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Afghan drug traffic without borders

Economists know that the drug trade in profits is the third after oil and oil trade. weapons. Let us remember this fact for now. We emphasize that this giant drug resource is located in the territory of Afghanistan - a country with a large contingent of US and NATO troops. The end justifies the means, and the laws of the market turn out to be in the current economic order above the laws of juridical and especially moral.

Afghanistan is now in first place in the production of drugs. And if before there was produced a crude drug, opium, but now it is processed in the same place into heroin. This is advantageous from the point of view of the drug business, because heroin has smaller dimensions, which simplifies the smuggling process. According to experts, at present, the share of Afghanistan in the global heroin market is 92%.

According to UNODC, the area of ​​opium plantations is 193 thousand hectares. The revenues of the Afghan drug barons in 2007 year exceeded 3 billion dollars. Opium accounts for 52% of Afghanistan’s GDP. This is called drug economics. Afghanistan is already ranked as a new type of state - drug states. We can say that it was the United States that gave rise to this specific type of pseudo-state.

According to experts, 90% of all heroin sold in Russia comes from Afghanistan, and under the cultivation of crops that serve as raw materials for drugs, more land is occupied in this country than in Colombia, Bolivia and Peru combined.

You ask: for what purposes is heroin imported into our country?

The answer seems to lie on the surface. This is a very profitable business, but not only.

Drugs are a kind of biological weapon. This is a war against the millions of victims of the destroyed population of the enemy in the country of use and the billions in revenues earned from the victims of such aggression. The enemy in this war himself pays his own destruction when the aggressor receives super-profit, more than compensating for his own expenses for the conduct of hostilities.

That is what Napoleon Bonaparte used in the occupied lands: "The war must feed itself." According to this principle, wars were held with the participation of Western "partners", for example, in oil-producing countries: Libya, Iraq and Syria. The so-called “Islamic State” (ISIS), banned in Russia and successfully defeated by our videoconferencing system in Syria, has grown and fed at the expense of selling oil from the occupied territories. The money went to buy weapons, pay for the services of foreign instructors, pay militants, recruit new fighters, etc. Self-sustaining such a project, very profitable.

The war itself is a good market for trading ammunition and weapons. And the more wars there are, the more demand there will be. The United States is the world's largest arms exporter, and the armaments produced by their industry must be sold to someone. World peace is a nightmare for militarists and a loss for defense.

Moreover, in this war they do not need victory in the usual sense of the word. They need chaos, destroying statehood, erasing borders. The chaos that they, together with NATO, arranged in Yugoslavia, in Kosovo, turning this historical center of Serbian Orthodoxy in a drug trafficking point.

But back to the systematic destruction of the population of the country through drugs.

A bit of history. The British-American transnational drug transit scheme, which had been operating for almost two hundred years, was very simple and effective. The British East India Company (BOIC, the first persons of the British Empire - lords peers became members and shareholders) monopolized the industrial production of opium in Bengal, the former part of the British colony of India. It was they who began to form drug civilization in China.

Initially, the company established the “Chinese internal mission”, whose task was to add to the opium of the Chinese peasants through the promotion of opi-smoking. This created a market for opium, which was filled by the British East India Company. From 1792 to 1817, the number of imported opium increased from 320 tons to 480 tons a year, and in 1837, this figure was already 3200 tons. In proportion to the importation of opium, drug consumption in China increased to enormous proportions. This created a vicious circle, as a result of which the richest India and China became impoverished rapidly, falling into increasing dependence on England. The drug trade, coupled with cotton speculation, became the foundation upon which British and American trade grew and flourished, and with it the economic power of the British Empire and the United States.

In China, a powerful stream of opium went through the missionaries, seizing one major city after another. The ships of the East India Company did not have time to load in India with opium and unload in the largest ports of China. Opium kilns bred in China as locusts, slowly killing its population. At the same time, the opium trade pumped out huge amounts of money from China, hindering the development of this country.

