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The birth and death of the seventh aircraft carrier. Catapult

The birth and death of the seventh aircraft carrier. Catapult

October 28 The 1987 Central Committee of the CPSU and the USSR Council of Ministers approved measures to ensure the construction of an aircraft carrier and TTE of the 11437 project. TAKR had the following tactical and technical elements: displacement is standard - 65800 t, full - 74900 t, most - 79000 t. Main dimensions: length 321,2 m, width with an angular flight deck - 83,9 m, draft - 10,6 m, and not GAS fairing, neither the rotor complex below the main plane protruded. Dimensional height (from the main plane) - 68 m. Length KVL- 274 m, width KVL- 40 m.

The power plant is atomic, with 4 reactors at 305 mW and with 4 steam turbines at 50000 hp.

Mortgage board ATAKR pr.11437 "Ulyanovsk", serial number С-10

Aviation: 70 aircraft, including Su-27K aircraft up to 25 units, MiG-29 aircraft up to 20 units, DRLO Yak-44 to 8 aircraft :

15 anti-submarine helicopters KA-27PLO, 2 search and rescue helicopters KA-27PS. The angle of the springboard is 14 degrees, its length is 51 meters, the width of the descent is 27 meters, the landing strip is 228 meters long.


The first catapults to launch ship planes appeared on Soviet ships even before the war. (K-3 battleship "Paris Commune", KR-1). The experience of their use was short-lived and unclaimed.

Even when they started talking about building aircraft carriers in the 70s, the syndrome of fear of the catapult, as before something unknown and inaccessible, remained.

And yet, the catapult (officially called the accelerating device) for testing the arresting units was made by installing it to the 1986 year at the ground testing site "Thread" (the free name 23 NIITK, which then got accustomed). This polygon with a steel airfield in the form of a ship's deck was built in the Crimea, at the airfield of Novo-Fedorovka, which the Germans made during the war years for the bombing of Sevastopol. In the summer of 1982, on the "Thread" they conducted flight tests of the Su-27 and MiG-29 on the Т1 springboard (8,5 ° angle), which was supposed to be for the shortened takeoff of the Yak-41, a year later, the Svetlana-2 airfreader was tested. at first it was assumed to ensure horizontal landing of the Yak-41) - September 1 1984, the well-known ace V.G. Pugachev sat on them, on the prototype Su-27К. In 1985, the planes of the usual scheme began to take off from the steeper springboard T2 (angle 14 °), adopted for the TAKF project? and to sit down already with braking on aerofinishers.

The accelerating device (as well as aerofinishers) designed and manufactured the Proletarsky plant, having worked out the basic questions of principle on a layout on the scale of 1: 10. In the middle of 1983, they began the production of a full-scale specimen for installation at the site. It was a slotted cylinder with a length of 90 meters, with a slot sealing system and external heating. The working steam into the cylinder came from the power unit located in the boiler room.

Cooling water to the condensers was fed through a pipe with a diameter of 1,5 meter. The initial tests were carried out with 14-27 tons loading machines, which were accelerated to a speed of 180-250 km / h. At the same time, the push force was considerable — once the truck of the loader did not grab the arresting gear cable and sped off 2,5 kilometers (!) Across the field. ^

There were several characteristic crashes; the catapult's shuttle broke the coupling with the cart and went off without a load at a speed of about 400 km / h, destroying the nasal brake sections of the catapult cylinders. Then there was no water on the brake section and a dry blow led to the destruction of the shuttle pistons and brake sections.

7 on August 1986 of the year were the first idle starts of the catapult, 29 of August on the cart. During the tests, all systems were tested, mass and speed calibrations were carried out, all the required characteristics were achieved in terms of cycling, warm-up time, ultimate overload, etc., that meet the technical requirements. The aerofinisher and the emergency barrier were presented for interdepartmental tests, which were completed in 1988, then sent to Tbilisi (it was known that the catapult was abandoned and she switched to Ulyanovsk).

In short, you can talk about the aero-finisher, which is based on a brake machine weighing about 100 tons and dimensions 18 x 2 x 1,5 meters. The machine works on the principle of volumetric displacement of the working fluid from the brake hydraulic cylinder (diameter 495 mm and length about 6 meters), through the control valve to the hydraulic accumulator. Before landing, the hoisting system (all of them are 4 and they are placed one by one through 13 meters) are pushed over the deck by 300 mm. When landing, the aircraft hooks up the receiving cable stretched across the bridge (the second cable should be seized from the stern) and, moving by inertia 80-90 meters, pulls the branches of the brake cables, which
through the chain hoist, the piston rod is set in motion. Thus, by maintaining the required oil pressure in the hydraulic cylinder through the control valve, the brake machine provides for an airplane stop for about 2 seconds if the 4,5g is overloaded. Each receiving cable is operated by its own machine; if necessary, an emergency barrier is attached to the last one, the principle of which is to stop the plane. After stopping the aircraft, the working fluid is cooled and pumped back. In the domestic marine engineering industry, the parameters of the mechanisms of the take-off and landing complex had no analogues in terms of the process speed and the pressure developed in the hydraulic cylinders — when flowing during an airplane braking period, the oil heats up to 110 degrees in two seconds!

The 11437 project initially assumed three catapults. During the review and approval of the drawings, the debate did not stop: the aircraft designers did not engage in an ejection launch, arguing that the catapults would worsen the flight qualities of the aircraft, increase the accident rate, they themselves would explode, they would freeze in the North and even take off even for a turbo-prop twin-engine Yak-44.

