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Notes of the Colorado Cockroach. We have reached. Question: who and where?


Greetings to you, my loyal friends and readers! Angry me today. On the one hand, it is ready to burst like a soap bubble, on the other hand, I don’t look like a soap bubble at all. Rather, on the gas cylinder. Yes, with such gas, as at a monument to Vatutin watered.

In general, so we had to get under all this, but then I do not even know if I let him down or helped me out. I went with Batey, and that motor went berserk. While we were sitting on the bench, we waited for how the Valocordin would work, everything was already over.

I’ll tell you in the first lines that I’m saying: we’ve reached it. How, who and where - a separate conversation, but reached. Someone came to the pen in his bestiality, and God be their judge. No Zhukov, no Vatutin, no Stalin - only hope for God.

But there are those who have reached the monument (such as we, only more abruptly, because in time). With flowers. The fact that they were smaller than all this filth - this is sad. The fact that people who were not afraid to come to the place where the Nazis and the Nazis staged a party - this is precisely what Ukraine has not yet died.

Although, of course, yes, in shit and paint, we are deeply. Alas…

It turns out the complete impotence of power in the face of the national police and these, "dialohistyh", and naviagrennyh fascists from 14. And normal people with tears are not from feelings, but from tears.

That's how we live. So we bloom, the same and smell. But Vatutin once again wash and clean. We, who are the Ukrainian people, are written on the monument.

These are the cockroaches. Spring exacerbation of mental disorders. Although, this is not only ours. Around the world, "mental" activated. I don’t know. Islanders how many teaspoons of tar they threw in honey? And continue.

But we, too, are not well off. We have another Peremoga. We again entered the next top 10! This time in the top 10 countries where works of art are most often stolen. This is from 1991 to November 2017. I will even list countries for pride. Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, France, Austria, Germany and, about Peremoga, Ukraine!

Do you think we steal pictures and other these arts? Not! Just Ukrainians are attached ... I liked the man picture. Well, I decided to hang it in the hut. If you like something, you buy it. And we have a war with the aggressor. There is not enough money. So, we take for free and in secret. And when you get tired of looking at this art, we sell it. There is such a vein in us. Business

So, for information - the pictures are not relevant now. If anyone is there, do not hide it too much. We are now an agrarian power. In the garden, sculptures look good. So, if anyone has antique sculptures, have a look. Well, gold, silver, ceramics, antique weapon. I wrote it in all seriousness. For the whole world.

I have an interesting news from Lvov. You probably already thought about the next Bandera speeches. Thought correctly, but not right! Imagine a bar. Sunday evening. People rest. Music is playing. Everything is grand and noble. Just like in Russia. Including music. And then Svidomo Radko Mokrik appears.

As befits a real Ukrainian, he ran to the administration demanding that they sing only on the Move. And those, to him, brazenly, “our visitors do not like this language”. In Lviv! In short, this was rado ... visitors. Hard like that. Moreover, it is with pride that I write, some of those who mutuzil jerk were "tourists from Kiev." Most of them are “tourists from Poland”.

And we started another campaign. In Kiev, they began to rob what is not in Ukraine! Here we are guys interesting. We plunder and we destroy ... gambling institutions. On the left bank, a few were crushed, on Vasily Porik Avenue 13G, on Melnikova 5, on Kibalchich 19 ...

I really want to eat, and the people have almost no pennies. So they began to destroy the casinos banned in Ukraine. Classics of the genre. Camouflage, muzzle, bat and crowd. Smash everything and take away the money. On Porik, in the "Golden Horseshoe", by the way, they generally took the safe. Good safe, they say, but nothing, anything can be torn at the hut.

Notes of the Colorado Cockroach. We have reached. Question: who and where?

Rob the loot! By the way, I want a little "tune out the SBU" through IN. Hey, deaf-blind, who alone can, that squeeze business and invent Russian shpyugunov on level ground, I lay down - on the Heroes of Dnepr 3A acts illegal casino. And one of your roofs.

Although it is doubtful to me that the SBU will do something. Otherwise, where will MP Lyashko win the lottery?

On the other hand, is there something like that in it ... Makhnovshchina? Probably, but if the power consists of impotent, then what to do? Look, on the Andreevsky descent built "theater". Would kill the architect. This is about the same as what you have on the Vasilevsky descent to build a barn.

Now they are building a hotel there. In the same style. And what to do? On Wednesday, activists there captured ... a construction crane! A man came 20, three on the crane with the flag, the rest blocked all possible entrances. Everything. Odessans, namely, they are building this hotel, worked out.