But China managed to survive and not become another colony of England, but Afghanistan was less “lucky”, and it was colonized by England for 40 years from 1879. on 1919

As a continuer of the cause of the British Empire, the United States acts in a similar way.

Thus, after the establishment of "democracy" in Iraq and Afghanistan, state control over drug trafficking decreased, and the fight against their spread was ineffective. Drugs there today can be bought almost freely, which leads to mass consumption, an increase in the number of drug addicts.

According to reports, in 2007, Afghanistan produced 8 200 tons of opium. The area of ​​opium poppy plantations this year has increased to 193 000 hectares.

In 2014, an agreement was signed between Afghanistan and the United States, according to which part of the NATO group remains in the country after the end of Operation Enduring Freedom, in order to assist the Afghan police in the fight against anti-government groups. In 2017, it became known about plans to increase the number of troops in Afghanistan to 15 000 people in the framework of the current mission due to the deterioration of the situation in the country (by February 2017, the authorities controlled less than 60% of the territory).

But how effective are the measures of the "struggle" of the NATO group against the production of drugs? Judge for yourself. After the invasion of US and NATO troops, drug production increased 40 times (from 2001 to 2014). According to the UN Office’s annual report on drugs and crime (UNODC), presented in Vienna, the size of agricultural land in Afghanistan occupied by opium poppy acreage reached a record size of 328 thousand hectares, an increase of 63% in a year. "This level of opium poppy cultivation is a new record since the start of systematic monitoring (in 1994) and exceeded the previous record of 2014, with thousands of hectares, or 104%, of 46," the document says.

According to the study, over the past year, opium producers in the country managed not only to expand their activities in existing regions, but to capture three new regions: Samangan, Ghazni and Nuristan. Most actively opium poppy is grown in the southernmost province of Afghanistan - Helmand. At the same time, opium production in 2017 could reach 9000 tons.

It is profitable for Afghan peasants and farmers to sow poppy seeds, since it is 10 times more profitable than the same wheat planted on an equivalent plot. And most importantly, the poppy does not require such care and regular watering, like wheat. As the Afghans say: “I planted and forgotten”, which is very important in arid areas of the country.

Today, it is Russia and the EU countries that are the main victims of heroin coming from Afghanistan. It is noted that the rapid growth in drug use in Russia in the last ten years has occurred precisely at the expense of drug trafficking from Afghanistan.

The Internet got picturesque photographs in which we see US marines guarding the plantations of flowering poppy.

Afghan drug traffic without borders

Why cut the goose that lays the golden eggs? And the US and NATO occupation forces in Afghanistan took control of drug trafficking, the production and sale of drugs. Most observers are inclined to believe that drug trafficking on the territory of Afghanistan is controlled by Washington and that "products leave the country aboard American aircraft."

Tajik intelligence reveals 400 laboratories for heroin production in Afghanistan. At the same time 80 of them are located right along the Afghan border with Tajikistan.

Drug trafficking is protected. There are numerous documented evidence that the CIA plays a central role in the development of Latin American and Asian drug triangles. The structures specially created for this purpose are still under the protection of American intelligence, acting in cooperation with NATO forces in Afghanistan and the British armed forces.

The flow of drugs from Afghanistan through Central Asia spills over into Russia. It is our country that turns out to be the main object of a new form of aggression - drug aggression, undermining the foundations of statehood and aimed at destroying the demographic potential, not only of the present, but also of the future generation.

The drug and arms trade is an important part of the strategy of destabilization, which is being implemented by the United States not only in Asia, but throughout the world. The distribution of drugs and the drug use of the population is considered and used as an effective form of mass control and their zombies. First of all, this applies to young people. According to official statistics, there are about half a million chronic drug addicts in Russia. According to experts, at least a minimum of 200 people die every day from a drug overdose in Russia, and up to 80% of Russian drug addicts are minors and young people.

That is, drugs mean not only a demographic war against the peoples (by the way, against their own American people too), but also preparation, and the conduct of the real armed war itself, of the very war against statehood as such.

