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NI: Underwater drones help Russia win the war with Britain

The National Interest magazine, which in the United States is almost the main platform for discussing Russian armaments and capabilities, published another article in the series “Possible Russian Intrigues”. In the article by Michael Peck under the traditionally loud title (this time - “The hidden path of Russia will help win the war with Britain”), the author returns to the topic of the “vulnerability of submarine cables” for the collective West.

The article says that Russia "probes cables using deep-sea drones that cannot be traced."

Michael Peck, referring to the experts, writes that "the danger of using underwater robots is increasing." These experts paint horrible pictures of how Russia can "secretly listen and damage submarine cables."

Of material:
This will cause irreparable damage to the economy of Great Britain and other Western countries.

British Marshal Quote aviation Stuart Peach, Chief of General Staff, United Kingdom Armed Forces:
There are new dangers to our way of life. They consist in the insecurity of cables laid on the seabed.

An excerpt from the report of the British think tank is also given. Policy exchange. The specialists of this center are calling for the command of NATO, declaring that it is imperative to protect those 10 trillion dollars that daily in the form of transactions move between the countries of the world in terms of infrastructure, which is based on submarine cables. It is noted that "striking the cables" can "both hostile countries and terrorist groups."

In fact, the West intimidates itself by keeping in mind the fact that it itself has a certain sin about it. At the beginning of the 70's, an American submarine was used to install a listening device on the Soviet line of communication in the Sea of ​​Okhotsk. Only after 10 years, an NSA employee who had been spying for the benefit of the USSR reported the operation.

NI: Underwater drones help Russia win the war with Britain

It is noted that then the information passing through the cables at the bottom of the sea is so invulnerable that it does not have to be encrypted.

Or is it not so much intimidation as another provocation - to damage one of the underwater communication channels, in order to put the responsibility on Russia’s shoulders - as with chemical weapons in Syria and poison in Salisbury.
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  1. Vard
    Vard April 19 2018 08: 03
    God forgive them ... for they don’t know ... what they do ... what they say ... and what they do ... There is a great pasta god who says ... and I turn to him ...
    1. ancestors from Don
      ancestors from Don April 19 2018 08: 13
      British buckwheat sniffed? I already see in their fantasies the underwater battles of drones, and why do they need cable communication in the case of the Apocalypse, they will send farewell sms and smartphones to their allies. laughing
    2. Spartanez300
      Spartanez300 April 19 2018 08: 23
      You can invent as many provocation topics as you like, so one less than one more has already begun to get used to. Russia to convince these degenerates in the opposite is practically impossible and they do not need it. Our leadership forgives them everything, so we have to silently watch this chaos.
    3. Starover_Z
      Starover_Z April 19 2018 09: 36
      Quote: Vard
      God forgive them ... for they do not know ... what they do ... what they say ...

      They don’t know what they are saying ?! And our 33 heroes, in scales like the heat of grief and their Old Man Black Sea ?! They have long found underwater lines and are listening to all messages !!!
      1. Vard
        Vard April 19 2018 09: 40
        Please be quiet ... this is what a theme for a fake ...
  2. Kleber
    Kleber April 19 2018 08: 10
    What cables? 1-3 Governor and no England.
  3. Kerensky
    Kerensky April 19 2018 08: 13
    In the early 70's, an American submarine was used to install a listening device on the Soviet communication line in the Sea of ​​Okhotsk.

    Mdya ...... Where are you listening to something ?! Checkmate mate from the frontier post? It was worth it.....
    1. Vard
      Vard April 19 2018 08: 17
      Warrant Officer - Two boxes of booze came, but more vigorously ...
      Translator in England - He said that they would send two ammunition for nuclear missiles for nuclear submarines ...
      1. Kerensky
        Kerensky April 19 2018 08: 23
        Well, what about; "Where is the log? On the palm tree the macaque pulls. (Michman Derevyanko is tracking the American MK-4 torpedo)
    2. Kleber
      Kleber April 19 2018 08: 17
      We studied Russian folklore)))))))))
  4. Fedorov
    Fedorov April 19 2018 08: 17
    The National Interest Magazine

