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The arrest of the "right hand and left wallet." Awakening of Dagestan

The arrest of Ziyavutdin Magomedov, a native of Dagestan, the “right hand and left wallet” of the Dvorkovich-Medvedev team, caused genuine sensation among the population of the republic. Our old acquaintance, expert and political scientist, a resident of Makhachkala, Magomed Osmanov, tells the Military Observation about how the republic reacts to a long chain of landings of local oligarchs.

"Seventeen landings Vasiliev"

- Magomed, what are the feelings of the residents of Dagestan now?

- Thanks to the arrival of Vasilyev (we call him the “punishing hand of the Kremlin”), Dagestan has finally woken up from many years of hibernation and now lives a vibrant, interesting and eventful life. Landing go one after another. Night craters cut through the republic, as in 37-th year. Only if the Beria falcons were one size fits all, both right and wrong, now plastic collars in Makhachkala are worn on specific characters - those who, as I understand, have long been in development with thoughtful guys from Lubyanka. Vasiliev’s arrival in Dagestan and all his subsequent actions have caused a bombshell effect on the population, and among local oligarchs the effect of a blasted enema. Previously, an ordinary citizen of our region had only three classes: squat, saw the budget and run through the forests with a gun. Now there is a new occupation - to discuss in the evenings in all courtyards and in all kitchens Vasilevsky plantings. During my youth, when the series “Seventeen Moments of Spring” was on, in Makhachkala, even the streets were empty - all the people were sitting at the television sets. Now another series has been launched in the Western Caucasus - Seventeen Landings of Vasilyev. Lots of lots, and the outcome is far away. It became very interesting to live in Dagestan, very.

“No money - go to the devils!”

“And you are not offended: yours are being pinched ... Many of them were certainly patrons of the arts.”

- None of these swagger patrons have never been. And he was not going to. But they took bribes in all parts of the body. And at best they fed their kindred clans. Some were dragged to Moscow. And even in general abroad. Dagestan did not interest them from any side. As a result, social stratification has turned into real social Darwinism. It was just wildest. Medvedev’s famous phrase “No money, but you hold on!” In our region was altered in its own way: “No money - gnaw stones!” Or - the second option: “No money - go to Russia!” There is still a third: “No money “Go to the devils!” Well, that is to Wahhabis. And in the economy of their homeland - and the homeland of their ancestors - they did not invest a penny. Some burned money in brothels with silicone prostitutes, others gnawed stones from hunger. And still others did go to Shaitan-Wahhabis or went to Russia - for the most part fell into crime.

- And what, no crime in any way? Tajiks and Uzbeks also come to us in the millions, and everyone has a job ...

- This is Dagestan, son. It is the birthplace of the Abreks, not the Ballers and chess lovers. Strong, impudent boys are born here, not boys bells from the city of Ding-Ding. Our “Gai-Gui-Makhachkala” (as we call it) is not Tashkent, Penza or Ashkhabad. Russia came to the Caucasus for several centuries and weaned off the practice of raids, but the ancestral genetic code remained in each of us. Working hard on construction sites and on someone else's uncle is not for our young people. And take into account the unbridled greed and extreme self-esteem of the Dagestanis. Here, every first is Imam Shamil, every second is Shamil Basayev, every third is Shaitan, and every fifth is an Olympic champion. And all - passionaries, all - megalomania. You look: a person has no brains, no intelligence, no talent, no abilities, one muscular corset, but he thinks he is Napoleon. Well, I want to cut the money faster and “on passion”, and not dull monotonous work. That breaks people in crime. Many are burning on this. Well, what to do ... This abrek was not lucky, say his friends, cleaning the barrel of a Kalashnikov. It happens.

- But shaytan specialists are shot at you, and regularly.

- Well, not everyone. Someone manages to jump off the crew flying into the abyss. The Shaitans are as mobile as mercury. Today he is in Makhachkala, tomorrow - in Derbent, the day after tomorrow - in Istanbul, and in a week - in Damascus. And there are no problems with either money or concubines. Romance!

“But he constantly lives in expectation of a bullet in his head, on which his name is engraved.

- You, Russian, try to understand me. Compared to you, the plain guys, we mountaineers, people of thrill. A normal self-respecting Caucasian man feels good only when a saber whistles over his head. That's when he is at ease. Then life is good.

Here, for example, in Lviv there is a cafe "Masoch". There local aunts with convincing forms for discounts and bonuses whip customers with whips on the ass. Both those and others derive incredible pleasure from it. And we, Caucasians, get pleasure from the feeling of danger when we balance on the edge of a razor on the edge of an abyss.

