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On the Sea of ​​Azov pirates were bred. A conversation with pirates is short!

Capture, as reported, sixteen and a half miles from the coast (that is, in neutral waters) of the trawler "Nord" can be qualified as a provocation. But also as sea piracy. And the conversation with the pirates should be short!

From landbreak to sea

The transition of the "descendants of the ancient Tripoli and the Sumerians" to the most commonplace sea piracy was, in general, expected. Everyone knows that the widening Cossacks were always much more bandits and pirates than warriors “for the idea”, and went “for zipuns” in the hunt. Those who now call themselves “Cossacks” on the territory that calls themselves Ukraine are also not fools to plunder. Crowded with valuables and various junk that even a homeless person does not steal, trucks and armored personnel carriers, that the “heroes of the ATO” were sent to hatynka and farms by “Novaya Pochta” - this is confirmed. They also assured that it was "grateful residents of Donbass" who supposedly gave them to them. To the Germans, too, “yay, milky, brot” were likewise donated to the war in every occupied village.

Well, now the ancient ukry decided to revive the traditions of their ancestors, robbing oncoming and transverse on the Cossack gulls. For what purpose are the new rivals of pirates of Somalia, Nigeria or, say, Southeast Asia, using boats of the Ukrainian border guard - also, in general, a matter for those familiar with history piracy familiar. At one time, it was difficult to distinguish a merchant from a pirate, a pirate with a patent marque from a mere pirate and a warship from a pirate. True, there are no golden galleons in the Sea of ​​Azov among the bull-mouthed and whiskered admirers of Jack Sparrow, only seiners and trawlers remain. But this, obviously, does not frighten the villagers, who consider themselves the heirs of the terrible glory of Amaro Pargo, Francois Olone and Henry Morgan. There are no galleons - there will be seiners. In general, as in the well-known joke - "yak kraina - takіy and act of terrorism", that is, what kind of sailors are such and "mining".

History, to be sure, unpleasant. Especially after it, as usual, all sorts of accusers-shouters intensified with accusations of the Russian authorities, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, the command of the Navy or the Coast Guard of the FSB Frontier Service. If you leave a thundering in the style of "Putin merged" and the usual emotions, then the reproaches can really be addressed to the border guards - why, knowing the inadequacy of the neighbors, and also, given the uncertainty of the legal status of the Sea of ​​Azov, even before the 2014 events, and now even more so, did not observe in the disputed areas, and also insufficiently, obviously, they impacted the unstable minds of the captains of fishing vessels, driving in them the necessary instructions for behavior when meeting with Ukrainian samotopes.

What could be done and what was not done

Many sailors, however, believe that the captain of the Nord himself is largely to blame for what happened to him. The fact is that for actions when meeting with Somali, that with Ukrainian, that with some other savages not in their territorial waters, the instructions are about the same. The captain, when trying to stop him with boats of Ukrainian "prikordonnikov", was obliged to take pictures by means of objective control (take a picture, and at least on the phone) of the NAVSTAR-GLONASS satellite navigation screen, navigation radar screen, save and record the depth readings obtained from the echo sounder (if there is such a person on his vessel at all and works), make the necessary entry in the logbook about an unauthorized attempt of a warship to stop it. He also must give the signal "Mayday! Mayday! Mayday!" on the emergency frequency 2182 kHz and on the 16 channel VHF (frequency 156.8 MHz) - International Disaster Channel, indicating the coordinates and reporting about the attempt to unlawfully seize his vessel and who exactly made such an attempt, it is also desirable to have your border guards directly, although the above channels at sea listen to everything. At the same time, he also had to go to his full speed (although it is easy to say "full speed", with such a seiner he is at the level of the average speed of transports to the first and second world, that is, 10-12 nodes, but still - at full speed for his ship), telling the course of care on the radio.

