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The coefficient of political will of Putin in the confrontation of the United States and Russia: a mathematical analysis


How will the global confrontation between Russia and the USA end? How to find out the future that is so exciting for us and our wallets? To learn it, you can use various options. Here are the most famous:

You can ask the astrologers. Many domestic astrologers have already compiled their natal charts and are confident that prosperity awaits Russia in the 21st century. However, while it is not visible: the dollar rises to the ruble, housing and public utilities rates are increasing, prices are rising, and so many people have hemorrhoids from the downpour of the laws being passed that fit into despair. In addition, there are astrologers overseas and, perhaps, they are paid more generously than ours. After all, in our budget, as always, there is not enough money even to ensure that the increase in pensions exceeds the growth of utility tariffs.

You can spread out the tarot cards. But as you know, the cards are lying ...

You can contact the shamans. However, shamans kamlayut for the one who pays the most, and more money from the United States, so the shamans kamlayut for them.

You can watch “The most shocking hypotheses” on REN TV. They have already announced that the United States is waiting for a catastrophe: Yellowstone supervolcano is about to explode, and there is nothing left of North America, so there’s nothing to do, nature itself will decide everything for us. But the exact time of this explosion varies between plus or minus 500 for thousands of years, and who knows that during this time the Yankees will be with us.

You can study the prophecies. But there are many prophecies, they are ambiguous and contradictory, moreover, they are set out very vaguely and are not tied to specific terms.

You can ask the political scientists, of whom now have a number on television talk shows of almost all TV channels. But political scientists can not come to a common opinion, trying to shout down each other in the process of proving their case. Therefore, we, as always, will not achieve anything worthwhile from them.

It was hoped that the "Palace of Heaven" would fall on the Capitol at the time when they were taking regular sanctions. But the Chinese miracle of space technology burned down in the atmosphere over the Pacific Ocean.

Now they say that a mistake has crept into the calculations of Ilona Mask, and his supercar will not reach Mars and will inevitably return to earth. So, maybe, even the muffler will survive and scare the most odious senator in the head?

All these were speculations and fantasies. Therefore, it is best to do mathematics, which, as you know, is the most exact science.

We formalize the problem1:
RUSSIA vs USA = F ($, ₽, Ukr, Sir, Chi, NKor, ∑ (EU & Co), ∑ (Bel & Co), PUS, PRU) xkPVVP,

where: F is the function of influence on the outcome of the confrontation between the parties, $ is money controlled by the United States, ₽ is Russian rubles, Ukr is Ukraine, Sir is Syria, Chi is China, NKor is the DPRK, ∑ (EU & Co) is a set of allied and US-controlled states , ∑ (Bel & Co) - a set of allies of Russia, PUS - the power of the United States, PRU - reduced power of Russia, kPVVP - coefficient of political will of GDP ...

Our article is journalistic, so we will not make a justification for the choice of a mathematical model, although a model based on vague (fuzzy) sets would be most appropriate here. And in fact, the methods and the name of the sets would be the most appropriate model. Artificial intelligence would have come in very handy, since it is necessary to process huge data arrays. They write that the Pentagon is already trying to apply artificial intelligence to control weapons and optimize battlefield resources.

We will arrange the weighting coefficients of the function arguments in the old-fashioned way, call them the chances, and integrate them on a qualitative level. Without the involvement of political scientists, so as not to confuse the mathematical calculation.

So, argument "$". There is so much money from the “partners” that they could buy our planet several times with all the giblets. At the same time, they can easily take away Russian money from us (after all, they robbed Russian oligarchs for $ 16,0 billion overnight). And the reserves of the Central Bank can also be snagged by a purely democratic procedure, for example, accusing Russia of accumulating reserves for poisoning fugitive thieves of the budget funds of the Russian Federation. Therefore, we boldly put “100” chances for a bowl of the USA, Russia - “0”.

The argument "₽". A very weak argument for what evidence is not required, see the MICEX reaction to sanctions against 10.04.18. Although liberals can object to me: “But what about the recognition of E. Nabiulina as the best head of the Central Bank in Europe and her words that the current“ volatility ”of the ruble will not affect the economic indicators?” But we will not take liberal arguments into account, they will constantly statistics they juggle and look at the world through other windows. Therefore, we put a solid "0" on the bowl of Russia and "100" on the bowl of the USA.

Ukr argumentUkraine The Minsk agreements failed, even though they signed under them, all the cease-fire agreements: New Year, Christmas, Easter and even the First of September, about the withdrawal of heavy weapons, the exchange of prisoners of "all for all" poher, attacked defenseless (why nobody defended it?) fishing vessel with white fish (tykulka rot), fishermen in court are then released, then immediately arrested ... You can enumerate ad infinitum, but the conclusion will be the same: how much and whatever you agree with the representatives of Ukr, these agreements will never be implemented. Although some turbid investors from Russia and provide the largest investment in this country. However, on the whole, the regime is relatively stable, but Nadia Savchenko has already gathered to blow everyone up and shoot the survivors' heads. The result - on the "50" chances of both parties.

Sir argumentSyria There is so much fog that it is very difficult to determine the outcome of the struggle. Iranians, Turks, Israelis, Kurds, Saudis, tribes and religious communities, all under the secret management of instructors from Western democracies. It is best to ask Semyon Arkadyevich Bagdasarov, he knows exactly how the Syrian campaign will end. Therefore, we skip this argument until the picture is cleared by a competent specialist.

Chi ArgumentChina This argument can only be taken into account in terms of indirect influence on the US position in the process of a trade war with China. If the Chinese pin down so that the Americans will need to urgently extinguish losses, then maybe they will loosen their grip for a while. For a short time. And this chance can be used to withdraw money from Western banks. In addition, China periodically supports us in the Security Council. But this body, apparently, the "partners" decided to eliminate - it became an obstacle to the implementation of global political goals. On a bowl of the USA - "30" of chances, on a bowl of Russia - "10".