For them, Russia is a huge potential market for this potion. While it is limited to state control. If in some way you change the regime here and bring the pro-American anti-national government to power, this colossal market will be opened, and the whole territory can be easily overwhelmed with drugs. That is why such attention was to the past presidential elections.

Only a country that has the will and strength to fight the spread of drugs will be able to survive in this war. An example here is the experience of China, India, Iran. Russia also did not stand aside. According to some reports, the Taliban have received Russian weapons and are resisting NATO forces in Afghanistan. Russia donated a batch of modern weapons to Tajikistan to strengthen border control with Afghanistan. Of the recent reports of a change of leadership in Dagestan and the redeployment of a naval base from Astrakhan to Kaspiysk, one can judge of Russia's intention to block one of the drug trafficking channels passing through Turkmenistan to Azerbaijan and Makhachkala.

But one should not rely only on the power and law enforcement bodies of our country. They work in full force, but we are also able to provide all possible assistance.

You saw in your area on the walls and fences messages about the sale of spice and other rubbish (look something like this: “Salt” is a telephone) or on the Internet (“Samples” and @ address), erase or paint over these ads, because it’s easy.

Law enforcement officers are also working on this, but the ads appear again and in other places, social networks and instant messengers. Do not be indifferent! Next time your children can get into the network of distributors of narcotic poison.
US troops guard poppy fields in Afghanistan
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  1. Vard
    Vard April 7 2018 06: 24
    Well, about the profit .. The cost of Porsche is $ 5000 ... But they sell for 100000 ... But the fact that this is actually genocide ... Moreover, directed against our youth is a fact ... And here we must support the forces that are against drugs in Afghanistan ... The same Taliban .. The enemy of my enemy ... Maybe not a friend ... But in war, all means are good ...
    1. aszzz888
      aszzz888 April 7 2018 06: 51
      The same Taliban .. The enemy of my enemy ... Maybe not a friend ... But in war, all means are good ...
      Vard Today, 06: 24
      I agree. Very hard, but measures must be taken. All those “barriers” at the border are not even half measures. There is a war of worlds and this must already be realized.
      1. Nyrobsky
        Nyrobsky April 7 2018 09: 45
        Quote: aszzz888
        I agree. Very hard, but measures must be taken. All those “barriers” at the border are not even half measures. There is a war of worlds and this must already be realized.

        Therefore, it is necessary to introduce capital punishment for drug dealers. Without a discount, they distribute hard or soft drugs. For those who consume, a minimum of a dozen should be provided for imprisonment, so that they would develop a persistent hostility to any "dope" at public construction sites. Without tightening liability for traders, restricting the flow of imported drugs is problematic.
        1. kytx
          kytx April 7 2018 14: 35
          No offense. But you are naive. Look at the Philippines, that’s exactly the way they went, the sense of zero.
          1. Vladimir 5
            Vladimir 5 April 7 2018 16: 26
            No need to tell a lie. Only harsh measures prevented drug addiction in Singapore, China and other Asian countries, where opium was distributed for centuries (the British were especially distinguished in the distribution). Today, in most countries there is the highest measure for importing any quantity of drugs into the country without exception ... Recently, in the Philippines, with the tacit approval of the president, drug dealers began to be shot right on the ground, several Europeans were shot, even one famous politician's daughter ... And drug addiction waned sharply ... Drug addiction and AIDS have already been proven to be weapons against the Russian Federation (as opium against China used to be). Gypsies have been charged with selling drugs to us, Asian Islamists are bringing them, and others, so it's time for us to apply the Phillipin experience, there is no other way ...
          2. Nyrobsky
            Nyrobsky April 7 2018 19: 10
            Quote: kytx
            No offense. But you are naive. Look at the Philippines, that’s exactly the way they went, the sense of zero.
            Even if 200-300 merchants were executed in the Philippines by death, you must admit that they became fewer by the same 200-300 goals, and, accordingly, less dope was sold.
      2. Borik
        Borik April 7 2018 15: 20
        Very hard, but measures must be taken. All those “barriers” at the border are not even half measures. There is a war of worlds and this must already be realized.