There was no right to stop him from ukropirat in that situation, which, of course, did not stop them. On the one hand, of course, a civilian vessel is obliged to stop at the request of a warship, but a border boat outside its waters is not one. There are also requirements that the captain is obliged to prevent attempts of forceful seizure of the vessel, but here, rather, we need to talk about a different model of behavior used when dealing with black colleagues of ukiprivatir - fixing the course and closing in the engine room so as not to get hit by fire, and not heroes once again. And what did Captain Nord Gorbenko do? But he did not do any of this, he stopped on demand, without noise and dust, quietly and peacefully letting himself be towed and, like a heifer on a string, lead to the slaughterhouse. What it is? The consequences of 23-year stay under the rule of the descendants of the Sumerians? Habit to obey? Unwillingness to have trouble, and the little thought that "resolve itself" or "agree"? It is difficult to say, and we will not condemn once again, the captain already punished himself.

Perhaps someone will say, they say, it is easy to say “act according to the instructions”, but what if the “dill” would start to shoot? For this, the captain was supposed to cover the crew as much as possible (that is, in the engine room), and instructions exist for their implementation, and not for reasoning. It is also scary to extinguish the fire, according to the instructions, it is much easier to run away and throw everything. Only consequences can be harder, if not for the person who fled (who, by the way, can be held responsible for negligence with instructions).

Novoshomer "coastal fraternity" in Mariupol "Tortuga"

Also worth a closer look, which could shoot the Ukrainian pirates. In Mariupol "coastal fraternity" (oh, sorry, in the detachment of the marine border guard) of Ukraine includes the following ships and boats. The flagship of the detachment is the “ship” of the BG-32 “Donbas” (just like the one with the “c”), nee-PSKR 205P ave., Brother of the old missile boat project 205, developed at the beginning of the 60-s. Armed with this 240-tonne super-high badly pretty - two 30mm dual AK-230 artillery mounts. The effectiveness of these guns against even small boats is small - the high-explosive and incendiary effect of the shells is low, the rate of fire is also low, unlike the six-barrel AK-630 or AK-306 "cutters", due to the power of a second salvo, you cannot "get". The web has enough clips with the consequences of shooting with such guns that are still available on some of our DSCR in the Far East - they had to fire long enough in the stern area so that the ship would lose speed and go into drift (and that is often not due to building a power plant, but because the fishermen-poachers late arrived that the jokes were over).

There are also 5 boats of the Grif type, Project 1400M - 40-ton boats of a project extremely popular in the USSR, armed with a pair of 12.7mm machine guns on the bow, speed 29 knots. It was such a boat that was shot, as they say, tank guided missiles by some unknown tankers on the memorable days of August-September 2014 off the coast of the DPR. Together with him, a small boat of the Kalkan type with a displacement of 8 tons was damaged, armed at best with PKM, if you did not forget to bring it with you, or with machine guns of the crew. There are 6 such boats in the local branch of the “coastal brotherhood”. There are still quite small boats of various projects - 4, also unarmed. One of these boats in 2015. it was blown up by anti-landing mines exhibited by the same “dill” (installation of which is forbidden in peacetime, but these idiots are “fighting with Russia”, a hybrid, basically, the truth, is the language on the Internet). It was then lifted and repaired.

You understand that neither 12,7-mm machine guns, much less machine guns and PC / PKM (although it will be possible to give out “Maxim” from “dill” and RPD) will not even stop a fragile seiner.

But the "Nord" was not stopped by the above boats. The former Turkish schooner "Baba Hassan" and now BG-59 "Oniks" intercepted and aboard it. This corsair vessel also does not carry any installed weapons. That is, with "Nord", in fact, what happened in the police chronicle is usually referred to as "threatening with words, the criminal forced to do this and that."

Former Turkish schooner "Baba Hassan", and now a pirate schooner of the Ukrainian "coastal brothers" BG-59 "Oniks"

Well, now the ship may well be confiscated, pushing at his supposedly “Ukrainian” affiliation, and plant the captain (the crew will be given out to Russia).

How to treat forearms?

What should be done to prevent such incidents in the future? Yes, in general, nothing transcendental needs to be done. It was reported that allegedly the Red Banner Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation is ready to ensure the safety of navigation on the Sea of ​​Azov. Reported by RIA "News".