NKor Argument, DPRK. This argument is also very weak for us - the leader of the DPRK, waving a nuclear club over the heads of the enemies, negotiated with D. Trump, swept the train to Xi Jing Ping for important negotiations, saying later that he would burn the enemy with atomic fire will ignore. Everything is decided without us, so here we, like the United States, do it by zero.

Argument ∑ (EU & Co)allies and vassals. Here, everyone is on the side of the United States, and only sometimes a few so far disobedient countries object to too sharp movements, such as when expelling Russian diplomats on the grounds of chemoscalogue. But everything is serious - even shamelessly bared the bones of the Polish leaders and politicians who died in the plane crash near Smolensk, “finding” not only the “hydraulic explosion” in the wing before the plane fell, but also needles in opened coffins (here, without Hollywood horror do without) Assuming, after all, not “100”, but “90” of chances for a bowl of the USA. Our “10” chances will be at the expense of hypothetical irritation in the ranks of the allies, some of which may be embarrassing for their peoples.

Argument ∑ (Bel & Co), our allies and partners in the EAEU, CSTO. Something is not heard of the voices of the diplomats of our allies, whom we pledged to protect from any military and terrorist threats. Nobody offered at least a little military support, did not allocate financial or in-kind humanitarian aid to the people of Syria, where we found ourselves face to face with a coalition of 60 countries under the auspices of the United States. They also did not help, it seems to be fraternal, to the people of Donbass. No one recognized Crimea as part of the Russian Federation. Kazakhstan generally abandoned the Cyrillic alphabet, on which all books, textbooks and scientific works are written, including historical folk epos. Therefore, here you can give Russia “20” chances for the Allies to observe neutrality. The United States can not accrue anything, it is unlikely that someone will support them in an open confrontation.

Argument PUSgiven by the US state power. The reduced, or cumulative power is made up of components, so consider each of them. This is the economy, finance, military, geopolitical influence. It is clear that our economies do not compare, so we have “0” chances, the US is “1”, the same is with finance - we have “0” chances, the US is “1”, according to the armed forces, it is considered to be parity, therefore both sides by "1" chance. As for geopolitical influence, here we can not oppose anything in the international arena. Even in the information war, we suffer an offensive defeat despite the fact that the truth is on our side. In addition, everyone is talking about a powerful "fifth column" in our ranks. Therefore, we have the “0” chance, the US - “1”. Total 4: 1 is not in our favor, i.e. "80" chances for a bowl of the USA and "20" for a bowl of the Russian Federation.

Argument PRU, the power of Russia. Since all the components were considered in the previous argument, we can only state that only we can, in 10-20 minutes, after making a decision to wipe out the United States. And several times. Even if they destroy us beforehand, the “Dead Hand” will do it automatically. Therefore, without hesitation let us put Russia "100" of chances and "0" of the USA.

Counted - wept: 420: 180 chances in favor of the United States while maintaining the current "Strategy thousands of cuts."

Do not rush to cry. All this must be multiplied by the coefficient of political will of GDP. However, this coefficient cannot be known to us; it exists only in the head of the GDP itself. We can only guess whether our leader will act, as in the cases of South Ossetia, Abkhazia and the Crimea, or will delay, as with the recognition of Donbass (although, who knows, maybe the right moment has not matured yet).

But we must remember once Vladimir Vladimirovich’s words about the St. Petersburg street laws that were said on the air: “If you understand that a fight is inevitable - hit first!”

It seems that our competitors have lost sight of this argument and, being carried away by their strategy with a beautiful name, risk getting it to the full - after all, after the first strike, the second is no longer necessary. Perhaps that is why Vladimir Vladimirovich pities them - they suddenly come to their senses. After all, all the money burned in a nuclear fire! See PRU.

Thus, all mathematics was reduced to the decision of one person, which proves the role of personality in history. References to the fact that the author supposedly flatters V.V. Putin are untenable. We are not familiar and are connected only through the ballot paper. And if kPVVP proves to be insignificant, I will withdraw my vote.

And the most important! I will tell you in confidence that there is another, more reliable way to find out the most reliable outcome of the confrontation between Russia and the United States. Soon there will be a "straight line with the president." Call and he will tell you everything ...

PS “And why do we need a world in which Russia will not be?” Asked V.V. Putin interviewed by American journalist Megin Kelly.

Can add? I add: “Why do we need such a world in which everyone is fattening, and we are languishing under sanctions?”
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    1. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov April 13 2018 06: 51
      From the article -We formalize the task 1:
      RUSSIA vs USA = F ($, ₽, Ukr, Sir, Chi, NKor, ∑ (EU & Co), ∑ (Bel & Co), PUS, PRU) x kVDPV,

      1. Vend
        Vend April 13 2018 10: 13
        Author, what do you smoke? I do not smoke, but I will take for friends. laughing
        1. trump
          trump April 13 2018 14: 54
          The VO site publishes one stupid defeatist article after another.

          Threat. On the Internet, including the VO site itself, I came across an opinion that I share, since it is so obvious that the VO site is American (registered in the USA) and / or Jewish,

          hello to Jewish comrades!
          1. Alexander Romanov
            Alexander Romanov April 13 2018 15: 33
            Quote: trump
            that the VO site is American (registered in the USA)

            © 2010-2018 "Military Review"
            Media Registration Certificate El No. FS77-56354, issued by 02.12.2013 by the Federal Service for Supervision in the Sphere of Communications, Information Technologies and Mass Communications (Roskomnadzor)

            Quote: trump
            hello to Jewish comrades!

