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Notes of the Colorado Cockroach. Horse-submarine troops. Steeper than your armored camel!

Notes of the Colorado Cockroach. Horse-submarine troops. Steeper than your armored camel!

Greetings to you, dear friends and girlfriends! All my family cockroaches rebelled. And the main thing they have is the homegrown Makhno and the food terrorist. I cooked soup. Instead of borscht.

And the slogans of the revolutionaries know? "Colorado, climb out of the crypt!", "Ukraine is not a graveyard!", "Readers are not to blame for your bad mood!" and stuff like that.

I have not quoted my grandfather with oral folk art. Revision will not miss. In short, now I work under universal control.

Do you know what is the biggest problem in Ukraine today? I must say, you're all wrong! Our main problem is to choose a doctor. Also a democracy. Whom I want, I choose. I want a therapist, I want a urologist. And I want - a gynecologist. I did not write about the latter. Cockroach in the framework of the sanctions tried.

In short, we started this very campaign of election of a personal doctor. Previously, the scoop was. You come to the clinic and, if you know what hurts you, ask for a ticket to a specialist. And if “something hurts right here,” then, accordingly, to the therapist.

That's it. We are Europe. Now only my doctor knows about my illness. He will direct where necessary.

My grandfather is a Stakhanovist. In the first ranks rushed to the clinic to be recorded.

Signed up. Only these very declarations are not there. Only copies give. And a copy without the original is called a diploma. Yes, and the choice out there offered easier nowhere. Sign or not sign. There are no other doctors anyway. Or not at all ...

I read here the message of our Minister about 12,5 thousands already enrolled in the first day. I decided to surprise not so much Russians as countrymen. 12,5 thousand per day, population 40 million. Poking into the calculator ... 40 million per 12,5 thousand ... Total 3200 days. Through 8 and a half years we will be covered by medicine! And everyone will have their own doctor! "Shche not killed Ukraine-a-a" ...

And on the other hand. You humans, how many millions of times more microbe? Especially descendants of the Sumerians. Therefore, a normal pure Sumer cannot get sick from some invisible nano-organisms there! So, all this Soviet medicine is a pure divorce for cotton! Heroes are not afraid of germs! SUGS twice with a jump!

The only thing I did not take into account: microbes have no eyes. And they can not read. Savages, in a word. That "mow" Ukrainians, like a good reaper. Since the beginning of the year, almost 10 000 people have measles. Two children and five adults have already died. We, of course, tolerate. Medical reform will pick up the course, and then trample ... But that's where?

We have ended the heating season. You can say - finally! Almost all houses are already disconnected from the heating. This is not the weather to blame, but, as always, Russia. From the first days of the month, gas imports have dropped several times.

Just for understanding what the real spring is. 31 March we imported 30,8 million cubic meters. m (Slovakia 16,6 mln., Hungary 11,2 mln., Poland 3 mln.), then already 1 April - total 5,1 mln. cubic meters. m (Slovakia 1,2 million, Hungary 3,7 million, Poland 0,2 million).

One helped - spring has come! 15-17 is above zero - this is encouraging. While you can not think about our Santa Claus-Miller.

Say, where does Russia? In the list it seems not. So we think. It only cost Gazprom to refuse to sell us gas, and at the same time our best friends did not want anything either. To some began to reach. Already even I was asked about pumping gas through one pipe in opposite directions at the same time.

But still smart people in our government! Right wherever you look - a genius at the genius and the genius chases. It is necessary to be so prudent. Even 4 a year ago, they knew what would happen such a situation. They shut down all these numerous "Nitrogen", plants and other unnecessary European country nonsense. Now there is no gas and "well, nothing." And you can be heated and dung ...

But the topic of gas has already tired you. But the Ukrainian genius extends to petroleum products, for example. Ukrtatnafta proposed to introduce quotas for the import of gasoline. To, then, I do not want to load my plants. It is understandable. Belarusians drive us cheap gasoline and solarium. And ours are bent from unemployment.

1 April, the day of laughter, guess who mocked the most? That's right, the one who made a working visit to the war zone! Under the mines, shells, bullets snipers! Just so heroically went to Mariupol to the church. So proudly went. I talked with believers. And then the local priest they are already tired, I guess.

That is our dear Hydrant!

Then he went to Volnovakha! Still, your Putin has a bad effect on our Hydrant. From him went these trips around the country and meeting with the people. So, the president went to Volnovakha to tell the people how he and Merkel and Macron “killed” Putin. So he signed a statement on the truce!

