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The leaders of the Russian special services have published data on income

The leaders of the Russian special services have published data on incomeThe head of Russia's Foreign Intelligence Service, Mikhail Fradkov, earned 5,2 million rubles over the past year. The data on the incomes of the heads of Russian special services are published on the website of the Foreign Intelligence Service.

The property of Fradkov is an apartment with a total area of ​​587,6 square. m, several land plots with a total area of ​​more than 10 thousand square meters. m, as well as two parking spaces. The wife of the SVR head, Elena, earned 175 thousand rubles a year. Note that in 2010, Fradkov earned 7,1 million rubles.

Also published information about the income of the director of the FSB Alexander Bortnikov. According to the FSB website, he earned 4,6 million rubles - about the same as in the 2010 year. The property of Bortnikov and the spouses are two apartments, a land plot, a residential building and a garage.

Reports on income and the heads of the Federal Security Service, information is available on the website of the department. FSO head Evgeny Murov earned 5,7 million rubles. Together with his wife, he owns two country houses and two apartments, as well as a Moskvich-401 car, a motorcycle, and an all-terrain vehicle.
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  1. nokki
    nokki 1 May 2012 12: 30
    All this is garbage! The main thing is that they do not have secret accounts abroad! And here - let them have it, no one will say a word ...
    1. Hleb
      Hleb 1 May 2012 12: 42
      why not tell? I'm wondering how you can earn 5-7 lyam (maybe from the truth it’s 5 percent) in such a position .. I think there are restrictions on the activities of an employee outside the office
      1. Paratov
        Paratov 1 May 2012 15: 12
        You better ask how he managed to earn an apartment of 6 acres !!!
        1. Churchill
          Churchill 1 May 2012 15: 56
          It also says: on Muscovite at night I bombed!
        2. Neighbor
          Neighbor 1 May 2012 16: 01
          Somehow, against the background of SUCH figures - 5,7 million rubles / year - these pathetic pieces of paper look dumb! laughing
          It was necessary to insert notes at least - 5.000r to insert, and even better - 1000Eurovye. belay
          And then in the photo - rather a pension or the salary of a hard worker is drawn - working hard and plowing his whole life. am - and not the salary of the SERVANTS of the people! am
        3. Hleb
          Hleb 1 May 2012 16: 16
          is it better to ask me this? yes? laughing
          1. Bunny
            Bunny 1 May 2012 19: 15
            Previously, there were filkin letters, and now - dimkin letters!
      2. andrklimanov
        andrklimanov 1 May 2012 23: 34
        Quote: Gleb
        why not tell? I'm wondering how you can earn 5-7 lyam (maybe from the truth it’s 5 percent) in such a position .. I think there are restrictions on the activities of an employee outside the office

        I would not be surprised even if I found out that each of them has a legal salary of 24 rubles per year. these people have so many secrets in their head that they need to pay so much that they don’t think about
        Quote: nokki
        The main thing is that they do not have secret accounts abroad! And here - let them have it, no one will say a word.
      3. Olegovich
        Olegovich 2 May 2012 13: 46
        433 thousand rubles per month. Fine. In my opinion, a decent and not excessive salary for the person responsible for the security of the country and its citizens.
  2. Samsebenaum
    Samsebenaum 1 May 2012 12: 51
    Does anyone really believe these numbers?
    Officially, of course, you can stir up anything, show the "income" of the servants of the people. And how much do our galley slaves get? How, where, to whom and how much they row, we can guess. Officially, I know, but what if it's real?
    Life has become better, life has become more fun ... ??
    1. Karabin
      Karabin 1 May 2012 19: 12
      Quote: Samsebenum
      Officially, of course, you can stir up anything, show the "income" of the servants of the people. And how much do our galley slaves get? How, where, to whom and how much they row, we can guess.