My friends stopped driving to Kiev. Well, almost stopped. “You know, you used to come in order to just wander around the evening city. It's beautiful with you. It seems like you are entering the other world. And such a cesspool into which Kiev was turned today is enough for me at home.” It's a shame, but I have to agree with that. The city is changing. Selyuk crush Kiev, alter under their own concepts about the city, about morality, about life in general.

And this feeling is not just me. Remember, some time ago I wrote to you about a new Ukrainian tradition - a daily grenade? Life goes on. And the armament of our people is increasing.

On the night of Friday in the Pechersk district, on the Omelyanovich-Pavlenko street 4 / 6, the Kievgorstroy building was shot from ... an anti-tank grenade launcher. And - hit. In the sales department of the aforementioned "Kyivmiskbud". But could and in the restaurant. There, through the wall "Hops-suneli" is located.

Feel, grow! Qualitatively!

I was talking there. The point was at night. About two. And even the tube from the grenade launcher saw. He lay across the road. I think that this is exactly the Russian saboteurs. The numbers on the tube were cut down so that we could not find out that he was from the Kremlin arsenal. I am waiting for this version to be voiced by some chief from the police or the SBU.

So, what is next? Expect the promised collapse of the dome of Lutsenko. Rada from 120-mm mines? Or go to the forest to dig up the great-grandfather's "forty-five"? Such a “progress” even starts to scare me ... I don’t even want to go to the basement. In the cellar. And even better - in the bunker. For permanent residence.

In general, so rapidly wild. Or degraded. Who is more convenient. Simply degraded the word "wild" to master a little easier.

For example, we have revived the slave trade. Yes Yes. It is the slave trade that you read correctly. A resident of Vladimir-Volynsky used slaves for work ... on the Belarusian collective farm! Gathered men, brought to the Brest region in the collective farm. Sold the slaves to the chairman. I beat it off for a shot and sent it to work in the field. Salary, of course, took away his.

It is good that one of the men escaped and wrote a statement to the prosecutor. Already there unleash this thing.

"The young man, on the contents of which there are three minor children, was previously convicted of serious bodily injury and disorderly conduct."

That's the truth about the migrant workers materialized. Not zarobitchane, and slaves! And not only abroad, but also at home, in Ukraine. Here is another example. Donetsk region, village of Pokrovskoye, Mangushsky district. The owner of a car repair shop, he is also a local deputy, beat up and put his worker on a chain in his own garage.

So what? He is an employee. So it should work, not the right to pump and drink vodka. The owner said to paint the car - run paint. Absolutely slaves let themselves go ... By the way, other slaves of the owner supported. And even began to actively "otmazyvat" him from the police. I peeped in the protocol prosecutor:

"The police saw a man whose hands and legs were tied with a chain and adhesive tape. In addition, the man was intoxicated. The villagers turned to his master and asked him to calm down. The man tied his friend and locked him in the garage, explaining that he had no other choice. "

Here we are nazalezhnye and free ... steel. But the deputy also beat these defenders too.

Now a little about our new tactics of wearing out Russia. And what, we already realized that you do not want to fall apart from the sanctions and made an unexpected attack. We will now destroy your economy with trade development!

First of all, we forced you to confirm your readiness to partially use our CTA after 2019 of the year! Remember how your Gazprom talked about ending the use of our pipe? Ha, Poroshenko agreed. Novak your said that you give up!

"It was confirmed, we confirmed that we will be guaranteed to ensure deliveries under the existing contracts to European consumers. And we confirmed that we do not exclude some use of the gas transportation infrastructure of Ukraine beyond 2019 of the year."

How much should you deliver to southern Europe? 10-15 million cubes? Good. The rest we will get from these alternative suppliers. Only now we will find out who it is, so immediately and in addition. I talked to experts here. In order for the GTS to work for zero, you need to pump 30 million cubic meters ...

I was thinking here, here are our beauties on Russian highways. Beauty is shown to passing drivers. So there pay for the beauty! And if you show it from patriotism, it will be kind of free ... So it’s with the pipe.

Yes, and our pipe must be urgently changed. It looks quite lousy. The USSR, even when built, laid such a pod. So that in a few decades it would be necessary to repair this pipe. Here are Muscovites ...

Although recently been at the gas station. There, at the gas station hose leak. Also, probably, from the USSR. So the workers removed it and threw it into some box. And a new hose was attached to the column. Did not even think to fix the old.

In general, probably, we should have enough hysteria. We are a hose and our business swing. How many will say, so much we will be. If we suddenly refuse, we cannot see reverse gas from the same Slovakia. With coal, they wondered over.