As for the disposal of the Wahhabi ... We are joking in the Caucasus: if in the morning, in the region of Makhachkala or Derbent, someone was not piled up, then the day was clearly not set. When we, Makhachkala residents, find out early in the morning that the strong bad guys who came from Kevlar helmets who came from Russia sent us to the long-awaited furies of another bearded Barmaley, our mood improves dramatically. You understand that the state is not in a coma, as it was before. You see that Russia conducts with us another unscheduled reorganization of local barmaley, regulates Shaitan-gene pool, and the tone rises sharply. You understand that time has not stopped, life goes on. Not for everyone, true, but for the normal majority. And in general, what could be better than the process of sending another party of shaytans to another furies without transferring it?

“But they kind of think that they are waiting for the Gurias in paradise ...”

- That they think so. And we think differently. Furies are waiting for them. On the ground - bony with a scythe, and in the sky - old women Izergil. Good company, Mr. Wahhabi, life is good, buy some candy for your journey.

- That is, Wahhabis do not have authority on you?

- There is no definite answer. If the Avar has gone to the forest and stomps businessmen, Lezgins or Kumyks - well done, handsome. If you choke your own - a traitor, Vlasovite, nit, subhuman. Almost Satan.

- Why is it that something constantly happens in Dagestan? About the same Penza or Tambov there is no information for years. Well, except that a mass brawl with the same Dagestanis or Chechens ...

- Understand the simple thing. We Caucasians are people of war. Our peaceful life is boring and dull. We constantly want to sprinkle it with new, burning impressions. Do you somehow go to the evening Makhachkala. In every yard there are fights, at every intersection there are some disassemblies, in each gym muscular bodies fly through the air. Constantly someone blurs someone, squeezes, throws through the hip or “spreads it on the headstock”. This is Caucasus.

Chechnya and Dagestan: two elites, two worlds

- Let's go back to the brothers Magomedov. And why in neighboring Chechnya there is no such dominance of local oligarchs?

- There are several explanations for this. First, Chechnya is a mono-national republic. There is no such bickering like ours. In the Caucasus, however, there is a solid friendship of the peoples, only certain representatives of our peoples are not averse to snacking on the neighbors of Kadyk and the arteries. There is no such thing in Chechnya. Secondly, all local oligarchs are directed on the true path by Ramzan himself. Yes, they also crave enrichment. But they learned to enrich themselves by fulfilling all the orders of Ramzan on the construction of various social facilities. Of course, not everyone could keep themselves in the framework. But if someone “lost the coast”, he was brought to Ramzan on the carpet in the trunk of a car. After such a trip and a “warm” conversation with the president, insight was condescended to the person. His eyes opened, suddenly high social consciousness erupted. In Dagestan, this is impossible, unfortunately. You put someone in the trunk - tomorrow all his relatives of the hunt will open up on you, forgetting to buy a license to shoot. Of course, for you, according to the law of the genre, all your relatives will fit in. But this is a Caucasian vendetta, blood feud. Its not so easy to settle. In such cases, we use heavy artillery - our old men. But even they are not always able to quickly stop the bloodshed. Here our unbridled passions find their full use. Third, Chechnya survived two terrible wars with Russia and bloody civil strife between highland and lowland Vainakhs. By the way, many of the plains immediately took the side of the federals - like Said-Magomed Kakiyev. Some, realizing the futility of the service to Dudayev or the deadlock of the chosen path, like Ruslan Labazanov or Musa Gazimagomadov, later switched to the side of Russia. Only the most stubborn ones or those who were on good financial inflow among the Turks, Arabs or Western investors remained. And for those guys the entrance is a ruble, the exit is one hundred fifty. Well, or a federal bullet as a happy ending. After the war, smoking ruins and bloodied ashes remained from the former Chechnya. And Putin did not just put Ramzan in the kingdom for nothing and turned Grozny from Stalingrad into Paris.

We, the Dagestanis, did not survive this horror. Therefore, the attitude to the federal authorities was appropriate. You live your life there, we your life. Moreover, in the republic to the last they were sure that after Chechnya, the Kremlin would not risk engaging in no less explosive Dagestan. During the Chechen campaigns, our republic also had to be cleared of the local Wahhabni, but the Kremlin, apparently, was afraid that it would not pull the war on two fronts. Now the situation is different. And Chechnya is already rigidly built into the vertical of power, and the Kremlin has strengthened, and the Russian army is already different. And our oligarchs were still immersed in sleep, bliss and embezzlement. Awakening was sad. The same Magomedov had to land on the government bed in a concrete hotel.