After the Ukrainian border guards detained the Crimean ship Nord, the command of the Black Sea fleet ready to ensure the safety of shipping in the north-eastern part of the Black Sea and the Sea of ​​Azov. This was reported by RIA Novosti, referring to a source in the power structures of the Republic of Kazakhstan. A fishing vessel Nord with a Crimean crew detained by Ukrainian border guards in the Sea of ​​Azov "Aggressive actions of Ukrainian sea border guards in international waters pose not only the danger of hijacking Russian vessels, but also the formation of real state piracy," he said. According to the interlocutor, the threat of "Ukrainian state piracy has already been identified.

There are doubts that this task is the task of the fleet, especially on the Sea of ​​Azov. In the Crimea region there are warships of the KChF, in particular, the sentry ships Smetlivy, Pytlivy drove the excessively sweeping "Cossacks" on their fragile gulls in the area of ​​controversial (as it seems to Ukraine) drilling platforms. But on the Azov Sea, this task can be solved by border guards, in close contact with the Federal Agency for Fishery and the fishermen themselves. It was precisely the well-coordinated interaction and precise execution of instructions that was not enough.

Moreover, the Coast Guard Border Service of the FSB of Russia has more than enough forces and means on the Black and Azov seas, although the length of the sea borders is also solid, and the “patients” live near troubled. In total there are more than 60 units, of which 16 PSCR. Including the latest 6 PSKR project 22460, 750 tons displacement, armed in peacetime rather modest - 1 AK-630M with optoelectronic control system and 2 12.7mm installation, but having a solid radio-electronic equipment and having a helicopter drone "Horizon" S100. There are also 5 "Svetlyakov-MN" pr. 10410 / 10410B, 375 tons, but much better armed, including 76mm AK-176 and 30mm six-barreled "meat grinders", 2PE pr-about, similarly armed, and PSKR pr.1241P with weapons from 745 2mm AK-30. The number of PSCR includes two ultra-high-speed ships of the type "Sokzhoy" pr.306, 14230-ton, armed with a single "meat grinder" AK-100М, but they have a speed of up to 306 nodes. All of these ships are new, built in 55 and 2000, with the exception of two Lightning and one more ship - these are built in 2010, but quite in shape.

There are also 36 border guard patrol boats and 3 special service border guards - also mainly new and new vessels armed with tower or thumbnail or remote 12.7mm installations and most of which have speeds up to 48-52uz. The 4 border patrol vessels are converted from almost the same seiners as the unfortunate "Nord", have a low speed, and do not have weapons and are useless in this case.

Border guards have both drones and their own aviation, including armed, in extreme cases, you can turn to the VKS for help, and to the KChF naval aviation. Surely deployed in the Sea of ​​Azov and the system of sonar and radar control. Nevertheless, it is absolutely necessary to regularly monitor pirate vessels from the neighboring feral territory, in particular, using UAVs. And patrolling in fishing areas and near the lair of dill. And if necessary - do not stand on ceremony, drown without any sentiment. Let them complain to the UN Security Council later. Apparently, some forgot 2014, the memory was short. This means that updating the conditioned reflex is required, according to the method of the 1904 Nobel laureate, academician of the Imperial St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences Ivan Petrovich Pavlov. Otherwise, apparently, they do not understand.

If necessary, the passage under the Crimean Bridge should also be blocked, of course, temporarily, due to repairs. And only for the Ukrainian courts. The only question is whether Russia will take such a step, but the fact that they will punish the repetition of attempts at piracy is believed right away. So we'll see.

True, we can not exclude that, understanding that such a joke can only be done once, our "friends" will try something new and in another place. And we may not be quite ready for the next minor mischief there.
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  1. Vard
    Vard April 10 2018 05: 33
    Unfortunately, so far, except for screams ... We will hang on the yards ... Nothing constructive ...
    1. Hunter 2
      Hunter 2 April 10 2018 06: 32
      Quote: Vard
      Unfortunately, so far, except for screams ... We will hang on the yards ... Nothing constructive ...

