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"White helmets": pure English espionage

No real war can do without an intelligence war. And often it is the quality of intelligence work (external, internal, military, etc.) that opens up the way for armies to win.

In Syria, there is a full-fledged war, in which several actors are involved at once. Practically all the belligerents have serious intelligence services. Work in this country is enough for everyone - no one is sitting idle. Moreover, the mentality of the locals, who love to weave intrigues, participate in endless local conspiracies, move from one camp to another, merge “top secret” information and obvious misinformation, adore recruiting and recruiting, as if created to allow intelligence to scatter their own an intelligence network and turned their affairs. What they are doing. Including, of course, the Foreign Intelligence Service of our country, whose positions in Syria were strong enough long before the conflict began.

The principles and rules of the "Knights of the cloak" and "dagger masters"

Each intelligence has its own principles. The tacit motto of the Israelis: "There is no way out." The Mossad relies on the fact that the security services officer is constantly on the front line and is almost always in a hopeless situation, under stress and on the verge of failure. Accordingly, the decision of the officer must be taken quickly and preferably unmistakably. And should do everything possible to wriggle out, being even at the devil in the throat.

Another principle of the Mossad: "The inevitability of retribution for the enemies of Israel." “If we are looking for you for a public trial, you will not get away from us,” say ideologists of intelligence. “Even if you hide from us in a submarine at the bottom of the Indian Ocean, we will get you there too.” And from time to time they get clients even on the other side of the planet - like the same dilapidated Nazi criminals who have already prepared for a meeting with eternity, but not in an Israeli court. For over twenty years, the Israelis have been searching for terrorists who killed the Israeli Olympic team in Munich in 1972. “In the course of the play,” an innocent Arab fell down (he was very much like one of the terrorists). Later, however, they officially apologized to their relatives and even compensated for moral damage. And one more detail: Mossad, like Russian intelligence, never makes any comments on its shares and in principle does not contact with the media.

The British have their principles and rules, polished for centuries. At first glance, one of them seems strange: “If you fail, no one will help you. If you come out a winner, no one will praise you. ” With the voicing of this law, novice interns begin their service in MI-6. Perhaps this is exaggerated. But stimulates well.

In addition, the British, like no other, love to solve the problem by proxy. This is the birthmark of the colonial power, over which the sun had never set before. The two golden rules of English foreign policy: “Divide, persecute, and rule” and “England has no permanent friends, only permanent interests” - fully apply to the work of island intelligence.

The British also have a passion for public dirty productions - poisoning, car accidents, etc. From this series - the poisoning of Skrypal, Litvinenko, Berezovsky, the murder of Princess Diana and the runaway Georgian magnate Patarkatsishvili ... Everywhere there is a passion for some kind of publicity, theater. Well, the nation of Burns, Byron and Shakespeare can’t be helped ...

The well-known English saying “To the east of Suez, the Ten Commandments do not work” is perceived by modern Arabians as a guide to action. If there is no morality, then everything is possible. End justifies the means. That is why the Britons love to work under the signs of various humanitarian and peacemaking companies whose activities either cause no suspicion or cause only positive associations: the East India Company, the Red Cross, “Doctors without Borders” are not a complete list of quite respected organizations. humanitarian focus, under the banner of which the British were spying.

During the Chechen campaigns, they spied under both disguises at once. The militants themselves called them "Doctors without drugs, spies without borders." But in the mountains, such experiments often ended badly. In 1996, in one not the best day, four Red Cross specialists — Peter Kennedy, Darren Hickey, Rudolf Pestchi, and Stanley Shaw — were captured by the hostile militants of the field commander Arbi Barayev. After that, their severed heads “decorated” the landscape near their own office.

Intelligence and PR

In the same place, in Chechnya, doctors without drugs and humanists of the Red Cross evaluated the quality of the work of Russian journalists working against their own government. The most odious was the favorite of all the militants Yelena Masyuk, whose reports caused acute irritation among the Russian security officers. In creative ecstasy, the star of the blue screen reached the pen at all - it somehow drove a report on NTV, where it showed the "admiring" viewers an item found in Izmailovsky Park that looked like a small "vigorous" bomb.

After that, the patience of viewers from Lubyanka burst at all the seams. The office started brainstorming. And somehow it turned out that the same bearded guys who had previously kissed Masyuk passionately, plunged her with the film crew into the zindan. Where she spent a few weeks, until her native office bought it. But, despite these unfortunate failures, it was in Chechnya that the British felt the beauty of working with the press.