Gradually, the ChSZ engineering personnel began to incline towards this, only sailors and designers did not agree, knowing full well that a horizontal forced start would increase the combat load of the aircraft, expand the range of naval aviation use according to wind characteristics, make it possible to start even with a pitching and rather strong rolling motion, make it easier for pilots to take off without a sharp jump (jokes with jokes, and it is not recommended to take off without a preliminary enema on the springboard). Unfortunately, the catapult on the "Thread" has never been used to take off real aircraft, although they were accelerated many times to test the hook engagement. It was planned to test the catapult and the DRLO aircraft on the 11436 (Varyag) project, but these plans were not realized.

Fluctuations in the number of “accelerating devices” began in the new shipbuilding industry minister I.V. Koksanova- he appointed the date of the relevant meeting for a decision. Most likely, the result of this meeting would be the abandonment of two catapults (although it would probably have left one for final finalization), which were proposed as an addition to the nasal springboard.
Perestroika broke out and the catapult went away. historywithout having had time to show their advantages and disadvantages. Probably S. Gorshkov was right when he said: “If we don’t put a catapult on the G-7, history will not forgive us for that”.

Construction of the aircraft carrier "Ulyanovsk" on the CVD No. XXUMX in Nikolaev, a hypothetical figure (Soviet Military Power, 444)
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  1. Ares
    Ares April 30 2012 08: 10
    It is a pity that the Union realized too late that a balanced and really strong fleet needs an organization based on the ACG principle. Now there would be a significant reserve. Creating unproven technological solutions from scratch is now much more expensive and more difficult, but nevertheless, given global trends, when even India and China realized the need for an aircraft carrier fleet, Russia needs to have 2-3 aircraft carriers.
    1. Gamdlislyam
      Gamdlislyam April 30 2012 08: 44
      It is a pity that the Union realized too late that a balanced and really strong fleet needs an organization based on the ACG principle.

      The leadership of the USSR realized this, well, with the exception of Khrushchev. But. first they achieved nuclear missile parity, and then the money was spent on aircraft carriers. "Successful manager Gorbochev and K" would not have come to the leadership of the country, perhaps now we had 2 aircraft carriers per fleet.
      1. Ares
        Ares April 30 2012 09: 37
        Quote: Gamdlislyam
        "Successful manager Gorbochev and K" would not have come to the leadership of the country, perhaps now we had 2 aircraft carriers per fleet.

        Unfortunately, the entire communist model of the economy has rotted, proving its depravity. The society of people demotivated by the financial side in the absence of a market economy could not develop effectively and in any case was doomed to collapse. I recall the reasoning of many workers at my factory "why puff for 4 years, get an education as an engineer, and we will get almost the same amount as hard workers" or how, in front of my eyes, any desire for innovation was fundamentally oppressed, because it was encouraged absolutely out of proportion to the efforts made. Without speaking about how many people just tried to serve their number at work, constantly looking back at the clock. Of course, there were some ideological enthusiasts, but you yourself understand, they alone will not go far. We need a whole system of motivating staff at all levels.
        1. aleks
          aleks April 30 2012 13: 19
          You have been living in a vicious economy for 20 years, eating and plundering remnants, and almost all types of weapons were designed at that sworn time. It's pretty embarrassing to haul from where you spit.
          1. Ares
            Ares April 30 2012 17: 48
            Quote: aleks
            You have been living in a vicious economy for 20 years, eating and plundering remnants, and almost all types of weapons were designed at that sworn time. It's pretty embarrassing to haul from where you spit.

