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Cinema "Foes": if a friend was suddenly ...

Most often, attention is attracted by tendentious films that have fallen to a film festival, which caused a major scandal or were simply shot under the budget's cut, clearly tangible at the final zero result. But there are less odious paintings, it would seem, only for internal use. But these films are also important, because the informational era, which was supposed to push the boundaries and grant freedom, turned out to be comprehensive, but rather manageable in a short period of time. In this context, even the tapes that are abstract from politics for “internal use” become excellent markers of what is in trend in the society of a particular country or, respectively, that they are trying to impose on this society. And since Hollywood is any knee-deep sea, so history by shifting accents and repeating a small lie over and over again you can change it in the public consciousness.

The film “The Foes” of American production, charmed by “independent” critics, that 5 rubles go on market day. a bucket came out in our rental a couple of months ago. The picture is a seemingly endless road western, whose narration is moved to the end of the 19 century. Severe as a thundercloud, Captain Blocker (Christian Bale) gets his last assignment - to transport the former leader of the Yellow Hawk from New Mexico to Montana, where the latter will have to give ends because of cancer. The authorities, therefore, want to show humanism, because in the endless expanses, cleared of savages, settled so many unsuited American scum that you need to roll out the crowd at least something to show.

The blocker, as a direct participant in the war with the Indians and with the Yellow Hawk himself, frowns and strums his boots with his boots, but eventually sets off. As if stupid and senseless risk that the brave captain, even without waiting for the photographer, and the destination, chop the leader along with the wigwam into a small vinaigrette, is not enough, the authorities equip the captain with a truly Panopticon detachment. The model squadron 1890 includes exemplary southerners (as the southerners love northerners, it feels even now, and the 25 godkov after the war, it’s true, the relationship was just a song), negro, pardon, African American with corporal and a couple of excellent northerners.

I, of course, understand that hiring consultants-historians is not comme il faut today, because these scholars are bored out of the way to cut off the flight of creative thought at the root. And, of course, I understand the desire to push together mutually exclusive figures by any means in order to create an emotional, saturated film room. But if earlier this was done a little more elegantly, which smoothed down inaccuracies, the characters themselves were introduced into the plot gradually, and the heat of their opposition was delayed by the viewer's attention. In this tape, a gang of dubious types are introduced into the plot immediately, either by referring to the stupidity of the authorities, or to the stupidity of the viewer. Yes, and the saturation is not visible, as these depressed and apathetic fighters do not conflict with each other completely, recalling a bunch of faded dandelions with dull and rare talk.

Moreover, the viewer begins pouring out tolerant pink mucus from the skull boxes of those who, according to all the laws of life, having passed through the crucible of war and having long ago crossed that youthful age threshold of character changes, should be hard and tough as steel. And the descendant of the Southern Cross fighters plays the first violin. Thus, director Scott Cooper does not even try to show the evolution of the beliefs of his characters, or he understands that he cannot do this, or he is busy with another task. It seems to me that the latter is closer to the truth.

In the meantime, according to the laws of the western, the squad continues to move toward the cherished goal, simultaneously embedding in gunfights, losing even the most fragile characters and acquiring new ones so that this company, resembling a group of anonymous alcoholics, does not fall apart. This, by the way, is extremely important, because not one of the actors alone is capable of drawing the picture. And it's not about acting talent, but in flat dialogues.

We ourselves are not local ...

The new members of the support group are the war criminal Sergeant Wills (Ben Foster), who needs to be brought to the place of execution, and the young lady Rosie (Rosamund Pike), who lost the entire family during the attack of the "wrong" Indians on their ranch in the backwoods. At the same time, after the entire movie was watched to the viewer, that the Wild West is the most dangerous place, the natural question arises, is the Rosie family clinical idiots? Why settle down in complete solitude in the middle of a wasteland teeming with American freedom for the full program? Maybe something influenced them, or are they missionaries? There are no sensible explanations, again everything is written off either to the stupidity of the character or the viewer.

