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On the work to create a new Polish tank It became known in the mid 90's. This was reported by the Russian military periodicals, but the information was extremely scarce. Not even the name of the promising Polish car was known. Apparently, the first Russian magazine to open the curtain of secrecy was Tankomaster. In the third issue for 1997, a publication by L. Suslavichus “From Twarda to Gorilla” appeared. In it, in particular, it was written: “... Poland needs a new generation tank, and work on it was started in 1995 in the hope of mid-1998 (the creation of MBT in three years, under the conditions of underfunding of the Polish defense industry, looked too optimistic - approx. V.M.) conduct sea trials of the prototype, tentatively called the "Gorilla."


Unlike RT-91, Gorilla will have a western-type tower with almost vertical walls, ceramic tiles and active armor should cover the main armor from the top (probably Suslavičus namudr, translating data from the magazine ATM, it was based on the materials of this edition the publication of “Tankmaster”, after all, we should talk about multi-layered armor with ceramic filler and dynamic protection (note: VM), protecting against subcounter and cumulative projectiles, as well as a special layer for electromagnetic absorption th radiation. Engine - diesel power about 1000 kW. The main armament is Russian: two machine guns, a smooth-bore 125-mm gun with automatic loading (capable of serving the same for launching the 9М119 ATGM) ... The fire control system and the power unit together with the transmission are specially designed for Gorilla, they must be computerized. The Poles are looking for cooperation in the creation of this 55-ton tank with the military industry of France, Israel and the South African Republic.

In the monograph by Sergey Suvorov “Tank T-72: yesterday, today, tomorrow”, also released by the highly respected “Tankmaster”, the updated characteristics of the combat vehicle were placed. Crew - 3 person. Combat weight - 55 tons. Engine power density - HP 24,72 per ton.

Tank PT-91A with dynamic protection of national development

Maximum speed - 70 km / h. Armament machine guns caliber 12,7 and 7,62 mm. 125-mm gun and guided weapons complex 9K120. In the same work of the tank officer it was reported that after Poland joined NATO, work on the Gorilla was stopped. The bet is made on the further modernization of the T-72 / РТ-91 checked by time and long-term operation. The possibility of “leopardization” of the RT-91 was also mentioned (installation of the Leopard-2 tower on the chassis of this tank).

According to experts in the field of armored vehicles, this is unlikely to happen. Most likely, the Poles will go the Ukrainian way, tested in the Kharkov version of the modernization of the Nizhny Tagil tank - T-72-120. It has an 120-mm gun, standardized for NATO ammunition with an automatic loader, located in the niche of the tower.

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  1. bask
    bask 1 December 2012 10: 37
    The Poles are one of the best from the former countries, the Warsaw Pact, disposed of .Soviet armored vehicles.And created on the nodes and units T72, self-propelled guns ,, Crab ,, GSh SUM-Kalina MT-S BMP -BWP-200 / I ,, Gorila ,, all the same, on the basis of the T-72., but it didn’t work out. And it turned out to be a versatile middle platform and avtank ,, Anders ,,,, similar in layout to the MT-S GS only on western components .....
    1. Vadivak
      Vadivak 1 December 2012 19: 08
      Russia France, Israel South Africa - the result was a Polish tank. As the Poles were empty chimes, they will remain so
  2. golem
    golem 1 December 2012 23: 35
    Gorilla is not even a project just a concept. Almost immediately they abandoned her.
    1. general-oberst
      general-oberst 2 December 2012 09: 44
      And in vain they refused. After all, it’s not your first time to wander in the woods for a sousan.
  3. bart74
    bart74 2 December 2012 02: 55
    There is nothing to push. Buy our TESHKI. We will sell them to you as brothers. And then we then do not need trophy abrams and leopards. It’s better to get your trophy back.
  4. Splin
    Splin 2 December 2012 10: 55
    Today, the tank forces of Poland correspond in quality to the tanks of a potential enemy.
    The PT-91 is equal to the Belarusian T-72B, the Russian T-80BV and the Ukrainian T-64BV. Free Leopards-2A4 are equal in general to T-80U (UD), T-90A, BM Bulat. Now the Poles will upgrade their Leo to the 2PL level and they will be approximately equal to BM Oplot and T-90MA. And "Armata" will not wait soon.
    1. DuraLexSedLex.
      DuraLexSedLex. 2 December 2012 18: 58
      Yes, not in the first time from the Poles to fight off the "Belarusian T-72B, Russian T-80BV and Ukrainian T-64BV", they are potential opponents.
      1. Splin
        Splin 2 December 2012 19: 11
        The general staffs are calculating different scenarios. So you have to be objective. and do not wave like Budyonny with a saber on a black horse. It so happened that today Poland is a NATO member. 30 years ago, her potential enemy was from the FRG. It is not necessary to build an offense, but to understand the real situation. This year they defended themselves in the scenario for the Anaconda-12 exercise. The enemy is conditional, but his technique and tactics are Russian-Belarusian.