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Chemistry they have the wrong system. Crypt goes down

According to Sergei Lavrov, the complete “drowning of the outright lies of Great Britain” will happen in the “case of Skrypal” when Prime Minister Teresa May and the dead cats thrower Boris Johnson resign. In the meantime, we are witnessing the beginning of the catastrophe of this scam, we see how Great Cyprian, like Titanic, pulls a huge number of careers of English and European figures to the bottom, which in itself will also be a catastrophe.

The main charge of Great Britain fell down. Recall it: “Without any doubt, Russia is responsible. No other country had at the same time opportunities, intentions and motive. There is no alternative explanation. ”

The military chemical laboratory Porton Down, its head in an interview with Sky News, said unequivocally that they couldn’t identify the manufacturing country of the Novice organic substance, they think that it was a military intelligence that they considered to be a Novice or close to him But even with this, Boris Johnson was exposed in a lie, because earlier in his interview he claimed that in the laboratory Porton Down he had been named a producing country, supposedly Russia.

With this recognition, Porton Down was also very tightened, but he couldn’t pull any further, as Skripal and his daughter’s blood samples were taken by OPCW experts and soon there will be independent research results. Doctor of Chemical Sciences Vadim Maltsev in the “60 Minutes” program smashed Porton Down into tatters, he found “under great pressure” from the “Novice” public authority because it is a gas and it tends to evaporate. We say frankly: Porton Down is lying "under pressure", but he cannot do it as frankly as Boris Johnson, before the scientific community.

As a result of all these revelations, there was a split in the English parliament, Labor leader Jeremy Corbin is demanding evidence from Boris Johnson about the “Skrypal case”, because the absurd hypotheses of the alleged investigation have already reached buckwheat. Boris, in response, produces new accusations, already in the “case of Jeremy”, which “plays the game of Russia and discredits the UK in the case of the attack in Salisbury”.

It seems that the key point in this English provocation will be the question: was there a “Newcomer” at all? Or is it all nonsense, from a scientific point of view, as Vadim Maltsev argues, and in this case we can talk about some kind of poisonous spray that was applied by someone to the clothes of Skrypal and his daughter? Therefore, is England so attracted by the involvement of experts of the OPCW and against the participation of Russian experts? The Case of Skripal enters a scientific, unpredictable plane ...

The EU countries at the OPCW meeting declared "full confidence in the UK investigation of the Skripl case," 14 from the 41 countries of the OPCW Executive Committee supported Russia, many abstained, in fact, the work of the OPCW was blocked. Note that Europe speaks of its confidence in the investigation of the UK, but does not directly accuse Russia. And trust can be lost. One third of the countries of Europe, led by, one can say, with “small neutral Austria”, refused out of solidarity to support the “English investigation”. So, the “Case of the Violin” has already split Europe, in favor of Putin? Or England / USA?

In this regard, there are more alarming signals for the English investigation: Angela Merkel's closest advisers publicly express irritation that England brought forward its accusations in the "Skripal case" in the absence of evidence. The British Foreign Office suddenly began to sag, to retreat from its former belligerent positions, and, in addition to its chief Boris Johnson, makes the admission that the accusations of Russia “were based on assumptions. While the master of "dead cats" speaks of "key facts."

Another interesting twist: the US is offering Russia to send new diplomats to replace 60, are they taking their diplomatic demarche back? Apparently, Russia should accept this proposal, asking to wait when the Foreign Ministry prepares 60 new diplomatic intelligence officers for the United States.

There were statements by independent experts, guided by the old Roman maxim: see who benefits. French General Dominique Delaberd, and not in retirement, published an article in the ASAF publication, in which he said with military directness: “The version of Russia's guilt does not deserve a single drop of trust, but deprives the trust of those who are actively promoting it”. The Russian trace is contrived: "There is no motive, poor timing of the performance, very poor performance." Delaverd is prone to suspect Scripale is poisoned by the "perfidious Albion, who can act as a pilot for the United States and, indirectly, Israel."

... When the fog of investigation of the Great Britain’s incident in Salisbury dissipates, a new term “to give Skripal” will be included in the diplomatic dictionary, with a high degree of probability, which means: to stick into a blatant international lie.
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  1. Spartanez300
    Spartanez300 April 6 2018 05: 30
    The entire lying cabinet of ministers of England, led by the Prime Minister, resigned, went to bed in full. Do not dig another hole yourself into it.
    1. Grandfather
      Grandfather April 6 2018 05: 52
      Yesterday, in a telephone conversation, Yu Skripal told a relative that dad is okay, resting, sleeping, all is well. (therefore, they do not let anyone in to sleep so that they don’t interfere with sleep) ... - Nichrome used BOV ... British liars, scum and provocateurs - specific s * ki ...
      1. svp67
        svp67 April 6 2018 06: 47
        Quote: Dead Day
        -nihrena used BOV ...