Last year, imports of anthracite to Ukraine increased more than three times! At the same time, imports from Russia amounted to 78,6% of all imported coal! 2,66 million tons of anthracite!

“In 2017, 78,6% of imported anthracite (2,66 million tons) came from the Russian Federation, while 99,5% came through intermediaries. a ton, and directly from the Russian Federation only 2017 thousand tons were delivered at an average price of 99,3 dollars per ton. "

"Slovak gas" anthracite sounds like "Swiss and British coal." From South Africa, Ukraine imported 2017 thousands of tons of anthracite in 714,1 (21,2% of total imports) at the average price of 92,1 dollars per ton (imports were made through Switzerland).

The average settlement prices for the import of anthracite in Ukraine in 2017 for the "direct" contracts were about 165 dollars per ton (170 dollars for the ton in 2016 year), and for "indirect" - 98 dollars per ton (73 dollars per ton in 2016 year ).

How do you mnogohodovochka? Donbass-Russia-Switzerland-Ukraine. In Rotterdam via Popenhagen ... How many of these “parasites” have now been divorced in poor Ukraine? I've looked at your sellers' earnings. 266 million. American hryvnia! Hmm ... Aggressor sell anthracite. And then we have the ATO and the aggressor attacked ...

Being expressed in medical language, we are sitting on the gas needle with our left buttock, and in the right one we also stuck the coal. If it goes on like this, no ass is enough to stick a needle. How much I did not consider the structure of a person, I have not found more than two half-pips anywhere!

And I will finish the same, than began. But for this we move to Odessa. They celebrated 74 anniversary of the liberation of the city from the Nazis. And so, April 10 in the city marched Afghans march! I mean, participants in the Afghan war! With red flags marched, with awards. Handsomely. Gray-haired, but they may well pitch activists. They are not shoved.

But that is not all. The next day, the Odessans again showed the authorities who is who (I do not express myself, I said in English). Imagine the reaction of the patriots when they began to sing the memorial "schenevmerlu", and heard the march "Holy War"! Odessans sang another hymn! Not even a hymn call. They sang amicably, beautifully, with feeling ...

Oh, sorry, I was not there. But thanks anyway I will say. For memory and for courage. Marsh, albeit small, but a success. Judging by the way it froze on many “patriotic” sites ...

Everything. I finish and stop tormenting you with my thoughts and our next stupidity. But only for a week! See you. Will live!
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  1. svp67
    svp67 April 16 2018 05: 49
    hi Okoloradsky ... with special respect
    On the night of Friday in the Pechersky district, on 4/6 Omelyanovich-Pavlenko Street, the Kievgorstroy building was shot from ... anti-tank grenade launcher.
    Well, they are still human, they could have launched the Bumblebee, then certainly it would not have seemed ...
    How do you like the multi-port? Donbass-Russia-Switzerland-Ukraine. To Rotterdam via Popenhagen ...
    Immediately the main thing, but who pays for it?
    The next day, the inhabitants of Odessa again showed the authorities who is hu (I don’t express myself, I said in English type). Imagine the reaction of the patriots when they began to sing the memorial "scammer", and heard the march "Holy War"! Odessans sang another hymn! Not even a hymn, a call. They sang together, beautifully, with feeling ...
    What can not but cause respect ... Thanks to the real inhabitants of Odessa, for MEMORY.
    1. your1970
      your1970 April 16 2018 10: 02
      “But we, too, are not born. We have another breakthrough. We again entered the next top 10! This time in the top 10 countries in which works of art are most often stolen. This is from 1991 to November 2017 of the year. I will even list countries with pride. Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, France, Austria, Germany and, oh too much, Ukraine! "- it can be sad here: it is quite possible that they consider objects of art in the museum of Crimea - stolen from the country 404. It is also quite possible - that they could submit information about them to Interpol, in which case it would be highly undesirable to export these paintings outside the Russian Federation: they could be arrested and returned to the "owner" type ..
      This issue needs to be addressed.
  2. inkass_98
    inkass_98 April 16 2018 07: 21
    Warriors-Afghans separate respect. But there are a lot of them and was sitting on the Maidan, so the alignment among them is quite ambiguous. Moreover, there is nothing more disconnecting, as it turned out, than the common past.
  3. antivirus
    antivirus April 16 2018 08: 05
    shamefully, but I have to agree with that. The city is changing. Selyuki squeeze the people of Kiev, remake it under their own ideas about the city, about morality, about life in general.