      You are mistaken! yes Border guards - took this "incident" as a challenge, it's me - I know for sure! Just believe me, without any political decisions, WILL - answer harshly! Moreover, an unofficial go-ahead for action has been given! THESE guys are not diplomats from the MID - from the word AT ALL! hi
      1. DMB_95
        DMB_95 April 10 2018 11: 11
        Quote: Hunter 2
        ...... Pogranitsy - took this "incident" as a challenge, it is I - I know for sure! Just believe me, without any political decisions, WILL - answer harshly! Moreover, an unofficial go-ahead for action has been given!

        I hope that the go-ahead is finally given. She had to be given back in 2014.
      2. Galleon
        Galleon April 10 2018 11: 43
        Will the border guards respond within our borders, or in neutral waters too? This is a question without background, out of sincere interest.
        1. Hunter 2
          Hunter 2 April 10 2018 12: 14
          And who then determines, Where some sort of skakuas trough drowned ??? request by position at the bottom ??? Duck may have moved it by some kind of bottom current! wink
          The mistake was, moreover, SPECIFIC, the creation of this situation! Well, to make statements that the practice of detentions will be continued .... this is Explicit STUPIDITY! fool hi
      3. Deck
        Deck April 13 2018 07: 22
        I’m trying to find this NORD on AIS sites, and I don’t find it unsurprising - it most likely does not have an AIS transponder at all. Trying to find his data in the Register, again nothing. Question to the "severe" border guards: how so? Who celebrated a ship leaving without AIS? What is this Flying Dutchman? The order of the Committee of the Russian Federation on fisheries from August 30, 1995 N 140 in the Crimea is not valid?
    2. siberalt
      siberalt April 10 2018 07: 12
      No need to dramatize the next hooligan antics of the Kuyeva junta. That's what they were intended for us to start jumping. We are ahead of the inauguration, Victory Day, the opening of a road crossing on the Kerch Bridge, the formation of the Russian government. And what kind of maritime law is there in the Lake of Azov and the status of the Kerch Strait, you still need to look. winked
      1. Galleon
        Galleon April 10 2018 11: 46
        No one is dramatic. Fishermen for no reason fell into the ordeal of the bastard - we sympathize and wish them their release and satisfaction. They will personally close you by lawlessness - we will also worry. Something is wrong?
      2. cormorant
        cormorant April 10 2018 11: 52
        Provocation or antics is to shoot at the nose of a seiner from a machine gun. Walk your nose at a dangerous distance. In the end, to arrange a catch check is not in their waters. And here is the capture of the ship and the hostage retention. So soon the ships will be drowned, and in response there will be the words "everyone is calm, this is a provocation."
        1. Shura Sailors
          Shura Sailors April 10 2018 12: 06
          Again, they will take 'asymmetric' measures. Perhaps even effective. But in the eyes of the "world community" Russia once again turned out to be "toothless"
    3. antivirus
      antivirus April 10 2018 09: 51
      Surely deployed in the Sea of ​​Azov and the system of sonar and radar control.

      WWII mines they can track? - during the construction of the Crimea bridge old mines could break away from the ground = the number of Kohlyak border guards.
      the sadness of the Cossacks has already begun.
      but we will not find out about naval mines of WWII at Berdyansk
      1. Galleon
        Galleon April 10 2018 11: 48
        You do not quite accurately imagine the use of sea mines and the hydrology of the Sea of ​​Azov. Therefore, your assumption of WWII mines ... is not entirely correct.
        1. antivirus
          antivirus April 10 2018 12: 50
          and Skripale were definitely poisoned by the Old Man?
          = WWII mines
    4. cormorant
      cormorant April 10 2018 12: 16
      And again, the captain is to blame. Who told the author that there were instructions to hide his crew in the engine room. Even if this would have happened, was it difficult for the dill to approach the seiner, get on board and give the car a stop? Yes, just stupidly put the helmsman and they will take the seiner wherever they want. Then you did not try to sit in a rusty metal box when they shoot at it from a 12,7 mm machine gun? No?

      Do you read a list of dozens of Russian border boats and wonder where all this power was? At the bases? Those who worked in the field are aware of the sensation of the presence of "ours" nearby. Negotiations are underway on VHF, border guards call unidentified vessels for identification. The feeling of complete protection. Apparently this is not the case in the Sea of ​​Azov. Fighters on the Black Sea, border guards at the bases. And the rest, everything is fine, a beautiful marquise ...
      1. dSK
        dSK April 10 2018 23: 55
        Quote: cormorant
        border guards call unidentified vessels for identification.

