Military Review

Press tour to the Lipetsk center of combat use and retraining of the air force flight crew

Part one. Museum and study part.


Short historical reference.

The beginning of the history of the permanent Lipetsk aviation garrison is considered to be the 1923 year, when the second higher school of red military aircraft was created, which, however, was closed a year later.
In 1925-1934, the German was based in Lipetsk aviation school. There, tests of new aircraft and training of flight personnel are conducted. After the disbandment, in 1934 the Higher Air Force Tactical School was organized. In 1960, the “4th Center for Combat Use of the Air Force” was transferred to Lipetsk and transformed into the “4th Center for Combat Use and Retraining of the Air Force’s flight personnel". Since 2001, the compound has received the name "4th Order of Lenin, the Red Banner Center for Combat Use and Retraining of the Flight Staff of the Air Force named after V.P. Chkalov."



Press tour to the Lipetsk center of combat use and retraining of the air force flight crew


Procedural simulator MiG-29 SMT


Interactive learning system




Simulator for practicing and fixing skills of work with valves and equipment of the cabin. No electronics - everything is mechanical. A pilot must be able to fly a plane with his eyes closed!)









It happens)


Specialized refueling simulator - STZ-27 - imitation of aircraft refueling in the air.

First everyone is given headphones and 3D glasses


Not everyone can manage to catch up, join and stay at the tanker plane. Personally, I caught up and hit the tanker, without joining))


This is how it happens in real conditions, not on the simulator, but in the sky


You need to concentrate very well to make it work!



Su-24M complex simulator


We were given to try landing.



Trainer control systems








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  1. tronin.maxim
    tronin.maxim 3 May 2012 08: 44 New
    Very interesting photo story!
  2. Sarus
    Sarus 3 May 2012 09: 02 New
    My dream was to become a military pilot ...
    But it didn’t work out ..
    I always respect this profession. And even envy ..
  3. schta
    schta 3 May 2012 09: 42 New
    What do not say, but we have beautiful planes.
    1. Neighbor
      Neighbor 3 May 2012 16: 00 New
      Quote: schta
      What do not say, but we have beautiful planes.

      And most importantly - Reliable, Powerful and Effective. Importantly - inexpensive!
      And what is the MOST IMPORTANT - they fly on them - well trained and dedicated to their work - Pros - real ASSES !!!
      And the simulators are PERFECT !!!!!
      1. Neighbor
        Neighbor 3 May 2012 16: 03 New
        Quote: Olegych
        I especially liked the Su-34 - Kra-a-Savets!

        Really - a sight for sore eyes !!! yes
        Not that am
        1. chukapabra
          chukapabra 3 May 2012 16: 17 New
          Quote: Neighbor
          Neighbor Today, 16:03 are new

          Meet on clothes, see off the mind.
  4. Olegovich
    Olegovich 3 May 2012 10: 14 New
    I especially liked the Su-34 - Kra-a-Savets!
    Flight performance is impressive:
    Maximum speed at high altitude: 1900 km / h (Mach 1,8)
    Maximum speed at the ground: 1400 km / h
    Range of flight: 4000 km
    Combat radius: 1100 km
    Service ceiling: 17000 m
    Maximum operational overload: +7 G

    Cannon armament: 1 30 mm gun GSh-301
    Suspension points: 12
    Combat load: 8 kg of various weapons on an external sling
  5. Ty3uk
    Ty3uk 3 May 2012 10: 52 New
    A photographer with a diaphragm went over which is why most of the photos are just rubbish.
    In general, the pictures are similar to a show off, like, look, what a cool lens I have. smile
  6. patriot2
    patriot2 3 May 2012 11: 16 New
    I agree that you can’t help but fall in love with the SU-34 at first sight, and when you get to know it better and its performance characteristics - you understand that this love is forever! love
    The photo essay is good, but still I would like to see not only the simulators, which were intensely filmed by the camera.
    However +
  7. toguns
    toguns 3 May 2012 11: 52 New
    drinks computers are computers, but no one canceled the good approach chart with two 180-page turns correctly.
    the theory and the development of skills on simulators and the consolidation of the obtained material in the sky should be trained.
    I agree with all the unsubscribing above about the su-34 (beautiful machine).
    1. VAF
      VAF 3 May 2012 23: 19 New
      Quote: toguns
      but a good diagram

      Ярослав, вот пришёл почитал и.........!!!! Ну понятно, что ты всей душой "болеешь" за нашу авиацию- "гоняешь"каких-то старых Главкомов,ничего не делающих и не делавших для авиации, меня учишь. что такое дальняя и стратегическая авиация, ну это понятно где Ты, а где я-пустой звук какойто.тем более старый!

      Только вот, по моему тебя немного начало "заносить"? Не кажется?

      Я не в плане тебя как то огорчить или принизить, ни в коем случае, просто когда ты берёшься обсуждать специфические темы. а "не просто пошли с кентами в парк по пивасику. да и масалётик в небе увидели-красивая машинка!, Так вот то уж будь добр соответствовать, хотя бы минимально или прежде чеи "встрять" поинтересуйся, так вот по твоему посту:

      1. Yes, the term diagram in aviation is used the same, but only in completely different areas and concepts, study !!!

      2. Твоё высказывание напоминает-старый лётчик, типа меня, сидит на лавочке и "ездит" по ушам молодёжи....

      Кто и когда собирался отменять "добрую" СХЕМУ и МЕТОДИКУ ( а на плакате 1м80смХ 2 м 20см-модель) захода на посадку???????????????

      I already wrote somewhere about all the procedures and approaches for landing in IA, IBA and FBA, and here is the landing approach according to the scheme with two AT 180 grams, not software (for 180 this is possible with kents in the park cognac or vodka)! It is BASIC in these types of aviation, all the more so because during an automatic approach using PNK. Prnk or RSBN this approach is programmed !!!

      They fix their skills on simulators, but they practice it in practice in the air!

      И ещё раз про "красивую машинку"!

      Приехал сегодня на стоянку, подруливает Мерс 500, спроткупеЮ полный фарш- стоят два "писюна"- один другому,да,Мерс ПРИКОЛЬНАЯ машинка!

      I stopped and asked, hear dear, you looked at yourself in the mirror, where are you, and where is this MERSS ??? You stand next to happiness, and not just touch or sit in it!

      Elochka the Cannibal had at least 6 words, but these ...... everything is GREAT !!!!

      So no offense, okay?

      А на счёт "по 180"- берёшь авиационный гранённый стакан( кстати знаешь,почему авиационный? Наверное нет, колличество граней на нём -14-ть,совпадает с количеством лепестков на авиациооном флаге), так вот по ободок будет ровно 180гр, а уж до краёв, то все двести!!! drinks

      Not a minus, although it would be worth it !!!!
  8. AK-74-1
    AK-74-1 3 May 2012 12: 00 New
    Great photo story. I sat at the helm of the Il-Xnumx wildly I liked it, but it did not work out to fly. Now I'm learning to fly a Robinson. The sky is very attractive.
  9. 755962
    755962 3 May 2012 12: 23 New
    In his youth, he was engaged in an aircraft modeling circle. Not to say in words with what excitement and trepidation they launched their first creations into the sky .. There is something in the sky that is bewitching and bewitching. It beckons, attracts .. Still, I'm an incorrigible romantic ..
  10. S_nami_strength
    S_nami_strength 3 May 2012 12: 44 New
    Oh would fly in reality for more wink