    - this is for 10-15 years, until the educational and cultural level of peasant children will be pulled up to the "urban". There is only 10 years left to endure.
    The uncultured capital (large village) - Moscow and the cultural capital - Leningrad-St. Petersburg - you can choose a synonym for Kiev.
    1. Akuzenka
      Akuzenka April 16 2018 15: 55
      Do not be so optimistic. On the contrary, the level of "urban" decline. And universal grace and change will come, especially in the dark.
      1. Barkun
        Barkun April 18 2018 09: 54
        In-in, the principle of equalization of intelligence has not yet been canceled.
  4. Berber
    Berber April 16 2018 08: 57
    There are nice trends. Thanks for the gift of hope.
  5. d ^ Amir
    d ^ Amir April 16 2018 09: 08
    Dear T. Okoloradsky !!!! thanks for the next review of news on / on ...
  6. Helmsman
    Helmsman April 16 2018 09: 08
    Everything is not easy in Little Russia. And in Odessa, in particular, everything is stretched like a string. A lot of people are silent, clenching their teeth to a gnash. And the words "do not forget, do not forgive" is not an empty phrase. Society is divided by blood.
  7. BAI
    BAI April 16 2018 09: 12
    The average estimated price of anthracite, which was imported to Ukraine from the Russian Federation under "indirect" contracts, in 2017 amounted to 99,3 dollars per ton, and only 12,1 thousand tons were imported directly from the Russian Federation at an average price of 165,7 dollars per ton " .

    I don’t understand anything at all. How can direct deliveries be more expensive than deliveries through an intermediary? Does the intermediary pay extra? Usually the opposite.
    1. andj61
      andj61 April 16 2018 09: 56
      Quote: BAI
      The average estimated price of anthracite, which was imported to Ukraine from the Russian Federation under "indirect" contracts, in 2017 amounted to 99,3 dollars per ton, and only 12,1 thousand tons were imported directly from the Russian Federation at an average price of 165,7 dollars per ton " .

      I don’t understand anything at all. How can direct deliveries be more expensive than deliveries through an intermediary? Does the intermediary pay extra? Usually the opposite.

      Yes, it is most likely that some particularly valuable coal was imported. But, frankly, all these statistics are not particularly credible. Only through Bryansk is coal constantly going from Kuzbass. and not just from the type of Rostov laughing area. And full of direct contracts. But much more coal was sent to Slovakia, where it is practically not used at all. Apparently, the reverse is also used in the coal industry! bully hi
    2. Rey_ka
      Rey_ka April 16 2018 10: 14
      You really forgot about the rollback !!!!
    3. konstantin68
      konstantin68 April 16 2018 12: 09
      It's about coal LDNR.
  8. Pushkar
    Pushkar April 16 2018 09: 29
    And where were these "brave Afghans" when they burned people alive in the House of Trade Unions? A couple of dozens of people with freshly made neutral banners and Turkish flags all over Odessa. Yes, of course it is a powerful force. Sad girls.
  9. Antares
    Antares April 16 2018 10: 15
    In Odessa, they simply began to protect the Walk of Fame and check everyone who wants to participate. They fenced the whole park there. And the “activists" were a little late and almost did not intervene. There was only one tape.
    Everything went quietly and calmly. Of course, I wanted like then veterans on motorcycles of those years in the Deribasovskaya or mediocre parade. But what was calm was already good.
  10. asp373
    asp373 April 16 2018 11: 25
    SW Cockroach, how did you winter the cities that turned off heating for debts for the winter? Maybe it is not necessary at all? It can be decommunized, and without gas and coal, panuvati will be possible.
  11. pyour1k
    pyour1k April 16 2018 11: 44
    A vile picture, when they mock at the fallen heroes of the Great Patriotic War, anyway, they will be remembered through the centuries, and all the scum will be forgotten after the change of power.
    1. Suhow
      Suhow April 17 2018 23: 28
      they will also judge this scum together with this power. Therefore, they’re flowing so that there is someone to put meat into.
  12. stas-xnumx
    stas-xnumx April 16 2018 12: 34
    You can take me to the "couch" warriors, but still where are the people? Why did all this allow? They launched the Maidan at 14, Bandera and others like them got hungry there as they could, so why didn’t other normal people just start their maidan, right? You look, maybe it wouldn’t be that we are now reaping ALL, incl. the farthest corners of Russia ...
    1. domokl
      domokl April 16 2018 13: 15
      there is only one piece of advice. Read the Cockroach from the beginning. Already in terms of a good novel probably. It is very interesting to re-read the 2-3 of the summer article. And the picture emerges ...
    2. Suhow
      Suhow April 17 2018 23: 31
      many others work to make ends meet .... rather than jumping and fighting monuments, there is a separate rate for those.
    3. Conrad
      Conrad April 18 2018 22: 10
      Quote: stas-21127
      so why other normal people also didn’t launch their maidan,