            With such vocabulary and poking, you would have a young man at the entrance to conduct dialogues. And over the past 20 years of a vicious economy, at least products have appeared in stores and, moreover, in an abundance unthinkable for the Union. And I don’t spit anywhere, but on the contrary I try to cover what I saw with my own eyes and what, in my opinion, was destructive for the country. And I saw it at all levels, from the idlers of my factory and the bureaucracy, ending with queues at empty shops and pharmacies. I remember how they refused to sell me a 2 or 3-room apartment for my own money (!), They say you are not supposed to be married. I remember how cultural figures were strangled, how they tried to squeeze Vysotsky, how people were afraid to talk about what they think. How the cities were littered with jammers, so that their own people would not hear anyone and anything superfluous. It was all false and hypocritical. Someone was wiping his pants in party offices, and for my Motherland I worked from morning till night in the workshop and laboratory of the plant, often overtime, was a specialist of a high category, and I received as much as nearby "coexisting" idlers in the lab, spitting in ceiling throughout the day. I still remember their smirks, they say, do not overwork, no one will reward you with an extra ruble, and the awards will be distributed equally to the department. Any more or less literate person then realized that this could not continue, people lacked motivation, the lack of market competition ruined progress at the root, the registrations began to reach staggering proportions, and the collapse of the Union and the collapse of its economy was only a matter of time. If we are silent about this and do not learn lessons, then history will be permanent and people will step on the same rake instead of progressive and fruitful development. And I believe that Russia, following the current course, will regain its superpower status and, moreover, will economically surpass the USSR. You just need to know exactly what to strive for and what to avoid.
            1. Alexander Petrovich
              Alexander Petrovich April 30 2012 18: 29
              Isn't this man right? Maybe he pokes you, but I, like most people of the former USSR, will agree with him. Our people were defamed as soon as they tasted Western values.
              1. Piligrim
                Piligrim April 30 2012 21: 29
                It is in your heads a discredit! And already it will not pass. Thank God, your children will no longer have this complex. And the country will develop in the right direction, not looking for its own, "chosen" path again by someone.
                1. Argir
                  Argir April 30 2012 23: 42
                  Neither democracy, nor communism, nor monarchy, nor totalitarianism have yet received the status of an ideal model of government. What direction did you mean? Have you come up with something new?
                2. alexs3524
                  alexs3524 1 May 2012 20: 01
                  Take a look around! Or don’t want to notice what’s going on
                3. Nickname
                  Nickname 1 May 2012 21: 17
                  It will pass, unfortunately.
                  And it will develop in the desired "American" direction. Compare history and you will see - we are copying the West, well, somewhere with a lag of 15 - 20 years. I mean their moral values ​​(all their filth)
                  (And God is capitalized.)
            2. Ares
              Ares April 30 2012 18: 42
              Well, what a pity that people do not like the truth. Keep hanging the cons ..
            3. Eugene
              Eugene April 30 2012 22: 50
              People write amazing things .... Apartments. Yes, soon you, the owners of these former free apartments will be transferred to the rank of tenants. What kind of market competition? Where do you see it? Only TNCs, and nothing more!
            4. Alexei-
              Alexei- 1 May 2012 08: 55
              maybe I'm the only one so bad about communism (socialism) and the economy? Yes, there was a planned economy in the Union, for the most part there was no market, there was distribution. Today in the West, any economist will say that planning in a market economy is in the order of things. Do you really think that, for example, in France, if the Socialists win the elections, they will introduce a distribution system (cards)? Yes, this is nonsense. The same Lenin introduced the NEP, but, unlike common sense, ideology won ... " the communist model of the economy, having proved its viciousness. "And in my opinion, our home-grown ideologists or the DPRK ones who climbed with their own" take and divide "(but not the Chinese, Vietnamese) proved their viciousness. the market has a place to be. And it is not vicious (IMHO).
            5. alexs3524
              alexs3524 1 May 2012 20: 00
              you are lying, I also lived at that time and I remember how they lived then and how they live now, and everything was in the stores, but now there is even more, but it is not possible, judging by your comment, the main thing is food for you, and that’s talking about something
              1. Nickname
                Nickname 1 May 2012 21: 24
                Alex, yes, it was in the markets, in the shops - bones and little blue hens were lying. Anyway!
                So the people were healthy! And now astronauts are announcing recruitment all over the country! Got it!
                One managery! and their trump card is that rotten sausages of 200 varieties on the counter!
            6. lotus04
              lotus04 2 May 2012 06: 02
              The head of the "ruling elite" is rotten, not the communists. Something about communist China is not noticeable that they are going out. Fingers snapped that the bucks will be fused and Obama is already crucified in China.
          2. Piligrim
            Piligrim April 30 2012 21: 26
            Yes, you stay 20 years old !!! Then the deficit was around, they bought grain over the hill and even brought meat from there. For 80 years they couldn’t feed normally or dress humanly.
            And oil and metal as well from the scoop and driven as it is now. Only earlier you combed your brain that this is pride for the country, and now you yourself can look at these matters from different angles to decide whether this is good or not!
            1. Argir
              Argir April 30 2012 23: 44
              but now we are eating genomically modified products from the belly, we are buying rags of fashion brands. But in the USSR they didn’t eat dilekates, but they ate well, and there was something to dress, though not branded.
              1. fellow misha
                fellow misha April 30 2012 23: 52
                Friend, you have a cool avatar smile
            2. viktor_ui
              viktor_ui 1 May 2012 07: 49
              Pilgrim - there were no special problems with the production of everything and everyone in the USSR, but "with processing and storage" there was a big ass, well, and if we add to this and the hefty cohort of assorted "friends" of the USSR, who, well, right now they were going to build at a bright future for free supplies from a superpower, then we will receive the required shortfalls for the needs of our own population (while I remember very well which fatty cities at any time were filled with the desired grub at the very least)
            3. alexs3524
              alexs3524 1 May 2012 20: 05
              Grain, yes, they bought it over the hill, but for livestock needs, that is, for feed, at the expense of meat, too, is nonsense
        2. Eugene
          Eugene April 30 2012 22: 45
          Interestingly, does the office plankton behave differently? Doesn’t it create nichrome, but only sells something?
        3. Civil
          Civil 1 May 2012 13: 05
          "they say why puff for 4 years, get the education of an engineer, we will get almost the same amount as hard workers"

          this was the idea, the country of workers and peasants, and not "effective managers" with an excellent rationalization approach! And crowds of young people with diplomas but no education.

          Neglecting how many people simply tried to serve their number at work, constantly looking back at their watches. Of course, there were separate ideological enthusiasts, but you yourself understand that you alone will not go far. We need a whole system of motivation for staff at all levels

          How did you get the idea that something has changed now? Ask any leader, he will say the exact same thing!

          A society demotivated by the financial side of the people in the absence of a market economy could not develop effectively and in any case was doomed to failure

          that is, now society, especially pensioners, are awesomely motivated? And their grandchildren contemplating this?
      2. Kars
        Kars April 30 2012 09: 46
        Quote: Gamdlislyam
        first achieved nuclear missile parity

        and the rest is a stupid arms race that destroyed the USSR, without a single shot from the United States and NATO. They played on the fears of our aging elite and aircraft carriers, SDI, drove the USSR economy out.
        Quote: Gamdlislyam
        maybe now we had an 2 aircraft carrier in the fleet

        And what would it give you? Besides operational costs? The United States is oppressing the OPEC countries with its aircraft carriers, and you are not really needed for war with China, and transoceanic landing operations against the United States are not even funny.
        1. Neighbor
          Neighbor April 30 2012 11: 03
          Quote: Ares
          Russia needs to have 2-3 aircraft carriers.