And then in Volnovakha people do not know who is fighting with anyone in the Donbas. Foolishly think that on that side are Donetsk and Lugansk men.

And then Poroshenko went to football! In Mariupol. Our Dynamo has arrived. On the "government platform", next to the children of Mariupol. Who knows, these eastern ukrov. And so, they will not blow up their children, and they will be afraid to shoot.

Everything seemed to be good. Dynamo won 3-2. But not watched the security service. Right in front of the face of the president’s face, fans dragged the “Suitcase, train station, Maldives” banner.

And when the guards tried to detain the initiators, the fans also piled on the police to the fullest. 9 people were sent to the hospital. In short, in this match Kiev residents looked better than the team on the field. 9-0! All went home, without detention!

Yes, I read a lot about the detention of your fishing vessel. Well, we have freaked out. More precisely you. Or they. It's hard to say who.

But in general, we are acting purely in your spirit. It seems to have delayed the team, but it seems not. Like the Ukrainians, and like the Russians. It seems in international waters, and it seems in ours. It seems the court was appointed, and it seems like administrative protocols issued about the violation. Suffer now ...

Yes, and do not try to run into our fleet. Soon, friends from America will give us a couple of boats. American! Those that were promised a couple of years ago. And notice, for free! These are friends.

"The US is now expected to report on the timing of the final conference on the development of the basic terms of the contract, during which it is planned to determine the final cost of the associated costs associated with the transfer of boats, and the timing of the work."

Waiting for our border guards are the newest Island-type patrol boats. So what that was produced from 1985-th to 1992-th years. And so what is written off in 2014? They are “mad in” not with us! Here we will drive yours on the Black Sea! We would have to add some racquet there ...

Something Soviet musketeers remembered. How many swords do we have? Four! And how many muskets? Four! So who are we? Hmm, the Ukrainian Navy ...

Notice that I don’t mention the next march of nationalists? We got used to it. Well, wander around the center of almost 6 thousand assholes. Well, they are guarded by one and a half thousand others. So what? I was here at the occupation museum, you know. Accurately copy the methods of the Bolsheviks. Class enemy found. There were fists, oligarchs here. We are waiting for the triples to start working.

And further. Sergey (svp67), I will fulfill your request. In my own way. Attaching photo. Normally we have both prices and goods. The main thing with regards to her, darling, is less than 100 hryvnia for 0,7 not to take. Dangerously.

As for the rest, see for yourself. I visited one market here. Quality, of course, is not a fountain, but prices and goods can be disassembled. Guards, woodlouse under her feet, alert. In the market you need to buy, and not click the camera.

And with firefighters, we have exactly the same as you. Those malls that are built specifically, quite a safe. And those that are rebuilt ... But after your tragedy, their wool is grown-up. We had the same thoughts in our heads as from a mirror.

Well, to set you up. In Ukraine, there are no more airborne! We no longer have airborne or highly mobile troops. Abbreviation of the Airborne Forces, you see, caused negative associations with the Russian army.

"The Verkhovna Rada made some changes to Ukraine’s defense laws on air assault troops. The draft law No. 7330 supported 236 of people's deputies at a meeting on Thursday, April 5. The law changes the name of the branch of service to Highly Mobile Airborne Forces (Airborne Forces) to" Airborne Troops assault troops. "

"Given the above, it is considered expedient to change the name of the highly mobile assault troops of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to the assault landing troops of the Armed Forces of Ukraine."

Well, "forgive enough", blue beret and vest. Moronic noisy troops will be wearing spotted berets. Like all "civilized humanity." It is right. Where our former airborne forces are fighting, the krapovy beret is indeed more appropriate. Traditionally, in the Soviet way.

This is a uncommunicated past.

And this is Square present.

In general, they had to be called equestrian underwater. So it would be even more logical. Airborne Forces - airborne troops. Aviation not. So you can in the assault. And if they do not storm anything? Do we have horses? There is! Are there any connections? There is! Here you have horse-drawn submarine troops ...

I wonder why Rada is always limited to half measures? Fuck us this is a foreign name - the president? There is a classic Ukrainian - hetman. Why? Getman of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko. And mace to always carry with him. What is she in his office gathering dust?