        If there is a warrior, then it is necessary to irrigate all the plantations with some poison so that the poppy there for a hundred years will not grow.
    2. Basil50
      Basil50 April 7 2018 07: 23
      Profit is the primitive cover * of the opium war * waged by the Anglo-Saxons. The English Lords justified and started such a war back in the century before last. The fact that the Americans picked up and continued the work of poisoning peoples is from the realization of impunity.
      For war crimes, some can be punished, or even killed, again, expenses and much more unpleasant. And for the distribution of drugs they plant a trifle like small distributors from Aboriginal people. So the fact that today the Pentagon is protecting the drug dealers is logical, it's such a war, full-blown and merciless.
      1. Vard
        Vard April 7 2018 07: 28
        The Opium Wars in China ... waged by England ... Now the Opium War against Russia ... which the USA is waging ... Everything repeats ...
    3. To be or not to be
      To be or not to be April 7 2018 13: 27
      The question is not where it is produced. How it is delivered to the country. The question has not arrived - these are all the problems of manufacturers and traders ...
      Our problems - why our youth is poisoned by these drugs. the relevant authorities did not stifle their delivery and distribution. why the laws are so weak in this area
      Where is the promotion of a healthy lifestyle at all levels of training and education
      1. Esoteric
        Esoteric April 7 2018 17: 38
        Quote: To be or not to be
        Where is the promotion of a healthy lifestyle at all levels of training and education

        It is difficult to lead a healthy lifestyle with a minimum wage of 11 rubles. Immensely ...
  2. aszzz888
    aszzz888 April 7 2018 06: 48
    Most observers are inclined to believe that drug trafficking in Afghanistan is controlled by Washington and that "the product leaves the country aboard American aircraft."

