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The upgraded Mi-26Т2В will rise into the sky already in this half-year

The Helicopters of Russia holding on Tuesday reported that a prototype of a modernized Mi-26Т2В helicopter developed for the Russian Defense Ministry would make its first flight before the middle of the year.

The upgraded Mi-26Т2В will rise into the sky already in this half-year

Now Rostvertol together with the developer of Mi helicopters (MV Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant) is completing the production of the first prototype Mi-26Т2В helicopter, which will replace the machines used by the Defense Ministry. We plan that by the end of the first half of the year a new helicopter will make the first flight
- Said in the holding.

They specified that Rostvertol also handed over to the Ministry of Defense two heavy military transport helicopters Mi-26, which had been repaired at the enterprise, in the near future the vehicles will head to the place of permanent deployment.

Mi-26 helicopters are used for transporting equipment, bulky cargo, paratroop unit transport, and fire fighting. In addition to the version for the Russian military, Rostvertol also supplies for export the civilian version of the Mi-26Т2 and the specially designed for the PRC market Mi-26TS, reports TASS

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  1. Hunter 2
    Hunter 2 April 10 2018 18: 21
    Rises - Discuss! hi
    1. igor67
      igor67 April 10 2018 18: 38
      Quote: Hunter 2
      Rises - Discuss! hi

      and what if the car doesn’t rise, it’s been flying for 30 years, except that the new engine will show itself
      1. exo
        exo April 10 2018 21: 24
        On it, an old engine. Unfortunately, this is the main problem so far.
  2. copter77
    copter77 April 10 2018 21: 37
    pancake ... here the blacksmith forged the body of cho (((
    1. copter77
      copter77 April 10 2018 21: 38
      hands would set them
      1. copter77
        copter77 April 10 2018 21: 39
        view is not nice, the price is falling!
    2. Prosha
      Prosha April 10 2018 22: 41
      You don’t understand anything, it's the same anti-radar surface - stealth))) You just need to make the right presentation and explain to the potential buyer - if you don’t buy, turn off the gas!)
  3. shuravi
    shuravi April 10 2018 23: 32
    This photo is still from MAX-2009.
    And the board is not new, but after the CWR.
  4. Turgon
    Turgon April 12 2018 06: 51
    We have some good plans for the future, when you finally write how many were commissioned.