          Absolutely in solidarity - we are not - (Thank God) and we have no intentions to conquer the whole world - therefore, for us - the most optimal is 2 - 3 ultramodern aircraft carriers.
          10 pieces — we don’t need them — we are against the poor and underdeveloped countries — we are not fighting planes with cluster and other bombs. belay
          1. PSih2097
            PSih2097 April 30 2012 12: 04
            10 pieces - we don’t need them - we are against poor and underdeveloped countries - we don’t fight planes with cluster bombs and other bombs

            I agree that we need AB (AUG) to cover the deployment zones of the SSBNs (two each for the North and Pacific Fleet), and for popuars there are TU-95, Tu-160, Airborne Forces and the Marine Corps ...
            1. viruskvartirus
              viruskvartirus April 30 2012 19: 10
              Well, you shouldn’t think of the Tu-95 and Tu-160 for the Papuans .... these devices only teach this, and they are designed to carry nuclear weapons ...
          2. Nickname
            Nickname 1 May 2012 21: 39
            Right! Somehow, I spoke out against the construction of the auxiliary fleet, to hell with it, I took off all the ghosts, and to hell with them.
            But auxiliary, corvettes, landing, barges and other crap is for Honduras. Profit is easier to do on this, specialists are not needed.
            We, of course, first of all need to build SSBNs, reanimate the cruisers, lower a couple of aircraft carriers, then we can have a drink.
        2. saturn.mmm
          saturn.mmm April 30 2012 20: 17
          For kars Usually I support your comments but this time I do not agree. Without a powerful fleet, Russia will be overlaid and gradually crushed. Well, we can’t take up any experience in mining, for example, somewhere in Africa. And as for transoceanic landings, I agree with you that the AUG can support strategic submarine fleet and strategic aviation.
          It was not the aircraft carriers with the SDI that drove the USSR economy out, but the country's leadership, which, instead of the economy, was engaged in the undercover struggle, especially after Brezhnev's death. The Central Committee of the CPSU did not pass the test with copper pipes.
          1. Kars
            Kars April 30 2012 20: 34
            Truth is born in a dispute.
            when reading the branch, there are proposals to use an aircraft carrier to support Syria or Iran --- do you want a war?

            Or for example, what happens if Venezuela starts a war with Colombia? Chase AUG to provide international assistance?

            I’ve written several times --- whether or not the aircraft carrier will be with Russia, it is up to your leadership to decide. But I believe that the best defense of Russia is the economy and the wealth of its citizens. Take China, who will crush it? and it does not yet have an aircraft carrier, and he is a great power. He certainly completes the Varangian, but he has a clear and SPECIFIC purpose --- TAIWAN.

            Russia bought the Mistral, enough to demonstrate the strength of this.
            But in principle, to arrange an arms race is quite interesting, and the rapid development of technology.

            As for the USSR economy, the leadership’s contribution is unambiguous, it got involved in an arms race, the Afghan war - even though the USA was an example in Vietnam. And the militarization of the economy led to the collapse of the USSR, I’m sure --- I caught the queue for everything, and my mother worked for defense plant.
            1. Nickname
              Nickname 1 May 2012 21: 48
              It's hard not to agree.
              After all, as the saying goes - "Everything that the Russians don't do - they all get a bomb!"
              Therefore - to be aircraft carriers!
            2. saturn.mmm
              saturn.mmm 1 May 2012 23: 47
              Good evening Kars. Firstly, with the Workers' Day for you, even though labor is now not held in high esteem. I don’t want a war, they don’t want a war in our country, but sometimes it comes by itself, regardless of our desire. In Iran and Syria, you can do without aircraft carriers, only whether you need to climb there is a question. During the war between Venezuela and Colombia, it’s good to help with armaments, you can both sides, and then help restore. About international assistance somewhere in the Arab and Latin countries ....................................... ....................
              I am considering international assistance: Ukraine-Russia-Belarus-Kazakhstan.

              It makes no sense to build an aircraft carrier, except to train pilots. You need at least four and preferably six. If the country has six modern AUGs, no one will want to start a war, even though the states have more.

              The Chinese did not build aircraft carriers because they did not know how, and so they have plans to build several but not for Taiwan. 150 km from the Chinese coast and Taiwan, and so will fly if necessary.

              I still don’t know why Russia’s Mistrals, well, maybe in 20 years I’ll find out if I live, well, maybe because of some kind of technology.

              The situation after the Second World War was more complicated, nothing was done, the will of the country's leadership was. The Afghan war is clearly a mistake. With the militarization of the economy, not everything is clear, some things were irrational, partly it affected the collapse of the USSR. Help to all Africans and Arabs also contributed, and the CPSU Central Committee rotted. When there were lines for everything, I also worked at the plant, though not at defense, but at selmash. Well, this is my opinion, and the truth is somewhere nearby.
              1. Kars
                Kars 1 May 2012 23: 54
                Good evening.

                Quote: saturn.mmm
                If the country has six modern AUGs, no one will want to start a war, even though the states have more.