      So why the hell are we voting for them? !!
      1. Samsebenaum
        Samsebenaum 1 May 2012 19: 38
        Calm, the main thing is calm ...
        Who are "we? Almost 40% voted, like me - against.
        Today, objectively, the majority needs such power ...
        By law, a minority obeys the majority. In six years there will be another opportunity to make a choice.
      2. Per se.
        Per se. 1 May 2012 19: 54
        Karabin, half of the country has not voted for anyone for a long time, the rest have no one to choose. "Despicable metal" does not know corrosion, unlike human souls, especially those in power, and then whether they will be offended for the state ...
    2. Olegovich
      Olegovich 2 May 2012 13: 49
      What kind of mania is this? Suspect everyone and everything! Do you believe that ?! So you can come to the point that you can’t believe your parents and children!
      Just like in a joke about a blind suspicious girl: they put a pelmeni of pelmeni on her - she feels it and says: I can imagine how much you have Piled !!!
  3. YARY
    YARY 1 May 2012 12: 54
    Vital mass executions! At the Kremlin wall! On May 9th! angry
    1. Odinplys
      Odinplys 1 May 2012 13: 31
      Quote: Ardent
      Vital mass executions! At the Kremlin wall!

      This is true ... Life-giving executions ... so that Russia would live ...
      The tumor is removed ... and right ...
  4. Tersky
    Tersky 1 May 2012 13: 01
    Quote: Samsebenum
    Does anyone really believe these numbers?

    Good afternoon, colleague! Well, for an unproven people and calculated, our people happily hawks like that. The main thing is to put less on the surface, but for ordinary mortals this is already a figure, but in reality ...?
    1. 703-s
      703-s 1 May 2012 23: 13
      so this non-advanced people and Putin believes in honesty!
      and hawala everything that the zomboyaschik says!
  5. olegyurjewitch
    olegyurjewitch 1 May 2012 13: 25
    Write a number, say nothing. What does this income consist of? Perhaps this is the fruits of the exorbitant work of the wives, the official salary, which is added up in a small egg, the fees for publishing articles, or something else?
  6. Odinplys
    Odinplys 1 May 2012 13: 28
    It is necessary to publish data on expenses ... otherwise there are no incomes but expenses ... where do they come from ...
    Well, at least something has moved off the ground ...
    Although I personally believe Fradkov ... a man creates a positive impression ...
    APASUS 1 May 2012 13: 29
    Together with his wife, he owns two country houses and two apartments, as well as a Moskvich-401 car, a motorcycle and an all-terrain vehicle.

    I always read such opuses with a laugh ............. especially about Muscovites, humpbacked Zaporizhzhya people and the 21st Volga! Our official and Moskvich ............. oh well ......!
    1. Hleb
      Hleb 1 May 2012 18: 01
      but how to perceive it without laughter.
      1. Miha_Skif
        Miha_Skif 1 May 2012 22: 33
        Actually, I like the 401th Moskvich ... I feel something imperial, patriotic like that. And at the same time, no pomp smile
  8. wolk71
    wolk71 1 May 2012 14: 16
    It is necessary not to report on income, but on expenses.
    1. APASUS
      APASUS 1 May 2012 14: 52
      Quote: wolk71
      It is necessary not to report on income, but on expenses.

      This is where the really interesting non-docking will open .......... how do officials manage to buy a Porsche Cayenne with a fee of 25 thousand rubles ??
      1. wolk71
        wolk71 1 May 2012 15: 00
        Similarly, the wife also does not work and the children in England are studying.
        1. Tatanka Yotanka
          Tatanka Yotanka 1 May 2012 15: 24
          Quote: wolk71
          also the wife does not work

          Alas, about slavery on the galleys
          Myth - I'll tell you all
          Not men now with oars
          And wives row money

          1. Samsebenaum
            Samsebenaum 1 May 2012 15: 36
            Tatanka Yotanka
            Hello my friend!!! Happy holiday!
            As always to the point. From me "+".
            1. Z.A.M.
              Z.A.M. 2 May 2012 13: 01

              Greetings. Here's something else, maybe something is outdated, but the trend is clear ... Eh heh heh ... Sorry for the bulk.