        And the message that the animals living in the Skripal house died from the fact that they were not fed or watered, all the days until the house was sealed? You understand, in the house where BOV was used, where a policeman who was “poisoned”, who only “glanced at the light”, lived until they were killed by cats and hamsters. In these animals, especially in hamsters, the body weight is almost negligible compared to the human one, and the lethal dose is MUCH LESS, and they lived quietly.
        1. your1970
          your1970 April 6 2018 10: 37
          Skripal - the spy was arrested, convicted and served his sentence in OUR prison. After which he was amnestied and exchanged.
          This implies:
          1) there would be an enemy - no one would have amnestied him
          2) a spy would be really dangerous with great knowledge - nobody would have amnestied him and let him go abroad
          3) stupid - first letting out and then ohhh very difficult to kill.
          4) it’s stupid to kill BOV - there is a risk of death to the killer and half of the region for the company. Conventional poison would be much more effective.
          5) if he walked around the area for 2 hours, this is 100% NOT a chemical warfare agent. Poisoning with banal chlorine in the WWI (100 years ago !!!!) was much more transient
          6) references to a pen / buckwheat - the allegedly injured policeman destroys it. He obviously was not and did not touch their buckwheat / pen
          If he suffered from touching Skripale (as a carrier of a strong BOV), then there should have been hundreds of victims - they went into the pub where Skripal drank, who were in the same places where Skripal was drinking
          7) strange survival after an OWL - one is generally healthy, the second is on the mend. Even before the WWII-armed OWLs did not give such chances to an unprotected person (even with antidotes quickly introduced).
          1. kan123
            kan123 April 6 2018 14: 01
            Skripal was obviously overreached - he should sit on the quiche until the second coming, then uncles come, and they say that they can release, they may not release, in general, “think for yourself.” Although who needs it, but for some reason the British had this brutal show .
            1. Dashout
              Dashout April 7 2018 09: 41
              Guys, I've probably already seen everything, but for those who are behind ... laugh ... This is a link from our forum
          2. Atilla
            Atilla April 7 2018 10: 08
            In my bright mind, not even an assumption was born, but a firm belief that the gas was from RUSSIA. Why the Britons do not immediately say how they determined the country of origin of the gas. This is elementary Watson! Yes by smell! After all, the smell of gas produced in Russia is fundamentally different from English, American and others. This was told to them by a relocator who lives in the United States. I don’t remember his last name exactly, in general, the Tatar even gave him the smell of Boriske and May, which is why their roof went off. Che are silent I do not understand and the OPCW is the same.
    2. svp67
      svp67 April 6 2018 06: 42
      Quote: Spartanez300
      The entire lying cabinet of ministers of England, led by the Prime Minister, resigned, went to bed in full.

      This is not for us to decide, but the British.
      1. Victor Kamenev
        April 6 2018 08: 11
        But to declare the office of England liars Russia can and should.
        1. svp67
          svp67 April 6 2018 08: 14
          Quote: Victor Kamenev
          But to declare the office of England liars Russia can and should.

          And treats them accordingly.
          1. Tula gingerbread
            Tula gingerbread April 6 2018 12: 37
            That's right. Stop pitying them ..
        2. Senior manager
          Senior manager April 6 2018 15: 17
          Quote: Victor Kamenev
          But to declare the office of England liars Russia can and should.

          Purely for the sake of justice. Have you read the speeches of ALL cabinet members on the issue raised? Share knowledge, pliz.
      2. Mestny
        Mestny April 6 2018 09: 10
        This is not for us to decide, but the British.

        Do not forget to say this when someone starts shouting the same thing about the Russian government.
        1. svp67
          svp67 April 6 2018 09: 32
          Quote: Mestny
          Do not forget to say this when someone starts shouting the same thing about the Russian government.

          Are you talking about?
    3. Dashout
      Dashout April 6 2018 09: 49
      Quote: Spartanez300
      The entire lying cabinet of ministers of England, led by the Prime Minister, resigned, went to bed in full.