            Jew Uzbek is not a friend
            1. trump
              trump April 13 2018 16: 10
              If you use Website Informer, it will show that your host is CloudFlare Inc. with a note in the USA - wiki article:

              Quote: Alexander Romanov
              Jew Uzbek not

              Well, that means you recognize that a Jew .........., and even so smart ........ probably the best JESHIBOT finished, if you think that Stanislav is an Uzbek name and articles in the highest publish idiotic absurd degrees

          2. esaul
            esaul April 13 2018 19: 23
            Quote: trump
            stupid defeatist article

            I put a plus for these words. The article is foul. And this author (it’s a pity the cruel filter on the site) even in the current situation is trying to do harm, like a thin dog.
            But the statement about the fact that the site supposedly does some provocative actions is from your ardor, Stas. Believe me, I have long been found on this site and on the Internet in general, and I can tell you with full confidence that the Military Review does not only provide objective information, not only presents different points of view of visitors, but is also one of the most democratic sites. This is not flattery, but a fact. No less well-known sites, despite the declared freedoms in setting out points of view and freedom of expression, are essentially sites of the same opinion. It doesn’t matter - about patriotic or anti-patriotic. And any manifestations of dissent are immediately suppressed by the "ban." It is characteristic that the actual owners of all "eyes" of the planet and the "Politicians with a mustache", the opponent’s opinion, which is not pleasing to them, is chopped off and, at times, dropped to insults. The amazing thing is that they, in the heat of the moment, do not even want to see this.
            IN - avoided such a disease. I saw this, even after a long absence.
            So here, my colleague, is not the intentional publication of a provocative article, but the presentation of the opposite opinion, which must be taken into account. And, as you will understand, the degree of your preparedness and knowledge.
            1. Alber
              Alber April 14 2018 05: 16
              Quote: esaul
              I put a plus for these words. The article is foul. AND

              I agree. And a little bit too much ...
          3. businessv
            businessv April 14 2018 17: 35
            Quote: trump
            On the Internet, including the VO site itself, I came across an opinion that I share, since it is so obvious that the VO site is American (registered in the USA) and / or Jewish,

            This is not the first time I've read this crap! Are you, dear, not aware that the server can be located anywhere, but the resource belongs to the one who pays for it !? I will try differently, more clearly. You have opened a bank account, deposit and withdraw money from it, but the bank is not yours, you just pay the bank for servicing your account! So do not carry nonsense, friends, this is ridiculous!
        2. olegactor
          olegactor April 13 2018 15: 14
          Yes, he’s just stupid ... to write such nonsense
        3. myobius59
          myobius59 April 13 2018 17: 19
          Have you read the article ATTENTIVELY? Or through a word?
          Smoke it looks like you if you did not understand what the author had in mind.
          1. evgeny68
            evgeny68 April 17 2018 16: 19
            Do not understand, enlighten.
      2. Natalia777
        Natalia777 April 13 2018 14: 51
        You're right. The author dreamed worse than sorcerers and ventriloquists. Syria will be free from the USA. As if the Anglo-Saxons did not puff up reinforcing cocaine - and B. Assad, with the support of Iran, Turkey and Russia, systematically taunts the United States and cleans Syria from American ISIS. Syria will be clean this year. This will be followed by the cleansing of Ukraine from American Svidomo ukrofashistov. The financial system tied to the dollar is maintained artificially, deliberately, for the time being, until Russia, China and other interested countries decide to bring it down. In the meantime, Russia is not profitable. Friends - countries, in principle, do not exist. The USA has satellites who want to be free. Russia has partners who are more profitable and safer to be with Russia. You can write a lot more. But that’s enough. Russia will win.
        1. ALEXXX1983
          ALEXXX1983 April 14 2018 01: 50
          Natalia, your words, but to God’s ears.
      3. myobius59
        myobius59 April 13 2018 17: 38
        Alexander Romanov, are you in the photo, I dare to ask?
        And what, without coke, what is written in the article DOES NOT DO ?.
        It is necessary to read more carefully, and on a bright head, and not smelling any rubbish. Maybe then you will understand what the author wanted to say.
        Such a word as, -SARKAZM, do you even know?
        1. esaul
          esaul April 13 2018 19: 28
          Quote: myobius59
          Alexander Romanov, are you in the photo, I dare to ask?

          Quote: myobius59
          Such a word as, -SARKAZM, do you even know?