And there is one subtle point. For the most part, our oligarchs are not highlanders. These are mountain Jews, tats. Their percentage in the republic is insignificant, but they freely manipulate financial flows that are comparable (or even exceed) the budget of the republic. But even scales from the master’s table do not fall apart from ordinary citizens of the republic. All the money that falls into the hands of the owners of life goes somewhere in Haifa, Tel Aviv, Paris, London, Miami, on yachts, girls and offshore. And local hooters from auls, such as the Magomedov brothers, vigorously serve the interests of these international tycoons, feeding only their own clan. We in Dagestan called this oligarch-service "Tato-Blower". For twenty years, these “blowers”, together with their transnational owners, have gone crazy about money in a poor subsidized republic. Putin’s journey from Chechnya to Dagestan was long. But he still came. So we continue to watch the Vasilyevsky series about “seventeen landings”. Dagestan is eager for the next series.
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  1. Mar.Tirah
    Mar.Tirah April 5 2018 05: 39
    In Siberia, half of the oligarchs tied to oil production are highlanders. Chechens in particular are present for sure. It’s time to start dispossessing them, but so far Kadyrov and Putin’s friends can’t talk about it. It's a pity.
    1. Grandfather
      Grandfather April 5 2018 05: 50
      Landings go one after another. Night craters cut through the republic, as in the 37th year
      and to "funnels" ever reach Russia? what
      1. Mavrikiy
        Mavrikiy April 5 2018 06: 04
        Alas. Roads are broken and "enormous distances"
      2. naidas
        naidas April 5 2018 13: 17
        Quote: Dead Day
        and to "funnels" ever reach Russia?

        Already arrived, the case of Vasilyeva as an example.
    2. Fox
      Fox April 5 2018 06: 18
      Quote: Mar. Tira
      but so far, Kadyrov in Putin’s friends cannot talk about this.

      it’s not always like that ... one of us was also clumsy, but Kadyrov was like a nightmare for him. He was from Kadyrov and was hidden at the time.
      1. Grandfather
        Grandfather April 5 2018 06: 36
        interesting Mohammed says:
      2. Mar.Tirah
        Mar.Tirah April 5 2018 06: 45
        I also heard this from the Chechens themselves. The truth is simple locksmiths at the drilling rigs. They don’t like Kadyrov, he said from the teip of shepherds, but controls us .. Some militants were sitting on the mothballed drill guards with the help of their patrons from the Caucasus, I also heard that. But this is the lower class. And I'm talking about the tops of the highlanders. Only recently, Moscow squeezed them out of the Surgut Oil Refinery, and before that they felt like full owners there ..
        1. rotmistr60
          rotmistr60 April 5 2018 07: 05
          don't like Kadyrov, he said from teip shepherdsbut controls us ..
          But do not you think the attitude of your friends towards the administration of the republic seems strange? From the teip of the shepherds - it's a shame, but from our teip it would be great. Such a picture looms.
          1. Mar.Tirah
            Mar.Tirah April 5 2018 09: 05
            Well, for what I bought, for that I’m selling it. This really was told to me by an elderly Chechen from Grozny. But they seldom open up with people of someone else’s faith. So I was lucky. He was still Soviet hardened. But the young ones are already bullied ..
          2. Glory1974
            Glory1974 April 5 2018 10: 55
            From the teip of the shepherds - it's a shame, but from our teip it would be great.

            Everyone dreams that his teip is in power. Historically, some teip is stronger, and some weaker.
            At one time, Moscow placed General Dudaev in power, not looking at the fact that he was from a weak teip. They considered this a relic of the past. The result is known.
            After betting on the Kadyrov teip, he was stronger, had to clean up several other clans, which all the time were on the side of Moscow. These are such as Kakiev (mentioned in the article), Yamadayevs and others.
            1. Mar.Tirah
              Mar.Tirah April 5 2018 17: 48
              If you don’t know, Dudayev from the teip of warriors-mercenaries (was). So this is a more respected caste. Burn in hell.
              1. Glory1974
                Glory1974 April 9 2018 13: 20
                The caste may be respected, but the teip is weak.
            2. max702
              max702 April 6 2018 00: 23
              Quote: glory1974
              , I had to clean up several other clans that were on the side of Moscow all the time.

              The solution is simple .. It is necessary to clear ALL other clans .. Once and for all ...
        2. Crane operator Nahamkinson
          Crane operator Nahamkinson April 5 2018 08: 37
          Mar. Thira.
          There are no refineries in Surgut.
          Nearest refinery from Surgut,
          located in Omsk.
          And in Surgut there is,
          More around Surgut
          is, TsPPN, TsDNG and many other things.
          1. Mar.Tirah
            Mar.Tirah April 5 2018 08: 57
            I don’t know what’s called, but this is the plant that is downstream of the Ob, behind the bridge on the right side,Where I got diesel fuel from the fuel line going from this plant to the bunker base on the shore, for the Northern delivery to the Yamal. So then the Chechens ruled there .. NGDU is everywhere.
            1. jjj
              jjj April 5 2018 11: 30
              Such fuel storage facilities are called tank farms.
          2. sasha pv
            sasha pv April 5 2018 11: 39
            Now there are in Surgut and Tyumen. And in Tobolsk polymers
    3. Spartanez300
      Spartanez300 April 5 2018 08: 05
      This series would not hurt to scroll across Russia.
      1. Nyrobsky
        Nyrobsky April 5 2018 11: 03
        Quote: Spartanez300
        This series would not hurt to scroll across Russia.
        Yes, twist by small, but the intervals between the series are long. From the last episodes - Belykh (governor of Kirov), Khoroshavin (governor of Sakhalin), Gaiser (governor of Komi), Ulyukaev (Minister) - this is from what I immediately remembered ... But the fact that the "film director" is working on new episodes, doubts does not cause.
      2. Semen1972
        Semen1972 April 5 2018 16: 52
        Quote: Spartanez300
        This series would not hurt to scroll across Russia.