      This is called - OBORELI!
      Frozen - a qualitative indicator of licentiousness in a state where everything gets away with it.
      I liked the words of our Permanent Representative that the shaving were played and significant meaningful play ...
    4. Awaz
      Awaz April 6 2018 19: 26
      and what would change if the entire government of England resigned? Nothing, they will collect another gang and everything will continue too. There stability is even abruptly Putin's ...
  2. aszzz888
    aszzz888 April 6 2018 05: 48
    Recall it: “Without a doubt, Russia is responsible. No other country had at the same time opportunities, intention and motive. There is no alternative explanation. ”

    A set of Russophobic, unfounded false facts. My question is another plan - is it really so bad in a geyrop? A step to the left, a step to the right of the "leading and directing" and they will peck at you, they will beat you up, accusing you of having allied with the terrible enemy - Russia. All their democracy resembles a certain substance that does not sink. bully
    1. Senior manager
      Senior manager April 6 2018 15: 25
      In geyropov, on the contrary, everything is fine, the struggle for "democracy" implies ordinary soft tyranny (the power of an abominable people). To call black white and vice versa in the Western power establishment in the blood, they were taught and taught that way. So, purely gentlemanly. No wonder.
  3. Monster_Fat
    Monster_Fat April 6 2018 06: 49
    Yes, in Europe, it’s really that bad. There began a real "witch hunt" - they seek out and "poison" in the media any politician, businessman or public person at least somehow connected with relations with Russia. A sign of “good manners” is the search for new “areas” and “places” where Russia is already “exerting” its influence or “can” exert. "McCarthy" "rest" and "McNamara" nervously smokes on the sidelines ...
    1. AlNikolaich
      AlNikolaich April 6 2018 07: 16
      Her! In Europe, everything is just fine! The Pepsi generation is in power. Education is zero, knowledge is zero, logic is absent! He said that now being a complete amateur is progressive and liberal! How such people receive some kind of public office is unknown ...
      1. Monster_Fat
        Monster_Fat April 6 2018 08: 13
        They have enough education and intelligence. Another thing is that the policy of cultivating individualism as opposed to "classical values" led to the emergence of a generation of "emo", that is, people who grew up in abundance, do not know deprivations, brought up on the priority of their emotions, these people do not want and do not know how to control themselves, they do not know how restrain their emotions, express them violently, “throw tantrums” at the slightest difficulty, etc. For them, the loss of their “face”, damage to “their image” is worse than a “nuclear war” —types of “face” and “image” are lost Now, and nuclear war, this is something "mythical" from the "realm of fantasy and "and that is what, just dangerous for such people on emotions, in order to preserve its" image ", can lead the world to the third world war ...
    2. Victor Kamenev
      April 6 2018 08: 13
      Not everything is bad, Germany will soon insert America into one place "Nord Stream - 2", business is nothing personal!
  4. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 April 6 2018 07: 10
    I would love to hear the news that the British government, led by May, was miserably dismissed. At least there will be moral satisfaction. But, something tells you that everything can quietly come to naught on the brakes. There is no need to talk about European “solidarists” - at best, they will cost a couple of revealing articles in the opposition media.
    1. Victor Kamenev
      April 6 2018 08: 15
      Boris and Teresa poison "Novice", this !!! A liar must carry the favor of the United States and his death.
  5. BAI
    BAI April 6 2018 09: 26
    since it is a gas, and it tends to escape.

    If this is gas, how can they be coated with a doorknob, sprinkled in buckwheat, put on clothes? What other versions are there in England?
    1. Same lech
      Same lech April 6 2018 09: 30
      What other versions are there in England?

      The toilet and toilet paper in the toilet can still be processed ... what
    2. Vladimir_R
      Vladimir_R April 8 2018 01: 30
      The alleged Beginner is not gas, it is liquid.
      I will give examples. Zarin is a liquid that appears as a gas on information resources. You've definitely heard of CS gas (I recently found out in the news that it was lethal gas) - this is generally a solid substance often used in gas canisters for self-defense. What are called gases in the media is not gases.

      There are many ways to use such substances, including in mixtures with substances that help to overcome the so-called "skin barrier" (to enter the body through intact skin). To know how to apply such a substance (for example, "Novice") on the door handle, a maximum 3-year student of a specialized university should have a maximum, for a professional, such a question should not even be raised.
  6. shuravi
    shuravi April 6 2018 10: 10
    Is it time to flood British and international courts with lawsuits from relatives of victims of chemical weapons?
  7. V
    V April 6 2018 11: 45
    “Without a doubt, Russia is responsible. No other country had at the same time opportunities, intention and motive. There is no alternative explanation. ”