                As long as there is an ICBM, the war between Russia and the United States does not threaten, and therefore resources are needed to counter the missile defense system that it is building, or pretends to be building the USA.
                Quote: saturn.mmm
                150 km. From the Chinese coast and Taiwan, and so will fly if necessary.

                For the blockade

                And so, if I honestly, I would look at some simulation of the oncoming battle between two AUGs simply out of curiosity.
                1. saturn.mmm
                  saturn.mmm 2 May 2012 21: 29
                  Hello Kars AUG this is, in a sense, anti-missile defense. The US is building missile defense, I do not know how efficiently it is, but it is building it.
                  For blockade, you can use other boats. In my opinion, an aircraft carrier is more likely an attack weapon. Yes, and it’s better to persuade, these are the same Chinese.
                  And so, if I honestly, I would look at some simulation of the oncoming battle between two AUGs simply out of curiosity.
                  I would also look, a large-scale sight.
                  1. Kars
                    Kars 3 May 2012 09: 28
                    It’s possible for you even without greetings, or it’s very official, you still have to add a middle name to the nickname.
                    As for the AUG as a counteraction to the US missile defense, I can’t say anything except a direct battle with the Aegis Ships.

                    As for the Chinese Varangian, --- well, he still has a long way to go for striking means, especially if there are only 150 km from the mainland to Taiwan. Rather, it’s a means of prestige and a distant blockade. As long as there is the USA, you won’t persuade the Taiwanese, they’re having a good life, anyway.
                    1. saturn.mmm
                      saturn.mmm 3 May 2012 21: 49
                      For kars A direct battle with the Aegis Ships is unlikely to succeed, most likely they will go as part of the AUG. The American AHG has two main goals (if this is not a war with a deliberately weak opponent) 1. connecting strategists to strike positions, 2. bringing Aegis Ships to strike positions. Then the secondary tasks: gaining and maintaining air superiority, ensuring air defense of ships, landing forces, blocking the enemy’s coast, conducting tactical reconnaissance in the air (in any case, I would do something like this).
                      By the way, about the legal guarantees that the Russian authorities are demanding, it seems to me a farce, since during the global war everyone will be back on these guarantees ... s .. to fuck.
                      As for the Varangian, the Chinese are moving fast and once waking up we will understand that the Varangian is an impact tool. At present, China and the United States as two climbers hanging on the same rope thrown over a rock, the United States has money and China has production, they are now interdependent, so that under certain conditions the United States may not notice China’s machinations about Taiwan. It is possible to carry out a blockade with an aircraft carrier, but in the case of Taiwan, the range of almost any warship is at least 2000 km. In general, Taiwan is like a teal on China’s ass, but the solution will most likely be without military intervention.
                      1. Kars
                        Kars 3 May 2012 21: 58
                        Quote: saturn.mmm
                        A direct battle with the Aegis Ships is unlikely to succeed, most likely they will go as part of the AUG

                        As a video defense, the anti-missile defense pours out into the oncoming battle of the Carrier Groups, and here 2 versus 10 will not be pulled. Consequently, either the minimum parity of the 10 ACG or an asymmetric strike.

                        As for the Chinese
                        And everything would be bad enough for the heavy cruiser Shi Lan, feverishly preparing for the first campaign, if Kiev had not come to the rescue again. They sold the T-2005K, the prototype of the Russian Su-10 carrier-based fighter, to the Chinese in 33. Quickly copied, and it turned out the Chinese J-15, which was launched into series.

                        On June 1, 2011, one of the US military magazines listed four significant shortcomings of the Chinese aircraft carrier Shi Lan.

                        Firstly, this aircraft carrier will operate in the Pacific Ocean, where more than 10 aircraft carriers and aircraft carriers of the United States and its allies are already concentrated.

                        Secondly, the Chinese J-35 carrier-based fighter in terms of combat characteristics is significantly inferior to the American F / A-18E / F fighters, in addition, the aircraft carrier does not have AWACS, electronic warfare and transport vehicles, and this gap will only increase over time.

                        Thirdly, the Chinese ship has an extremely low-power self-defense system, does not have sufficiently effective escort forces in the form of modern surface ships and submarines.

                        Fourth, China could not solve the problem of creating a reliable power plant of the ship, which is the "biggest weakness" of its first aircraft carrier.

                        Thus, the Shi Lan can only be a training platform for personnel training, and it can last for years or even decades before the first truly combat-effective national aircraft carriers appear. Even if the "Shi Lan" is used in hostilities, its combat capabilities will be minimal. However, it can patrol the disputed sea areas, and in this regard, the aircraft carrier will significantly increase the range of the Navy. The PLA's Naval Forces. People's Liberation Army of China.

                        But most of all, even today I was pleased with the quote from the site where I’m interested in marine subjects (I’m all the same more tanker, but battleships are .. Morskie tanks ..)

