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Counted - wept. In the British army found a shortage of specialists

The Armed Forces of the United Kingdom lacks the 8 thousands of troops needed to perform the tasks set by the government, reports RIA News with reference to the report of the British National Audit Office (NAO)

Counted - wept. In the British army found a shortage of specialists

As of January 2018, there are 137 thousand troops in the British Armed Forces. This is 8,2 thousand (5,7%) less than the target.
- says the report

The shortages are, among others, 2400 pilots, 800 engineers and 700 analysts. In addition, an increase in training of specialists in the field of countering cyber threats is required.

NAO specialists found a tendency in the British Armed Forces, according to which the number of professional military men who left the service increased from 3,8% to 5,6% over the year. Perhaps this is due to the fact that the number of military personnel, satisfied with their service, fell from 60% in 2010 year to 42% in 2017 year.

In addition, there are problems in terms of financing. NAO in February reported that the planned purchase of warships, jet planes and submarines by the armed forces of Great Britain planned for 2017-2027 would not be enough 21 billion pounds
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  1. Vard
    Vard April 18 2018 14: 57
    Analysts ... I would go ... in Russia, perhaps the watchman will take the competition ...
    1. Borik
      Borik April 18 2018 15: 02
      The shortage is, among others, 2400 pilots, 800 engineers and 700 analysts.

      Yes, they have so many planes and helicopters, where then the lack of pilots.
      And they are going to create a regiment of flying brooms.
      1. RUSOIVAN
        RUSOIVAN April 18 2018 17: 53
        and this is not for airplanes or helicopters. The Rocket Pilot sounds proudly. )
    2. Fedorov
      Fedorov April 18 2018 15: 06
      And pour to us wink And then a contest with fighting bears and gophers-scouts, hacker grandmothers. And you about the watchman ..
    3. Nevsky_ZU
      Nevsky_ZU April 18 2018 15: 23
      Why britain army if they have a usa? The difference is ethnocultural, like Belarus and Russia.
    4. URAL72
      URAL72 April 18 2018 15: 57
      Enough of whining, defense spending like in Russia, and howl more than ANALYTICS on our website. All, Britain is no longer a superpower. Smoke aside, it will be necessary, the owner will say FAS.
  2. Corsair0304
    Corsair0304 April 18 2018 15: 03
    it is 8,2 thousand (5,7%) less than the established goal

    Refugees to help you ... than to feed for nothing - take, shave beards, an assault rifle in the teeth and go! Especially by analysts ...
    1. Sam_gosling
      Sam_gosling April 18 2018 15: 08
      Already more than a hundred years ago. Gurkhas come from the mountainous regions of India and Nepal and belong to the elite of the British army.
      1. Fedorov
        Fedorov April 18 2018 15: 35
        To infantrymen, but not to technical engineers. And then they are first fed so that the flow from the helicopter does not blow off.
  3. morpogr
    morpogr April 18 2018 15: 06
    So here it is that the pros are not enough, from that and the jambs. They can’t really poison, then disa on this topic is not glued. So the Russians did not give a submarine boat a shot in Syria, there were not enough personnel and professionalists. laughing
    1. Orionvit
      Orionvit April 18 2018 15: 19
      But with gender politics and multiculturalism, everything is in order there. The blue and transgender plan is overfulfilled. Keep it up.
  4. Denis Obukhov
    Denis Obukhov April 18 2018 16: 03
    Let them in Arabia recruit bin Laden’s relatives, in vain do they protect them from the whole world, these terrorists
  5. Slovak
    Slovak April 18 2018 16: 07
    shaving were going to get into every Russian computer. Do not add up? Byad ...
    RUSOIVAN April 18 2018 17: 51
    Take refugees!
  7. Incvizitor
    Incvizitor April 18 2018 18: 42
    Let as in 404 they take all kinds of drug addicts and convicts anyway, as they were rot, they will remain so.
  8. Stiletto_711
    Stiletto_711 April 18 2018 19: 34

    Here they are - the future replenishment of the British army, engineers, pilots, analysts laughing
  9. Swetliy
    Swetliy April 19 2018 06: 22
    "Lack of specialists" ... Funny. Ambition moderate.