    From the joke: "Pinocchio, lie!" - shouted Snow White.
  8. kan123
    kan123 April 6 2018 13: 53
    For Letvinenko, they at least bothered to pick up the “accused”, but here they are already fucked up. The execution of Letvinenko and the pseudo-poisoning of Skripals are similar to a showdown between intelligence and “traitors” who have “betrayed” their new owners. These are demonstration shows that it would be disgraceful for others to run across. Intelligence loses interest in the woodpecker after he tells everything, and then he has to go to beg, some kind of allowance - not all the same “talents” like “Suvorov” with his sick fantasies, but the person is supposedly cool, a smoker, turns out to be miserable situation of poverty and despair. Here, logically, they should go where - not to the factory, - to work with woodpeckers in the previous intelligence. All this is far-fetched, but incomprehensible reprisals of the British, with these, their own informers, and Letvinenko, as an agent, could be useful, spying on Berezovsky. Why was he still killed? Maybe they were doing some sort of blackmail that was harming the British, and they were removed - first Letvinenko, and then the bankrupt Berezovsky decided to crank up the fraud, with the British, and he was hanged - because he hanged himself in the toilet, or "fall from the ladder" - this is how to shoot two times, then get up and do something - handwriting intelligence. Berezovsky was a Jew, a proud man — did he joke to hang himself in the outhouse? The British made some sort of mess there, completely lost their minds. As soon as they raise funding, they arrange a circus, only more clowns.
  9. komis55
    komis55 April 6 2018 14: 01
    I don’t argue with the wooden one, but rather you come up with descriptions of oak dandruff. People must be trusted. Do not confuse with gays
  10. Slon_on
    Slon_on April 6 2018 15: 49
    To the British Queen, in order to “save face” it makes sense to do what the Turkish sultans did with objectionable and swaying viziers - send a strong silk cord in an elegant box, an old witch and a sleeping clown.
  11. Siberian1965
    Siberian1965 April 6 2018 16: 34
    To count them all, let the posture be better. I wonder why they behaved so oakly, Johnsons, Teresa. Such an impression as after a knockdown, or a strong fear. Well, not the clinical id ... s.
  12. Lerych
    Lerych April 6 2018 18: 39
    The guinea pigs died at the Skripals from dehydration, the cat was euthanized ... They quickly cremated everyone ... In the house where the Combat Poisoning Agent was used? Not funny yourself? Salisbury must be a ghost town ... Or why insult our chemists? ; /
    1. japs
      japs April 6 2018 20: 54
      It seems to me that the design with the A234 type BOW was wider, but something went wrong.
      The Brittons are not accustomed to admit a lie. They will keep secret the whole affair for 50 years and will pull the rubber, as with the "suicide" of Rudolf Hess. After all, they did not announce the documents on negotiations between Hess and the government of Small Britain during the Second World War.

      But I feel sorry for the pigs and the cat ...
      1. stalkerwalker
        stalkerwalker April 6 2018 21: 13
        Quote: japs
        But I feel sorry for the pigs and the cat ...

        Sorry, no doubt ...
        Personally, after the statement by Yulia Skripal that neither the Russians nor the British are to blame, I get the impression that the Britons “played in the dark”, perfectly calculating the psychotypes of both Aunt May and the possessed Boriska. It painfully all deftly fell into line, and the play was played on solid emotions, where Boriska - without a king in his head, as always, blurted out what he had “invested” in advance, and the prime minister simply “went on” with unknown clues - after all, as in the “most democratic and exclusive” country, the gunmen in inflating the scandal were Media, as it happens in the USA (and not only). As a result, the record for the number of expelled diplomats does not belong to proud neobrobts, but to their former colony ....
  13. 320423
    320423 April 7 2018 00: 07
    I feel like I'm watching a bad movie. Yes, they just grabbed acute food poisoning while eating in a pub, and these clowns from the Anglican government decided to seize the moment. момент с 26:50 по 27:20, как известно английская - наверное худшая кухня!
  14. Baby sitter
    Baby sitter April 7 2018 00: 36
    Well done Borya with Teresa. So dunk small-brit with a company in gryazyuku .......! They will write down GDP agents soon.
  15. Nikita Shustov
    Nikita Shustov April 7 2018 06: 06
    There are many such Skripals ahead. The hegemon falls and there will be many circles in the water. Russia needs to move away so that it does not catch in the fall.
  16. Nait
    Nait April 7 2018 17: 28
    A confusing matter, and the most incomprehensible, why the poison-resistant cat did not gobble up the pigs?
    Or is he a vegetarian?
    That's all, damn it, not clean ....

    It is not clear why the British, after screwing up weapons of mass destruction with Iraq, did not shut up at all?

    After all, there already more than a million people died after their democratization.
    They didn’t answer in any way.

    And why are they again making a mockery of themselves?
  17. Bobxnumx
    Bobxnumx April 8 2018 05: 43
    London Clown Boris!
  18. Aandrewsir
    Aandrewsir April 11 2018 21: 42
    Stirlitz walked along Piccadilly. The wind blew. Tree trunks swayed from side to side and creaked heavily. They creaked, thought Stirlitz, and put his hand in his trouser pocket. "E-mine, but where is the" newbie "?".