        International law does not allow the expansion of territorial waters beyond 12 nautical miles (22,2 km). The width of the strait in the area of ​​the bridge is 17 km in the middle of the island of Tuzla. All ships passing the strait cross our territorial waters. Our Border guards can stop Ukrainian vessels for inspection and verification of the presence of prohibited goods?
        Each thorough check is time consuming.
        1. cormorant
          cormorant April 11 2018 09: 55
          Firstly, I wrote this in order to understand that if border guards are present, then they can be heard and they can be contacted. The captain of the seiner did not know how to call for help simply by the fact that he had no idea who to call on which channel. Although, of course, I don’t know what equipment he had on the bridge. On modern ships, you can at least send a distress signal with a simple click of a button. The second, to call for identification, does not mean to stop for inspection. This is an extreme case. In general, border guards should know who passes through the ter of water of Russia. Vessels must notify in advance the date, time and place of entry into the water. The notice should include the name of the captain, ship details, crew, reason for transit, cargo composition, etc. Everything else that did not notify is stopped and inspected including Ukrainian pirates. Then the border guards will know what and where they go ... And there will be few such cases.
  2. jonht
    jonht April 10 2018 06: 10
    As the saying goes, I would know the ransom would live in Sochi ....
    It painfully quickly weaned our from Bandera nonsense, relaxed ....
    And measures have already been taken, it is better late than never.
    1. Bad_santa
      Bad_santa April 14 2018 18: 58
      It is necessary to find out which of the Ukrainian oligarchs uses the ports of the Sea of ​​Azov. Akhmedov for sure. Were there threats from Ukraine to blow up the bridge? There were. So you need to establish a full inspection of ALL ships passing under the bridge. It is possible to start a fishing schooner with 5 air bombs of half a ton and remotely detonate them under the bridge. The effect will be such that no support can stand it, just like a bridge span. Present Ukraine is quite ready for this, but financially this good they have heaped. Even under the guise of Ukraine, other countries can do this to test the current Russian authorities for their ability to protect the interests of the country. So, in all seriousness, you need to establish a full inspection area. This is not worth joking
    SASHA OLD April 10 2018 06: 11
    Something our politicians are not particularly successful in doing ... can they say a word to the military?
    1. baudolino
      baudolino April 10 2018 07: 13
      "can the military say?" - Dill has been provoking Russia for precisely the fifth year.
      1. SASHA OLD
        SASHA OLD April 10 2018 07: 15
        I know, I understand, but there is a reason: the abduction of citizens of the Russian Federation, a crime that Ukraine does not even try to hide, just tries to give this act a legitimacy that cannot be
  4. aszzz888
    aszzz888 April 10 2018 06: 21
    I believe that now ukrokalki will be fishing with fishing rods, sitting on their shore. And the piracy committed by them must be answered in accordance with the Law.
    1. siberalt
      siberalt April 10 2018 08: 04
      Yeah. Catch a spin on a spinning rod. lol
  5. revnagan
    revnagan April 10 2018 09: 04
    How to classify the capture of the Ukrainian drilling platforms “Peter Godovanets” and “Ukraine”?
    1. serega61
      serega61 April 10 2018 11: 49
      These platforms belonged to Krymneftegaz, any more questions?
      1. Antares
        Antares April 10 2018 21: 58
        Quote: serega61
        These platforms belonged to Krymneftegaz, any more questions?