              Part 1“At the very end of last year, Dmitry Medvedev decided to restrict transactions between government agencies and firms that are related to the relatives of officials. However, this measure is unlikely to work seriously, since business wives have a solid part of the authorities.
              Zhukova is following the image
              The wife of the First Deputy Speaker of the Duma (and the former Deputy Prime Minister of the Government) Alexander Zhukov, Ekaterina, cannot boast fabulous incomes. Judging by the declarations, it receives 115 thousand rubles a year, then 116 thousand. Well, the maximum in recent years is 919 thousand. Officially. Which, however, does not prevent her from owning elite foreign cars (such as Audi and Mercedes) and shares in various companies.
              According to the System of Professional Analysis of Markets and Companies (SPARK), Ekaterina Zhukova is listed as the founder of Studio Image LLC, as well as co-owner of Scientific and Editorial Technologies-21 Century CJSC and International Technical Academy. Earlier, she owned the marketing company Raduga-P ​​and the Art-K exhibition organization company.
              Moreover, last year 5% of the shares of the advertising agency Paradigma. Communication Agency. " Not many, but among the clients of Paradigm there are VTB-24, Troika Dialog, Alfa-Bank and other reputable companies. Also, Ekaterina Zhukova is associated with First Independent Rating Agency LLC (English abbreviation - FIRA), in which she even sat on a salary at one time.
              Judging by the documents, the FIRA, together with two of its friends, established in 2000, 18-year-old Pyotr Zhukov, the only son of the vice speaker. The agency conducts market research and prepares business plans for medium and large enterprises in Russia, including state-owned ones, based on data from Rosstat. As stated on the firm’s website, Zhukov Jr. receives this data “exclusively on an official basis in the framework of long-term agreements with state statistics authorities. Also among the partners of FIRA are the Federal Tax Service and the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade.
              The Interlocutor asked the companies associated with Yekaterina Zhukova whether the situation in them had changed after the president’s statement about the inadmissibility of a business merger of the interests of the family and the state, but we did not get an answer.
              Rustamova bathes in gold
              Zumrud Rustamova is a real emerald in the family of presidential aide Arkady Dvorkovich. It is she who feeds the family: in 2010 she earned more than 41 million rubles.
              He has been in business for 20 years, in 1992, became the director of the Zumrud individual private enterprise, established by her father. The type of activity of that company is the organization of accommodation and cultural services for groups. Rustamov’s groups are now serviced by industry and finance. Today she is a member of the Board of Directors of OJSC Polyus Gold Suleiman Kerimov and Mikhail Prokhorov (one of the largest gold mining companies in the world).
              According to the company’s official reports, Rustamova “launders” up to 5 million a year there. The public relations director of the company, Anton Arens, told Interlocutor:
              - On December 9 of last year, an extraordinary general meeting of shareholders of OJSC was held in Moscow, at which a decision was made to re-elect Zumrud Handadashevna as a member of the board of directors.
              Rustamova is also a member of the management team of the PIK development group of the same Kerimov, Polymetal OJSC Alexander Mamut, which cooperates with PIK, the Khanty-Mansiysk Bank, Sheremetyevo State International Airport and the private Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works (MMK). And after all everywhere in time!
              Dmitry Medvedev and Elvira Nabiullina even put MMK managers as an example to other manufacturers. However, during the president’s last year’s visit to the plant, there was an embarrassment: the workers who gathered to complain to the head of the country about production abuse were twisted by the police. That is, not everything is so good with Rustamova in business.
              Shoigu builds up Barvikha
              Irina Shoigu, wife of the head of the Ministry of Emergencies, Sergei Shoigu, is dean of the faculty of the Higher School of the Sports Industry, Plekhanov University. But this is more of a hobby for her than a search for livelihoods.
              Irina Shoigu became interested in business in the dashing 90s. First, on an equal footing, with the wife of the then deputy of her husband, Sergey Khetagurov, she established a consulting company LLC Albion-AG, and then her friends also created travel agencies, Varity and Expo-Em. In 2007-2008, Expo-EM won tenders by the Ministry of Emergencies for the organization of the Ministry’s representation at exhibitions and for the purchase of air and railway tickets for it. However, according to the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, to date, the name of Irina Shoigu among the founders of Expo-Em is no longer there.
              The place of tourism was occupied by construction. In October 2006, Irina Shoigu, together with the son of the then Governor of St. Petersburg, Sergey Matvienko, created LLC Barvikha 4, which decided to start the construction of an elite business center on Rublevo-Uspensky highway ... Although Sergei Shoigu himself is considered one of the poorest government ministers, in 2010, his wife's declared income was 54,5 million rubles. The representative of the Ministry of Emergencies, Irina Andrianova, refused to comment on the difference in the salaries of the spouses, citing the fact that this has nothing to do with the ministry.
              Roldugin Oleg "


              I continue ...