Further more. It turned out that the British intelligence agents, who had previously avoided any publicity, were great masters of information stuffing and resonant provocations. In addition, over the past few years, an “reverse intellectual selection” has been carried out among British journalists (including by the special services). After that, the “surviving” sharks of the feather, not particularly including the brain, began to “swallow with the float” any newswhich the special services threw at them.

Moreover, the scouts decided to go on and turned themselves into newsmakers, got into the skin of journalists. And “White Helmets” - newly-made rescuers, who, under the camera, extract from the ruins of the victims of the carpet bombing of the Syrian army “bloody” Assad, is one of the latest media inventions of MI-6.

The founder of "Kasok" became James Le Mezure, a former career officer of the British army. Later, he changed his military career to the path of a mercenary. For a while he worked in various PMCs - “Oliva” and the Blackwater Academy. And then he became a journalist and intelligence officer in the same skin.

The track record of “Media James Bond” is impressive: the Royal Military Academy in Sandhurst, work in Bosnia, Kosovo, Iraq, Lebanon and Palestine. In general, wherever it is necessary to first arrange an exemplary humanitarian catastrophe, and then humanitarian "help." With the subsequent victory of democracy, of course.

Problems with personnel, as in Kosovo, Le Mezurje was not. Those wishing to join the "White Helmets" in Syria were more than enough. The media colonel did not conduct a special selection — he took everyone in a row with chokha. Moreover, traditionally for the British, all Arabs are from one stall, and for them the ten commandments ... Further in the text. As a result, the organization now has 3 thousands of activists - one can say a full-blooded division. One of its leaders, Fark al-Habib, was the head of the group that captured Homs, and even in the United States recognized as a terrorist.

"Mujahideen in civil"

The idea of ​​a missile strike on Syrian targets originated among Americans long ago. It was necessary to show this Russian, who is the boss in the Syrian house. In addition, the Western media, despite the titanic attempts, have not been able to detect sane moderate opposition in Syria. All local revolutionary democrats turned out to be not freedom fighters, but bearded Wahhabis. They with pleasure cut their heads and broke their skulls to their compatriots, blew up cultural monuments and organized terrorist acts not only in Syria, but throughout the world. And if an objective picture of the Syrian confrontation is conveyed to the Western reader, then Assad’s “tyrant and dictator” is a much lesser evil compared to this bearded opposition.

And then White Helmets got down to business. Experienced Colonel Le Mezurie approached the case creatively, with a twinkle. His studio began to stamp pictures of the immense suffering of the common people from Assad bombing. These soul-torn plots not only demonized Assad himself, but also served as a withdrawal from the real atrocities of the opposition Syrian militants.

These "Malibu rescuers" worked selectively - exclusively in the territories controlled by the militants. The “spiritualized” faces of the “Malibis” regularly flash to this day on the videos of the same “Dzhebhat an-Nusra” (banned in Russia). On one of them, this white-blooded “peacemaker” rubs in the ranks of the militants who mock the captive Syrian soldier.

Although this, of course, is an obvious flaw in a highly experienced colonel. In Kosovo, where he shot the pseudo-concentration camps of Serbs, in which poor, exhausted “Albanians” languished, his people did not allow such information “bubbles”. But Albanians are not Arabs. They are more disciplined, manageable and less public.

The Arabs, as it turned out, "for the sake of a word of wit, neither father nor son nor holy spirit will spare." And even before the sensational filming of himataks in the Duma, they substituted their curators in full. One of the leaders of the Syrian al-Qaeda (banned in Russia), “Dzhebhat an-Nusra” Abdullah Mukhaysini in one of his interviews from an excess of feelings after the fee received, “Freud” agreed: “I do not call them Syrian civil defense (this is the official name of the "White Helmets". - IM). I call them "civil mojaheds". They are real Mujahideen, no different from those who are fighting in trenches or bombers. There is no difference between us, and may Allah reward them. They fight fiercely. ”

Confession of a minor actor

After the heartbreaking filming in the Duma, the Russian “knights of cloak and dagger” (we must pay tribute to them) promptly found the main artist of the white-hot Hollywood. It turned out to be a certain Hassan Diab, a boy of 11-years. The fee was paid to him purely in English: a handful of dates, a block of cookies, a packet of rice. Although promised much more. Insulted in the best feelings by a mockingly low fee, Hasan gladly "laid" the British to the fullest.