          I am almost sure that you yourself do not fully understand the content of the word SARKAZM.
          And, in general, you are on the site for a year without a week, and rudeness, like Trump after a year of presidency. It is a pity there are no minuses - I would have slapped it with pleasure.
          1. myobius59
            myobius59 April 13 2018 22: 32
            And what is the use of your epaulettes, with large stars, if brains are not attached to them.
            Oh, and you love, those old "old-timers" to show off their "intellect", not understanding, or not understanding the essence. I already noticed this, the larger the star, the higher the arrogance and ignorance. Well, just like in the army. I met a lot of those for my service. There are certainly exceptions among you, but I have not met one in these comments.
            Then read the article again, turning on the BRAINS. Maybe you still understand what the author had in mind. Think with your head, think, and not just eat into it.
            1. myobius59
              myobius59 April 14 2018 00: 29
              Yes, about rudeness I wanted to answer. And how do you rate the photo that my namesake A Romanov put here. ? This is not rudeness in your opinion? And many other comments today on the author’s article. Read them. This is not rudeness? Or, as our media write now, these are YOUR “double standards. You are allowed to be rude to the author, and I stood up for him, explaining that some here did not understand the meaning of the article, inattentively reading it, and I immediately became a boor.
              Here on the site there are a lot of forum users who are very knowledgeable and versed in the technical characteristics of weapons and equipment, and the algorithm for its use, both our army and foreign ones. Moreover, even far-off years. Sometimes, in their disputes, such figures and facts begin to pour in, which is already enviable, for the good truth.
              But if I don’t know much, and I don’t understand much, then I don’t bother arguing with these smart uncles. What for.?
              But why today, the local commentators, not understanding the meaning of the article, immediately rushed into the author’s insults?
              Well, I didn’t understand that the author had in mind that we should immediately be rude to him, that he was stoned, etc., etc.? Is it really impossible to do this correctly, without stooping to insults? In the end, just ask the author, what did he mean by typing this? After all, man tried, thought, albeit in his own way. Zhvanetsky won, too, not everyone understands. I don’t like it at all, but that doesn’t mean that I think he sniffed it and got stoned when he wrote his “masterpieces”.
              So why didn’t you see rudeness on your part? but this is all the time, such, especially, as I noticed, in relation to Damantsev. Well, I don’t like the way he wrote, or brought some inaccurate or incorrect data, so you have to insult him right away? Among the local comments, sometimes such "masterpieces" of thought are that at least stand, even fall. Yes, only few people notice them. Although I’ve recently visited V.O., I noticed this.
              So, "double standards" :,? What is allowed to you, with big stars, is not allowed to us. As in the army, I had one commander, how much he loved to stick out his “I” in front of us, and to show superiority. But if you saw how he treated those who have more stars and a thicker post !!!. I am not Zhvanetsky to describe this. And when the check arrived, it was possible to make a movie about how to lick priests to the authorities.
              No, don’t do it, and you won’t get anything like it in return.
    2. g1washntwn
      g1washntwn April 13 2018 07: 24
      An attempt to describe borsch with one chemical formula failed :)
      1. dSK
        dSK April 13 2018 08: 07
        Quote: Anatoly Lukashev
        You can turn to the shamans. However, the shamans are flaming for the one who pays the most

        Astrologers, shamans, sorcerers ... Neither bribe the Lord God nor deceive. Creator and creator knows all deeds, words and thoughts everyone. Therefore, the main, multiple prayer is "Lord have mercy!". If the "God's judgment" were only "fair" - the earth turned into a desert. We ask not “God forgive”, because forgiveness cancels “punishment”, but does not remove guilt. Pardoned can begin life "from scratch."

        The Lord God heeded the prayers and in it году Armageddon will not.

        Therefore, everyone was so happy about the proximity "Holy Fire."
      2. luk
        April 13 2018 16: 03
        Dear Zhora! In the word "describe" on which syllable the accent?
  2. Vard
    Vard April 13 2018 05: 59
    That's it ... Political will will decide everything ... But seriously ... How the kids will reach their homeland and he will come a fur animal ... It is clear what I mean ....
  3. Titsen
    Titsen April 13 2018 06: 03
    What is the article about?

    About the author’s humor?

    Zhirnvy minus for wasted time!
    1. g1washntwn
      g1washntwn April 13 2018 07: 22
      Also did not understand what, in fact, the author. Similar "analytical" opuses in the style of "who will win, Godzilla or Spider-Man?" like dirt. If I want this kind of humor, I read NI and other fans by pips... TTX. "
      1. Mestny
        Mestny April 13 2018 10: 27
        The author is all about the same thing - that Russia has no chance and we must give up.
        From all sides muttering in every way.
  4. Uncle lee
    Uncle lee April 13 2018 07: 03
    Well, the author reasoned, analyzed our chances and USA and came to the conclusion that the Dead Hand will complete everything! Sadly ....
    1. Mestny
      Mestny April 13 2018 10: 28
      So get together those who are sad, create your site "Pechalka.rf", and talk there for your pleasure on the topic "sad everything."
      1. Uncle lee
        Uncle lee April 13 2018 11: 39
        Why are you driving me to Sadness? I wrote about the article, not about my mood! hi
      2. Lycan
        Lycan April 13 2018 14: 52
        That's right, longing is for the situation, not for the bad mood.
        Not viewed survival options without major shocks and casualties.
        But private capital cannot do otherwise - it needs to grow by the hands of the military, hired bandits and partner countries, making a path to the regions full of resources and not yet becoming a market for their products.
  5. polikarpich
    polikarpich April 13 2018 07: 25
    I wonder why the author of the article did not include the divine will coefficient. In the end, "the invisible creates the visible and continues to control it." Five thousand years it was said that when the number of the wicked greatly increases, then God Shiva will come and cleanse the measures of this abomination. This time is called the time of the Sudras. The merchants after the assassination of J. Kennedy crushed politicians under themselves i.e. Kshatriyev, and after the voluntary resignation of the previous Pope, they took control of the banking system of the Catholic Church, i.e. defeated the Brahmins. Now we see the first system failures, where tens of trillions of green pieces of paper do not allow guaranteed to solve the tasks set by the merchants. And this is the beginning of the end. Moreover, Russia has two vaccinations, the seventeenth and ninety-first years, and our people will find a way out in this chaos, and then, as predicted, it will help others. It is clear that only those who remain alive at that moment. And it is most likely intended to destroy the old system above GDP, so that he will have just as much political will as he needs. Maybe I'm wrong, but I would not want to.
    1. bulvas
      bulvas April 13 2018 15: 26
      Quote: polycarpych
      why the author of the article did not include the divine will coefficient ...

      I like this version
    2. businessv
      businessv April 14 2018 21: 36
      Quote: polycarpych
      tens of trillions of green pieces of paper do not guarantee the solution of the tasks set by the merchants. And this is the beginning of the end.

      Forgot to mention the end of the era of Kali Yuga, dear! hi
  6. ramzes1776
    ramzes1776 April 13 2018 08: 14
    Here only the "miracle strategy" described by Maxim Kalashnikov in the book "Ride the Lightning" can help us.

