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Argentina buys French Gowind patrol ships

The Foreign Ministers of Argentina and France signed an agreement according to which the Argentine Navy will acquire from the presence of the French fleet the P725 L'Adroit patrol ship of the Gowind type, and they will also order three new almost identical ships (Gowind OPV 90) from the French company Kership, reports bmpd With reference to the newspaper Ouest-France.

The patrol ship P 725 L'Adroit of the Gowind type, which is planned to be acquired by Argentina, is now part of the French Navy.

According to the newspaper, "the final contract with an estimated value of about 300 million euros must be signed by Argentina and Kership (a joint venture of the French Naval Group and the French shipbuilding company Piriou) during the current year."

Three 90-meter Gowind-type patrol ships will be built at the shipyard in Loriana.

Resource certificate: “The patrol ship Р 725 L'Adroit was built in 2011 year in the arsenal in Loriana at its own expense by the French shipbuilding association DCNS (the current Naval Group) as the lead demonstrator of the Gowind type (in construction and testing, it was called Hermes ). In 2012, L'Adroit was leased to the French Navy for a three-year term for use as a patrol ship, with the lease period extended by 2015 based on annual agreements (the last one-year agreement was concluded at the beginning of 2018). In the past few years, the Naval Group has been actively seeking a buyer abroad for this ship. ”
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  1. Dezinto
    Dezinto April 10 2018 14: 42
    Falklands expect new conflict?
    1. donavi49
      donavi49 April 10 2018 15: 48
      This is an ordinary patrolman. Drive poachers. Bring violators of the border. To carry humanitarian aid. Assist ships in distress in the maritime and ocean area. Well, etc.
  2. ioan-e
    ioan-e April 10 2018 14: 47
    Trough with a fart, what can this ship do? Burn fuel?
    1. Borik
      Borik April 10 2018 15: 58
      Pukalka can be put larger. There is enough space. and anti-ship missiles in the container ..

      Key Features: Displacement at full load of 1450 tons. Length 87 meters, width 11 meters, draft 3,3 meters. Speed ​​21 knots. Cruising range 8000 nautical miles at 12 knots. Autonomy of swimming 30 days. The crew of 30 people of the main crew, plus 29 military personnel. On board the ship there are two high-speed boats with a length of 9 meters of type RHIB.

      Armament: one 20 mm gun; two 50-caliber machine guns.

      Aviation group: On board there is one 5 ton helicopter, also the possibility of finding one 10 ton helicopter; multipurpose unmanned helicopter Camcopter S-100.
      1. ioan-e
        ioan-e April 10 2018 16: 39
        So I say: the resource on tonnage is surprisingly inept; For a ship, a ship cannot be called a tongue, 1,5 thousand tons of displacement are spent only to provide a range of 8000 miles and a helicopter on board? By God, it’s not even funny! With a comparable crew and displacement, Bykov’s autonomy is 60 days and the cruising range is only a third lower, I’m generally silent about weapons.
        1. Abalon
          Abalon April 10 2018 16: 49
          Amazingly mediocre comment. Argentina makes good money by selling fishing licenses in its economic zone. Which she is not very small. In order to drive poachers, the ship is what you need. Enough for the poachers)))
          1. ioan-e
            ioan-e April 10 2018 16: 56
            Well, then you, the representatives of the great maritime power, dug up the Ukrainian-sea, know better! You can hire their designers, they will amazingly talented design the ocean nuclear missile fleet! Oh yes, the bridge in Nikolaev repeatedly did not asphalted? Will a missile cruiser enter the plant? Or how will it be with the "Priluki"?
            1. bochman
              bochman April 10 2018 19: 06
              And what can the bridge be built? Thank.
        2. san4es
          san4es April 10 2018 19: 28
          The 360 ​​° panoramic bridge and integrated mast give L'Adroit crew resources to collect reliable information. The superstructure of the ship leaves significant space for air operations (helicopters, UAVs) and for launching and restoring ground facilities (RHIBs or USVs). L'Adroit flights are controlled by the POLARIS combat system, which provides the necessary detailed information about the environment around the ship, collected by various detectors, deployed sensors and other ships integrated into the surveillance network. The flight system may also include MATRICS, a marine surveillance system capable of automatically detecting suspicious profiles on course.
          L'Adroit is a modern tool to combat threats and illegal practices at sea. The vessel is capable of performing various missions, usually related to patrolling maritime economic zones.
          Gowind class corvette
          Displacement: 1,450 t (1,450 t) (full load)
          Length: 87 meters (285 feet)
          Width: 11 m (36 feet)
          Project: 3.3 m (11 ft)
          Installed power: electric:
          Powerplant: 2 Anglo-Belgian V12 engines, 5,6 MW
          Speed: 21 knots (39 km / h;)
          Range: 14800 km; 9200 miles
          Endurance: 30 days
          Boats and landing craft: 2 × 9 m (30 ft) RHIBs
          Options: 30 main crews, up to 29 military personnel
          Sensors and processing systems:
          - DCNS Polaris Combat Command System
          - Terma Scanter 6002 I-band radar for surface search
          -In terma Scanter 4102 I-group airborne and ground-based radars
          - Sagem EOMS (Electro Optical Multisensor System) NG
          - SIGMA 40D Sagem Inertial Measurement Unit
          - LinkSrechts Helicopter Visual Aid System
          Electronic warfare & decoys:
          -Thales Altesse & Life of him DV EOR / Workers System
          - Lacroix defense and security of Silenus
          -1 × 20 mm guns
          -2 × .50 caliber machine guns
          1 × 5 tons helicopter or 1 × 10 tons helicopter
          Schiebel Camcopter S-100 B
          Aviation facilities: helicopter launch pad and hangar (for translating sorry hi )
          1. Salavatsky Ministry of Emergency Situations
            Quote: san4es

            -1 × 20 mm guns
            -2 × .50 caliber machine guns
            1 × 5 tons helicopter or 1 × 10 tons helicopter
            Schiebel Camcopter S-100 B
            (for translation sorry hi )

            Oh? Here is the link to the wiki
            1 × OTO Melara 76 mm main gun
            2 × Nexter Narwhal 20mm cannon
            16 × VLS for MICA VL (Air Defense)
            8 × Exocet anti ship missile (anti-ship missiles)
            2 × triple torpedo launcher
            Air Group:
            1 × 5-tons helicopter or 1 × 10-tons helicopter (supported)
            Schiebel Camcopter S-100

            So no worse than our our pr. 11356, loses only in the caliber of the main gun and in the amount of missiles
            1. san4es
              san4es April 11 2018 09: 36
              Quote: Salavatsky Ministry of Emergency Situations
              ... oh? Here is a link to the wiki

              hi ... Another project (of the Egyptian Navy) goes through your link: Type: Corvette (Gowind-class)
              Displacement: 2500 tons.
              ... The photo shows:
              Gowind 2500
              ... But the Frenchman (now Argentinean) Gowind-class Corvette
              Displacement: 1,450 t
              French Offshore Patrol Ship P725 L'Adroit
              l_L% 27Adroit
  3. Vol4ara
    Vol4ara April 10 2018 14: 57
    Quote: ioan-e
    Trough with a fart, what can this ship do? Burn fuel?

    Well, yes, did you have to buy British?
    1. Borik
      Borik April 10 2018 15: 55
      Well, yes, did you have to buy British?

      That's it. One minus for England plus one for Argentina. And so the whole fleet outbid. And then you can pick up the Falklands without fear.
  4. Magic archer
    Magic archer April 10 2018 15: 48
    For a major conflict, a completely worthless dish. But all sorts of violators to scare, just right!