), when the elements are styled and "painted" under easier perception by the Americans. Has anyone heard of the writing and literature of the national peoples of Alaska for example? And remember how many Chukchi writers printed, how almost forcibly they were pulled "by the ears" into the development of THEIR own culture. I was a child then, but I remember these strange, unusual cartoons based on national motives, legends, and legends. good . The Liberasts will now say "you burned the Chukchi," but on the contrary, it was the capitalists who soldered them and almost wiped them out of Alaska, and in the USSR they fought drunkenness and in Russia with the advent of capitalism mass drinking of the northern peoples again began to your will. "
                Capitalism is a refined Evil. And the best confirmation of this is the sale of indulgences. negative Belief and church are the moral restrictions of people that separate us from animals, insects, violation of the "laws" of faith (sin) - there is far from always an offense punishable by the Law, and therefore forgiveness (absolution) must be claimed by the person himself, but the sale of "forgiveness "this is in fact - complicity in the crime as" buying stolen goods. "
                I don’t match Catholics with capitalism and Orthodoxy and communism, but in fact capitalism is the “forgiveness” of a crime through “take to share”, through lawyers, bribes through “lobbying”, the legalization of crime (the law on slavery, pedophilia, fag) from the Law of "inadmissibility of such acts." am negative
      2. Per se.
        Per se. April 23 2018 07: 55
        Quote: Victor N
        About the "updated model of socialism", please read more
        Well, at least red China, if you like.
        1. dzen123
          dzen123 April 23 2018 22: 26
          I am from the generation that the USSR remembers only from the dull memories of early childhood. I “remember” more from the recollections of my still-living grandfather and grandmother, who saw Pshetskie panas in Belarus, the war and Stalin. And also according to the memoirs of Bati about his youth - 60s and 70s. I read and read a lot about the whole history of the USSR. Various sources - from Solzhenitsyn to official publications. And more and more I come to the conclusion that true socialism existed only during the reign of Stalin. No, I’m not an ardent Stalinist, but to pass by and underestimate the merits and achievements of ALL people (as a system) of the era of the reign of Joseph Vissarionovich is a silly extreme degree. It is precisely their hurt and achievements in many areas of our lives that we "live" to this day.
          And Nikita is a fool ... Many believe that under him the USSR flourished. But his merits in this are not from the word at all. This parasite appropriated all the positive results of the work of the Stalinist team and tried very hard to spoil everything that it reached.
          Yours faithfully, hi
  3. alex-cn
    alex-cn April 23 2018 08: 36
    "Russia's strategy should be to split the West:"
    This is not a strategic, but, let's say, operational task ... The strategic task should be to preserve Russian civilization as an independent unit in the world. And, frankly, I don’t care how it is achieved ... especially looking at the methods that are used against us.
    1. icant007
      icant007 April 23 2018 12: 26
      Well, you need to gather the will into a fist, decide and take the Far Eastern hectare. There are no prospects in the European part. The south of Russia will fall off, Tatarstan and Bashkiria too. They will push us at the best to the shores of the Arctic ... And there, maybe someone will be lucky and will live offshore oil and gas production. And the Far Eastern hectare is a direct signal of power. Guys save yourself there!
      While this is a type of deliberate delirium wink
  4. atos_kin
    atos_kin April 23 2018 12: 34
    And what does our expert thought think about this?

    1. vladikod
      vladikod April 23 2018 13: 44
      The farther from the election, the greater will be the "understanding of the past from the point of view" of either an individual or a "mighty foreign group" .... like the insolent Saxon "locum tenens of God" on Earth ... Do not give in to stupidity, even if you don’t like the choice of the majority and personally Putin
  5. vladikod
    vladikod April 23 2018 13: 33
    In general, the forecast is quite good, but the prerequisites for the division of Europe are not very significant, so far ...
  6. LMN
    LMN April 23 2018 14: 29
    Regarding Germany, almost my thoughts. Plus to the author)
  7. Imobile
    Imobile April 23 2018 16: 11
    Quote: Mestny
    I want to remind the singers of socialism that the USSR had every chance to prove the viability and correctness of the chosen path.
    However, it all ended in collapse.
    And by the way, poverty and a low level of culture and morality were also places in the USSR.
    In other words, on the territory of Russia, the ideas of socialism and especially communism failed with millions of victims.
    To repeat again there is no desire.
    Most importantly, communism has failed in Cuba and North Korea. If in industrial production they can say that they are in front of the whole planet and the people will eat, then in agriculture, it is useless to say when there is nothing. And in order to feed, North Korea and Cuba introduced limited market mechanisms (some kind of perestroika that we had in 90). If they had not introduced capitalist mechanisms, they would have died of hunger long ago.The stubborn ones who do not want to see the fact are surprised, despite the fact that in the world there is no successful example of communism-socialism anywhere, they continue to insist on tuning the non-residential mechanism and resurrection. In this regard, I am for the Federation - conduct experiments on your collective farm, when we see the results, then we will talk. Please do not experiment on me. It is better to choose the most advanced solutions and implement word for word. Let's say medicine in some country is advanced, licked, education in Singapore is advanced - licked ...
    1. iouris
      iouris April 23 2018 17: 00
      Quote: Imobile
      Let's say medicine in some country is advanced, licked, education in Singapore is advanced - licked ...

      You can lick only from the place that you like to lick. Here you are not England, you have to lick deeper. Since 1985, lick.
  8. akudr48
    akudr48 April 23 2018 21: 25
    If we do not want to be divided, we probably should strive to divide the West ourselves.

    We do not want to be divided ....

    But hasn't the country been divided for a long time into beggars and super-rich, into a higher caste and disenfranchised, into hereditary aristocracy and plebs that arose out of the blue, into irremovable kings of a regional, regional and all-Russian scale and subjects, the so-called the electorate?

    That is, being unable to overcome such a separation, "we" (and who it is we), should strive to divide the West themselves, in the hope that "us" will succeed.
    In what way, the author would have explained, while taking into account that the richest and thieves part of “we” itself had long ago become the West

    That is the desire of some authors to always turn their arrows to the West (Ukraine, Poland, Syria, Moldova, Georgia ...) and form an electorate that is completely inadequate to reality!
  9. Antares
    Antares April 23 2018 21: 31
    Peppy article.
    In general, we break-bend the Swedes. It’s possible on the stove - the kalachs themselves will go (almost like our dumplings in the film)
    The author all the time drowns for the God-Preserved Trampan with his America, and does not forget Germany.
    For 4 years now we have been witnessing the "division of the West."
    But the basement and the shed are no longer burning, but the roof and walls along the borders.
  10. dzen123
    dzen123 April 23 2018 22: 31
    Quote: Mih1974

    For emotionality +. Yes, and for the content. Everything about the case.
  11. Imobile
    Imobile April 24 2018 09: 31
    Quote: iouris
    Quote: Imobile
    Let's say medicine in some country is advanced, licked, education in Singapore is advanced - licked ...

    You can lick only from the place that you like to lick. Here you are not England, you have to lick deeper. Since 1985, lick.
    Not at all. We are all looking for a special way.
  12. Alecsandr
    Alecsandr April 25 2018 08: 34
    Every house collapses from the inside. We don’t need to divide the west, but we must strengthen our house inside. With this, we already have some problems
  13. NF68
    NF68 April 26 2018 16: 05
    German media write that Trump received Merkelsha as a second-rate guest:

    Apparently the old woman didn’t please him much.