        But to Igor Ivanovich and his FSB group no matter in which region, Moscow has simply been cleared. here they go further to the regions
    4. BAI
      BAI April 5 2018 14: 03
      Gold is also under them.
      Thus, according to law enforcement agencies, the Ingush criminal group is engaged in traditionally illegal gold mining in gold mining regions in Russia. It is colloquially even called “Ingushzoloto”.
    5. Alber
      Alber April 5 2018 17: 36
      Quote: Mar. Tira
      In Siberia, half of the oligarchs tied to oil production are highlanders. Chechens in particular are present for sure ..

      Dagestan oligarchs are the mountain Jews (Tats) ...
      So, all the oligarchs are brothers among themselves)))
  2. samarin1969
    samarin1969 April 5 2018 06: 17
    In the days of the Empire, this would have been unthinkable. The Highlanders "milk" Russia ... In the world, and in the "RF" there are many peoples who have long been "transcoded." And there is nothing to say that the inhabitants of Dagestan have a special "code". It's just that the authorities of the “RF” are not interested ... The arrival of Vasiliev will change little - the scale is not serious.
    The law should be the same for all citizens of the Russian Federation, and if necessary - severe.
    1. _Sergei_
      _Sergei_ April 5 2018 15: 31
      During the empire, Russia was milked by all the republics. After pay, we went to Kazakhstan for groceries. Only you cross the border and the roads were beautiful, but now the opposite.
    2. Anasti
      Anasti April 5 2018 22: 38
      The politics of Russian genocide. Caucasians are performers.
      1. mir.ij
        mir.ij April 7 2018 22: 31
        The way it is. In Moscow alone, 70% of all crimes are made by lumps.
  3. Vladivostok1969
    Vladivostok1969 April 5 2018 06: 19
    Judging by the interview, it doesn’t even smell positive. The local “abreks” will sit, look, wait for the moment and begin to redistribute what is.
    1. Korsar4
      Korsar4 April 5 2018 07: 10
      A systematic approach is indispensable here. And for this, everything should be in order with the character of the country, and with the economy, and with ideology.
      1. Vladivostok1969
        Vladivostok1969 April 5 2018 07: 29
        The system is a system. But the conversation is conducted by an educated person, a political scientist. And this literate person paints us such a picture. And it seems that even notes of pride can be traced.
        This is Dagestan, son. This is the birthplace of Abreks, not ballerons and chess lovers. Strong, bold guys are born here, not bell-boys from the city of Ding-Ding. Our "Gai-Gui-Makhachkala" (as we call it) is not Tashkent, Penza or Ashgabat.

        This is not a statement, but an excuse for a lifestyle. And it seems to me a reasonable person should not say that.
        1. Korsar4
          Korsar4 April 5 2018 07: 37
          Can not argue. This is the beginning of the game with the original handicap. "They are all like that, but I'm not like that" (c).
        2. DenZ
          DenZ April 5 2018 10: 27
          Quote: Vladivostok1969
          This is not a statement, but an excuse for a lifestyle.

          I see no excuses here. Well, nothing at all. I see a statement, but I don’t see a relationship to this or justification.
          Quote: Vladivostok1969
          And it seems to me a reasonable person should not say that.

          An intelligent person should always try to tell the truth, but how it is perceived by someone is already arched.
    2. Lynx33
      Lynx33 April 5 2018 07: 48
      The positive thing is that they tore one of the noises on the neck of the whole of Russia. They managed to crush all grain supplies. And there are still so many such strangling economic noises.
      1. Vladivostok1969
        Vladivostok1969 April 5 2018 07: 54
        To be honest, there is positive but not much. This is stopping and not treatment. Temporary measure.
        1. Winnie76
          Winnie76 April 5 2018 08: 54
          Quote: Vladivostok1969
          To be honest, there is positive but not much. This is stopping and not treatment. Temporary measure.