The main thing is that the most insidious and evil comrade (because white) of the whole picture performed by the very charismatic Ben Foster, who is prepared to play the role of an antagonist, is most interesting. First, in his words one can feel at least some serious truth of life. Secondly, he looks like a living person, not a frozen mouthpiece of world peace. Third, there is a bit of logic in his actions, apparently for a change.

Cinema "Foes": if a friend was suddenly ...

Captain Blocker by Christian Bale

At the same time, the completely understandable mutual hatred of the escort leader and Captain Blocker gradually disappears. It disappears for reasons unexplained and practically not reflected in the film. Apparently, because after each battle the captain went out with a reinforced concrete face and with a mustache brush to admire the landscape with sadness in his eyes. However, the whole blocker film is walking with a reinforced concrete face.

Christian Bale in the film "American Psycho" - the guy can play, just play, apparently, nothing

At the same time, in order to ignite the fog of intellectualism and the supposedly new look at the empty and dreary to the toothache plot, the film is filled with stingy long shots that do not pay off with explosive dialogue, some kind of revelation or catharsis. And it turns out, because after the domination of clip paintings and momentary premieres, even a simple instrument of the fundamental film, which is a long frame, like Tarkovsky’s, can be given for the movie itself. Why not? Give a fool a microscope and a bathrobe, you see, and it will come down for the scientist.

So why do critics suck up new creative faces and some director's finds from an extremely awkward picture? We will not build conspiracy theories and talk about the rampant engagement of both our and the hardcore critics. Although it is extremely curious to observe how the tape, which earned 50 percent of positive reviews abroad, in our penats easily passes the mark in 70. And if over the hill "love" by two-thirds, then we expect a friendly "odobryams".

First, they often talk about a new look at the western. But this film is not Western at all. He only pretends to be Western in order to push the lean drama with a pretense to festival brooms in contrast to the withering genre.

Secondly, some people went into ecstasy because “the Americans repented to the Indians and recognized the fact of extermination.” As I have already said, modern cinema is working to create a trend, clean visibility, a beautiful label for the public consciousness, which does not tend to delve into the contents. Look at our Krivorukov filmmakers, so we repent for Stalin all day and night, though the rating of Joseph makes the demoschiz jump up at night in a cold sweat.

In addition, "repentance" came out fantastically crooked. The very extermination of the Indians is present only in the mouths of soldiers who were inhibited by some post-traumatic syndrome, apparently, so as not to injure the thin soul of the inhabitant. All this is blurred by a thick layer of reasoning about duty and orders (something Nuremberg was remembered). No, of course, one white sergeant has been given up to be devoured by tolerance, but the US will judge him, so it’s possible. In the picture there is no trace of such realistic, domestic, and therefore most frightening scenes, like a line of drunk aborigines behind a bottle, like endless herds of broken bison, to cause hunger, etc.

Thirdly, the last attempt to draw the viewer into this surreal holiday of tolerance are the landscapes that supposedly became heroes of the picture. Landscapes are really wonderful, they are quite pulling at the gift set of cards “The virgin nature of the Wild West”, but no more. To landscape became the hero of the picture, he must be tied to the plot. For example, as in the film “The Survivor”, the mountain of buffalo skulls in the middle of a tailed taiga perfectly complements the very spirit of the picture, and the main character.

Frame from the film "Survivor"

As a result, we received a pretentious empty motion picture. The additional comicity of which is added by the fact that the anthem of tolerance with pink unicorns defecating a rainbow tried to sing in black metal with brutal seriousness, periodic scenes of bloody mash and absurd facial hair.