                        Dreadnought reincarnation will occur in the coming 20 years. The United States will be in a better position, which will be able to very quickly reanimate its battleships of the Iowa type, which are now used as museums.
                        Pupko Andrey Vladimirovich.
                        Developer of the site "Encyclopedia of Ships".
                      2. saturn.mmm
                        saturn.mmm 4 May 2012 17: 25
                        For kars
                        As a video defense, the anti-missile defense pours out into the oncoming battle of the Carrier Groups, and here 2 versus 10 will not be pulled. Consequently, either the minimum parity of the 10 ACG or an asymmetric strike.
                        There is no direct opposition to missile defense (the withdrawal of the Boreyev and Yasenei to strike positions). And the AUG with the Aegis Ships should be in their sector. And about 2 AUGs I did not say anywhere, 6 is my opinion. An asymmetric strike can cost more than AUG.
                        And everything would be bad enough .................. Quickly copied, and we got a Chinese J-15, which was launched in series.
                        Everything is fast with them.
                        American military magazines are like "Strike Force"
                        Europe is in crisis, somebody will sell power plants, the Chinese have money. What has been going on for decades, the Chinese have a five-year plan.
                        The Varangian can block and patrol disputed water areas, I agree with this, it is necessary to solve diplomatically with Taiwan why China needs Georgia’s problem with Abkhazia.
                        Reincarnation of dreadnought can and will happen, although I am cool towards battleships, unlike tanks. But at the expense of Iowa, New Jersey, Missouri, Wisconsin, I want to say that their song will be sung in 20 years, they are 65 years old and they are standing in the museum because they were tormented by metal fatigue . After modernization, it is evident that they cannot withstand operational loads, everything has its own service life.
      3. viktor_ui
        viktor_ui 1 May 2012 07: 55
        Kars - "transoceanic amphibious operations against the United States is not even funny" ... yes you sho, I just here, the other day, read the statement of one high-ranking Iranian bloke about the transcendental inaccessibility of their fleet over the rest of the world and they are going to screw them up right on their territory wassat
        1. Odinplys
          Odinplys 1 May 2012 09: 10
          I think Kars ... today we need an optimal balance ... the situation is difficult ... the economy can be driven into ...
          Reasonable ... so much is needed ... to keep reptiles on a leash ...
          The rest will grow later ...
  2. Fidain
    Fidain April 30 2012 13: 27
    Xotya bi 1 na Chernamorski flot 1 baltiski i po 2 na Severni i Tixi okiani ...
  3. mind1954
    mind1954 April 30 2012 23: 47
    Oddly enough, but it is a fact that a completely land minister
    defense, who came after Malinowski, said to the sailors:
    "Well, what are you thinking up?
    Make an ordinary aircraft carrier like the USA! "
  • altman
    altman April 30 2012 08: 33
    On 2 - 3 Northern and Pacific!
    1. Vito
      Vito April 30 2012 17: 12
    2. Vito
      Vito April 30 2012 17: 24
      On 2 - 3 Northern and Pacific! FROM our table, to your table! drinks
    3. 755962
      755962 April 30 2012 17: 27
      Quote: altman
      On 2 - 3 Northern and Pacific!

      Moreover, there is experience in design and construction. There are also opportunities.
      1. Sokol peruna
        Sokol peruna April 30 2012 18: 01
        Well yes. And another 2 star battleships for each of the fleets and the Caspian and Amur flotilla for each star destroyer. laughing

        And who ever thought how much it would cost the country to build and maintain at least one full-fledged AUG? Multi-Medium (High Glaucoma) fool ) an aircraft carrier for 60-70 aircraft, 3-4 destroyers, 1-2 ICAPLs, at least for a pair of tankers and KKS. This is a minimum of $ 15-17 billion. Plus, from scratch, create aircraft carrier basing centers. (Kuzya has been based on the SRZ-35 all his life). And it would not hurt the Allies to rent (thank you they will not let) a couple of Camran base stations there, at Fidel or Chavez anything.
        And there’s nowhere to build an AB (On Sevmash, Gorshkov is not called a terrible nightmare). We need to wait until the Baltic or Far Eastern super shipyards are built.
        1. altman
          altman April 30 2012 20: 19
          I did not write that it needs to be built immediately !! just expressed his opinion about the optimal amount .. about the base points I fully support .. and about Vietnam, Cuba, Syria I already wrote that they are necessary for the ocean fleet .. Yes, the Fleet is a very expensive pleasure, and is built for decades .. but .. without Russia will never become a full-fledged world power !! If we want, we need to build it ... let it go gradually, if we don’t want us to be reckoned with in the world .. that means there’s nothing to stick out !!!
    4. Nickname
      Nickname 1 May 2012 21: 51
      And the small one is for the Caspian.
  • apro
    apro April 30 2012 09: 30
    Yes, aircraft carriers need serious states. Refeshke only under the cut.
    1. Argir
      Argir April 30 2012 23: 50
      Quote: apro
      Yes, aircraft carriers need serious states. Refeshke only under the cut.