          And what could be positive? The author says plainly that Dagestanis are a people of bandits. Stalin’s times are over, people can’t be taken to a pure field for re-education ...
          1. DON-100
            DON-100 April 6 2018 11: 45
            Dagestanis were never a people of bandits, the author, if he is a real and not a fictional character, exaggerates and does not need to be taken literally. A hardworking people lives in Dagestan, who became famous for their craftsmen, in few places in the Caucasus there are as many famous villages of craftsmen as in Dagestan. Some kind of nonsense.
      2. andrej-shironov
        andrej-shironov April 5 2018 08: 52
        smile This is true when a person is bent from a gunshot, but helping him by pulling a stranglehold, which did not greatly affect the health of the whole organism!
      3. New Year day
        New Year day April 5 2018 10: 05
        Quote: Lynx33
        tore one of the noises on the neck of the whole of Russia.

        Who gave the ropes in hand to these horsemen?
  4. moskowit
    moskowit April 5 2018 06: 47
    The night craters cut through the republic, as in the 37 year. Only if the Beria’s falcons were ground under one comb of all - both the right and the guilty,

    LP Beria, as you know, began to lead the NKVD from December 1938 of the year .... So, "they hung the dogs" ...
  5. Alex66
    Alex66 April 5 2018 06: 52
    They want the thrill, they want to fight, they want money - we must give them such an opportunity, let them fight (restore order) in Syria and Libya. Let them benefit if they are not capable of a peaceful life.
    1. Moore
      Moore April 5 2018 07: 07
      There is one significant reservation: they are not opposed to fighting, only in accordance with their tribal consciousness, which has never risen to the level of even feudalism.
      And this consciousness says: your life is very important for your teip, and although there you can’t lose any namus - do not get into a fight with the strong if possible - rob and kill the weaker.
    2. dauria
      dauria April 5 2018 15: 43
      They want the thrill, they want to fight, they want money - we need to give them such an opportunity, let them fight (restore order) in Syria,

      Yes, they do not know how to fight, they are already sick of these tales. With a platoon of Mordovians to hell, you can go to the horns, but with these you can only rob a stall, and even then if there are five of them on one.
  6. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 April 5 2018 07: 00
    Dagestan finally woke up from years of hibernation and now lives a bright, interesting and eventful life
    It is clear that they used to live in clans, they stole, but in a half-asleep state and by inertia. Today it’s the same (clans), but free entertainment has been added - to watch the arrests.
  7. Lynx33
    Lynx33 April 5 2018 07: 43
    I have only one question for the authorities: why only Dagestan? In Kazan, there are no less crooks of the same level and they are also cluttered by clans, when will there be a holiday on our street? drinks
    1. Semen1972
      Semen1972 April 5 2018 16: 54
      Quote: Lynx33
      I have only one question for the authorities: why only Dagestan? In Kazan, there are no less crooks of the same level and they are also cluttered by clans, when will there be a holiday on our street?

      What kind of crooks close to power and having the same assets are you talking about? May I have names?
  8. groks
    groks April 5 2018 07: 48
    Well, some oligarchs will change there for others - will communism come from this?
    These brothers were swept up, so did they really stir up something in Dagestan? Here we have their pastry shop under Ramon. Yes, and it is doubtful that they did what - their roof is not bad.
    1. Lynx33
      Lynx33 April 5 2018 13: 29
      Uh, no, these oligarchs come from the exuberant 90s. In the current conditions, no one will allow them to repair such a mess, so you need to clean the entire layer of rogue oligarchs from the 90s.
      1. groks
        groks April 5 2018 13: 32
        Kadyrov, then, is a terrorist in general, and this does not bother him.
        These guys had one young man CEO who is either afraid to touch, or one of the ministers will change.
      2. Alber
        Alber April 5 2018 17: 57
        Quote: Lynx33
        Uh, no, these oligarchs come from the exuberant 90s. In the current conditions, no one will allow them to repair such a mess, so you need to clean the entire layer of rogue oligarchs from the 90s.

        The purges must begin with the Kremlin crooks
  9. K.A.S.
    K.A.S. April 5 2018 07: 54
    I counted to the genetic code and the special people who will not work for uncle did not read further!
  10. parusnik
    parusnik April 5 2018 08: 18
    So it would be a walk all over Russia ... Is it possible that "funnels" will only pass through Dagestan ... But this is a hint for all other regions .. or they will be baptized again when the thunder strikes ...
    1. Semen1972
      Semen1972 April 5 2018 16: 55
      Quote: parusnik
      So would walk all over Russia ..

      And all over Russia, and walked. Everything is in the hands of the “right” boys for a long time.
  11. Chichikov
    Chichikov April 5 2018 08: 20
    This Magomed, right after all, is dragging himself from his opinion about the super-men of Dagestanis. Well, there are no ordinary shepherds, sailors and other hard workers, only abreks and champions. Where there, Penza, Pskov, Omsk and others, to such supermen. But a similar opinion, about themselves, is expressed by some other "representatives of the Caucasians." But there are two points: the first - and who then does not allow such “abreks” to roam around for three hundred years now — Iroquois or the same Penza, Pskov and Omsk people? And the second, the Highlanders, it is also hundreds of thousands of veterans, more than three hundred Heroes of the Soviet Union and Russia, tens of thousands of order-bearers for military merits and peaceful labor.
    1. Winnie76
      Winnie76 April 5 2018 11: 57
      Quote: Chichikov
      and who, then, has prevented such “abreks” from roaming around for three hundred years now — the Iroquois or the same Penza, Pskov and Omsk?