        Boyko's towers are paid by the National Bank of Ukraine.
        state-owned company Chernomorneftegaz, which produces gas on the shelf of the Black Sea, acquired two self-elevating drilling rigs for $ 400 million each.
        allocation of additional working capital to Neftegaz for the purchase of towers - $ 800 million. These funds went to the NAC after the issue and sale of bonds worth about 7,5 billion UAH.
        They were even closer to the Odessa region than to the Crimea
        capture of two self-elevating drilling rigs (SPBU) of Chernomorneftegaz: Petr Godovanets and Ukraine, known as Boyko towers. Volunteers found that soldiers from the 104th Airborne Assault Regiment of the 76th Airborne Division of the Russian Federation took part in the capture of Ukrainian towers. And the diversion of SPBU from the Odessa shelf field was accompanied by a convoy of boats of the FSB of the Russian Federation and a missile boat of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation. The towers were guarded by military personnel of the 25th separate special regiment of the GRU of the Russian Federation together with the military of the 810th Marine Brigade of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation. Military service on SPBU was carried out by military personnel of the 126th separate coastal defense brigade of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation.
        So there is a seizure of alien property, and even in a foreign zone (even if we take into account the Crimea)
        It’s somehow more significant than Nord. And more valuable.
        And after the capture, they produced 10 billion rubles of gas in Ukrainian fields. Which is an additional violation.
        Therefore, the author of the angry “pirate” novel is modestly silent about who the Ukrainians are learning so poorly from (Nord and HSE).
      2. revnagan
        revnagan April 11 2018 20: 41
        Quote: serega61
        more questions?

        There are questions. On what basis, if they were bought by the state of Ukraine and illegally seized by the neighboring state? By the "right of the strong"? Then why are you indignant when such a right is applied to the state that the rigs illegally seized?
  6. Warrior Hamilton
    Warrior Hamilton April 10 2018 09: 40
    I read to: “And what did the captain Nord Gorbenko do? And he didn’t do any of this, stopped at the first request” and did not read further.
  7. Lycan
    Lycan April 10 2018 09: 48
    according to the method of the Nobel laureate of 1904, academician of the Imperial St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences Ivan Petrovich Pavlov

    Clarification - Academician Ivan Petrovich Pavlov received his Nobel Prize in the physiology of digestion.
    d7aa024bdf30.aspx? hidetoc = 0 #
  8. iouris
    iouris April 10 2018 12: 41
    It is interesting who the sailors voted for in March, who are actually being mocked with impunity on Russian territory. At the same time, it can be said with high probability that the World Cup will not take place in Russia anyway, another thing - for what reason, there are a lot of them. And this will confirm the "guilt of Russia."
    1. antivirus
      antivirus April 10 2018 12: 54
      World Cup price = $ 18 billion at once to recapture.
      for payments to the dead and health insurance (hypertension) - they look cheap. TILL
  9. Dead duck
    Dead duck April 10 2018 12: 55
    Pirates wound up on the Sea of ​​Azov

  10. sabakina
    sabakina April 10 2018 13: 41
    Correctly, the author said, it was necessary to reel fishing rods. Fish overboard and reel. On the Soviet schooner would not have left the Turkish?
    1. ARES623
      ARES623 April 10 2018 17: 59
      Quote: sabakina
      On the Soviet schooner would not have left the Turkish?

      Both of them, these ships, Turkish cripples, squeezed from smugglers. There is such information, from distant relatives, that Ukrainian ships are all anchored, afraid to go to sea. Moreover, both fishing and cargo. Over the past week, not a single Ukrainian flag was seen under the bridge. Maybe there is someone from Kerch on the forum, shed light on what is really happening there?
  11. Antares
    Antares April 10 2018 22: 11
    KIEV, April 10. / TASS /. Ukrainian prosecutors have seized a Trans Services Maritime campaign vessel in the “illegal sand mining” case. About this correspondent. TASS on Tuesday said a spokeswoman for the so-called Crimean prosecutor’s office (part of the General Prosecutor’s Office of Ukraine) Tatyana Tikhonchik.
    As the Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yuriy Lutsenko previously reported on Facebook, the prosecutor’s office is carrying out procedural guidance on the fact of illegal sand production in the Karkinitsky Bay of the Black Sea (Swan Islands Reserve) “in the temporarily occupied territories”. "It was established that the dredging vessel with the home port of Tuapse, Russia, which belongs to the Trans Services Maritime campaign, is producing," said Lutsenko. According to him, sand is used "for illegal construction" in the Kerch region.