    I believe there is no doubt whatsoever. The mericatos firmly laid a paw on the Afghan dope, with all that it implies.
    1. assa67
      assa67 April 7 2018 12: 03
      so the whole "coalition" feeds ...
      also from Syria transported bearded, including from Guta ... so that half measures we can not do, the enemy at the gate ...
      1. tihonmarine
        tihonmarine April 7 2018 21: 54
        They have a lot of experience in guarding, starting with the “boxing wars".
  3. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 April 7 2018 07: 13
    it was the United States that generated this specific type of pseudo-state
    The fascist state also has fascist methods in relation to other countries. Today, the United States itself is like a drug for the uprisings accustomed to having a master and a piece from his table. For them, without the United States there is no life. What is perfectly visible in the behavior of our "liberals" and their speeches. It immediately sounds to any uncomfortable question - but let's compare the economy, GDP, and you can live without American computers and iPhones .... etc., etc.?
    1. tihonmarine
      tihonmarine April 7 2018 21: 52
      The liberals themselves are a "drug for the people."
  4. vlad007
    vlad007 April 7 2018 07: 50
    Without the assistance at high levels of power within our country, the spread of drugs would have been impossible. You have to start with yourself!
    1. 23rus
      23rus April 7 2018 08: 41
      Or vice versa. High-ranking officials in bulk give drugs to gypsies.
  5. aybolyt678
    aybolyt678 April 7 2018 08: 04
    how Afghans themselves do not die out ????
    1. 23rus
      23rus April 7 2018 08: 39
      So after all, “haram,” and that’s it.
      1. aybolyt678
        aybolyt678 April 7 2018 12: 02
        it turns out with the help of ideology can defeat vice ????
        Quote: 23rus
        So after all, “haram,” and that’s it.
        1. 23rus
          23rus April 7 2018 15: 05
          And with what words did people go to the embrasure, into space, and what did Solovyov put in the Duma?
  6. Strashila
    Strashila April 7 2018 08: 33
    "Drugs are a kind of biological weapon. This is a war with the millions of victims of the destroyed population of the enemy in the country of use and the billions of dollars of income earned from the victims of such aggression. The enemy in this war pays for its own destruction when the aggressor gets super profit, more than paying back his own expenses for military operations. "... weapons that the US is trying to control ... Southeast Asia, Vietnam and its neighbors ... Latin America, Colombia and Nicaragua ... Central Asia, Afghanistan and Sos di ... Central Europe, Kosovo. This is really a weapon ... knowing the logistics of drugs, the distribution routes and its time to the final buyer, you can plan any cataclysm ... an outbreak of diseases from infectious to psychiatric, poisoning by chemical elements accumulating in the body to instant mass ones.
  7. Bakht
    Bakht April 7 2018 09: 54
    One of the reasons for the destruction of the Taliban is that the Taliban began to fight drugs. Under the Taliban, the area of ​​poppy plantations was reduced. Of course, the Taliban had other cockroaches in their heads. And their religious fanaticism went through the roof. Like ISIS now. But they still fought drugs.
    But another aspect of the problem is interesting here. The author urges the population to engage in the fight against drugs. But did anyone wonder why drugs were not imported into the USSR in tons? What was consumed in the USSR, inside the country, was produced. If you carefully consider the mechanism of profit from drug trafficking, you can come to completely unexpected conclusions.
    PS No need to point to the Iron Curtain and a strong border service in the USSR. With a profit margin of 200-300%, no border guards and iron curtains can save.
    PPS Drug use in the territory of the former USSR has increased, therefore, the governments themselves contribute to this indirectly. Including Russia. Nothing personal, just business.
    1. Okolotochny
      Okolotochny April 7 2018 17: 54
      You are no analyst. It was the iron curtain and the minimum turnover with capstrans that gave the result. In the CMEA countries, no drugs were produced. Closed borders and a small movement of goods - this is the reason. And conspiracy theories are from the evil one.
      1. Bakht
        Bakht April 7 2018 19: 44
        No iron curtain will help. And theories of conspiracy, I just do not sin.
        Do you, then, think that the evil West is poisoning Russians out of harm? Europe and the same America are poisoned in the same way. Also see where there are more drug addicts.
        The system is as simple as a condom. It is based on profit. In the USSR, for foreign exchange operations they planted them seriously and for a long time. They could have put a lead seal in the back of the head. There was no worse crime than currency transactions. Free conversion to dollars has made the Russian and CIS markets accessible. Well, why bring nonsense to the USSR, if you do not turn it into dollars? And then you will not take to the Cayman Islands?
        The ban on the free conversion of the ruble will immediately make the market unprofitable. But there is another problem. How then to take the loot in the country to offshore? That is why I am writing that such a law is disadvantageous to officials, deputies and oligarchs. Sometimes they are all the same faces. By the way, the abolition of the ruble conversion will immediately stop the export of capital from the country. But for this, Aurora needs to drag the river into Moscow and hit the Kremlin.
        Know how to think objectively. And to discuss, by the way, too.
        1. tihonmarine
          tihonmarine April 7 2018 21: 47
          It is necessary to let the drugs pass from Afghanistan to Geyropa and to poison not our children, but theirs.
      2. tihonmarine
        tihonmarine April 7 2018 21: 50
        I agree. And something I heard so that with comrade I.V. Stalin dabbled with us. For the authorities, the question is “Why?”
        1. credo
          credo April 10 2018 19: 54
          Quote: tihonmarine
          I agree. And something I heard so that with comrade I.V. Stalin dabbled with us. For the authorities, the question is “Why?”