  7. andrej-shironov
    andrej-shironov April 13 2018 08: 34
    Anatoly, you remind me of a man who, without trump cards, clings to a straw in a card game with scammers. Do not make yourself an idol Anatoly, from the evil one all this. And when life on Earth depends ONLY one person, this is not an indicator of that person’s coolness, but just the absurdity and stupidity of the situation and the adequacy of those people who led to this situation, on the one hand or the other.
  8. 75 hammer
    75 hammer April 13 2018 08: 55
    So much nonsense for the sake of the last thesis-bravo author! W. Churchill: "Teach history, learn history. History contains all the secrets of political insight."
  9. Altona
    Altona April 13 2018 09: 20
    Quote: andrej-shironov
    And when life on Earth depends ONLY one person, this is not an indicator of that person’s coolness, but just the absurdity and stupidity of the situation and the adequacy of those people who led to this situation, on the one hand or the other.

    The irony of fate is that Putin’s nuclear suitcase is the Stalinist legacy that Putin is fighting hard.
    1. Mestny
      Mestny April 13 2018 10: 32
      The myth of a single "Stalin's legacy" is the same nonsense as the myth of a single people and a single government.
      The legacy, like all of the above, is very different.
      Even a single person has a legacy in the form of an immortal literary work and heaps of crap in the toilet in the literal sense.
      Of course, the second must be disposed of.
      1. andrej-shironov
        andrej-shironov April 13 2018 15: 32
        smile Sergei! The Stalinist legacy is not a myth, unlike Putin's unified power.
    2. Natalia777
      Natalia777 April 13 2018 15: 08
      And where is Putin struggling hard with the Stalinist legacy? On the contrary, monuments to Stalin by city
      set. And Putin does not prohibit.
      1. andrej-shironov
        andrej-shironov April 13 2018 15: 31
        smile So who will directly fight with such a person as Stalin, especially such as Putin. Everything is indirect. On one monument to Stalin, eight monuments to enemies: Manerheim, Nikolai, etc.
    3. businessv
      businessv April 14 2018 21: 41
      Quote: Altona
      The irony of fate is that Putin’s nuclear suitcase is the Stalinist legacy that Putin is fighting hard.

      Facts in the chat, dear! Maybe you are not aware of ALL GDP activities? A lot has been done, a lot has been returned to Russia, too, so you thoughtlessly, in my opinion, dropped it! smile
  10. gridasov
    gridasov April 13 2018 09: 21
    The opinion of each person will be not only a private decision, if expressed in the language of mathematics, but also short-term and individual. This means that in each subsequent in the relative dynamism of the development of these particular decisions and processes will have different results. So the question is how to mathematically combine not just data, but combine algorithmically developing processes with different dynamics of development. Therefore, only new fundamental properties of a number, by definition, are able to enable analysis and modeling according to the degree of development, information processes, different levels of data capacity and the potential dynamism of their change
    1. Mestny
      Mestny April 13 2018 10: 35
      Therefore, only new fundamental properties of the number

      Come on, come on. Could you elaborate on new fundamental properties? Numbers.
      What have you got there - new non-Moskal properties of the number discovered?
      1. gridasov
        gridasov April 13 2018 11: 54
        I do not yet position it as the non-Moskal properties of numbers, since I would like, subjectively, to want such discoveries to belong to my people. But on the other hand, I do not insist. And to calm your conceit, I’ll explain a little.
        Modern methods of mathematical analysis are based on the search for a solution to any task. This analysis is based on the fundamental properties of a number expressed by its variable function. This means that we manipulate various types of mathematical tools by changing the basis of the number, namely, divide, multiply and much more. As a result, we get mathematical sequences of indefinite expression since they do not have a finite value. I believe that you understand in what cases this happens. Therefore, we are not able to create and combine complex mathematical processes. For example, we cannot subject the same tubular pfys processes in hydrodynamics to complex analysis as the transformation of both the kinetic energy of the flow and its potential energy — this is a primitive version of the analysis. However, using the newly discovered properties of a number in its constant value function, we can construct any mathematical space in its capacity of variations and combinations described by a number in its algorithmic relationships. That is, we are not building an abstract inextricable and static mathematical space according to Poincare. We are constructing a mathematical space that is always described in terms of local capacity and at each point of which it is algorithmically connected with other numbers. Moreover, this allows the number to acquire several more functional parameters. In addition to the interaction of numbers and determining the dimensionality of a number and their derivatives, to have the vectoriality of numerical series defined by completely obvious signs. But that is not all. Any numbers acquire the so-called polarization in interaction due to the principles of symmetry, specularity and other properties. In fact, these new properties of numbers are designed specifically for creating AI and teaching a machine to analyze using unlimited data arrays. There are no restrictions on the ability to enter data or output. Such possibilities are limited not by the mathematical method of processing numbers, but by the very ability to enter or output such data, It’s like in a person - we are limited not by the very ability to analyze large and constantly entered data as information, but by a limited number of perception organs. Etc.
        1. AUL
          AUL April 13 2018 12: 57
          Well, finally Gridasov came and explained everything clearly and clearly! And then all the people in incomprehension yearned. It’s good that there are educated people in the world!
          1. Thor
            Thor April 13 2018 17: 04
            I knew that this opus would wake Gridasov !!
            Or is he a co-author? laughing
        2. Natalia777
          Natalia777 April 13 2018 15: 31
          Gridasov, it’s good to make fun of it ....... It’s that the author has discovered new properties of numbers ... unknown to mathematical science ... that he produced a mathematical forecast with several strange formulas ... and even in numerical value ... USA 420 a RF - 180. I just didn’t say that the USA will receive 420 caps with bells from 180 salutes. Caliber.
          1. zoolu350
            zoolu350 April 17 2018 06: 34
            And who organizes the salutes "Caliber"? Russian oligarchy? Not funny.
        3. businessv
          businessv April 14 2018 21: 49
          Quote: gridasov
          It’s like a person’s - we are limited not by the very possibility of analyzing large and constantly entered data as information, but by a limited number of perception organs. Etc.

