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Kiev: a respite in the war with monuments


Good time to all normal people! I admit, I am writing in such a funny state ... Spring, in Kiev it is warm, birds chirp and cry, spring noise in my head is like from Niagara Falls. And some satisfaction from what he saw and heard.

The noise in my head, I confess honestly, from the solvent. This strange liquid on the monument to General Vatutin took four buckets, no less. And, I must say, strong, infection. Sneaks up to the subcortex, as nothing to do!

In general, it was like that. Our glorious editorial office gently asked so, and what would you, Tarakanchik, not walk to the Mariinsky Park, but don’t see how things are going there? It seems that everyone has already calmed down, otmitingov, probably, already normal people came to the light of day?

What am I? And I am nothing. Can. I can. Practicing. Took and went.

The picture, to be honest, was not oil, but nitra. That is, everything is perfectly withered. And at the monument, about which we have already written, a completely reverse action takes place.

Four representatives of the municipal public service "Kyivblagoobustriy", already being inadequate from the inhaled vapors and about a dozen volunteers helped wash the monument. Helpers were from the union of veterans and just people who passed by and decided to join.

Well, I decided too. Join. And now I am reaping the fruits of my labor, with the hope that the toxic hangover will pass me by. But Nadezhda-Nadia, we ourselves know where today is, because of this.

Actually, nothing like that. You dissolve the paint and collect it with a cloth. Cool such synthetics, paint absorbs no worse than cotton.

In general, I report: the monument by the united efforts of people has been cleared of the actions of pigs! But I will say a couple of words about swinishness, so far I would just like to say something about people.

Angry words were many in our address. I almost agree with everyone so much, but I want to say the following: there are not too many pigs in Kiev. Yes, more than in any other city, but you also have a breeding ground in Moscow, if that!

In general, the monument was washed. Moreover, those from the veteran council (people who are not of veteran age quite to themselves), also brought flowers. So here ... See for yourself what happened at the output.

As if there was nothing. Nearly. By the way, even the police were there. But not in a crowd, as during vandalism, but in a single copy.

But - marked the presence and type of protection from those who could be against the elimination of the effects of swine.

There were few people, as I said, and they were not particularly eager to get on the lens. Who knows ...

Here, in general, that's all. Why? The job is done, people have worked. For pigs removed. Everything is as usual.

Worse, of course, the fact that people every year less and less.

And around, oddly enough, boiled ordinary life. Boost spring warmth. And here, you see, too, there was enough pigs. I do not want to say anything, the pig will find dirt unequivocally and everywhere, but it's a shame, yes.

And I do not want to yell. Brave and valiant "Oink!" can be seen almost everywhere. And nothing can be done about it, no matter how bitter it is to realize. Alas.