More worthy replacement of this agitation

The main thing is that, under the screech of innovation, dust continues to be covered with much more worthy work, both on the theme of the war with the Indians in the past, and on the subject of sluggish extinction in our days. The TV drama “Bury my heart in Wounded Knee”, which is absolutely unknown, is also unknown; a completely new acute socially tape “Windy River” has also sunk into oblivion, revealing the current situation of the natives. Perhaps these “confessions” were inconvenient?
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  1. tasha
    tasha April 14 2018 04: 43
    If you publish one movie review per day, for example, from the Kinopoisk website, then the VO site will be provided with material for fifty years, no less ... wink
    1. Grandfather
      Grandfather April 14 2018 04: 57
      I don’t like for some reason Mikhalkov, but the program is interesting ...
    2. bald
      bald April 14 2018 05: 05
      Good morning. That's why, well, they are in FIG, with their "educational" films. That's pure from the heart - quite a while already, if you still watch their film, you absolutely look at it from a different angle (a certain type of film). If you throw away the bloopers - their whole essence (soul) is shown, even if the film is kind of decent. (approx. Armageddon).
      1. dSK
        dSK April 14 2018 07: 07
        Quote: bald
        their whole essence (soul) is shown, even if the film seems to be decent.

        After the court’s decision to block Telegram, a “hype” wave immediately arose around this news. Durov himself, in turn, wrote on his VKontakte page - "Telegram will use the built-in methods to bypass locks." A clever programmer and businessman, but his last name is not "speaking".
        1. dSK
          dSK April 14 2018 07: 17
          In the interview "Tsargrad" shared his opinion on this subject State Duma deputy Sergei Boyarsky, who pointedly deleted his account in the messenger: "I did this, first of all, in order to indicate my position that I do not accept circumvention of blocking. I consider it legal nihilism and generally even an unworthy occupation for a law-abiding decent person to seriously discuss publicly how to circumvent the requirements of the law." Boyarsky emphasized that for him this was not a matter of technology, but a matter of principle. "Special services should have access to decrypt messages for their activities. This is not a violation of the Constitution, this is not a violation of the secrecy of personal correspondence. This is a necessity dictated by world challenges and time.". Briefly and clearly. Add, in general, nothing. Respecting the laws of the country where we live is much more noble than looking for “workarounds” with a child’s obstinacy and complaining about “lack of freedom”.
          1. bald
            bald April 14 2018 08: 15
            Sergey, what do you think? If this channel, not controlled before, is used by hell, who knows to commit terror. I am for the closure, if you believe, recruitment and terrorist attacks go through it. I did not pay attention to this news - now I read it.
            1. dSK
              dSK April 14 2018 15: 25
              Hello Vladimir! Boyarsky is right to trust the “advice” of overseas “partners” who openly consider Russia “the number one enemy” is not “excusable” naivety ”. If the “forty-first year” is repeated, the descendants will not say thank you. Import substitution is also necessary here as well as ensuring "food security". Everything goes to the fact that we are simply cut off from the "World Wide Internet". hi
              1. dSK
                dSK April 14 2018 17: 16
                In the center of Yerevan, protesters broke into the building of the radio station. In Armenia, protesters against Serzh Sargsyan, the candidate for the post of prime minister of the country, stormed the building of the radio station in the center of Yerevan. Now the protesters are in one of the radio studios. Earlier The Council of the Republican Party of Armenia approved Serzh Sargsyan as a candidate for the post of Prime Minister. This caused a wave of protests in the capital of Armenia. People gathered in France Square and organized a procession that ended at the building of the Public Radio of Armenia. A group of protesters is led by a member of the Armenian parliament, The head of the Elk faction is Nikol Pashinyan. He requires that he be broadcast. According to the latest data, the radio broadcast is completely stopped, and the building of the radio station itself is de-energized. (TV "Tsargrad" 16:14, 14/04/18)
                1. bald
                  bald April 14 2018 18: 56
                  I have many friends of Armenians - it has been brewing there for a long time, but what's the point. Everything is like elsewhere - some live - and others - like a bear in a den.