    Three years ago, I could sometimes try to read it. And now - the degradation is complete, such nonsense is being scribbled, and the Americans are doing it all.
    Well, the cables will definitely be cut, let them not doubt it. winked
    1. Kleber
      Kleber April 19 2018 08: 25
      Nope, this is not just nonsense. This is what the American people are waving.
      Count the truth will they write? This is a line with a record of 100 years in advance for psychoanalysts in the USA.
    2. Sns
      Sns April 19 2018 23: 57
      The National Interest is a Russian propaganda magazine, owned by Dmitry Simes since 2001, who has been a full-time pro-Kremlin propagandist on Russian political shows.
      In 2005, part of the journalists left the publication due to disagreement with the magazine’s policies and created American Interest magazine.
      The task of NI is to write articles in the style of "West in shock", "American experts recognized the superiority of Russia ...", "the commotion in Washington" ...
      In the West, NI is of little interest to anyone; in Russia, NI is the most cited Western publication.
      1. APASUS
        APASUS April 25 2018 19: 17
        Quote: Sns
        The National Interest is a Russian propaganda magazine owned by Dmitry Simes

        You really have nothing to say and you start to think up along the way, or just brains are not enough to look on the Internet, who owns the publication?
  5. iliitchitch
    iliitchitch April 19 2018 08: 17
    "The paupers midshipmen of the Russian Navy cut off strategic cables and hand them in color, along with transactions." And they will believe it. One such throw-in from the air force, and delaying the pedal for them for another couple of months is enough.
  6. cariperpaint
    cariperpaint April 19 2018 08: 25
    every day we are getting closer and closer to the moment when someone will tear off the roof and a big war will start ... and the stupidest thing is that it will start because of the dumb-headed journalists who simply cannot stop ...
    1. Mestny
      Mestny April 19 2018 09: 37
      These "dumb-headed journalists" write strictly what the employer requires of them.
      In this example, we observe the work of the so-called "couch troops".
      As it turns out, the war of the XNUMXst century is, first of all, exactly the divan troops. Initially, it was they who worked, and only at the second stage did ordinary troops begin to work. And for some particularly fortunate occasions, it’s for the most part that couch troops can handle it. then the revolution begins in the victim country itself, and it falls apart even without the participation of ordinary troops.
      The time for tank wedges and carpet bombing has passed - the time has come for online brainwashing. It is effective and cheap, especially if the enemy begins to destroy himself.
      That is why there is so much evil sarcasm against Russia in response to reports of new missiles and types of weapons. That is why a muddy wave of comments is rolling about the fact that this will not be applied, which means an empty horror story.
      We are on this forum - also sofa troops. It just suddenly turns out that the significance of these troops is much higher than previously thought, for example 10 years ago.
  7. shinobi
    shinobi April 19 2018 08: 28
    Some kind of serious horror story at the current level of encryption development. Even at the level of household devices. Cut the cable? Why? Something with fantasy in the West has become really bad.
    1. Mestny
      Mestny April 19 2018 09: 42
      In the event of hostilities, it is necessary to deprive the enemy of communications as much as possible.
      So the idea itself is great. And I personally would be very happy if Russia really has this opportunity.
  8. Altona
    Altona April 19 2018 08: 37
    There is a song on this subject ... Faya, there is no wifi, Faya, such a life! laughing laughing laughing
  9. HAM
    HAM April 19 2018 08: 48
    I can’t call Dodik, they stole the cable !!!!! How to live now! ??
    1. Igor Levertov
      Igor Levertov April 19 2018 13: 31
      Yes, no, it’s just a stomach upset from a “newbie”.
  10. _Ugene_
    _Ugene_ April 19 2018 11: 06
    Submarine drones will help Russia win the war with Britain
    and what for us a war with Britain?
    1. Fedorov
      Fedorov April 19 2018 12: 22
      We don't need her. Just someone wants to. Although the British have not yet answered for Sevastopol. Although they helped in the Second World War, but for the grandmother.
  11. Igor Levertov
    Igor Levertov April 19 2018 13: 29
    The idea is brilliant! Our defense industry needs to be adopted. Thanks to the Anglo-Saxons for the tip.
  12. -ш-
    -ш- April 19 2018 19: 52
    two Sarmatians nullify the whole war with this island
    1. Igor Levertov
      Igor Levertov April 21 2018 13: 22
      Come on, two - one is enough! Spend more on them.