      Yes, because no one gives money for the right Maidan! And on the enthusiasm of the citizens it is impossible to defeat the centralized apparatus financed by the most powerful financial power! The Americans won out of the money to seize power, to finance the war with Russia at the expense of Ukraine, and tossed. and weapons, and communications, and much, much more. And not all for the money. But in our military district they seriously offered weapons and communications for LDNR to sell. And when I turned this desire to frivolity, they also banned me with the phrase "for trolling"
  13. zenion
    zenion April 16 2018 14: 01
    If the Makhnovshchina, soon the Mabut will go into action carts with machine guns. And, of course, Popandopulo will appear with his money.
  14. Mih1974
    Mih1974 April 16 2018 15: 48
    All this "rolling the field" itself will not go anywhere and Russia has no strength (yes, I will explain below) to free and restore order throughout this territory.
    When the simple truth reaches the Ukrainians - the Enemy will not leave (!!) must he be killed !? fool I understand that during the Second World War it was "easier" if only because the enemy was visible and understandable, but there was at least the hope that "the Red Army would come and expel the fascist," now this will not happen.
    Here the respected Cockroach was in Russia and saw a little how we live, praised and envied in white, but let him listen to us who live here - maybe we look better against the background of the ancient Shumeria, but we can see huge problems in Russia, the recent fire in Kemerovo is maaalyusenky "iceberg" on top of its huge "underwater part". Yes, we are building a bridge to the Crimea and much more, we are standing factories, but at the same time - we are breaking records for the purchase (and consumption) of palm oil, the same Belorussians coming to work or “selling crops” always take FOOD belay because "we can’t eat your rubbish." And I agree with them, even a high price cannot guarantee unfortunately quality.
    But I wrote all this to the fact that - we here in Russia cannot restore order, where should we go to you No. sad . You are not Syria, where we put things in order with missile and bomb strikes, and even such "help" did not give up to you. For the fourth year in a row, Russia can’t bring order to the miserable, tiny (compared to Ukraine) Crimea, we all catch the ancient Sumerians, both among officials and even among the military (whom the FSB had to turn inside out).
    I’ll write to you dear Cockroach, I’ll write even more terrible things - suppose Russia frees Ukria from the fascist regime, begins to “re-educate” your patients, selects their pans, but if you could personally sit in the park with a small daughter or granddaughter next to Turchin’s, a little cat or Savchenko? fool And these are those who personally didn’t kill anyone (it’s safer), and hundreds of thousands who went through the ATO and become killers, this is finally a change in the psyche, how to swim or ride a bicycle - it is impossible to forget or unlearn. And that means they will have to be driven out of Ukraine or killed, but it’s physically like a living organism and it’s not important to hang, shoot or burn at the stake. You have a lively example of what happens if they even marinate them for 25 years in prison, if they survive, it will only become angrier and only harbor anger.
  15. Baloo
    Baloo April 16 2018 17: 35
    On April 10, a march of Afghans took place in the city! I mean, participants in the Afghan war! With red flags came, with awards. Handsomely. Gray-haired, but may well pile on activists.

    The next day, the inhabitants of Odessa again showed the authorities who is hu (I don’t express myself, I said in English type). Imagine the reaction of the patriots when they began to sing the memorial "scammer", and heard the march "Holy War"! Odessans sang another hymn! Not even a hymn, a call. They sang together, beautifully, with feeling ...

    I take off my hat and applaud standing for real men. It is a pity that you are so few. Good luck to Vkam, peace and prosperity to your families in this difficult time. Respect to your parents. hi
  16. gm9019
    gm9019 April 16 2018 19: 06
    Thank you, dear Cockroach! love And for the review, and for the photo - I read it with pleasure every time, directly even waiting!
    Take care of yourself!
  17. Fedorov
    Fedorov April 17 2018 07: 24
    I lay - an illegal casino operates on the Heroes of the Dnieper 3A. And one of your roofs.

    On the metro station Chernigovskaya, st. Milutenka, there’s something similar, you don’t have to look for a long time, the path is laid. The district police officer always gets confused and the opera from the regional department.
  18. Igor V
    Igor V April 17 2018 10: 50
    "to the degraded word" wild "to master a little easier."
    Cockroach as always well done! good
  19. morpogr
    morpogr April 18 2018 16: 23
    Interesting and informative results of the week from Ukraine. So to speak uncomplicated view from the inside. hi
  20. Lexa-149
    Lexa-149 April 19 2018 09: 51
    It is necessary to create a squad of liquidators, give them a list of S-14 members and begin to shoot them. The first is Jeku Karas! negative