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Sanctions should remain. Volker warned Italy

US Special Representative for Ukraine Kurt Volker said that Italy may have problems in relations with the European Union if it unilaterally lifts sanctions from Russia.

Sanctions should remain. Volker warned Italy

Abolishing sanctions would definitely be the wrong signal. We must ensure that the sanctions remain in force, and, possibly, become tougher due to Russia's actions
- said Volker in an interview with the newspaper La Stampa on Monday.

Volker recalled that the restrictions on Moscow are not Italian, but European measures. Therefore, a unilateral decision of Italy on this subject can lead to serious problems in relations with the European Union.

As a reason for the sanctions, Volker named the fact that "Russia does not comply with the obligations on the use of the Minsk agreements."

She did other things, for example, made an attack with nerve gas in the UK
- added Volker.

The candidate for the post of head of the future government of Italy from the center-right forces is the leader of the Italian Liga party, Matteo Salvini, who has repeatedly harshly criticized anti-Russian measures. He repeatedly said that if he received the post of prime minister, he would demand the lifting of sanctions on Moscow.

In this regard, Italy is predicted to be the main supporter of Russia in the EU and becoming the “largest Russophile democracy in Europe”.
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  1. Herculesic
    Herculesic April 16 2018 15: 16
    Purely out of curiosity, what does a walker personally do - expand Italy on the map in the opposite direction, or ban the words "pasta, spaghetti" on a global scale? ??? fool
    1. stalkerwalker
      stalkerwalker April 16 2018 15: 22
      Quote: Herkulesich
      Purely out of curiosity, personally a walker that will do

      The guy used to give TS, regardless of the host country - Banderostan or Italy. For the owner there is no difference what is the name of the slave.
      1. Alex777
        Alex777 April 16 2018 16: 41
        So let's see what eggs Salvini has. wink
        If everything is properly muddied up - the sex of the European Union will be lifted. We need a real violent, so that there is a leader. And punishing dozens of countries for the United States will be more expensive. hi
        1. evil partisan
          evil partisan April 16 2018 17: 34
          Quote: Alex777
          So let's see what eggs Salvini has.

          Yes, liquid, liquid. yes This has never happened before, so that the USA would not be bent by Italy on a matter that is necessary for the USA. But, the truth, and the Italians are not a damn honors in anything. Including in the matter of maintaining the rigidity of the sanctions regime. Plus, the fact that they are sitting at the end of a giant pipe along which Russian gas flows is a hint of support for Russia's initiatives to build gas pipelines in the southern direction.
          1. Alex777
            Alex777 April 16 2018 19: 38
            This time, both Italians and Greeks did not give their airfields for attack. When was this? hi
        2. svd-xnumx
          svd-xnumx April 16 2018 23: 22
          The hans with the paddles will put these rogues in a pose and take them away if the ini go against their course. There will be new elections for a couple of untrained aid tranches and in Italy.
          1. Sergej1972
            Sergej1972 April 17 2018 04: 12
            You do not confuse Italy with Greece or Portugal?
    2. rocket757
      rocket757 April 16 2018 15: 23
      Ban pasta, we will call pasta! We practically do not care, but Berlusconi is pleasant .... although pasta in naval style sounds pleasant and familiar!
      1. venik
        venik April 16 2018 17: 49
        Quote: rocket757
        although, pasta on naval floor sounds nice and familiar!

        It is interesting, but how, in this aspect, in Italian will it sound "navy pasta"? - Pasta a la marina ???? Not weak !!!
    3. Borik
      Borik April 16 2018 15: 23
      Threats, threats, and again threats - this is the policy of mattresses. And how strangely it acts.
      1. Vitaly Anisimov
        Vitaly Anisimov April 16 2018 15: 38
        What persecution of Russia and Russians is coming! This has not happened in our entire history (I don’t remember something)
        Maybe the men will surrender ..?

        Well, sho .. we’ll still heal in our territories (separate, like the Indians))) .. Why do we need all this, confrontation? Damn it with this Russia he he he We will rest on the Canaries .. laughing wassat Bavarian beer to drink and snack on hot docks
        I want to fight men. soldier
        1. Paranoid50
          Paranoid50 April 16 2018 16: 27
          Quote: MIKHAN
          Maybe the men will surrender ..?