    More on TASS:
    Even if he was digging in the southern part of the bay (where else can I say that the Russian one, if we accept the Crimea), he still violated it according to Ukrainian laws.
    In general, the Pandora’s box (Krymnashvash, Ukraine will not recognize any borders, except for those with whom the UN agrees, Ukraine, and will never sign any new agreements on the status of Crimea-Ukraine)
    1. Golovan Jack
      Golovan Jack April 10 2018 22: 15
      Quote: Antares
      Ukraine will never sign

      It’s funny. Especially never yes
      1. revnagan
        revnagan April 11 2018 20: 43
        Quote: Golovan Jack

        The one who laughs last laughs well ...
  12. fa811147
    fa811147 April 10 2018 22: 20
    Already answered, the second ship is captured. It turns out like with Serbia, they promised to break everyone and then they sat and watched as they bombed and divided.
    The gut is thin to answer seriously, again only promises.
  13. Curious
    Curious April 10 2018 23: 08
    The author of the article was urgently assigned the admiral's rank and appointed commander in chief of the Azov fleet with the delivery of the broadest powers and the feldadmiral dagger. This would bring the day in three order.
  14. Catfish
    Catfish April 11 2018 02: 05
    Quote: Vard
    Unfortunately, so far, except for screams ... We will hang on the yards ... Nothing constructive ...

    That's right! Again, one chatter and empty threats from above. Israelis would learn from our politicians. At one time, terrorists hijacked a whole plane with "citizens of Jewish nationality" and landed it on an airfield somewhere in central Africa (I don’t remember where already). So the Israeli commandos at night, on the transporter, sat down at this airfield and, with the support of the M113 taken with them, they seized the terminal after the battle, released the hostages and took everyone home. And this despite the fact that they only killed one person: the commander of the operation, Colonel Netanyahu, the elder brother of the current Prime Minister of Israel. That's the way to act, not chew snot! What respect can there be for a government in which the devils of his country are arresting almost at their home,
    and in response to this one chatter. repeat
    In the meantime, they will scratch at the top, and arrange debates in stupid talk shows, the owners of the Black Sea "fishing cooperatives" should be hired to protect the ships and teams of guys from the famous "Wagner". In neutral waters, they will not enter into conversations with any Ukrainian border guards. And against their “frontier” machine guns there are such things as “Vampire” or “Bumblebee”. So let them try, not even capture, but simply stop the fisherman under the Russian flag. They themselves will be stopped. Dead. And all under international law. wink
  15. Radikal
    Radikal April 11 2018 21: 59
    Quote: cormorant
    And again, the captain is to blame. Who told the author that there were instructions to hide his crew in the engine room. Even if this would have happened, was it difficult for the dill to approach the seiner, get on board and give the car a stop? Yes, just stupidly put the helmsman and they will take the seiner wherever they want. Then you did not try to sit in a rusty metal box when they shoot at it from a 12,7 mm machine gun? No?

    Do you read a list of dozens of Russian border boats and wonder where all this power was? At the bases? Those who worked in the field are aware of the sensation of the presence of "ours" nearby. Negotiations are underway on VHF, border guards call unidentified vessels for identification. The feeling of complete protection. Apparently this is not the case in the Sea of ​​Azov. Fighters on the Black Sea, border guards at the bases. And the rest, everything is fine, a beautiful marquise ...

    Very rarely I agree with representatives of your state wassat but here I agree completely! hi
  16. iouris
    iouris April 11 2018 23: 42
    It’s time to write another article: "Pirates were bred in the Azov-Black Sea basin. What should I do ?!"
    1. Gato
      Gato April 14 2018 08: 59
      ..and who is to blame ?!
  17. radar1967
    radar1967 April 12 2018 04: 06
    To the author of the article, I am Vyatkin - 5+. A very correct look at the problem! I would even say the winner’s look. Things need to be called by their proper names! They are pirates in Africa - pirates! And how beautifully the material is presented in the article: facts, analysis and suggestions !?
  18. sa-ag
    sa-ag April 14 2018 18: 17
    continuous subjunctive mood, the question is just why?
    1. Vol4ara
      Vol4ara April 15 2018 21: 29
      And the conversation with the pirates is short "The Foreign Ministry expresses regret and concern"