      What kind of attitude to your country !? I do not like officials and the leadership, well, so criticize, not wanting to disgrace the whole country with contemptuous reposhkoy.
    2. Nickname
      Nickname 1 May 2012 21: 54
      Well, you said ... You that they threw with a share?
  • Call Sign Half Fifteen
    Call Sign Half Fifteen April 30 2012 10: 08
    AUG is a weapon of aggressors, rather, but in a couple of strike groups for TF and SF together with 1144 (modernized - for example, with X-101,102,555) in the future it would be necessary to get hold of.
    1. freedom
      freedom April 30 2012 11: 40
      Georgians or what? But by 08.08.08 they would have driven one, the inadequate figure from Tbilisi would have jerked. And overseas "democrats" thought a hundred times with their chicken brains.
      1. El13
        El13 April 30 2012 12: 02
        Well, on 08.08.08/XNUMX/XNUMX, aircraft carriers were simply necessary, better three ... well, don’t tell people already.
  • Vito
    Vito April 30 2012 12: 01
    Of course, Russia needs aircraft carriers. Firstly, it is a visiting card of every powerful and developed state. Secondly, for the quick projection of force in some kind of remote region, where our front-line aviation cannot reach, for the necessary gain of air supremacy. The practice of recent wars and conflicts has clearly shown who dominates the sky and wins! A concrete example of Syria! After all, it is necessary to maintain friendly states, but this alone cannot be done. And thirdly, aircraft carriers are needed to give stability to the groups of our ships and submarines in areas remote from our shores, and we have them in the future as more and more of our country’s economic recovery, they will become more and more! AMERIA announced once in the morning (having eaten pepsikola) THE WHOLE world was in the zone of its vital interests and their conscience did not torment them, some countries even began to think that it was necessary. So, three or four atomic handsome aircraft carriers will not bother us.
    1. apro
      apro April 30 2012 14: 25
      This is a big question: do aircraft carriers need a nuclear club to solve strategic problems. And in confrontation with which of the small states, an aircraft carrier is needed? After all, a blow to it entails a retaliatory strike with all available forces. You can also play muscle in other areas. Yes for the USSR, Aug was necessary to support friendly regimes for an active confrontation from the United States, but for Russia today it is a very big question, today Russia is not an empire or a center ideology nor the economic flagship.
      1. Vito
        Vito April 30 2012 15: 30
        APRO. Greetings. We are surrounded on all sides by our partners (God forgive the wording which one was invented before, WERE BEFORE POTENTIAL OPPONENTS), I think that if you don’t overtake at all, you need to build muscle! Our allies are very weak and no one will reach us if we are frail and weak. AT THE SOUTH POLE ALREADY LONG RICH DEPOSITS OF HYDROCARBONS HAVE ALREADY BEEN DISCOVERED LONG, there is the last undivided reserve and that shock ships and destroyers are needed without us to be separated without us. cruisers and aircraft carriers. By the way, the Mediterranean Sea is a very important basin for us; it is full of US and NATO allies and we must be present there. Of course with aircraft carriers!
        1. apro
          apro 1 May 2012 10: 17
          A container ship with transport and combat helicopters and 2 infantry companies, a pair of air defense frigates will be enough to indicate the presence
      2. Tirpitz
        Tirpitz April 30 2012 20: 35
        After all, a blow to it entails a retaliatory strike with all available forces

        2 American AUGs are able to plow most countries within a few days. Then there will be nothing to answer.
  • speedy
    speedy April 30 2012 12: 30
    Russia has its vital interests in Latin America, and in Africa, and in Southeast Asia, not to mention the Mediterranean Sea, and without ACG we will not protect our business or our friends. So, this is not a question of expediency, but a question of technical ability and political will ... But there are means.
    1. BMW
      BMW April 30 2012 15: 04
      We have everything except conscience from the president to the last janitor. Jamshuds will be chtoli for you to build aircraft carriers, and they will lay out the flight deck with tiles and say: "Nashalnik - so it will be better !!!". There is no one to build and nowhere. And the vital interests - to push more natural resources, but to dump them on your little island.
      1. Vito
        Vito April 30 2012 15: 19
        So far so. But let's hope!
    2. Argir
      Argir April 30 2012 23: 53
      Quote: short-term
      Russia has its own vital interests in Latin America, and in Africa, and in Southeast Asia.

      It has economic and political interests, and the vital interests of Russia only on its territory.
  • Sokerin
    Sokerin April 30 2012 15: 35
    "project 11437"

    Actually, "Kuznetsov" - pr. 1143.5, respectively, should be. 1143.7 (dot before the last digit)
    1. morehod73
      morehod73 April 30 2012 20: 47
      We haven’t set the points for 3 years already, we say it out of habit.
      1. Sokerin
        Sokerin April 30 2012 21: 35
        Well yes. If "coffee" and "birthday" became neuter,
        so what about the points in the projects of the ships to remember ....
  • Kibl
    Kibl April 30 2012 16: 09
    yes, if we had a Russian aircraft carrier based in the Baltic, our Labus rulers would have round-the-clock persistent diarrhea! so we are welcome, we will not wait! fellow
  • viruskvartirus
    viruskvartirus April 30 2012 19: 15
    They are dear ... Maxim 2 for the entire fleet ... and better money for the development of satellites and missile weapons, like the way the Amers are now creating under the "global strike weapon" program anywhere in the world and within an hour ... from no aircraft carrier can save such weapons ...
  • Paskal
    Paskal April 30 2012 19: 15
    Guys, someone is a plus, someone is a minus, but let me ask a question? What Russia has no priorities or what? What is going on in M.O. again the notorious corruption or again the President is not the same, but because of the unwillingness to turn his eyes to the misdeeds of the head committee. they will turn from stars on our wings of our planes into some kind of miserable semblance of OUR symbolism !!!!!!!!!
  • uizik
    uizik April 30 2012 21: 54
    The country's defense should be strengthened based on real opportunities with a future perspective. Invest money in the development of systems not only defense, but attack. Americans are developing weapons of instant response to military conflicts anywhere in the world. The goal is speed and accuracy, with minimal losses from a retaliatory strike. (Missile defense in Europe and Asia, etc.)
  • Isk1984
    Isk1984 April 30 2012 23: 36
    How disgusting it is for me to read comments about how the Union collapsed due to an arms race and what the lines were, the lines were artificial and already in the late 80s the top was sold completely, .... an abundance of products, but such a thing ... but with the union no one would eat, the guest didn’t go away, which is probably why pensioners and many young people think I can buy a penny in stores .... it’s as if you could forget the myth of buying grain abroad a long time ago, the USSR bought only feed grain, so how in each region there were feeding grounds and the number of cattle was not even the current one, the arms race did not tear the economy, most of the technologies had a civilian purpose, and if it had not been for the restructuring of the advantages of the activity of hundreds of research institutes, they would still be higher, what kind of people are bastards (I I can answer for every word), such a country was blown away, where, from the point of view of morality, people in the USSR were capitalized ..... Cinema therefore can’t make a film about war in modern Russia because izenit is not a person of the act ditch and faces, thinking how to grab ... Everything was right and aircraft carriers were needed then and now ...
  • Argir
    Argir April 30 2012 23: 57
    If Russia is not going to pursue an aggressive foreign policy, then one "Kuznitsov" is enough. In my opinion, the country's leadership has clearly defined the vector of development - military space troops, and sooner or later these troops will also have a fleet.
    1. Nickname
      Nickname 1 May 2012 22: 05
      Hush, about the military space forces. It's a secret . Even Putin does not know yet.
      (Americans, think not to graze on the site?)
  • mind1954
    mind1954 1 May 2012 00: 04
    And what are these hypothetical drawings in Nikolaev?

