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Anti-aircraft gunners from Siberia will execute firing at the Kapustin Yar proving ground

The anti-aircraft missile battalions of the 41 th anti-aircraft army, deployed in the Altai Territory, began combat reconnaissance at the Kapustin Yar training ground in the Astrakhan region, reports press office Central District.

Anti-aircraft gunners from Siberia will execute firing at the Kapustin Yar proving ground

It is reported that "during the field visit, special attention will be paid to exercises in tactical, special and technical training, and the march to the combat area."

In addition, the anti-aircraft gunners "will work out the organization and conduct of combat duty, masking firing positions and protecting troops from air strikes," the press service added.

Completion of the field output will be combat firing from the Buk-М2 anti-aircraft missile system at high-speed small targets,
says release.

More than 200 military personnel were involved in the field exit, about 100 units of equipment were involved.

The Buk-M2 multi-channel, highly mobile medium-range air defense system is designed to destroy strategic and tactical aircraft aviationhelicopters, including hovering, cruise missiles and other flying objects, as well as for firing surface and ground radio contrast targets. The destruction range is up to 50 km, the probability of defeat of ALCM cruise missiles at ranges up to 26 km is from 70 to 80%, the maximum speed of the fired targets is 1100 m / s towards and 300-400 m / s after it.
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Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation
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    RASKAT April 11 2018 15: 30
    In Astrakhan, targets with missiles are being transferred. To Syria them. They will sunbathe, rest, buy at sea, shoot for real goals.laughing
    1. san4es
      san4es April 11 2018 15: 49
      Quote: RASKAT
      To Syria them ...

      hi ... there are enough of their own ... Competition smile :
      The first “Buk” Syria received back in Soviet times, according to SIPRI in 1986, 4 9K37M1 Buk-M1 air defense systems and 400 9M38M1 (SA-11 Gadfly) missiles were delivered to Syria to them. In 2010-2013 8 9K317E Buk-M2E and 160 9M317 (SA-17 Grizzly) missiles were delivered to them. Other sources say that Syria has a Buk before 18-20, for example, it is said that the last large batch of 8 Buk-M2E was delivered in 2011. Buk-M2E is capable of hitting targets at altitudes from 15 m to 25 km and at ranges up to 45 km.