          Quote: MIKHAN
          I want to fight men.

          Vitaliy, you just did Trump. One of these days it took about forty minutes for two similar posts, only in the reverse order. You seem to have done it in a couple of minutes. wassat hi
  2. Heterocapsa
    Heterocapsa April 16 2018 15: 20
    Was Italy going to lift the sanctions? I missed something.
    1. Sergej1972
      Sergej1972 April 17 2018 04: 15
      There will soon be a change of government. The winners of the parliamentary elections promised to lift or ease sanctions.
  3. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter April 16 2018 15: 20
    Walker is a balabol ... If Italy WILL BREAK through the sanctions wall, Germany will breathe a sigh of relief! And join!
    1. jncnfdybr
      jncnfdybr April 16 2018 15: 22
      But this is what our partners will try to prevent from over the puddles.)
    2. rocket757
      rocket757 April 16 2018 15: 26
      Who will break through whom? Jabber again, however, beat your own, schob tsuzu feared, no one has canceled this rule! In advance ???
      1. Xroft
        Xroft April 16 2018 15: 47
        Of course, they draw another * Russia’s * ally again, all this chatter. A post will also begin to dance to the tune and vilify us. The vector of the West will not change until the United States loses its hegemony. They also wrote about trump what our friend is ... right now he can’t make a noise in the white house, but if he couldn’t ... can anyone even move the neocons to Olympus? ....
  4. pafegosoff
    pafegosoff April 16 2018 15: 23
    Listen Italy hosts! And then ... And then you will not receive gas from America, but from Russia through Turkey!
  5. Denis Obukhov
    Denis Obukhov April 16 2018 15: 23
    What a style! The American warns Italy that it will complicate relations with the European Union. Well, in general, it’s clear. The owner said CHYS!
  6. Denis Obukhov
    Denis Obukhov April 16 2018 15: 25
    It's funny Volcker has nothing to do with either the EU or Italy, while he confidently discusses the consequences.
    1. japs
      japs April 16 2018 19: 52
      It is amusing here that the US Special Representative for Ukraine is teaching Italy what to do with the Russian Federation, so as not to expose itself to EU sanctions. The question is, what does this “wolves” have to do with Italy and the EU?
  7. askort154
    askort154 April 16 2018 15: 29
    Zadolbali! Our Foreign Ministry needs to print the Minsk Agreement long time ago in paragraphs, in large print, and constantly post it at all briefings. There is not a single word about Russia's obligations. They brazenly lie at all angles, and we remain silent or mumble the languages ​​of Zakharova and Peskov. Both of them, no longer meet today's requirement of the time. Explicit representatives trapped in MGIMO. negative
    1. The comment was deleted.
      1. The comment was deleted.
        1. The comment was deleted.
          1. The comment was deleted.
  8. 75 hammer
    75 hammer April 16 2018 15: 41
    And he said to the Pan-slaves: "You must shout bad words to the neighbor all night through the fence! -To sleep on him and get up with a bad head in the morning!", But Pan forgot to indicate through which fence and fool-slaves yelled all night into the steppe !
  9. Russia
    Russia April 16 2018 15: 41
    Good boy, even in Italy his powers extend. And even the Italians can’t send it, even if it’s not real, but for the sake of formality.
  10. viktor.
    viktor. April 16 2018 15: 52
    not Italian, but European measures. The most interesting phrase bully A direct warning to Italy if the sanctions are Gayropeyskie then we said so and want and do not comply! wassat Poor Babe Geyropa laughing
  11. Elizar Zadunaysky
    Elizar Zadunaysky April 16 2018 19: 00
    and what is special in the entom representative that he warns everyone, threatens, runs everywhere like a flea on a dog, only annoys
  12. razved
    razved April 16 2018 19: 10
    Is that what it's called? Blackmail or dictatorship? And what does the American have to do with the EU?
  13. Zomanus
    Zomanus April 16 2018 23: 39
    Well, that’s all right. Euro countries should not forget who their master is.
    Yes, and not Italy rock the boat with its Euro debt ...
  14. Slovak
    Slovak April 17 2018 00: 02
    Our (unfinished) shot everywhere managed? Who is he to point the Italians? Let Pete blow in his ears (or where else he blows)
  15. The comment was deleted.