According to him, there was no gas poisoning that day in the Duma. It was a cheap spontaneous performance. “We were in the basement,” recalls Hasan. - Mom told me that today there is nothing. Food at best will be tomorrow. Suddenly, someone shouted from the street: “All to the hospital!”. We ran. As soon as I entered, they grabbed me and began to pour me with water. And after that they put us on the bed next to other people. ”

After that, a video of “poisoned” residents appeared on the Internet, who allegedly received medical assistance. Among them was Hassan Diab.

Now Hassan is in Damascus and feels great, as on the day of "fatal poisoning."

In principle, MI-6 did not demonstrate anything in this case. Walkthrough standard performance. The first dvuhnyak standard dvuhhodovki: first dramatization, then a missile strike. Only one thing surprises - the spontaneity and low cost of execution. The performance turned out to be too provincial, white threads sticking out of it in bunches. On the artists obviously saved. It seems that the fees went to the wrong address (common in the Middle East case). The fact that the British themselves plundered the money is hard to believe. Not their style. Yes, and from the authorities for such pranks can fly in so that the shoulder straps burst. It seems to me that government money was shipped in the pockets of performers from local ones. “It’s impossible to give an advance to the Arabs - they will tear it off with their palm and immediately forget about their promises” - this is an iron rule in MI-6 even the trainees know. But it seems that “the old woman also has a hole,” as their colleagues in the Mossad say.

Tempora mutantur

Russian foreign intelligence is one of the strongest and most effective intelligence services in the world. Was, is and remains. And she also has her own unique handwriting and her unwritten rules, run in for centuries. Russians, for example, are considered recognized masters of impromptu and reincarnation. No wonder. The art of reincarnation is taught by the best masters of the scene from VGIK, GITIS and Pike.

In addition, Russian intelligence is distinguished by intransigence towards its own traitors and deserters and takes them out of the ground. Yes, and with our enemies scouts do not particularly stand on ceremony. Their specific interrogation methods allow, in the shortest possible time, to split, like a walnut, the most irreconcilable enemy of the infidels and the champion of "pure Islam". If necessary, when it is necessary to carry out some kind of action of intimidation (especially in the Caucasus or in the countries of the Middle East), “Russia” can demonstrate archaic, transcendent cruelty.

But traditionally, one of the obvious weak points of Russian intelligence officers was the absolute inability to work in a public space - that is, exactly where the James bonds from the islands succeeded. It is hard to imagine that our security officers created something that even remotely resembled “Doctors without Borders” or “White Helmets”. As one friend of mine says, “they lack natural cynicism.”

Unfortunately, the established SVR slogan “Without the right to glory - to the glory of powers” ​​many modern intelligence geniuses alter in their own way: “Without the right to publicity”. And this greatly hinders their work in a public space - where the Britons feel like a fish in water. That is why the Skrypal frankly winning business, initiated by the Six (as MI-6 is called around the world), was able to play at the cost of some enormous efforts and with the involvement of the press services of the Foreign Ministry, the Federal Security Service and other security agencies. As journalists of federal publications joked, "Masha Zakharova otdovalas for all men in cloaks and daggers." “It’s sad, comrades,” said the great combinator Osya Bender in such cases.

But, as the famous proverb says, the tempo of mutants. Times change. Conceptual approaches to concepts that previously seemed unshakable are also changing. Russian intelligence officers have always been famous for the ability to learn from their worst enemies and invent asymmetric responses to the calls of "sworn friends" in the shop, working on the other side of the barricades.

So we are waiting for new TV shows, but already in the Russian version, in Syria, England and on other stages. I hope they will be no less exciting than the one that the Syrian "rescuers of Malibu" concocting "on their knees" under the guidance of an English colonel.
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  1. Azim77
    Azim77 April 23 2018 05: 29
    There is no exclusive or patent for white helmets, you can create your own. Better yet, invite someone from the same British, since they are such specialists. And the oligarchs should be "asked" to sponsor, especially since a lot of money has already been "transferred" to England. You can buy the whole MI-6 ..
    1. Vard
      Vard April 23 2018 08: 22
      In England, individual representatives of the elite can be bought, intimidated or blackmailed ... but in bulk with the elite these tricks do not work ... for that she and the elite ... but can the same be said about our ... elite?
      1. Tatyana
        Tatyana April 23 2018 08: 39
        Interesting article! The people should know about the intelligence of the world - what they breathe.
      2. Moisey19631
        April 23 2018 10: 51
        She's all on the choke of the English.
    2. siberalt
      siberalt April 23 2018 09: 04
      But what, Assad is weak to pass the law on the recognition of the "white helmets" as a terrorist organization? Enough facts. And after that, introduce the appropriate resolution to the UN Security Council. I do not think that Syria would remain in silent solitude. winked
  2. Uncle lee
    Uncle lee April 23 2018 06: 16
    Times change, but methods remain: bribery, blackmail, dramatization, deceit, etc., etc. Only the tools change with progress!
  3. aszzz888
    aszzz888 April 23 2018 06: 41
    Russian intelligence has always been famous for the ability to learn from their worst enemies and come up with asymmetric answers to the challenges of "sworn friends" in the shop, working on the other side of the barricades.

