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Salisbury - smoke screen factory

Even before the provocation in the Syrian city of Duma, many noted the connection between the accusation of Russia of Skripale’s poisoning with events occurring in the Middle East, namely: Moscow was tried to be discredited, accused of using chemical weapons before organizing a “chemical incident” on Syrian territory. Thus, the task was set to reduce Russian influence in the Syrian issue. Unfortunately, this assumption was confirmed. A month passed after the mysterious incident in Salisbury - and the “chemical” information bomb in Syria exploded.

Now it turns out an interesting detail: on the territory of Eastern Guta, which, despite all the efforts of the West, was nevertheless trimmed from terrorists, evidence was found of the participation of some countries in provocations. They found containers with chlorine from Germany, as well as smoke bombs - that’s a mystery! - from Salisbury.

The official representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, Maria Zakharova, during her briefing, said in this connection:

“It’s even difficult to comment on this fact in some way, so frightening and undermining the faith in the humanity of individual states. Of course, we are not talking about whole states, but about those politicians and leaders who give such orders and take similar decisions. ”

The fact that the territories liberated from the militants found handicraft workshops, where the "opposition" worked with various toxic substances, Russia has long spoken. But the West did not want to see this threat even. Moreover, a “smoke screen” of lies was created there to discredit Russia with the help of the “Skripal case”.

And suddenly such a coincidence: the smoke bombs found in the Eastern Gute liberated from the terrorists are also from Salisbury. They could be used during the filming of a provocation. Directly not the city, and the factory for the production of smoke screens!

And real chlorine existed, delivered to the militants from Germany. It is not difficult to assume that the provocation was prepared more thoroughly. It could be much more dangerous if the terrorists used this chlorine in reality. But the too rapid advance of the Syrian army and the stampede of members of the gangs, who were forced to agree to evacuation in order to keep their skin elementary, disrupted provocative plans. For the time being.

"Torn" in the end. In the last cleaned-up city of Eastern Guta. Where there were originally the most radical and implacable militants. And at that very moment when, it would seem, the issue was resolved with them. Let us recall how events developed: first, the terrorists from the Duma agreed to evacuate by buses to Jarablus. Then part of the militants opposed the evacuation. Implementation of the agreement because of this was suspended. This delay was the key to organizing the provocation.

The terrorists had the last chance to organize it. There was little time. The militants have lost their laboratories and funds supplied by the West. These funds, prepared for the organization of the "incident", were in the liberated territories.

Therefore, blinded "chemical attack" of what it was. From the very beginning she came out crooked, sewn with white threads. But in the end, for the anti-Syrian propaganda and the subsequent attacks, such an “incident” came down.

Now interesting details are beginning to emerge. One of the boys, Hassan Diab, admitted exactly how the shooting of the mythical Himataki was conducted. The hungry, exhausted people who were taken hostage by the militants were ordered to leave the bomb shelter and run to the hospital in Duma. There they began to pour water. The testimony of the boy was confirmed by his father.

Russia wants to show this shot to all members of the UN Security Council. Is there any chance that some of them “see” the plot and “hear” the boy and his father? Alas, this chance is minimal. Rather, these parties will continue to lie and dodge — just like the British authorities when unpleasant facts emerge in the “Skripal case”.

You can, however, compare how Russia behaves, accused of using chemical weapons, and what London is doing, which, in turn, is accused by Moscow of falsifying the poisoning of Sergei and Yulia Skripale.

In London:

- they did not allow the staff of the Russian Embassy to Sergey and Yulia Skripaly;
- destroyed the domestic animals that lived in the house of Skrypal (if we are talking about poisoning, it was necessary to conduct their examination);
- refused to provide samples from the scene of the incident to Russia;
- now it is a question of demolishing the house of the Skripal, and even the restaurant and bar where he was with his daughter;
- refused to issue a British visa to Victoria Skripal, a relative of the victims;
- No one saw Skripale after the incident.

How does Russia behave, accused of assisting Damascus in the use of chemical weapons? Russia, which today, together with the Syrian authorities, controls the Duma, from the very beginning, with all its might, showed its willingness to cooperate and get to the bottom of the truth:

- from the very beginning of the alleged incident, insisted on its independent investigation;
- urged to send an OPCW mission as soon as possible;
- not hysteria with accusations, but soberly called for clarification of what happened;
- does not hide evidence, but shows to the whole world;

As we see, even the behavior of Russia is completely opposite to the convulsive actions of Britain. And this is not surprising. The innocent side feels internally more relaxed than the guilty one, who seeks to shift her blame onto others.

