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In Germany tested the American mortar system ADIM

US military 2 armored brigade conducted in Germany demonstrative tests of ADN 81-mm automated mortar system, reports Rossiyskaya Gazeta with reference to the Defense Blog.

Tests were held at the site Grafenwoehr. According to the magazine, “a mortar robot weighing about a ton was mounted on the base of a pickup truck HMMWV”. Four automatic muzzle brakes provide a smooth return when fired.

"ADIM functions are automated in such a way that operations, usually performed manually by a soldier, can instead be performed using electromechanical actuators controlled by a drive control system weapons (ACS) ", - says the material

The mortar has a pointing angle from -3 to 85 degrees and can hit targets at a distance of up to 6,3 km.

It is reported that "the fire control system includes the ability to automatically lay ammunition," in addition, the robotic system "independently performs ballistic calculations taking into account the meteorological situation."
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  1. Yrec
    Yrec April 10 2018 13: 54
    Something healthy hurts, compared with the "Cornflower".
    1. Monos
      Monos April 10 2018 14: 05
      Rate of fire not reported. And so ... for a long time it was already time to automate shooting from a mortar.
      1. san4es
        san4es April 10 2018 14: 14
        Quote: Monos
        ... automate mortar fire.

        hi ... Korean 120mm automatic
        November 2013, XNUMX
        1. Monos
          Monos April 10 2018 14: 21
          Sasha, welcome hi
          Quote: san4es
          ... Korean 120mm automatic

          Is it just that we don’t deal with this topic? Although ... "Phlox", like a mortar too ...
          1. san4es
            san4es April 10 2018 14: 48
            ... For South Koreans, robots guard the border, for the US it is a business .. About export of Phlox not in the know request ... About her and not heard.
            November 2016, XNUMX
          2. Nikolaevich I
            Nikolaevich I April 10 2018 16: 06
            Quote: Monos
            Although ... "Phlox", like a mortar too ...

            In fact, the artillery unit of the Phlox self-propelled guns is unified with the 2A80 ("Vienna") This is: "Nona", or "gun-howitzer-mortar", or a single gun ....
        2. Nikolaevich I
          Nikolaevich I April 10 2018 15: 51
          Quote: san4es
          Korean 120mm automatic

          Nice "mattress"! But I have in mind there is a AZ for "muzzle charging", perhaps, in a simpler way ....
          1. san4es
            san4es April 10 2018 16: 00
            Quote: Nikolaevich I
            ... Nice "mattress

            ... What about the 120mm double-barrel?

            hi ... Or, faster: Patria - Amos & Nemo 120mm Advanced Mortar Systems
            1. Nikolaevich I
              Nikolaevich I April 10 2018 16: 59
              Cool! Amos always liked me ... although, if you wish, you can also "find fault" ... 2 of the barrel means a generally more complex structure: a more complex, "bulky" AZ; ammunition .... You can recall, for example, Self-propelled guns "Coalition" ... The 2 trunk was also the same initially and the reason was the same as that of Amos. But, in the end, the 1 trunk remained. Most likely, it was possible to complete the assigned tasks with other technical solutions. So ........ everything is comparative and relatively wink ... next to the pros and cons, and vice versa.
    2. Alexey Kurtov
      Alexey Kurtov April 11 2018 10: 13
      This is not a “machine gun”, it is a “robot”, it has completely different qualities. (Cornflower, by the way mod 1955)
  2. Same lech
    Same lech April 10 2018 14: 01
    A serious weapon ... the bottom of the car will not break ... 4 muzzle brakes all the same ... and automation around ... though the weight is decent.
    In general, it is still necessary to check the effectiveness of the weapon on the battlefield. what
    1. san4es
      san4es April 10 2018 14: 05
      Quote: The same Lech
      A serious weapon ... the bottom of the car will not break ..

      hi ... It seems not, for example, 120-mm
      May 2014
  3. Pattor
    Pattor April 10 2018 14: 14
    Do we have something like that? So interesting machine
    SASHA OLD April 10 2018 14: 16
    I don’t know how good it is, but the Americans, if necessary, will advertise it as it should
  5. Nikolaevich I
    Nikolaevich I April 10 2018 14: 19
    Xnumx muzzle brakes? belay Ide they? what Are these 4 "pipes" (it looks like elements of a recoil device ...)? request How to live further ?! Continuous innovations tortured! I used to think that the muzzle brake looks like this fellow , and now, it turns out, like this. fool ..
    1. edmed
      edmed April 10 2018 16: 21
      4 muzzle brakes? Perhaps the difficulties of translation, the age of machine translation and girls (boys) creatives smile
      1. maiman61
        maiman61 April 11 2018 08: 20
        "4 muzzle brakes?" - an indicator of mental abilities zhurnalyuga.
  6. zoolu350
    zoolu350 April 10 2018 15: 08
    What a miserable mattress krakozyabra compared with the "Cornflower".
  7. JonnyT
    JonnyT April 11 2018 08: 22
    Ahah, let's see how he will work after EMR.

    Does it have a manual control system?
  8. Whowhy
    Whowhy April 11 2018 08: 50
    Four automatic muzzle brakes

    Touches ... lol