My neighbor from the former paratroopers reacted. "So the nickname got shameful: DESHEVKI!". But right, damn. I will add another reason why it was just necessary to change the name. Correctly in Ukrainian "airborne" will be "poivryanno" troops. PDV!

And considering that many citizens of Ukraine once worked in hazardous industries, the MPE for them stands for “maximum permissible emissions” of harmful substances. Causes negative associations with life in Ukraine.

So everything, we don’t have any sweaty-dovitryany troops.

And for the mood I will tell you how we invented golf. Most Ukrainians even do not remember this. And it was like that. Cossacks sent junks to plant potatoes in spring. Those, while practicing with the checkers on the field, dug holes. Apparently, invisible.

And plant potatoes too lazy. They took the Cossacks curved snag and let the potatoes get into the wells. The one who comes immediately is a respected person. Sits by the bag and gorilka drinks. Well, those who missed, run to finish off. And then come the halves and nastuchat horns for poor performance.

You ask why no one knows about this? Have you seen a Cossack standing on other people's fields in a pose of cancer? That's it. Independence and pride do not allow us to do this. Or not allowed?

That's all. Happy Easter to all of you! May God give you happiness, health and understanding of others! 50 celebration days are coming! Truly a great holiday! See you, friends!
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  1. Amateur
    Amateur April 9 2018 06: 04
    Sibirsky dumplings touched. Interestingly, they are buckwheat?
    1. 210ox
      210ox April 9 2018 06: 51
      You live well, cockroaches .. Where are we to Siri .. wassat
      1. credo
        credo April 9 2018 11: 00
        Quote: 210ox
        You live well, cockroaches .. Where are we to Siri .. wassat

        It’s sad and not funny, and even the style of self-irony does not uplift.
        Destruction of the country, its economy and population goes on non-stop, and the DShV is preparing the west and local sales politicians not for parades, but for punitive operations and the destruction of objectionable ones. Darkness, and the coming summer and the rising heat, only reinforce this feeling.
    2. d ^ Amir
      d ^ Amir April 9 2018 10: 49
      Well, so we fat "Ukrainian" for sale ... which is typical with fat !!!! and I saw the Chernigov beer ... and Obolon, too ....
    3. Mih1974
      Mih1974 April 9 2018 14: 35
      YES that there are names you look at NUMBERS fool , even with the last 1gr / 2 r, the prices are simply ridiculous, even wild envy takes. In the video “with the collapse of flea markets,” I noticed well, very low prices. Yes, yes I understand - what kind of income and prices, but not the same.
      By the way, Cockroach - the sale of eggs "how many scored" is really your help good , in Russia they haven’t reached this level yet. It seems to have seen packaging, either 8 or 6 eggs, but that would be PIECE belay . Forgive me, as when they sold cigarettes in "holy 90" negative God forbid, they will return to this.
      Strongly guarded and even frightening (for your future) cheap booze belay 50/60 gr for even "half a liter" and this is not in the "intake stall" moonshine, hmm. In Russia, prices for booze are faster than the price of gasoline is rising. That is, drinking has become more expensive, but you evaluate it accordingly and drink it already not every day and by the drawers, that is, since we rarely drink it, we won’t take shit a little cheaper, we’ll take less but a present.
      1. svd-xnumx
        svd-xnumx April 9 2018 19: 32
        YES that there are names you look at FIGURES fool, even with the last 1gr / 2 r the prices are just ridiculous, even wild envy takes.
        It’s hard to navigate unfamiliar products, since everything depends on quality, strong spirits are more expensive, beer is almost comparable to eggs, I noticed it’s on the shelf, like Rogachev’s condensed milk, if I saw 41gr correctly. then in our stores it will be cheaper - from 75 rubles.
        1. Black Colonel
          Black Colonel April 10 2018 11: 16
          "even with the last 1gr / 2 r prices are simply ridiculous, even wild envy takes"
          In 2013, a son and a friend made a rally in Ukraine. They felt like Arab sheikhs there.
          1. major147
            major147 April 11 2018 10: 35
            Similarly! In June of the 13th, his wife was typed from Belarus through the whole “non-dependent” one with a stop in Kiev and Kirovograd to her relatives, and left via Mariupol. Feels like our 90s were there.
            And at current prices, you also need to look at the level of salaries, pensions and other mandatory expenses (communal services, etc.). What is left in your pocket?
      2. akims
        akims April 9 2018 21: 01
        At least 79 hryvnias with copecks for half a liter. Excise tax - more than 25 hryvnia! People buy alcohol or vodka in tetrapacks of 10 liters. Beer really is very cheap. In the pictures - ATB supermarket, this is one of the cheapest in Ukraine, by the way atb - Kiev, we have cheaper prices in Kharkov atb.
      3. Dedall
        Dedall April 9 2018 22: 00
        If about vodka, then I can explain, dear Mih1974 (Michael)that our drunks again switched to something unimaginably chemical. Yesterday, on duty for 4 hours, they “soaked” one, as he said, “former senior lieutenant”. But I drank only 2 vials of "aseptic solution" from the pharmacy. I wonder how the true composition of that remedy is. Didn't Skripal use it in the streets of Salisbury in the old memory with his daughter?
      4. 4ybys
        4ybys April 10 2018 10: 11
        About strong alcohol. Many friends prefer to produce their own, home-made, experimenting with various flavors (horseradish, walnut membranes, pine nuts, orange peels, rose hips, dried fruits, prunes, galangal, etc.)
  2. Russian jacket
    Russian jacket April 9 2018 06: 09
    Thanks, Cockroach, take care of chitin .... Bezpeka is not asleep hi
    1. dSK
      dSK April 9 2018 12: 22
      Quote: Russian quilted jacket
      Thank you