              Part 2Shuvalova sits on the ground
              The wife of the still acting First Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov, Olga, is the richest among the wives of members of the government. In 2010, she earned almost 373 million rubles. In the garage - "Jaguar", several "Mercedes", a limousine and other rattles. A bunch of real estate in Russia, Austria and Britain. And this despite the fact that formally she is nowhere working housewife. True, at the same time, she owns up to 250 hectares of land in the near Moscow region with an estimated value of up to half a billion through the Zarechye-Development company, which she became co-owner of two years ago.
              The latifundia “Zarechye” is located just in the area of ​​the Skolkovo innovation city under construction. In the summer of 2010, the head of the Skolkovo working group, Viktor Vekselberg, turned to Igor Shuvalov with a request to cut another hundred hectares to Skolkovo, buying them from private owners, including companies associated with Olga Shuvalova. Igor Shuvalov did not object. It is still unknown how much the budget cost the husband’s purchase of land from his wife.
              But the billionaire Alisher Usmanov admitted to Bloomberg last December that several years ago it was Olga Viktorovna’s fund that helped him buy the steel Corus Group:
              - I had three co-investors. One of them is a trust in which the beneficiary was the wife of Igor Shuvalov.
              “This offshore company provided Usmanov with $ 50 million to buy shares,” explained publicist Julia Latynina. - And less than a year later, Usmanov returned to her ... $ 100 million.
              One can only guess: what in all this comes from business, and what comes from corruption.
              Stepashina tore the bank
              The wife of the head of the Audit Chamber, Sergei Stepashin, Tamara is also a millionaire. At one time, she was the founder of a certain LLC RusEkonomInvest. Now the company is headed by her son Vladimir, and the company has been registered since 2004 by her mother, Maria Ignatieva. In addition, such companies as Nord Service Co, Real Estate VS, Real Estate ST, Project VS, Project ST and Axor-Nok are associated with Stepashin's mother-in-law. Stepashin builders get tidbits for development in the very center of Moscow. Competitors slander that in fact Ignatiev’s pensioner in this business is a fake figure and it’s Tamara Vladimirovna who stands behind her. Really slander?
              However, Stepashina is also called a banker, although she sold her stake in Promstroibank to the state-owned VTB several years ago. The amount of the transaction, however, is unknown, but immediately after that Tamara Stepashina became senior vice president of the same VTB. As the Interlocutor explained to the press service of the bank, she still holds this position, although her name is not even mentioned on the corporate website. Still would.
              - Remember the scandal when Alexey Navalny wrote about gas turbine plants that VTB buys through offshore? - Outraged the author of the report “Power of Families-2011” Marina Litvinovich. - Where was the Accounts Chamber, which should check such things?
              There was another scandal when the head of the People’s Party of Abkhazia, Yakub Lakoba, said that Russian humanitarian aid flowing through VTB was lost somewhere along the way. But the audit of the Accounts Chamber did not find crime in the bank. Who would doubt that.
              Oleg Roldugin
              1. Z.A.M.
                Z.A.M. 2 May 2012 13: 14

                Part 3.Business husband
                If the press secretary of the President of the Russian Federation, Natalia Timakova, brought only 2010 million rubles to the house in 3,8, her husband, journalist Alexander Budberg, earned 25 million. Of course, he feeds not only on journalism. Budberg, for example, became a co-founder of the Project Investment Agency, which officially leases its own non-residential property, despite the fact that, judging by the declarations, it does not have this non-residential property. In addition, in 2010, Alexander Petrovich was appointed General Director of Slavia Group OJSC (associated with Sergey Polonsky and Oleg Deripaska), which owns the First Moscow Instrument-Making Plant.
                In 2003, Budberg also became a co-founder of Omnes Imperium Group CJSC, which cooperates with various government agencies (Rusnano, Transneft, AHML, etc.). According to the Interlocutor, the journalist is unofficially engaged in “external communications” of the Summa investment group Ziyavudin Magomedov, whose interests Budberg represents on the board of the Bolshoi Theater Foundation. It was this “Sum” that was engaged in the scandalously expensive restoration of the Bolshoi, causing in society (but not in the Kremlin, where Budberg’s wife works) suspicions of overstatement of estimates.
                Strokes to a business portrait
                Natalia Dubovitskaya, wife of Deputy Prime Minister Vladislav Surkov, earned 2010 million rubles in 85. In 2000, she established LLC “The Workshop of Fine Solutions XXI Century,” but has officially dropped out of its owners by today. In parallel, her name is associated with the companies Abrasive and Refractory Materials, RCP Industrial Enterprises Group, Novlyansky Starch and Processing Plant, Ibredkrakhmalpatoka OJSC and Progress B oil producing company. In her environment, we were assured that all business successes were the merit of Dubovitskaya herself.
                Lyudmila Murova, wife of the head of the Federal Security Service Yevgeny Murov, with an annual salary of 82 thousand rubles, drives a Lexus. Since 2001, Ludmila Anatolyevna Murova has registered Elgold LLC, with which several transport, real estate and trading companies are associated.
                Yulia Pokhlebenina, wife of Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov, is known as the head of the Parus Aqua-Fitness Club in St. Petersburg, but they did not comment on this information in the club itself. In 2010, she declared more than 24 million rubles.
                Elena Chaika, the wife of Attorney General Yuri Chaika, at one time owned firms located at the same address as the office of their eldest son Artem. Now her name is associated with Tomsk LLC Siberian Element-Rent, the actual owner of which many consider the same Artyom Chaika.
                Oleg Roldugin
  9. Alexei
    Alexei 1 May 2012 14: 29
    Useless business. Anyway, no one will believe it.
  10. wolk71
    wolk71 1 May 2012 15: 03