    Well, God forbid! so that it was !!!
  4. Strashila
    Strashila April 23 2018 06: 49
    White Helmets: purely English espionage ... a purely British cut of money. They are haunted by ten-digit cookies in Ukraine.
  5. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 April 23 2018 06: 58
    I hope they will be no less exciting
    I am sure that the SVR, the counterintelligence, and the MTR will provide an opportunity for the layman to rejoice at their successes.
    1. Moisey19631
      April 23 2018 10: 50
      So far, something is not very flexible.
  6. Monster_Fat
    Monster_Fat April 23 2018 07: 20
    Russia was carried away by the "classic" "secret" war, not noticing the emerging and gaining strength of such a "new factor" as the Internet and social networks. Namely, the mass media and the Internet war are now fundamental in creating this or that picture, covering the situation, creating an image, a "smoke screen". In order to fight in this new Internet universe, you need to know and be able to use the capabilities of this environment, to know and use the language of this environment. But Russian diplomats and officials do not know anything about this and do not know how to use it — they continue to “shine” with their classical knowledge from classical literature — and they don’t even realize that the Internet environment, which has grown up on completely different concepts, simply does not understand them ....
    1. Moisey19631
      April 23 2018 10: 49
      Gold words.
    2. vladikod
      vladikod April 23 2018 15: 22
      It makes no sense to fight through the Internet, etc. with it, if all of their selling media professionals do not print the truth, you can’t prove anything to anyone ... It's just that most of the ordinary and not very ordinary media people are narrow-minded and simply mundane, who have their own pocket where it’s closer, there’s some kind of truth ... Therefore, let everyone do their own thing ... The Naglosak mass media are lying, the Russian media are exposing, but intelligence should be intelligence and not only ... But it’s time to punish, for a lie and not only death, but also money ...
    3. Awaz
      Awaz April 30 2018 21: 08
      correctly very much noticed. I completely agree and also see that neither diplomats nor intelligence can fight in the media space. They still win something by taking opponents out into the open, but they know only these same services about the punctures of the Western special services. The layman is not at all sure of this truth and is more involved in PR and the show, which he is being drawn into by the Western media and special services. Yes, smart and sensible people may understand that their authorities are deceiving, but in order to put pressure on the authorities, one must be able to work with the population. And our special services do not know how to ..
  7. vladikod
    vladikod April 23 2018 15: 16
    Well, perhaps you shouldn’t create “homegrown white helmets” ... It’s better to use your knowledge to eliminate enemies and traitors ... Having identified the main “mess experts”, arrange for them to show or not really ... but fair trial ... Let them understand heaven who of these "directors of directors and ardent artists" ... HU ...
  8. kriwo.alek
    kriwo.alek April 23 2018 22: 00
    Quote: vladikod
    Well, perhaps you shouldn’t create “homegrown white helmets” ... It’s better to use your knowledge to eliminate enemies and traitors ... Having identified the main “mess experts”, arrange for them to show or not really ... but fair trial ... Let them understand heaven who of these "directors of directors and ardent artists" ... HU ...

    "White helmets", as homegrown, and others are really enough. Recently I realized that
    NO, this is not at all some kind of information war or information exchange, but a continuous fake and abuse of different individuals. To find some kind of truthful information is almost impossible.
    But power is in the truth.
  9. Imobile
    Imobile April 24 2018 10: 45
    After the heartbreaking filming in the Duma, the Russian “knights of the cloak and dagger” (we must pay tribute to them) promptly found the main artist of the white-handed “Hollywood”. It turned out to be a certain Hassan Diab, a boy of 11 years old.
    The complete failure of our propaganda. It would be better to bury this boy. It was necessary to choose only one, the most plausible version and stick to it, and not rush from one to the other as in an ice hole. And so the advertising of white helmets turned out, they say they acted very correctly in a chemical attack and saved the life of not only the boy, but also others. Now they have also invited chemical experts to finally confirm Assad’s guilt. For what?