      Happy Easter to all of you! God give you happiness, health and understanding of others! Truly a great holiday!

    2. Mih1974
      Mih1974 April 9 2018 14: 47
      Yes, there is more to the campaign "rolling pin" threatens him. lol They’re already using the "chemical weapons" of the ShchI - not every "cockroach" will bear this. laughing
  3. Serge Gorely
    Serge Gorely April 9 2018 06: 16
    Correctly. There is nothing to pick up Beret and Telnik. It’s time it’s also his ranks, Bandera’s - pan smoked, or instead of an ordinary - a shareware ...
    1. igordok
      igordok April 9 2018 07: 18
      Alas, judging by the last photo, the vests were not abandoned.
      1. domokl
        domokl April 9 2018 07: 33
        This is the moment of transition to another form. Airborne profits. They will not undress on the parade ground laughing
    2. novel66
      novel66 April 9 2018 09: 29
      and dress already in bloomers!
  4. Egoza
    Egoza April 9 2018 07: 58

    Hey. cockroach! Happy holiday to you too! Our resident over there! He even put his signature! Approved, then!
    And about the prices - so it was necessary to remove the bread. especially which is "social", i.e. "Ukrainian" - 14грн.50 today. And you are fixated on the bottles. That we can get those bottles, we ourselves can ... or else in those bottles who know what they have loaded.
    1. svp67
      svp67 April 9 2018 10: 58
      Quote: Egoza
      I first ....

      Madam hi hi hi
      Happy holidays, though past ...
      And at the expense of the signature, everyone wants to stick to the great ... Yes, and the fact that your President has megalomania for a long time, it was enough to see the painting of his PERSONAL, home church ... where he and his whole family
  5. Landscaping
    Landscaping April 9 2018 08: 00
    Honest guy. I wish there were more.
  6. jonht
    jonht April 9 2018 08: 23
    Thank you, as always interesting!
  7. shinobi
    shinobi April 9 2018 09: 10
    Koloradych zhzhot verb. As always
  8. Altona
    Altona April 9 2018 09: 47
    I look at prices almost like Russian (multiplying by 2.5). Salary is also 14-15 thousand hryvnia?
    1. Suhow
      Suhow April 9 2018 10: 32
      there is a sn and such (14-15), but in my environment less than 8-11 on average.
      1. Dedall
        Dedall April 9 2018 22: 14
        Respected Suhow (Sergey)Happy holiday to you! Hristo is Risen!
        I want to clarify the salary. Is it at one place of work that you get an average of 8-11 thousand hryvnias (16 - 000 rubles)? Did I understand correctly? Then you simply live in a happy country and should glorify your ruler, wishing him long years of life. For 23 (two) jobs as a doctor, I get 000 rubles. And the prices in our Pyaterochka food products are one and a half times higher.
        1. domokl
          domokl April 10 2018 02: 43
          Quote: Dedall
          I have here on 2 (two) jobs as a doctor turns 25 000 rubles.