          2. SCHWERIN
            SCHWERIN April 15 2018 11: 42
            Oh yeah! Sergey BOYARSKY is certainly a model of patriotism. Well, if he breaks his IPhone in public, then another will be an example.
        2. Slavs
          Slavs April 14 2018 22: 58
          Gored you with your telegram and foolish genius ... Tantrums. Write SMSki ..)
      2. Greenwood
        Greenwood April 15 2018 11: 22
        Quote: bald
        If you throw away the bloopers - their whole essence (soul) is shown, even if the film is kind of decent. (approx. Armageddon).
        What is wrong with Armageddon?
        PS I watched a very long time, I don’t remember the film.
        1. bald
          bald April 15 2018 12: 22
          Yes, a good film, only as they show us, only then, in real life, not they, but we deliver them to the ISS and run to our toilet on the ISS. Well, a lot more. It’s only in their films - they sacrifice for the lives of others.
  2. andrewkor
    andrewkor April 14 2018 06: 09
    But Christian Bale is just pretty for me and the films were not bad: Balance, Train to Yuma, Terminator ...! Such a profession, corrupt, there is nothing to be done, you have to live!
    1. d ^ Amir
      d ^ Amir April 14 2018 10: 41
      Good afternoon!!!! You forget about the "Little Big Man" !!!! here’s a wonderful movie ... well, I agree with you, “Train to Yuma” is my favorite western after “For a Handful of Dynamite” .... it's true from the list of films ... Christian Bale did not play in 1970 ...
      1. Slavs
        Slavs April 14 2018 22: 59
        1. d ^ Amir
          d ^ Amir April 15 2018 09: 29
          not western ...
  3. Vard
    Vard April 14 2018 07: 05
    I watched the film some time ago ... There are questions ... But the general impression ... I recommend watching ... The film raises questions that are still relevant in our time ... One of them ... Someone should stop first ...
  4. mr.ZinGer
    mr.ZinGer April 14 2018 07: 45
    The site is losing its face due to such verbal garbage. Moderators follow the content. We will discuss hemorrhoidal colic tomorrow.
  5. mr.ZinGer
    mr.ZinGer April 14 2018 07: 48
    Quote: mr.ZinGer
    The site is losing its face due to such verbal garbage. Moderators follow the content. We will discuss hemorrhoidal colic tomorrow.
  6. sergo1914
    sergo1914 April 14 2018 08: 59
    In principle, the "Cinema" section can no longer be read.
    A set of high-flown phrases hides the following meaning
    1) All Russian cinema - slag
    directors - g ...
    actors - g ...
    screenwriters - g ...
    2) All American cinema - slag
    the directors are super, but they take off ... because of the money
    the actors are super, but they act in g ... because of the money
    the writers are super, but they write r ... because of the money
    3) All European cinema is slag. There are all tolerasts.
    4) All Asian and other cinema - slag by definition
    There is an existential crisis of the author, but if you give him a shovel ... oops, sorry, camera, then everyone will see ...
    1. prodi
      prodi April 14 2018 21: 52
      You, of course, twitched a little, but, in general, it’s close to the truth. Or rather: if the whole Hollywood culture was multiplied by zero, then there would be clearly less harm than there is
    2. Greenwood
      Greenwood April 15 2018 11: 24
      You can argue about Hollywood and Asia. As for the domestic cinema, I agree to all 100.
    3. UN_RUS
      UN_RUS April 16 2018 02: 01
      Bravo, colleague! Capacious and true.
  7. sergo1914
    sergo1914 April 14 2018 11: 21
    Milos Forman has died.
    "Flying Over the Cuckoo's Nest," "Amadeus," "People Against Larry Flynt."
  8. Monster_Fat
    Monster_Fat April 14 2018 11: 29
    Tolerast Western cinema in which the main tendencies are peace, friendship, chewing gum, a joint “struggle” of all nations against the “world villains” appointed by the democratic government, I, for a long time, cause nothing but a gag reflex. But Russian cinema, which, with rapture, in a liberalistic frenzy, has dragged these Western cliches onto its screen, causes just a feeling of disgust and disgust ..
    1. Alex_59
      Alex_59 April 16 2018 14: 19
      Quote: Monster_Fat
      Tolerate Western cinema in which the main trends are peace, friendship, chewing gum, a joint “struggle” of all nations against the “world villains” appointed by the democratic government, I, for a long time, have nothing but a gag reflex.
      You are watching the wrong Western cinema

      Quote: Monster_Fat
      But Russian cinema, which, with rapture, in a liberalistic frenzy, has dragged these Western cliches onto its screen, causes just a feeling of disgust and disgust ..

