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Jacob Kedmi spoke about the "trump cards" of China in the trade war against the United States

With the passage to power of Donald Trump, the United States began a global repartition of markets. Washington has set itself the task of becoming the largest exporter of energy resources - oil and gas. A large-scale company has been launched to discredit Russian energy projects in Europe. A real war has been declared against the second stream of the Nord Stream.

Then, in February of this year, the United States opened a second front of the economic struggle. Signs a decree on the introduction of duties on imports of steel and aluminum from a number of countries, including Russia, China and even allied Europe. The latter, however, temporarily removed from the list.

The third front was opened against China. Trump openly stated that the Celestial Empire threatens the economic security of the United States and decided to introduce additional duties against a number of Chinese goods.

Israeli public figure Jacob Kedmi is confident that the United States has begun an unequal game, not taking into account the "trumps" of Beijing.

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  1. Terenin
    Terenin April 10 2018 17: 56
    China, China, and we retreat - like death. Then Russia will not be allowed to rise.
    1. NEXUS
      NEXUS April 10 2018 18: 26
      Quote: Terenin
      China, China, and we retreat - like death. Then Russia will not be allowed to rise.

      We continue to mumble, be silent on attacks of the West and snot chewing death like. Politics, diplomacy, a long game, etc., it's all good, but ... people don’t even see what is happening. And people don’t really like it when our seiners are arrested by Ukrainian Nazis, they don’t like what’s going on in Ukraine, they don’t like how we are silent about Western attacks, frank insults, a census of history and so on ...
      And in this regard, I’m thinking, maybe he should listen to what the people of his country don’t like, the main post of which he was chosen by that very people in order to express his will on the world stage?
      1. Terenin
        Terenin April 11 2018 20: 51
        Andrei, if you only knew how my "fists itch" ...