      Everything is simple. The author himself writes, Dagestanis are polls or abreks i.e. bandits or athletes with hypertrophied conceit. And all this against the background of a cult of power, lack of culture, contempt for work. Tribal society. You cannot build a strong state with such.
  12. Loess
    Loess April 5 2018 08: 43
    The arrest of Dagestan native Ziyavutdin Magomedov, the “right hand and left wallet” of the Dvorkovich-Medvedev team,
    That's just because of this phrase I began to read the article. It became interesting, and here a bunch of Dvorkovich-Medvedev, and not a word about them in the article. Only regular discussions about the national characteristics of Dagestanis.
  13. konstantin68
    konstantin68 April 5 2018 08: 47
    Well, the guys themselves asked for it, they did not understand the hints from the Kremlin either. GDP signs the law on toughening penalties for embezzlement in the defense industry - the first warning, the media suddenly begin to pedal the situation on Dagdiesel, although the situation there has long been such a second warning (the guys were playing with torpedoes there), well, Abdullatipov’s resignation and the appointment of Vasiliev is for already quite reckless and stupefied. Well, now, whoever didn’t hide, I’m not to blame!
    And there’s nothing to steal insolently on the defense industry, the homeland needs more weapons now!
  14. andrej-shironov
    andrej-shironov April 5 2018 08: 49
    Igor, did you definitely communicate with a resident of Dagestan? According to slang, this is a cross between Mytishchensky gopnik with a clear kid from Lyubertsy. And who told you that Medvedev and Dvorkovich are pinching or trying to dig under them? Are there any facts?
  15. midshipman
    midshipman April 5 2018 09: 12
    Dear Igor, my Minister P.S. Pleshakov was a deputy of the USSR Armed Forces from Dagestan. Therefore, he was supposed to develop this Republic. I led the 6th State Institution of the USSR Ministry of Radio Industry. The minister asked me to give a proposal on the development of production and science there. I called to myself the Director General of PO Flight V.M. Ileiko (Chelyabinsk), we discussed the problem. On a pilot plane NII-33 flew to Mahach Kalu. The Prime Minister was then M. Magomedov. We talked. We decided to build a radio factory in Mahach Kale. Branches in Khasavyurt, Dylym, Derbent. Open College. I picked up personnel from Chelyabinsk, Kazan, Moscow and Leningrad. Two years later, all the plants and research institutes were ready. The list of products: radio navigation systems, electrophones, tools, furniture. The number of jobs is 7 thousand. There were even automated production facilities, such as electroplating and machining. But the opening was delayed. M. Magomedov asked me to create a trolleybus line from the city center to the plant. A month later, we Magomedov, Ileiko, Gamzatov (national poet) drove on the first trolley bus. Rasul wrote me poems about this event and presented his book with a gift signature. In return, I presented my monograph to him, "Correlation errors of goniometric VHF radio systems." We created jobs for residents in Dagestan (this amazing region). Never thought about stealing budget money.
    At present, the son of the first director of the research institute (A.S. Abidov) has created Azimut JSC in Moscow and is continuing the work of his father. The situation in the Republic was calm, the people were friendly. I even sent my son and daughter and son-in-law there on vacation in the summer. This is how we lived.
    1. kan123
      kan123 April 6 2018 10: 13
      all this "science of the Caucasus" rested on Russians, Jews, Latvians, etc., like all labor. When the "aliens" were expelled, these aliens reasoned that if they were all thrown out of these republics, there would simply be no one to work and serve, which was more difficult than posts like the "zavskladom" of the "market leader". Therefore, the determinant of this society, even then was predictable. They wanted to cash in for free, and all remained poor, except for the Magomedov brothers.
    2. lesnik1978
      lesnik1978 April 8 2018 20: 13
      I wanted to ask you everything, were the radio plants in Mogilev and Pruzhany (Belarus) under your leadership? (They no longer exist at the moment).
  16. cariperpaint
    cariperpaint April 5 2018 09: 56
    Recently I noticed a trend - like what happens, a similar view appears. not so long ago remember with cocaine at the embassy. the syllable is one to one))) as I understand it, that fighter and hot Caucasian is that intelligence officer?)))) I'm just in shock.
  17. New Year day
    New Year day April 5 2018 10: 00
    Dagestan craves the following episodes.
    but "Sticking on construction sites and on someone else’s uncle is not for our youth."
  18. Rostislav
    Rostislav April 5 2018 10: 50
    Frank story, however. Not without drawing, but clarifies the situation.
    PS When the "seventeen moments" were on, and our streets were empty. In my opinion, this was the case throughout the country.
  19. vlad007
    vlad007 April 5 2018 11: 06
    The heading is promising, and the content is nothing new. And there are not so many landings in Dagestan to call this operation a "series." First of all, respect is personally respected by V. Vasiliev - a specific Man, if there were more of them in public administration, you would see and our life would change!
  20. Glory1974
    Glory1974 April 5 2018 11: 13
    Strong, bold guys are born here, not the bell boys from the city of Ding Ding

