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Indian army will receive the first ten howitzers K9 Vajra-T

A private Indian group prepared the first ten 155-mm / 52 K9 Vajra-T self-propelled howitzers, a variant of the K9 Thunder known South Korean self-propelled howitzer, for transfer to the military department. bmpd.

Indian army will receive the first ten howitzers K9 Vajra-T

In fact, these machines were completely manufactured in South Korea by the Hanwha Techwin division of the Hanwha corporation, and only their retrofitting was made at the L&T company.

The contract for the supply of 100 artillery systems worth $ 710 million was concluded in May 2017.

"According to the contract, the first ten K9 Vajra-T self-propelled guns are delivered from South Korea from Hanwha Techwin within 11 months from the date of signing the contract, and the remaining 90 are to be assembled at L&T in Khazira with a 50 percent localization level," the material says.

Deliveries of all vehicles must be completed within 42 months from the date of conclusion of the contract (by November 2020 year).

Resource reference: “Within the framework of production, L&T will produce a hull, a turret, an ammunition supply mechanism, a fire control system, a radar for measuring the speed of a projectile, a system of protection against weapons of mass destruction, air conditioning and fire extinguishing. Also, the Indian industry will supply the BEL FOG navigation system, the thermal night vision system and the STARS-V Mk 3 radio communication system (a total of 13 Indian-made systems are planned to be used). Thus, the swinging parts of the howitzer themselves will apparently be entirely imported from South Korea, and the engine and transmission from Germany. 12,7-mm NSV machine guns (probably meaning "Kord") will be imported from Russia ”.
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  1. genisis
    genisis April 11 2018 13: 34
    Judging by the video on YouTube, from the point of view of crew ergonomics, it’s exactly in the first three self-propelled guns of all countries of the world. Surely better than the American Palladin with its loader and rope.
    1. san4es
      san4es April 11 2018 13: 39
      Quote: genisis
      ... better than American Palladin with its loader and rope.

    2. strannik1985
      strannik1985 April 12 2018 10: 43
      M106A7 has an automatic loader.
      1. genisis
        genisis April 12 2018 14: 18
        And how many of the US Armed Forces are M109A6, with a rope and a loader, and M109A7?
        1. strannik1985
          strannik1985 April 13 2018 17: 22
          Who cares? For sale anyway, that would be better dragged.
  2. voyaka uh
    voyaka uh April 11 2018 21: 58
    In general, South Korea delights me: they take on a completely new industry for themselves from scratch
    and in a short time go to world leaders.
    What shipbuilding, what cars. Now artillery. All sorts of Vickers and Krupp have been making guns for centuries, competing with each other. And here it is not known where - ops! -Koreans bypass all ...
    1. Crane operator Nahamkinson
      Crane operator Nahamkinson April 11 2018 22: 15
      And notice the warrior.
      In South Korea, there are no Jews.
      And in Japan, your brother is somehow .... sparse.
      Why is that?
      So it’s quite possible without you
      get along. laughing
  3. Rider
    Rider April 12 2018 12: 00
    It is unlikely that from scratch they achieved such results, they could not do without Western technologies,
    the face is largely the use of German technology.