    Poor little money for a decent car
  11. sichevik
    sichevik 1 May 2012 15: 27
    I especially smiled about the "Moskvich-401" and the motorcycle. He probably goes to work on them, and colleagues of a lower rank look at him with envy from their Zaporozhtsevs. In general, it is a complete bullshit, calculated on the naivety of the people who "eat everything."
  12. Cadet787
    Cadet787 1 May 2012 16: 08
    The director of the special service who is unable to put his assets into the shadows is worthless. It is not clear to whom this data. Although with what you need to start.
    1. Cadet787
      Cadet787 4 May 2012 23: 43
      It’s probably some kind of security officer who zipped me, I’ll ask no offense, I talked about your professionalism.
  13. Rezun
    Rezun 1 May 2012 16: 48
    But after all, they report, subscribe ... Well, if we are so smart - let's catch them! Moscow was not built right away, the concept of honor begins with a "word of honor." I met my wife ...
  14. AK-74-1
    AK-74-1 1 May 2012 17: 39
    Muscovite Murova against the backdrop of the scandal with bribes and kickbacks for Mercedes looks just like proof of crystal clearness. It is good that our FSO officers in scandals with prostitutes have not been noticed.
  15. orel53
    orel53 1 May 2012 17: 48
    They that people consider for suckers? the service published revenue data - this is a minuscule, but how much is in the shadow of money. Are they fools to keep capital in Russian banks ?! They all rewound over the hill. That is to expose everyone and return everything that has been assimilated in the Soviet era and after - so Russia probably would have been and would have lived 10 times better than the most civilized countries. Stalin is not enough now.
  16. Hleb
    Hleb 1 May 2012 17: 57
    The main thing is that they do not have secret accounts abroad! And here - let them have it, no one will say a word...

    Paradox !!! six people agree with this !!! It doesn’t matter how he stole them and from whom, but it is important where he keeps them .. and so
    no one will say the words
    - steal on ... where is the logic? explain?
    1. Felix200970
      Felix200970 1 May 2012 22: 25
      The logic is that here is not quite his. A bunch of examples from 1917 to the present
  17. Prophet Alyosha
    Prophet Alyosha 1 May 2012 17: 58
    Stop it! You keep people for cattle by publishing these reports ?! Nevertheless, they know that EVERY official has hundreds of times more than the official salary. What undisguised hypocrisy and pharisaism !!!
  18. snapshot
    snapshot 1 May 2012 18: 39
    as far as all the expensive cars of our bureaucrats are known, they were taken from the state treasury as if for work, but for reporting they write .. Volga, Muscovite. In fact, everything is different, remember the old scandals. Income statement complete nonsense ...
  19. Antarec
    Antarec 1 May 2012 19: 40
    .... Together with his wife, he owns two country houses and two apartments, as well as a Moskvich-401 car, a motorcycle and an all-terrain vehicle ....
    His motorcycle is probably Minsk (popularly "")
    1. olegyurjewitch
      olegyurjewitch 2 May 2012 00: 13
      Quote: Antarec
      and all-terrain vehicle ...

      Is it such a home-made one, with large cameras from MTZ-80? wassat
  20. Felix200970
    Felix200970 1 May 2012 22: 23
    Lost wallet with salary. Finder please do not laugh wassat