          What a great thing! I like the idea! Only more often such delights can be found on Habré, so it’s doubly nice! hi
      2. Natalia777
        Natalia777 April 13 2018 15: 13
        Yes, it was a banter ... about the new fundamental properties of numbers - it's about the author. A mathematical model of polytheistic events is certainly possible, but not in the form presented by the author.
        1. luk
          April 13 2018 15: 56
          At least someone drove in!
        2. gridasov
          gridasov April 13 2018 16: 08
          Well, just not banter. You cannot fool numbers.
          1. Antares
            Antares April 14 2018 10: 57
            Mathematics has no nationality
            But the parameters, influence, data properties are able to change and change each other with respect to time.
            For example, the author’s conclusions can be counted tomorrow and they will change.
            (and you can still subjectively consider, or take from subjective data)
            1. gridasov
              gridasov April 14 2018 12: 05
              Correctly! Mathematics is a language for describing all phenomena and physical processes of nature. And even simple reasoning leads to the fact that if we are not able to describe complex processes by computational methods, then anyway it is necessary to describe them somehow. It turns out that the number includes all the parameters of the ability to describe. This is not the mathematics of calculations, but the mathematics of constructing and analyzing the space in its capabilities to change.
  11. Opera
    Opera April 13 2018 09: 26
    You can count anything you want! That's just -
    Mind does not understand Russia,
    No yardstick to measure:
    She has a special become -
    You can only believe in Russia.
    These lines of Fyodor Tyutchev are essentially their exact characteristics of both Russian statehood and the mentality of the Russian people!
    In this regard, we recall the words of the "iron chancellor" Otto von Bismarck: "Never fight with the Russians. They will respond to each of your military tricks with unpredictable stupidity." Well, what are their military tricks against our stupidity ?! That's right, remember - in 1710, Russian troops captured Riga and Revel (Tallinn), 1809, Stockholm and Turku, the capital of Finland, 1760, 1945, Berlin twice, 1806-1812. 1944 twice Bucharest, Belgrade twice 1806 - 1812, 1944, 1799 Rome, oh how the Italians met us then - Vivat Muscovite !!!!))))))), then just list - Warsaw 3 times, Sofia twice, Amsterdam, Paris ... This is, as you know, if we only talk about Europe!) In short - Kazan took, Astrakhan took ... It’s easier to list what you didn’t take! What kind of math is this ?! The tradition is so simple!
    1. Romey
      Romey April 13 2018 09: 57
      Quote: Oper
      In short - Kazan took, Astrakhan took ... It is easier to list what did not take! What kind of math is this ?! The tradition is so simple!

      Everything seems to be so, but not so. If only because in the 20th century Russia was tired of overstrain and very weakened both physically and mentally. If the Russian Empire and the USSR somehow correlate with each other, if not in letter, then in spirit, but the modern Russian Federation is in no way comparable to them. A weak state with a weak economy, an insignificant political elite mired in kleptocracy and sybarism, a continuous demographic crisis and other serious problems of a systemic nature cannot afford it. that our great ancestors could allow. In any case, without a deep rethinking of the current situation and sober analysis. It is necessary to "focus" in Gorchakovsky and, first of all, pay attention to the fundamental things with which we have the most serious problems. That. what we have now is simply wasting precious time resources ...
      1. Natalia777
        Natalia777 April 13 2018 15: 38
        Well, well .. in the 90s there was no embezzlement, but now it has become embezzlement - when Our Crimea, South Ossetia is ours, 4th place in the Golden Reserves, first place in oil and grain trade, and arms trade - second place, in space - first place, in Syria they defeated the American ISIS ....
        1. Romey
          Romey April 13 2018 16: 25
          Quote: Natalia777
          Well, well .. in the 90s there was no waste, but now it has become waste

          Your fundamental mistake in separating Putinism from Yeltsinism. The 90s continue, only by other means and under different rhetoric. The point is the same. Semicolonial.
          Quote: Natalia777
          when our Crimea, South Ossetia is ours

          In general, Crimea and Ossetia will become ours when we force, I emphasize, forcing, as Bismarck said with "iron and blood", if not the USA, EU, China, then at least Ukraine or Georgia to recognize this. Until now, everything is relatively unsteady, and in strategic and political situations, even the most objective of the Russian Federation, there is a very weak vulnerable link
          Quote: Natalia777
          Gold reserves - 4th place

          Please explain what is the achievement of gold reserves and gold reserves if it does not affect the growth of GDP and the welfare of the population, and absolutely does not stimulate economic development?
          Quote: Natalia777
          in space - the first place,

          Sorry, but this is an achievement of completely different people with a completely different mindset and you should not ascribe it to yourself.
          Quote: Natalia777
          in oil and grain trade - first place

          There is absolutely nothing to be proud of. Oil, gas and grain are nothing more than raw materials, which, again, by virtue of the semi-colonial comprador economic system, we are not able to (or rather not want to) process. By the way, maybe you didn’t notice in Uzbekistan, but in our stores white bread is absolute shit and is made of absolute shit, and the fact that we export high-grade wheat personally does not make me happy at all.
          Quote: Natalia777
          in Syria defeated the American ISIS ....