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  1. svp67
    svp67 April 20 2018 15: 19
    And suddenly such a coincidence: the smoke bombs found in East Ghouta, liberated from terrorists, are also from Salisbury.
    And what is crime? You might think that there are few of our MDS and BDSH ...
    1. 210ox
      210ox April 20 2018 15: 52
      The crime is that of us they make "bad guys" We really need to do the wrong ... To whom an ice pick, who to "let out" to the minefield ... Well, you have to correspond in the end ..
      Quote: svp67
      And suddenly such a coincidence: the smoke bombs found in East Ghouta, liberated from terrorists, are also from Salisbury.
      And what is crime? You might think that there are few of our MDS and BDSH ...
      1. svp67
        svp67 April 20 2018 16: 05
        Quote: 210ox
        The crime is that of us they make "bad guys" We really need to lead the bad ...

        At first, we “stood firm” in silence, they “wanted” something, and when we understood how it could end for us, now it started ... if only we would not be late. It's time to act proactively. I have a bad attitude to all Ukrainian politics, as well as to US politics, but I can’t note that they are active and very selective.
        1. svd-xnumx
          svd-xnumx April 20 2018 21: 15
          At first, we “stood firm” in silence, they “wanted” something, and when we understood how it could end for us, now it started ... if only we were not late
          Our people all the time talked about provocations using chemical weapons, read or watch at least Gerasimov’s press conference from the beginning of the operation in Eastern Gut.
          1. jjj
            jjj April 23 2018 12: 22
            I’m all wondering why they bother with some cylinders of chlorine, the production of sarin. There is an old proven chloropicrin. And the wolves are fed and the sheep are safe
    2. renics
      renics April 20 2018 17: 24
      What is difficult to understand, they were either used or wanted to be used to stage the provocations of a chemical attack.
      1. svp67
        svp67 April 20 2018 17: 52
        Quote: renics
        What is difficult to understand, they were either used or wanted to be used to stage the provocations of a chemical attack.

        Their? In those battles that take place there smoke dummies are actively used by both sides, in order to PROTECT their soldiers from precise fire. In particular, from a sniper. And the same sarin that Syria is blamed for is colorless.
        1. YELLOWSTONE
          YELLOWSTONE April 21 2018 02: 27
          and colorless is not visible, what then show the white helmets?
          did someone understand his smell, respirators, and everything else?
          1. bandabas
            bandabas April 21 2018 05: 04
            Why understand. "Everything is already stolen before us." S.
            1. YELLOWSTONE
              YELLOWSTONE April 21 2018 05: 12
              shawana and jammed popcorn, though more and more are not.
    3. Monster_Fat
      Monster_Fat April 21 2018 08: 09
      It is clear to everyone that the “smoke bombs from Salisbury” as “news” is complete bullshit, I have, for example, “Chinese” marker smoke bombs on my boat .... But as the ideological war goes on, everything is done right, played out and this theme is also in the correct tone (in the same as the "West" does).
    4. avdkrd
      avdkrd April 23 2018 06: 15
      Quote: svp67
      And what is crime? You might think that there are few of our MDS and BDSH ...