          Strange somehow. My wife works as a doctor in a maternity hospital. though not an obstetrician, there are really good salaries, but in the laboratory. At one rate earns more than yours. Clean on hand, naturally. And midwives less than 40-50 do not get at all. This is after all deductions. And this is not Moscow. Siberia, without any coefficients ...
          I used to get more. Allowances removed, and the salary increased. In real life it turned out less fellow
          1. Dedall
            Dedall April 11 2018 00: 26
            Respected domokl (Alexander), I wanted to stamp the photo from payment receipts in the answer, but I did not understand how. So take my word for it - in the military unit, where the main job is 16 rubles, and that’s because the military experience is taken into account, and in the city hospital, where the combination is considered, but the full rate is 000 rubles. All of her on the "communal" and leaves.
            As for the mention of your wife’s payment, most likely something very valuable is being produced in the region (gas, oil, gold, etc.), due to which the GDP Decree on the “road map” (a wild expression obtained after “Google translation of the "American expression on phased development) to increase the salaries of health workers and teachers. By the way, in 2018, the deadline for its final and irrevocable implementation is just ending. But since this document tried to shift the payment of normal salaries to the budgets of the regions, in 70% they could not fulfill it. Including here in Novocherkassk. It is strange that in the military unit the same story turns out, although in the hospital across the road from the New Year, the salary is paid on the "road map".
        2. major147
          major147 April 11 2018 10: 44
          But what about the pension? (About me Military pensioner)
          I only have a pension of 25.
    2. Mih1974
      Mih1974 April 9 2018 14: 50
      Ok, you forgive me in what such a cheap place you live? Take a closer look at the prices. There, besides the “Martian” potato, 14 grams per kilo, everything, EVERYTHING is much cheaper.
  9. antivirus
    antivirus April 9 2018 09: 52
    Correctly in Ukrainian, the "airborne" will be "airborne" troops. PDV!

    A VODKA IN KOHLYATSKY - NOT CORRECTLY - VERTICALLY UP THE COVER IS Worth. In Moskalsky. Can’t come up with your own?
    SASHA OLD April 9 2018 10: 23
    our beer is a little more expensive, canned food is also about the same, the paste is even cheaper - it’s kind of like this (I went to Coin in the yard this morning, I say it purely offhand), bread 30 rubles.
    but I live in Surgut, Western Siberia, Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug, and we have more salaries, and even a 50% district coefficient. to the salary ...
    you stay there in general ... take care of yourself ...
  11. svp67
    svp67 April 9 2018 10: 52
    Well, "cockroach", you are "human" .... hi hi hi Happy Holidays.!
    If we take the coefficient of 1 to 2, the hryvnia to the ruble, then the prices are the same ... Except for alcohol, here we are of course "shaking". But if you take into account the advice, take at least 100 hryvnias, then we have the same ...
    4 years ago they knew that such a situation would happen. All these numerous "Nitrogen", factories and other nonsense unnecessary to the European country were covered up. Now there is no gas and “well, nothing.” And you can heat it with dung ...
    Which once again suggests that they act according to the plan.
    But Ukrainian genius extends to petroleum products, for example. Ukrtatnafta proposed introducing quotas for the import of gasoline. So, I don’t want to load my plants at all. It is understandable. Belarusians drive us cheap gasoline and solarium. And ours are bent from unemployment.
    Then the question is, and OIL from where? For the production of gasoline, oil is needed and appropriate quantities ...
    Well, "residually prostrate," the blue beret and the vest
    And how after this they will look into their eyes now to their great fellow countryman, Uncle Vasya? What will demolish the monument?

    V.F. Markelov (later Margelov) was born on December 14 (27), 1908 in the city of Yekaterinoslav (now the Dnieper, Ukraine), into a family of immigrants from Belarus
    Monument to Vasily Filippovich Margelov was erected in Dnepropetrovsk on the banks of the Dnieper River on August 2, 2000 on the day of the 70th anniversary of the airborne troops.
    1. your1970
      your1970 April 9 2018 12: 01
      theoretically - obliged ... He is the personification of the USSR
    2. Mih1974
      Mih1974 April 9 2018 14: 53
      am For the demolition of this monument - it’s better to immediately dig a grave in its place and lay in it itself. Here, even with a tight eye on the ass am They will be satisfied with such an “act” - an accelerated examination for maroon beret, with entry into the chest and “answer for the bazaar”. negative negative
      1. your1970
        your1970 April 10 2018 08: 37
        Quote: Mih1974
        They will be satisfied with such an “act” -
        But for the replacement of a beret? or washed silently Ukrainian airborne troops? not ? sad everything ...
    3. 4ybys
      4ybys April 10 2018 10: 19
      Then the question is, and OIL from where? For the production of gasoline, oil is needed and appropriate quantities ...