    There are also satellite pictures from "AVIASHION WEEK"!
    Two dry docks where the halves gathered.
    Finnish gantry crane with company name on top.
    1. postman
      8 May 2012 02: 02
      Quote: mind1954
      And what are these hypothetical drawings in Nikolaev?

      I did not find.
  • nemo778
    nemo778 1 May 2012 06: 01
    Brothers !!! Sorry ! Comments read in a slip !!! But I want to say! History is such an evil thing. She does not forgive when she is not loved! And even worse when they do not know! The betrayal of Humpbacked JUDA! Auknitsa to our grandchildren and great-grandchildren! A huge country, with rich resources, CAN'T !!!! to be without a strong army and Navy !!!! (2wo oceans and seas .......) We are not Switzerland! and other Lilliput countries of Europe, under the control of UNCLE SAM! We are not used to getting up from our knees !!!! Every dog ​​has his day!!! We still do not have much stability, without unrest !!! Yankees learn what RUSSIAN !!! SEAFLEET !!!! Aircraft carriers? WILL !!!! angry Congratulate everyone !!! Happy 9th MAY !!! SAINTS! for all nssss !!! PS. Sorry for the grammar! Emotions, plus did not drink much. drinks
    1. evolus
      evolus 1 May 2012 13: 27
      Gorbachev is not alone in the reasons, and he was awarded and treated kindly. And Russia was not on its knees, yes it was robbed. There are four social services. status in society - producers, traders, employees and managers. The latter make decisions. It is also necessary to be legally the owner of the country, in a broad sense, in order to accumulate "fat" to finance all projects. And in general, all Happy Holidays! drinks
      1. sergey261180
        sergey261180 1 May 2012 20: 41
        While we sell raw materials on the cheap, no one will attack us. As soon as the raw materials run out - all the more!
        1. postman
          8 May 2012 02: 04
          Quote: sergey261180
          While we sell raw materials on the cheap, no one will attack us

          They will attack as soon as we sell expensive.
          Or as soon as there are not enough resources at all, and at any price.
  • Odinplys
    Odinplys 1 May 2012 09: 22
    Quote: nemo778
    We are not used to getting up from our knees !!!! Every dog ​​has his day!!!

    And not every vile hands can bask at our fire ...
    And you with the Coming Holiday ... Victory ...
    But today, do not forget ... Mir-Trud-May ... and ... Plus you for ... Brothers ... !!!
  • Konstantm
    Konstantm 1 May 2012 21: 14
    All a happy holiday. Who knows what a miracle a torpedo is in a video with a wonderful German song in the 2nd minute.
    1. postman
      8 May 2012 02: 12
      at 2:00 there is no torpedo.

      May I have more details min: sec?
      By the way, the ROLLER IS PROHIBITED TO SHOW IN THE TERRITORY OF FRG. from the German IP zone you can’t see it.
  • Rezun
    Rezun 1 May 2012 21: 49
    Again to fight !!!
    In 1992, they stopped their workshop and began assembling a new production. Equipment and devices are new, 1,5-2 times lighter, more productive than the previous one; the final product is 1,5 times cheaper than the foreign one. And then everything stopped and everything was stolen. now it is clear to me - these were Andropov's developments, which "Tagged" tried to appropriate.
    And now about the main thing - we need ekranoplanes (5-6 pieces for each fleet) - and then for eight years you can forget about aircraft carriers. Eight years, you just think ...
  • Num Lock UA
    Num Lock UA 1 May 2012 22: 55
    it's time for Russia to build an aircraft carrier "for itself". Even in spite of the controversy. Simply - "to be". To maintain the status at least.
    there are two better dogs, for SF and Pacific Fleet (although two are better for the second smile )
  • nemo778
    nemo778 1 May 2012 23: 12
    Grandfather! Always! Spoke! WE'RE FEW! BUT WE ARE IN VEST !!!!! angry
  • lotus04
    lotus04 2 May 2012 06: 00
    Unfortunately, the entire communist model of the economy has rotten, proving its viciousness.

    The head of the "ruling elite" is rotten, not the communists. Something in China is not noticeable that they are dying out. Fingers snapped that the bucks will be fused and Obama is already in China.