          Iiiii? Do you consider it a great achievement to carry chestnuts from fire for others? Or the fact that the shaitans moved from distant approaches again to our neighbors? Or did it make Assad easier to live? No, it didn’t. The fundamental causes of the Syrian mess will not disappear, because the Russian Federation is physically unable to eliminate them.
          Summary: you need to be, not seem.
      2. Abrascha
        Abrascha April 13 2018 17: 26
        Plyusanul, because I partially agree, but, on the other hand, everything here is very much dependent on self-esteem and internal mood. As one Macedonian used to say in ancient times, "If you want to be great, be it." So the problem in my humble Jewish opinion is, first and foremost, in the heads.
    2. gridasov
      gridasov April 13 2018 13: 43
      Absolutely right ! Russia is such a combination of everything different, moreover, defined by key guidelines as moral, ethical, cultural and many other values, which is described by poets as an impossibility to understand. But we somehow feel what it is like to be a true patriot of the HOMELAND. So this can be described as a system of relationships and definitions of what is what it is. Nevertheless, mathematics lies both at the basis of the universe and in the way of thinking, and this can be justified, but not proved
    3. businessv
      businessv April 14 2018 21: 54
      Quote: Oper
      In this regard, we recall the words of the "iron chancellor" Otto von Bismarck: "Never fight with the Russians.

      And here is what the same author said more about Russia: “Do not hope that once you take advantage of Russia's weakness, you will receive dividends forever. Russians always come for their money. And when they come, do not rely on the Jesuit agreements you have signed, supposedly justifying you. They are not worth the paper on which they are written. Therefore, it’s worth playing with the Russians honestly or not at all. ”
      Otto von Bismarck.
  12. Snakebyte
    Snakebyte April 13 2018 10: 28
    In this formula, the very assumption of the presence of “political will of Putin” as one person is erroneous.
    This “political will” itself is present, but it is not Putin personally who forms it, but the domestic bourgeois (just like the American bourgeois form the political will of Trump).
    Do you really believe that the bourgeoisie will want to fight against countries that provide their income with purchases of oil, gas and other raw materials?
    I would rather believe that they will go to surrender their positions in exchange for maintaining their capital (for example, excluding themselves from the sanctions lists). And they are already doing this, since 2014, demands for lifting sanctions have only been heard.
  13. Goodmen
    Goodmen April 13 2018 11: 50
    Guys, well, since such a booze has gone, and put me a lycus!))) That I just shook the buttons or what?)
  14. TochkaY
    TochkaY April 13 2018 12: 02
    Article on the case. Only without panic! Imagine the situation - banned the sale of cars in Russia. We will ride on Muscovites and Lawns.
    1. Eli bogart
      Eli bogart April 13 2018 14: 47
      We will ride on Toyota and bodice!
      1. andrej-shironov
        andrej-shironov April 13 2018 15: 36
        smile What? On foot, is religion forbidden to walk? Yes, and there are mares ... wink
  15. 501Legion
    501Legion April 13 2018 12: 28
    Another whining of the next whiner. how bad
    1. Digtoyou
      Digtoyou April 13 2018 14: 48
      We will still fight, even if the chances of winning are zero. We will still believe in victory, and still hope, even if there is no hope. And maybe we will win.
      If only the rear rats would not betray and merge us quietly, for cookies and jam.
  16. Laruss
    Laruss April 13 2018 14: 40
    Nnnnddaaa .., afffffftor burns .. For the purpose of the article, everyone needs to bow to the west, and not tickle his nostrils ... A guy bent into it., Wrote something with a hangover ...
  17. John Steinpreiss
    John Steinpreiss April 13 2018 14: 42
    * The purpose of this tension lies elsewhere, and nothing depends on these "comrades".
  18. Eli bogart
    Eli bogart April 13 2018 14: 45
    I always suspected that 2x2 = 5!
  19. RedKors1953
    RedKors1953 April 13 2018 14: 50
    Smart does not go uphill, the smart mountain will bypass.
  20. Altona
    Altona April 13 2018 15: 10
    Quote: Natalia777
    And where is Putin struggling hard with the Stalinist legacy? On the contrary, monuments to Stalin by city
    set. And Putin does not prohibit.

    He would have forbidden it. Let yourself forbid.
  21. Altona
    Altona April 13 2018 15: 10
    Quote: Mestny
    The myth of a single "Stalin's legacy" is the same nonsense as the myth of a single people and a single government.

