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Kedmi: Americans have no more than 5 years to break Russia

The Caribbean crisis was a big miscalculation of American intelligence. The US intelligence agencies did not have accurate data on the number of Soviet missiles with thermonuclear warheads in Cuba. Only later, after years, it became known that the Soviet Union could destroy half of the eastern coast of the United States with one volley.

Then, thanks to the pragmatic policy of Washington, the world managed to move away from the abyss. But victory in the crisis remained for the USSR. The United States was forced to remove its missiles from Turkey and Italy. Only then did the American authorities realize that it would not be possible to fight with Moscow by military means.

The current US leadership feeds the same dangerous illusions. They believe that with Russia you can speak the language of force. At the same time, Washington is well aware that the time to contain our country is less and less. According to Israeli expert Jacob Kedmi, the Americans have from 3 to 5 years to contain Russia's military power.

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  1. antiexpert
    antiexpert April 12 2018 18: 27
    what are xnumx years?
    already burst)))
  2. Baloo
    Baloo April 12 2018 18: 58
    The first thing to do is to take Twitter away from the Trampamp, the second to put out the GPS. I will be glad to know about the unexpected self-flooding of some Amer trough. Something long ago, American fighters did not fall. Is it for the rain?
  3. Razvedka_Boem
    Razvedka_Boem April 12 2018 19: 20
    According to Israeli expert Jacob Kedmi, Americans have 3 to 5 years to hold back Russia's military power.

    Once Khoja Nasredin said that he would be able to teach donkey human speech ..
    The emir heard about this and giving him his donkey said - I'm waiting!
    To this, Nasrudin answered him - It takes time, 20 years.
    At the exit from the palace, people tell him - What have you done?! ..
    To which Nasrud ​​replied - For 20 years or donkey, either the emir or I will die ..
    1. Dedall
      Dedall April 12 2018 21: 52
      Nasruddin is clearly smarter than this Kedmi, who gave the West 5 years. Our leaders will not do anything in 20 years. And here, after another 6 years, Putin is being retired. There will come a new land manager, taught in Cambridge, or some other western town and that's it ...
      But actually, this Kedmi is sick of it. Each time he has some very valuable opinion and every time he is published on the site. Or is he on a payroll at Military Review?
      1. The comment was deleted.
        1. Konstantin Game
          Konstantin Game April 17 2018 19: 53
          The other day, on Solovyov’s broadcast, Kedmi starred as an excursionist drowned the museum’s American nuclear submarine, taking the helm “on himself” - such enchanting idiots can be seen only at Solovyov’s. And also on.
    2. TimurEkgardt
      TimurEkgardt April 19 2018 14: 09
      I missed the jokes about Hodja Nasredin =))
  4. Beltasir matyagu
    Beltasir matyagu April 13 2018 00: 41
    Stop posting this either a jester or an enemy. The pseudo "Guru" brainwashed through the drawer
    It’s sick to watch the crowd in the studio (and of the same nationality) quietly listening to this Mossad-Rabbi wandering for a salary
    Ah, sheer wisdom! Holding your breath with a little enthusiasm, listen to the great authority that he sets there. To hell with all the regulars of this scum gear. Suitcase Station

    This is the bottom level for alternatively gifted
    1. The comment was deleted.
  5. axxmanm
    axxmanm April 13 2018 17: 18
    already got these cadmies with satanovsky ..
    Apparently the money allocated for stupid cheers -pat propaganda do not want to pay anyone but their own.
    Everything in the house, everything in the family ..
    1. SEER
      SEER April 14 2018 00: 44
      Quote: axxmanm
      already got these cadmies with satanovsky ..

      and what is wrong?
      don't like it? read the trump tweeter.
      1. axxmanm
        axxmanm April 14 2018 12: 09
        Yes, it’s better to trump than this little shoble ..
        And what VO already openly fell under zasral?
    2. The comment was deleted.
  6. mixa001002
    mixa001002 April 13 2018 17: 27
    Cedmie is saying it right. 3-5 years before joining the S 500 duty. And then GAME OVER. NATO will get on the head
    1. axxmanm
      axxmanm April 14 2018 13: 42
      Quote: mixa001002
      Cedmie is saying it right. 3-5 years before joining the S 500 duty. And then GAME OVER. NATO will get on the head

      is it such a sarcastic joke from you? well are you kidding this Jewish hired "sage"
  7. Calina Krasnaya
    Calina Krasnaya April 19 2018 06: 21
    I agree with the foregoing. As long as the printing press is working, many things get away with it so far.
    And plus - historically it happened that this stupid overseas melting mass was at the right time in the right place - while Europe and Russia butted on the continent and destroyed each other - they took profit, and after the war they built their economies on the bones of two world wars.
    But this will come to a natural end. All those who think they are “exclusive” ones fell loudly. Those who fall will fall. Moreover, those who were a cut above, stronger and smarter than them fell.
  8. Teishev alex
    Teishev alex April 19 2018 08: 07
    Kedmi - yap, no one is interested in us in Israel. Since he makes money in Russia, he says what they want to hear from him.
  9. VladVlad
    VladVlad April 20 2018 18: 16
    The USA dreams of destroying Russia for several decades and is doing everything possible and impossible for this. They direct all their actions and plans to achieve this goal! Russia must prepare for the inevitable US aggression. And it may even be a preemptive strike against the United States! In another way, the USA will not cope with this aggression! The painful aggressiveness of the USA against the Russian Federation is treated only by a global thermonuclear strike. These aggressors will not calm down until they get on a bad head!
    1. Mark berger_2
      Mark berger_2 April 20 2018 19: 10
      This disease is called paranoia.
      The United States saved the Russians from hunger three times.
      I hope they do not repeat such nonsense.
      1. aleksandroff
        aleksandroff 6 May 2018 13: 31
        Russia generally saved America. Learn the story. If not for Russia, there would be neither the United States nor Israel. But when America saved Russia from hunger, I did not hear something. I started to starve, as some countries still do, I know, but from hunger it is insanity for seniors. Is that what you say on Twitter in America there?
  10. Mark berger_2
    Mark berger_2 April 20 2018 19: 08
    Kedmi has no more than 2 years to stop carrying pro-Kremlin bullshit and to confess, like an FSB agent to the Israeli justice system.
  11. serge siberian
    serge siberian April 21 2018 10: 29
    Fundamentally, Yasha is right. But the trouble is that both "all the prowlers" and "Urya patrioites" (please do not confuse with the Patriots of Russia) want to live according to the Western model. But they forget about the achievements of trade unions in the west and the laws in the USSR, about education: there is only mediocre without payment, and here is the highest without money (and not as it is now). Med help there and then it is a business, a big business, not help. Ministers and even politicians here and now do business on people's sores. The Army under Nikolay 2 already strictly by conscription (not only contractors) formed. Well, the sanctions of amers are not for us the weather will hurt if you take ministers in the "hedgehogs". They, the ministers, have not fulfilled Putin’s orders in six years of the previous and forty percent of orders, and have already calculated how much money is needed for the next six years. There are only three initiative and executive law-abiding ministers in Moscow: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs with the Moscow Region and the FSB is getting farther and farther "there will be no kin, the electricity is over."
  12. NF68
    NF68 April 30 2018 15: 22
    It is unlikely that the case in this case concerns only Russia. China’s increasingly prominent role should also not be forgotten, and if China continues to develop at such a pace, and Russia and Kazakhstan ensure energy supplies to China and uninterrupted railway communication with Europe, then for the United States it will be much more dangerous than just confronting Russia. If now the United States will not crush the whole thing, so to speak, in the bud, then later for the United States there will be much more problems.