          The border was locked, almost universal job security, as well as harsh laws.
  8. Normal ok
    Normal ok April 7 2018 10: 49
    Opium, opium, opium. This is far from the only problem. Now synthetic drugs are much more common than organic ones. Their production is extremely cheap and they can be disguised as medications. For example, in Lugansk a three-shift pharmacological factory rivets completely legal drug-containing drugs. And its owners are actively selling them in Russia. And then drug addicts buy them at night in pharmacies.
    1. 23rus
      23rus April 7 2018 10: 55
      And how much is it? wink
    2. Dam
      Dam April 7 2018 11: 14
      And you can give an example to the studio, otherwise you somehow ran in, spoiled, proudly dumped
  9. CommanderDIVA
    CommanderDIVA April 7 2018 12: 48
    Now, tons of heroin, no one is transporting across the border to the Russian Federation, a fairly effective system for combating drug trafficking has been created. Heroin is quite expensive. Young people sit mainly on spice and salt. These are synthetic drugs distributed via the Internet and anonymous bookmarks
    1. groks
      groks April 7 2018 13: 19
      What is created? A transit system has been created.
      What kind of monstrous nonsense about the reasons for the relocation with idiotic arrows? Draw arrows on Washington.
  10. flicker
    flicker April 7 2018 19: 39
    Well, with undisguised care and love, they go around their gelding plantations.
  11. Hole puncher
    Hole puncher April 7 2018 20: 08
    Another ravings.
    1. The volume of heroin produced and the amount of revenue for it is known only to the person who produces it. Therefore, the figures given here are nothing more than speculation.
    2. The coalition forces and the local government control only large settlements and then far from everywhere, rural areas are controlled by the Taliban. It is not worth mentioning that poppy is not sown in Kabul.
    3. Russian drug addicts have been sitting on synthetics for ten years now, which they produce (oops!) In China. Precursors delivered by Russian Post earlier. You will not find heroin in the afternoon with fire, and he is not a competitor in price.
    4. Acetic anhydride, the most important precursor for heroin production, is produced mainly in Russia and China, it is not produced in Afghanistan, but a lot of it is needed.
    Conclusion. The article has nothing to do with reality and is the usual propaganda libel of the Kiselyov level.
    1. Bakht
      Bakht April 7 2018 20: 25
      "Only in 2011 from the countries of the region were smuggled into Afghanistan more than 1300 tons of precursors for heroin production. If in your countries one liter of such precursors costs $ 1, then in Afghanistan this price increases 700 times. That is, manufacturers and smugglers have huge profits from the supply of these chemicals to our country, "said Afghan Minister for Drug Control Zaror Ahmad Mukbil Usmoni and added that annually up to 110 tons of heroin from Afghanistan it is delivered to Europe through the countries of Central Asia and Russia.

      I do not think that volumes have decreased much. In any case, the account goes to a hundred tons.
      1. Hole puncher
        Hole puncher April 8 2018 05: 12
        Quote: Bakht
        I do not think that volumes have decreased much. In any case, the account goes to a hundred tons.

        The fact that the heroine is produced in large quantities in Afghanistan is an undeniable fact. But what is behind this is the US propaganda duck.
        1. The Russian Federation is the main route for the supply of heroin to Europe, this is the main goal of drug dealers, why the heck our rubles did not give up.
        2. Transit is carried out without hindrance, which indicates its support at the highest level.
        3. Precursors for the production of heroin are supplied from the Russian Federation and no one stops their production at chemical plants of the Russian Federation, although acetic anhydride is not particularly needed for medicine and industry.
        4. The sowing of opium poppy and the collection of opium are controlled by the Taliban, whose delegations in China are met at a high level without hesitation to report this to the press.
        Conclusion: the production of heroin in Afghanistan is impossible without the support of the Russian Federation and China, the goal is its sale in the countries of the European Union and the USA are not able to stop this.
        1. mp-133
          mp-133 April 8 2018 09: 48
          My dear, you are transferring arrows from the primary market to the secondary! All the same, the primary poppy, and its production is controlled by no means Russia from China!
        2. Bakht
          Bakht April 8 2018 10: 19
          These are all allegations. Recent investigations have shown that precursors do not come from Afghanistan to Russia. The investigation was conducted by European intelligence services (mainly German). The main emphasis was placed on Tajikistan. Not a single gram was recorded.
          Of course, this does not mean that nothing is arriving at all. But in industrial volumes, the main traffic goes through Pakistan.
          A group of German police officers, led by Bernhard Falk, vice president of the Federal Criminal Police Office of Germany, also participated in the operation on the Tajik-Afghan border. According to Fakhriddin Dzhonmahmadov, during the event, German colleagues made sure that not a single gram of acetic anhydride enters Afghanistan through the territory of Tajikistan.