I just want to tell you, the Russians: may this cup pass you by ...
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  1. Sergey985
    Sergey985 April 18 2018 06: 18
    Rare today, a positive report from Ukraine!
    1. Reptiloid
      Reptiloid April 18 2018 06: 38
      Thanks for the message, dear reporter. Thank you for taking the picture.
    2. eser
      eser April 18 2018 11: 34
      Sorry, but what's positive about this report? Is that what we learned is that "there are still no pigs" in Ukraine? A gratifying fact, of course, and only after the inevitable “in your Moscow you can find worse” (the Ukrainian variation on the topic “and you actually have blacks lynched”) somehow doesn’t sound very good, but the statement is a few in the lines below - that “there are fewer people” is finishing off the remains of positive. For the rest - at least cut it, I didn’t see anything positive in this report about the next act of public vandalism, revenge and revision (with the goal - in the future - completely oblivious of the truth) of history that took place in Kiev. even if they retained their own thoughts (although it’s not yet evening, judging by the trend) after the loss of all other rights, they dissolve the traces of Pitecanthropus’s life under the protection of the “policemen” (which have clearly and more than once shown what this post-maid "guard" really is) is it positive Or that the memorial complex to the Liberator of Kiev without any Nazis is in a dilapidated state (in Lithuania, where I live, this is a worked-out strategy of the ruling revanchist ethnocracy: first bring the “uncomfortable” monument, which for some reason cannot be demolished at once, to an emergency state, but then, abruptly preoccupied with the “look of the city” and “the safety of citizens,” one night quietly fuse it into some kind of “totalitarian sculpture park” or “restoration”, with which, of course, he won’t return), but the local wreckage is it either "patriotic" or apolitical juveniles sucks beer without even bothering to clean it up - is this a positive thing? Well, if we assume that someone in Ukraine dares to tell the truth about erasing and replacing the historical memory of the people (for the sake of justice, there are still quite a lot of such people, and the point of no return has not yet been reached in this regard - although this is only a matter of time and political conditions ... alas), the positive is that, excuse me, it’s just right to tear your hair from such a positive situation. Given the almost complete absence of a clear-cut policy for compatriots in the “near abroad” in Moscow, one can say with confidence that the historical memory of Russians in Ukraine and their sense of “big Russia” as a historical Motherland will be erased and reformatted in a way that is beneficial for the owners of the new western colony - how this has already practically happened in the Baltic states (where "New Russia" showed that neither hundreds of thousands, nor millions of Russians are important to her; after Crimea and Donbass her hopes returned - and finally died out: the second time she breaks off even more painfully) ... only much faster. Further, with inexorable logic, similar processes in Kazakhstan and Belarus will follow. It’s time for the Kremlin to understand and take note of the creed of the Bulgakov professor Preobrazhensky: two masters cannot be served! For the sake of the local and world oligarchy, exhausting the last juices from Russia - and proclaiming some kind of "national-patriotic course", this is nonsense. And no positive ...
  2. cedar
    cedar April 18 2018 07: 46
    No need to offend pigs. Although they are pigs, they are not capable of this. Only mankurts are capable of this.
    Mancourt - according to Chingiz Aitmatov’s novel “The Buranny Stop” (“and the day lasts longer than a century”), captured man, turned into a soulless slave creature, completely subordinate to the owner (impudent Saxons) and not remembering anything from the previous life
    1. eser
      eser April 18 2018 11: 51
      There is absolutely nothing to do with “arrogant Saxons”: “mankurt” is a person without historical memory, without roots. By the way, using this term is now quite risky: in fact, the so-called “homo sovietkus” as people without a tribe, nationality, and, accordingly, national
      but historical memory. In this interpretation, “mankurts” included, in particular, those representatives of the peoples of the USSR who did not want to squeeze into the “exclusive” framework of the narrow-minded national-cultural (then only such, but soon political added) independence, refusing common achievements and common cultures, and, of course, those who “led the general culture to the masses” - “older brothers”, that is, Russians (then the “national intelligentsia” still enlisted Ukrainians, and even small Belarusians in mankurts as well as “Russians” - but it was 40 years ago ...). The “Soviet writer” Aitmatov with his “mankurts” played a very nasty joke with the relations of the peoples of the USSR - it was precisely such ideas that led, quite naturally, to great blood and great conflicts. So now to bring out this extremely dubious term, I think, it would be worthwhile to beware ...
  3. gm9019
    gm9019 April 18 2018 11: 19
    Thank you, dear Cockroach! love
    Milk (and generally dairy products), raw eggs or soft-boiled eggs will help from the consequences of communicating with a solvent — adsorbents are not bad. And more fluid!
    Take care of yourself!
  4. pafegosoff
    pafegosoff April 18 2018 15: 38
    Well, we have a lot of people who like to demolish monuments and lie under America - wow!
    Here, take Senator Naruseva (who threw the elderly old people onto the street in order to seize whole houses into property). She shakes from the bust of Stalin behind the Mausoleum like a devil in prayer.
    Or ... (hereinafter, a list of hundreds of all kinds of deputies such as Maksakov, Gudkov, Ponomarev and many others who still remained in their places, but at any moment they would join the New Maidan activists in Moscow).
    Decommunization and desovetization for them is a sacred cause. In Ukraine - Bandera with Shushkevich. In Russia - Vlasov, Mannerheim, Kolchak, Shkuro, Krasnov ...
    Togo and look - there will be prospectuses named after them.
    So, as Kozma Prutkov said: “Look at the root!”
    1. pafegosoff
      pafegosoff April 18 2018 15: 39
      I apologize: "Bee!"