      In this case, the crime is present. MDS and BDSH are armed with the SSA and the supply of these funds does not contradict international law, as well as the supply of weapons to the legitimate government of Syria, but the presence of smoke bombs from Salisbury suggests that England directly or indirectly provides military-technical assistance to terrorists. In fact, our Foreign Ministry rather gently filed this information. It is a matter of state support for Islamic terrorism, and in this case, England must prove that these smoke bombs (military equipment) got there without their assistance or knowledge. Even German chlorine cylinders are a less compromising factor, since they are not military property, although for substances of this danger level, with proper investigation, it will be easy to find out the history of their supplies. Surely Saudis will turn out to be a supplier, but smoke bombs are still somewhat more serious, since they are military property and cannot have a delivery history.
  2. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 April 20 2018 15: 42
    In Syria, during the liberation of the territories, they found a lot of things: American and European weapons, which have not been a curiosity for a long time, reports on financing from abroad, components for creating OM from Europe, etc., etc. But it always passed quietly and in a shallow line. Today, they focused on the English smoke bombs, as I understand it because of the place of production. Another thing is chlorine from Germany - more weighty and serious. The Duma with the "chemical attack" played its role, now at least beat your head against the wall. It is more significant to capture the same English instructors or at least cover them together with bandits with an air strike.
    1. Djambal green
      Djambal green April 20 2018 19: 54
      Germany knew that there was German chlorine in Syria, but the exact information where it lay was not involved in the bombing so as not to bomb the warehouses with its chlorine, then the Germans would be accused of chemical weapons attack as it was with Assad army when they covered the pesticide warehouse .
      1. jjj
        jjj April 23 2018 12: 23
        Chlorine cylinders are used to disinfect tap water
  3. Alsur
    Alsur April 20 2018 17: 42
    I read the comments, most express indignation at the action of the Western coalition, as well as satisfaction that we are pushing the Englishwoman by chemical. attacks. But in the world, but for now, unfortunately, it is equal to the Western world, the situation seems to be the opposite. For example, OPCW employees who are in Syria for 5 days cannot arrive in the Duma because Russia drags the issue, destroying evidence, podtosovaya them, psychologically treats local residents. When the experts come to the Duma, there will be articles in the media that, in connection with these circumstances, it is impossible to trust the results of the commission. Something like this.
      YELLOWSTONE April 21 2018 02: 29
      it is still unknown what they will bring with them in "control tubes" in order to then confuse them with the real ones.
  4. Kelwin
    Kelwin April 20 2018 18: 39
    It’s just time to recognize that international law and the mechanisms for its implementation are simply incompetent. What are we discussing here? The events that take place are, in fact, just a bacchanalia, if an ordinary person, if not reliably known, but it is approximately clear what the scale of lawlessness in the so-called "geopolitical arena" is. With regard to the subject, well, it seems clear that provocation, it is clear that identifying villains is not a problem, under one condition - the current system for ensuring international law. And the circus that we are observing clearly speaks of the untimely demise of the corresponding structures. In short, there is simply nothing to discuss here, the rules of the game have changed, it is possible that before the official recognition of the law of force, there are a little less than no more.
  5. bandabas
    bandabas April 21 2018 11: 15
    Well, how is life in Canada?
  6. nnz226
    nnz226 April 21 2018 12: 59
    If our Ministry of Foreign Affairs didn’t “slap its ears on the cheeks”, immediately after the information about Skripal poisoning appeared, it would declare a small Britain a terrorist country (Russian citizens are being poisoned right on the streets!), Publicly warn both our and foreign citizens about the danger of visiting small Britain (who knows who else they want to poison), and then criticize the excuses of the small Britons. And it turned out the opposite, it was Russia who “took revenge” on the ex-spy, after he had served and had mercy. Who first barked - he is right !!!
    1. Monster_Fat
      Monster_Fat April 21 2018 15: 08
      He does not "flap his ears" - he does not want to quarrel with those countries where he will migrate after the "works of the righteous" for the benefit of the "beloved" Fatherland .... wink
  7. Sverdlov
    Sverdlov April 22 2018 18: 11
    "Before the official recognition of the law of force, a little less than not a bit remains."

    Power all over the world, including in Russia, has captured the crook.
    What do we want from London, when in our country laws are not respected from the word "completely".
    Criminals make decisions in the courts and they have nothing for it ...
    1. Golovan Jack
      Golovan Jack April 22 2018 18: 13
      Quote: Sverdlov

      The link leads to the login screen.
      Quote: Sverdlov
      Criminals make decisions in the courts and they have nothing for it ...

      And on the fence "bolt" is written, og yes
  8. tank64rus
    tank64rus April 24 2018 19: 09
    The crime is that, apparently, a statement was being prepared a la himataka. After all, chlorine in a bomb, as an OB, is complete nonsense, but white helmets in East Ghouta showed so. Anyone even familiar with military chemistry knows that chlorine has never been used in aerial bombs since World War I, only massive gas-filled use. Well, here are the checkers for the smoke effect, because chlorine on the film will not give a good picture. The same arrogant nonsense, as in the Skripal case, there you can only marvel at such miracles. It’s especially fun when the allegedly infected car is wrapped in film and driven around the city, policemen and firefighters without SZK, and next to it are fully equipped chemists in the SZK and gas masks. Your works are wonderful. Lord, there are many more that the eye hurts. Oh well them, they didn’t care about the Russians and that’s the point. especially Agent Masyanya distinguished herself. Russian special. the cat tricked both MI1 and all of Scotland Yard. She is already in Moscow to catch mice, but the British can’t see.