          A big request. With such categorical statements, it would be nice to give at least some quote. For example, I did not conduct an investigation. Therefore, I try to find confirmation of my words in the media. Without this, it’s just your personal opinion. Not supported by anything.
          1. Bakht
            Bakht April 8 2018 10: 37
            This is from a UN drug report
        3. Bakht
          Bakht April 8 2018 10: 57
          Continuation of the topic.
          You should always look for at least some information.
          So - acetic anhydride. The main producer in Russia is the Saratov Pokrovsky Ethers plant. Production is steadily expanding. But .... shipments are easy to track. Nowhere is Afghanistan indicated. The main deliveries go to Europe. Germany, Belgium, France. So your statement that the Russian Federation and China support the production of drugs in Afghanistan is incorrect. Given the proximity of Saratov and Ulyanovsk, as well as the UN report, it can be assumed that the main suppliers of precursors to Afghanistan are European countries and the United States. There were reports that the base in Ulyanovsk was closed. Or is she still acting?
          As for rubles, you did not understand the main idea. Nobody needed the sale of drugs in the USSR, and therefore drug addiction in the USSR was kept at a low level. After the conversion of the ruble, the market opened. It must be closed not by police methods, but by economic ones. If the ruble is not convertible, even traffic through the country becomes unprofitable. Not to mention sales. Just according to your words, "nobody needs a ruble in a fig." Especially in the Cayman or Virgin Islands
        4. Vladimir 5
          Vladimir 5 April 10 2018 16: 52
          Somehow in the Russian Federation from gerych annually do not perishably die, especially young people. And of course, they’ll flood various murderous mucks, like a “crocodile” ... It looks like an effective weapon ... It seems to you that they shoot at their own ...
  12. tihonmarine
    tihonmarine April 7 2018 21: 37
    Enemy of our enemy, our friend!
  13. ltc35
    ltc35 April 7 2018 21: 53
    You can introduce the death penalty, increase the number of police, water the plantations with herbicides - all these are only half measures. While Afghanistan is controlled by the states, you can forget about calm. They solve several issues at once: gaining superprofits, aggression against Russia and Europe, a loyal regime in Afghanistan itself. The problem is difficult to solve, while bigwigs and their politicians and most likely one of ours feed on this money.
  14. u1977020556
    u1977020556 April 8 2018 00: 22
    I wonder how ... the United States is on a separate continent, and doesn’t seem to understand what it is like to have corrupted, dying crops in the neighbors, which if they cultivate the land, it’s just to poison everyone around. In my opinion, Russia does not need a single NATO base in its neighboring Arab states. It is interesting how to leave small states alone so that they do not grow drugs and stinky NATO on their territory.
  15. Operator
    Operator April 8 2018 09: 11
    It is necessary by any means to completely stop the import of Afghan heroin into Russia, first of all by developing its consumption in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Central Asia, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan - countries that are culturally similar to Afghanistan.
  16. Katran
    April 8 2018 15: 21
    From personal observations I will say that drug use in our country is inversely proportional to the standard of living. In the USSR, people dabbled in drugs mostly. The youth was mostly busy (sports and all sorts of different circles and sections - for free!). And in 90-s, because of a sharp drop in the standard of living, those who fell in spirit, lost their jobs and the meaning of their existence - they preferred to go to the "dream world" from reality. In general, young people are not engaged in decades.
  17. datura23
    datura23 April 10 2018 06: 56
    to get gmo aphids or a highly specialized virus on a poppy, the problem to be solved would be the desire of the authorities to solve the problem, and not "fight" with the consequences