    He can not say otherwise, otherwise he will get a neck from the "abreks".
    But in fact, if there is order in the country, then everyone is engaged in creative work and only 5% of all men (who are warriors, according to scientists) serve in power structures. And the highlanders are no exception. I have never seen a special forces battalion or reconnaissance battalion manned by Dagestanis. But I saw battalions of material and logistical support at 95% of the highlanders. So in fact they are looking for where it is easier to "chop the dough." This is written in the article:
    Well, I’d like to cut money faster and “on passion”, and not dull monotonous work.
    1. kan123
      kan123 April 6 2018 10: 05
      Why wasn’t it? RI had a lot of experience in creating "wild divisions" consisting of highlanders, where the officers were from them. Kornilov really hoped for them - he came to them, said - you can go Peter to get the hell out of it, - they, with joyful songs, got on the trains, came near Peter, and suddenly they saw that it was necessary to fight seriously there - they also ran together amicably. In the ancient Russian army, they gave "a description of the units", I don’t know how it is today - the mountaineers were given such a characteristic that they were the first in robbery, looting, and the first in retreat, if something serious. Not that cowards can, but most likely they don’t see the show off, their precious life, to sacrifice in honor of the army. By the way, the Turks were given the same characteristic - they had no foreign troops, did not fight at all - they followed the slaves, but there it turned out they had to fight, one Russian company held back their entire armies. Asians.
  21. bratchanin3
    bratchanin3 April 5 2018 12: 13
    Yes, a very sad situation. But, if the Dagestanis are warriors, then it is necessary to form military units from them and clean Syria, Iraq, Libya .. from the Barmalei. Here business will be enough for many decades, if we mean Afghanistan. If warriors, then let them fight for the interests of Russia.
  22. Normal ok
    Normal ok April 5 2018 13: 25
    Previously, an ordinary resident of our region had only three classes: to squat, cut the budget and run through the forests with a gun. Now there is a new lesson - to discuss in the evenings in all yards and in all kitchens the Vasilievsky landings.

    I recalled a joke from the times of the USSR. A CT correspondent, on the eve of the anniversary of October, asks the Chukchi: what did the Great October Revolution give to the Chukchi? The Chukchi answers: it gave a lot, however, the Chukchi gave a new feeling. A startled correspondent: explain ?! Chukchi: what were the feelings of the Chukchi before the revolution? Feeling of hunger and feeling of cold. Corr: And now? Chukchi: Now we have a feeling of hunger, a feeling of cold and a feeling of deep moral satisfaction.
  23. Alexey-74
    Alexey-74 April 5 2018 15: 56
    The reasoning seems to be correct .... but these statements about mountaineers-abreks, warriors who cannot without war, so that sabers and bullets would whistle overhead every day .... in general, conceit surpasses.
    1. pfloyd007
      pfloyd007 April 8 2018 21: 03
      Exactly!! Such "cool" guys, and errands at the thief !! And endured this mess until the feds arrived! He himself does not understand that in his own words he lowered his “steepness” - “... When we, Makhachkala residents, early in the morning find out that strong bad guys arrived in Russia in Kevlar helmets sent another bearded Barmalei to the mouths of hell for the long-awaited furies, we have the mood improves dramatically .. "Where have you mountain eagles been before?" Some show off!
  24. Semen1972
    Semen1972 April 5 2018 16: 58
    Sechin, in his insatiable thirst for power and money, wants to seize the Novorossiysk Sea Port, which is important in the field of oil export, and so far belongs to the structures of the Magomedovs. Then, the Sechin group plans to establish control over Transneft, Lukoil, and Surgut, thus taking control of the entire oil industry of the Russian Federation. This is also due to the arrest in France of another Russian billionaire and senator from Dagestan Suleiman Kerimov.
    1. Golovan Jack
      Golovan Jack April 5 2018 17: 13
      Quote: Semen1972
      Sechin group ...