    Bullshit is your comment.
  22. Vlad Petrov
    Vlad Petrov April 13 2018 16: 08
    The Americans drove humanity to the red line, which could be followed by disaster. If Russia does not collapse, but rather collides, then the Americans will not dare to strike at Syria. Russia has only one chance to resist, only if we do not make fundamental concessions, for example, in Syria. If Russia does not cave in then the Americans will turn on the reverse. Merikaki will not die. This is not for us Russians to get used to, and they have lafites, chateaux are so expensive. In short patsansky. Came to the arrow responsible for the market of Vova.
    1. Abrascha
      Abrascha April 13 2018 17: 07
      As you know, arrogance and rudeness, which did not initially set a framework, tend to grow to infinity.
  23. Apollo
    Apollo April 13 2018 16: 14
    The political will coefficient of GDP is not high, or rather, low. The past 18 years of his reign are witnesses.
  24. Goodwin
    Goodwin April 13 2018 16: 24
    All these conclusions can be crossed out by the inadequacy coefficient of the political leadership of the states, which is inversely proportional to these calculations and generally rolls over, which negates all any adequate forecasts.
    1. zoolu350
      zoolu350 April 17 2018 06: 39
      Which side of the Fed owners are inadequate? Everything is clear with them. Ideology, Strategy, Mechanisms, Resources. This is the eternal KhPP of the oligarchy of the Russian Federation to cover up another drain.
  25. turbris
    turbris April 13 2018 16: 41
    "Can I add? I add:" Why do we need a world where everyone lives, and we languish under sanctions? "" This is the main expression for which the article was written! Everything else is written in order to cover this phrase. And then you have to guess that finance is the most important thing in life in which everyone else lives. Therefore, Crimea and Syria, nothing, in comparison with the sanctions imposed, and most importantly why the government dared to pursue an independent policy, would sit under the hegemon and live on. One feels the author’s liberal-democratic sourdough paid for from over the hill.
    1. luk
      April 13 2018 21: 26
      Thank you, at least someone understood. Author
  26. P0LYM
    P0LYM April 13 2018 16: 59
    yeahhhh ... psychedelic .... lsd ... love lsd !!!
  27. Abrascha
    Abrascha April 13 2018 17: 04
    Saying GDP: "If you understand that a fight is inevitable - hit first!" Completely leveled by his subsequent training at law school. There, the difference between self-defense and deliberate slamming was popularly explained to him, since then he himself never starts the first fight, he waits for the enemy to hit him first, forgetting that the first strike may be the last one. And then no one will understand who is right, who is to blame, the winners, as you know, are not judged. Honestly, it would be better if he served a couple of years instead of law faculty in the Soviet building battalion. In these "royal troops", as in no other people, they were able to explain in a popular way how to fight for a place in the sun and how the provocation differs from the "lice test" and what they do with those who fail such a test.
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. dSK
      dSK April 13 2018 20: 04
      Mr. "former" Russian Jew, we voted for Yeltsin and all the more so for Vladimir Vladimirovich because they православные.
      1. zoolu350
        zoolu350 April 17 2018 06: 42
        Orthodoxy is one of the directions of Christianity - an adapted version of Judaism for the gentiles. Not surprised that you voted for EBNa and GDP.
  28. myobius59
    myobius59 April 13 2018 17: 29
    Most of the local "jurors" accusing the author of smoking addiction, they themselves seem to grind at all, and it seems very harsh, since they could not get to the bottom of what was written. Or they read the article from fifth to tenth. There is such a thing on this site that many people don’t even read the article, and having looked at it QUICKLY, and commenting on it, they immediately rush into battle, to be noted as the next masterpiece of their thoughts in rejection of what was written. .
    Read it ATTENTIVELY, and comprehend, at least a little. what the author wanted to say when he wrote this. Well, let him go a little overboard with sarcasm, so has the essence of this changed?
    Here, apparently, it is necessary to quote the words of the unforgettable M Zadorny, but this time referring to the local commentators, and not to the Americans.
    1. luk
      April 13 2018 21: 31
      The only one of 75 above published who understood what the article was about. Therefore, "Every nation has the government that it deserves." See the first comment. Author
      1. myobius59
        myobius59 April 13 2018 22: 43
        Thank . You really spun cool, so many probably didn’t get it.
        And the fact is that many NOW used to reading without comprehending written, grabbing the top, and not understanding the essence.
  29. akudr48
    akudr48 April 13 2018 21: 29
    “Why do we need a world where everyone lives, and we languish under sanctions?”

    Mathematics is an exact science, I would like to determine who these are all who live on, and who we are, who languish under sanctions.
    Maybe our oligans are fattening? Or are they already not fattening, but suffering? So they do not mind.

    And those who languish and feel the loss of billions in their own skin, maybe this is a common people, who most recently triumphantly raised the guarantor to his usual position? And then there is nothing to worry about someone languishing ...

    That's the worst thing, imagine if And if kPVVVP turns out to be insignificant, I will withdraw my vote. The author is a brave man; however, the manner in which he will recall is unknown in the constitution about this gugo.

    And how Putin will survive this unknown review, I don’t directly know ...
  30. flicker
    flicker April 14 2018 18: 03
    You can spread out the tarot cards. But as you know, the cards are lying ...
    laughing Respect to the author ... laughing .... and a function with nepoymi as taken arguments is more abrupt than Tarot cards. Well, as if well done, he pulled the owl on the globe laughing
    1. NordUral
      NordUral April 14 2018 20: 11
      English scientist of the Russian spill.
  31. NordUral
    NordUral April 14 2018 20: 09
    Do not rush to cry. All this must be multiplied by the coefficient of political will of GDP

    Are you serious? Or do I have a sense of humor tight?
  32. 1536
    1536 April 15 2018 15: 06
    The fact remains that the countries of Britain, France and the USA, as well as a number of countries occupied or controlled by them, are hampering the development of Russia today.
  33. Sergey Horuzhik
    Sergey Horuzhik April 16 2018 16: 15
    "Russia is ruled directly by the Lord God. Otherwise, it is impossible to imagine how this state still exists."
    Field Marshal Burchard Christoph Minich (Christopher Antonovich Minich)
  34. master2
    master2 April 16 2018 17: 28
    The author is well done, he put everything on shelves, now "cheers patriots" will spit poison (he has smoked himself, a liberalist, etc.)! And about ““ A direct line with the president. ”Call, and he will tell you everything ...” - about tractor drivers and combine harvesters in the Donbass, the Crimean Self-Defense Forces armed from the military for the withdrawal of troops from Syria - he already told 3 times.
  35. evgeny68
    evgeny68 April 17 2018 16: 28
    How much can you say, not everything is measured in money. You can have trillions, but lose wars. The main idea, spirit and people. The Roman Empire was the richest in the history of mankind, the United States with its trillions rests compared to Rome, and that the Roman Empire collapsed. Lev Gumilyov wrote: sophisticated luxury for the state is worse than permanent local wars.
  36. SLESAR
    SLESAR April 17 2018 21: 56
    Quote: Wend
    Author, what do you smoke? I do not smoke, but I will take for friends. laughing

    If a ganja, I'll take