      You watch that Russian cinema
  9. beeper
    beeper April 14 2018 11: 36
    I liked the article, it is easy to read and with aesthetic pleasure, everything is correctly noticed by the Author and "printed" beautifully ... good !
    I think Christian Bale is a good actor, but there are films "on a given topic (intended to" re-show "the story in a profitable, overseas" universal man "vein winked ) ", often with an initially weak script, which does not allow even the most capable performers of roles to reveal their full artistic power, and not stupidly" trade their faces "with a stone expression of facial muscles ... yes
  10. Monster_Fat
    Monster_Fat April 14 2018 12: 09
    In the US, “old westerns” activists of liberal movements have long wanted to .... ban, as “propaganda” preaching “nonsense” power and praising the victory of the “white man”, which runs counter to modern tolerant “values”. It comes to the ridiculous - they require that in the films it doesn’t matter which: westerns, detectives, dramas, fantasy, etc., obligatory scenes are inserted where "villains" and "heroes" would repent, after the murders they committed, etc. Type " the villain "must be killed, but before death he must repent, become" good. " Wow !.
  11. Dead duck
    Dead duck April 14 2018 12: 30
    The film is rather "black-handed" rather than continuous tolerance. yes
    Sheer depressive ... kind of - "life is nothing, but the person in it is dust at all"
    The shootings are terrible.
    The finale is not correct, in the outline of the plot everyone should have parted ... request
    But you can see, given that it’s not enough worthwhile.
    Py-Sy: by the way ... not all films in Russia come out for rent, sometimes they are interesting ... but they need to be searched on the Internet.
  12. Curious
    Curious April 14 2018 21: 28
    Reading the article, I remembered, for some reason, how Panikovsky told Balaganov about his pre-revolutionary life.
    - Previously, I paid the city man on the corner of Khreshchatyk and Prorizna five rubles a month, and nobody touched me. The city police even watched so that they would not offend me. He was a good man. His last name was Nebaba, Semyon Vasilyevich. I met him recently. He is now a music critic.
  13. seacap
    seacap April 15 2018 14: 21
    And on our "masterpieces" there are no reviews? It seems even nothing to discuss, I personally do not even have such words, or rather there are many, but they are not printed to express all the “admiration” for the talents of our artisans from the cinema. It seems that with the death of education and upbringing, creativity with talents has also died, of course, what can create an “advanced consumer” or an “effective manager” except, excuse me, the stool.
  14. Altona
    Altona April 15 2018 18: 16
    Quote: sergo1914
    In principle, the "Cinema" section can no longer be read.
    A set of high-flown phrases hides the following meaning

    I stopped watching modern cinema because for the most part this is some kind of hidden social, political or product advertising. If you look carefully, then in most films the idea of ​​a good good businessman, a good good banker, a white-furry king and a bunny-crusade officer, a noble white-furry king betrayed in February 1917 is pushed through. In the same vein. The cinema fulfills the social task assigned to him to fool the viewer, to impose on him the spirit of a cheer patriot, so that he idolizes his superiors from the Maldivian Cypriots.
    PS This applies to both Hollywood and domestic cinema.
  15. panzerfaust
    panzerfaust April 17 2018 19: 12
    Since Soviet times, I adhere to the rule: if a movie is scolded, then you need to watch. I downloaded it, looked .... really liked it, even decided to save it. Very beautiful landscapes of Colorado and Montana. Of course this is not western with Clint Eastwood, but more psychological.