      ... this is the state of the Russian Federation, in fact. See, damn it, to the root (s) Cedar yes
      Quote: Semen1972
      Russian billionaire and senator from Dagestan Suleiman Kerimov

      For some reason, all these "Russian" have some unpronounceable surnames ... or did it seem to me? wink
      1. Semen1972
        Semen1972 April 6 2018 09: 50
        Quote: Golovan Jack
        . this is the state of the Russian Federation, in fact

        Behind everything are concrete people, not a "state."
    2. Cadet
      Cadet April 5 2018 20: 35
      Rushailo is already in Transneft
  25. The comment was deleted.
  26. Razvedka_Boem
    Razvedka_Boem April 6 2018 03: 34
    Pontoons a lot, but a little sense ..
    Until a big uncle comes and puts him in a corner, they will be measured by pussy.
  27. kan123
    kan123 April 6 2018 09: 55
    This is all interesting, but the main one there is Medvedev, apparently. Medvedev - who is he at all, what has he seen this country on? Leaked Libya, for the investments of the corrupt Sarkozy, in the same Caucasus, France feeds the Caucasian elites - as in the time of Napoleon they returned at the same time they wiped out the face of the earth, the whole nation - now there is a gang on a gang, like Ukraine, providing the American oilfield. This is what kind of fascist it is necessary to be, that would be for the infamous loot, to create there millions of orphans who all go to igilas, to take revenge, rob, kill? Who needs this liberalism, who puts forward such people. Okay, people have no conscience - this is not a problem - the problem is attitude to one’s own country. How many more trillions do they need to feed this greed?
  28. DON-100
    DON-100 April 6 2018 12: 06
    The next tales about Dagestan with the fantasies of some "expert". Abreki, bandits, blood feud .. the whole set of stamps for the inhabitants.
  29. Vladimir K.
    Vladimir K. April 6 2018 20: 58
    On the whole, I support a political scientist and a resident of Makhachkala, except for one point that is very important to me: in 1937, they were also mainly involved in embezzlement, either in undermining the territorial integrity of the country, or in other anti-state (counter-revolutionary then) activities - really not involved I’m sure that there’s not a lot of dungeons and, most likely, due to someone’s libel, and not just “drove a funnel down the street and grabbed the first comer,” which is now completely impossible to exclude.
  30. romandostalo
    romandostalo April 7 2018 03: 28
    Something like this is all too much: Hurray break through ..... A strange article, although a plus set ....
  31. Saasa.
    Saasa. April 7 2018 10: 45
    spot cleaning is needed
    but if the Russians start brazenly leading in the Caucasus, then Kadyrov will raise everyone against the Kremlin’s guardsmen.
    And so Kadyrov says, "on my land, without my permission, no deeds of the federals will be rolled, we will shoot."

    A large center is being built in the Caucasus to train Muslim special forces.
    They are better armed than in the 90s ...
  32. Giharka
    Giharka April 7 2018 15: 18
    And in every region of Russia such special operations can not be carried out ?!
  33. demo
    demo April 8 2018 15: 51
    Well written. With pathos. Juicyly Convincing.
    A man "out of the people" explained clearly what is needed for Dagestan and Dagestanis!
    "Become one line!
    Pay off for the first and second!
    Second numbers five steps forward!
    The first numbers to get weapons!
    This is if the thrill is not enough.
    So that the severity is excessive.
  34. pfloyd007
    pfloyd007 April 8 2018 20: 56
    If they are so cool, if they adore the risk, then why couldn’t they squeeze their oligarchs without the Kremlin ???
    Not an interview, but solid show-offs !!!
  35. Lekxnumx
    Lekxnumx April 12 2018 11: 17
    Another idiocy from an unknown "Dagestan" about which no one had heard of anywhere except Moiseyev.
    Tats are mountain Jews? This is a discovery for me. These are different peoples, tats (by the way they never called themselves that) Turks began to call them as a settled people. And they always differed from mountain Jews, otherwise there are "tats in modern times "Jews, this is the result of a policy of discrimination by the authorities of the most humane Russian-Soviet. Most Jews in the census were recorded in tatami for a more peaceful life. Tats are Persians talk to them for a couple of minutes to become clear, the mountain Jews called" dude "and the tats themselves" Parsi ", Baku the tats call themselves Parsi, but more to the north of the Dougles.
    They wanted to build a chain of North Caucasians barbarians, but world Zionism still has all the money))) And the topic of raids is exaggerated)) The Chinese are all karateka, the North Caucasians are all barbarians, brawlers, Jews are all bankers, Turks are all merchants and so on and so forth . Damn well when you move away from this narrow-mindedness? That’s hard to argue with
    Russia’s roads and fools. One can still cope with the first, but almost no with the second. Is it really so difficult to go out into the streets of any city in Russia and start a conversation with a non-Russian? How can I live in one society and not know each other? Well, how can I. I personally can go outside and start a conversation with a man. In a park in one city I talked with a Jew, in a taxi with an Uzbek, at the entrance of a shopping center with a Russian guard, when receiving documents with a Ukrainian, near the coast with an Avar, I can’t count everything with a Korean. my advice to you communicate damn it, meet a poor Jew, a non-drinking Russian, a pacifist of the North Caucasus and all the exceptions of life. And then they stuck on the Internet and exaggerate the same thing on all platforms.