      So they will buy oil from the "partners", for the first time or what?
    4. seacap
      seacap April 12 2018 15: 28
      Killers of women and children do not have the right to attributes of the Airborne Forces of the Russian Federation, do not dare to dirty the blessed memory of heroes-defenders. They themselves chose their place, leaving the victorious people, betraying and spitting on their ancestors, their people, in the trash of history, poking around in heaps of stinking historical garbage. For a quarter century, they have created nothing but hatred and destruction, betraying the people who gave birth to them and gave them a country.
  12. BAI
    BAI April 9 2018 10: 57
    So, after all, Obolon beer is the heritage of the accursed Soviet occupation regime. Why is it still not decommunized?
  13. Altona
    Altona April 9 2018 11: 33
    Quote: Suhow
    there is a sn and such (14-15), but in my environment less than 8-11 on average.

    I have it because 14 thousand are coming to yours. We have the same assortment in the store, maybe a little richer.
  14. TaKe_1t
    TaKe_1t April 9 2018 13: 10
    Cool, they have prices 2 - 2.5 times lower ....
  15. Altona
    Altona April 9 2018 14: 52
    Quote: Mih1974
    Ok, you forgive me in what such a cheap place you live? Take a closer look at the prices. There, besides the “Martian” potato, 14 grams per kilo, everything, EVERYTHING is much cheaper.

    Multiply the prices by 2 and they will be exactly the same as the Russian ones. Or do you have a ruble hryvnia equal? Only alcohol is cheaper.
  16. gm9019
    gm9019 April 9 2018 15: 33
    Thank you, dear Cockroach! Peace and prosperity to you and your entire family!
    Take care of yourself!

  17. tracer
    tracer April 9 2018 17: 00
    Is it booze now that the main product of non-healers?
    1. domokl
      domokl April 9 2018 17: 09
      laughing Judging by the price, yes. But the prices are quite reasonable .. According to our salaries, of course ...
      And booze ... this svp67 is to blame. He asked for vodka with the price in his last notes. wassat Looks like a brother-in-law brother-in-law sees from afar lol
  18. TermNachTer
    TermNachTer April 9 2018 17: 21
    They renamed it absolutely right, the executioner killing his own compatriots has no right to be called a paratrooper. Only the name was given incorrect. It was necessary immediately - the SS or the UPA, this is precisely their part.
  19. akims
    akims April 9 2018 21: 07
    By the way, alcohol from under the floor we have 90 hryvnia liter. These are 5 bottles of vodka. And the alcohol is good. By the way, vodka in packs costs 450 hryvnias for 10 liters from the same factories, but without excise duty.
  20. Shchors take it
    Shchors take it April 9 2018 23: 23
    When society is sick ... time and ... death are the best medicines
  21. The comment was deleted.
  22. AleBors
    AleBors April 11 2018 14: 38
    Christ is Risen! I wish the Easter cakes to be lush and fragrant, the conversation easy, meetings with relatives and friends soulful. drinks Well, to believe that this whole madhouse will end ... belay Because by faith we will be rewarded ... fellow
  23. Dzafdet
    Dzafdet April 11 2018 16: 45
    Their juices are expensive, but swipes are cheap ... laughing tongue wassat
  24. Ham
    Ham April 12 2018 07: 06
    let someone confuse the thread and post price tags from our markets
  25. seacap
    seacap April 12 2018 15: 20
    That's right, I have long said why and on what basis the murderers of women and children who are fighting with their people next to the Nazis, many who saw parachutes only in the movies and in the picture, who have no idea of ​​military honor and conscience, use the emblems and attributes of the glorious airborne forces RF, fanned by the immortal exploits of paratroopers in the Second World War, Angola, Afghanistan, the Czech Republic and other conflicts around the world, i.e. introduced by General Moskal Margelov. Why else ours, so indulgently looked at it, how the shining and messy light and heroic appearance of the banners and berets of the paratroopers of the selfless defenders of their country and people.
  26. seacap
    seacap April 12 2018 15: 21
    Quote: Dzafdet
    Their juices are expensive, but swipes are cheap ... laughing tongue wassat

    so there has always been