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Russian General Staff: Washington is preparing Syria for a new war

The United States is laying in Syria a “conflict potential” that could lead to a new big war of “all against all,” reports RIA News Statement by Colonel-General Sergei Rudsky, Deputy Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

According to the general, who spoke at the Moscow International Security Conference, Washington "has already headed for the dismemberment of Syria."

The same opinion was expressed by the Minister of Defense Sergey Shoigu. During the same conference, he noted that the Western coalition "did not set itself the task of defeating the terrorists," and the goal of the United States and its allies was to "loosen the situation in the region and consolidate its military and economic presence in it."

Rudskoy also spoke about some results of military actions against terrorists in the UAR.

According to him, all in Syria, with the support of the Russian Federation and Iran, more than 65 thousands of militants were destroyed, "1245 settlements and 113 thousand square kilometers of territory were freed, more than 6,5 thousands of hectares of land were cleared, more than 1,500 kilometers of roads and about 17,2 thousands of buildings."

Refugees who left the humanitarian corridors a few days ago return to the localities of Eastern Guta. (...) Within a few days, the humanitarian operation in Eastern Ghouta should be completed,
said the deputy head of the General Staff.
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  1. ul_vitalii
    ul_vitalii April 4 2018 13: 32
    Develop a guerrilla movement. Do not give rest to the Americans day or night, cutting them off from the militants. There will be no Americans, ours to connect to destroy the militants.
    1. Serge Gorely
      Serge Gorely April 4 2018 13: 40
      Quote: ul_vitalii
      Develop a guerrilla movement. Do not give rest to the Americans day or night, cutting them off from the militants. There will be no Americans, ours to connect to destroy the militants.

      It's time to feed the Mexican Che Guevara. It’s time for the Mexicans to remember whose Texas.
      1. Warrior with machine gun
        Warrior with machine gun April 4 2018 13: 47
        at least someone else remembered about this topic how many times he wrote, why aren’t we trying to turn Mexico into Urquain, there are options))
        1. Nasrat
          Nasrat April 4 2018 14: 15
          Quote: Warrior with a machine gun
          -Why do not try to turn Mexico into Urkainu, there are options))

          There are options, only no chance .... wassat
      2. TimurEkgardt
        TimurEkgardt April 10 2018 17: 55
        Texas still considers itself a free state. The only place I would move if I were offered.
    2. rocket757
      rocket757 April 4 2018 13: 52
      Hi Vitaliy soldier
      All separate enclaves will have to be crushed or very seriously agreed, but it is necessary to bring it under the control of the central government. None walk the field, something like that does not end well. If it’s not at all isolated.
      There is no way to do without an alliance with "bosom friends"! No wonder the supreme went to visit the Sultan, and there seems to be a great face from Iran there!
      Kneading or mixing, something will happen, that's understandable. What?
    3. EnGenius
      EnGenius April 4 2018 14: 05
      Who will be partisan? Kurds versus US supporting them? Bees versus honey !?
    4. dzvero
      dzvero April 4 2018 14: 32
      Develop a guerrilla movement.

      In desert? Although, perhaps ... And then the Americans will significantly turn a couple of towns into dust and the partisan movement will come to naught.
    5. Maz
      Maz April 4 2018 14: 44
      Yeah, do you think the Americans will leave, but they will not leave their partisans and they will disappear? having such a huge personnel base, weapons, agent and combat experience? Following the example of Iraq and Afghanistan, they will blow up, blow up and blow up, at least. This is if they leave.
  2. Egorovich
    Egorovich April 4 2018 13: 40
    Everything will depend on the prudence of the Kurds. While it does not help them very well, even if the Syrian Arabs went against them. Maybe, after all, the Turks will put their brains in their place.
    1. The comment was deleted.
      1. Vard
        Vard April 4 2018 14: 59
        Yes, it’s clear how they look ... like sheep ... sacrificial ...
        1. The comment was deleted.
    2. Black Guard
      Black Guard April 4 2018 15: 06
      Somehow, yes .......
  3. Heterocapsa
    Heterocapsa April 4 2018 13: 41
    I even picked up the word for all this.Media counter-demonization USA.
  4. iliitchitch
    iliitchitch April 4 2018 13: 43
    65 thousand militants destroyed. But the figure is serious. And after all, the scum of civilization from all over the world is flocking there for recycling. What are they smeared with there, like flies, or what? And America is in the forefront, in the sense of garbage. However, no one is exclusive and does not prohibit.
    1. Heterocapsa
      Heterocapsa April 4 2018 13: 53
      influenced there still flocking. It is enough to show the video from facebook, show, like white helmets, come up with subtitles for the correct interpretation and they all are already running burning bridges then they really horrified think where they got but there is no turning back and go to meat.
    2. Maz
      Maz April 4 2018 14: 47
      It is necessary to build schools and train normal teachers, then it will be impossible to stupefy the ignorant head on facebook.
  5. Lynx33
    Lynx33 April 4 2018 13: 52
    "Preparing Syria for a new war," and what, the current war has already ended? what Why doesn’t anyone know that it has ended? The bandits have not been measured yet, the United States also has money, the desire to fight the West among the Russians is also only growing.
  6. lance
    lance April 4 2018 14: 04
    The United States will escape from Syria only when cargo 200 travels from there to the United States, as in Vietnam.
  7. EnGenius
    EnGenius April 4 2018 14: 08
    The US is building a situation completely similar to the Donbass. Kurdistan will be against the power of Damascus, it won’t stop the war, but it can translate into a state of permanent sabotage war and regular mutual shelling
    1. My_log_in
      My_log_in April 5 2018 08: 24
      Quote: engenius
      ... Kurdistan will be against the power of Damascus ...

      but he will also be against the power of Ankara (in the part concerning), and against the power of Baghdad (in the part concerning), and against the power of Tehran (in the part concerning). And, I’m not afraid of this word, the moronic idea of ​​an “independent state” will not go anywhere. Not simply, not quickly, but the process will come to its logical conclusion - either they will all agree, together or in pairs, or the Kurds will end as a compactly living ethnic group.
  8. JonnyT
    JonnyT April 4 2018 14: 35
    There the Frenchmen gathered with Turkish greens to fight - all night the columns of equipment went to strengthen the Americans and the SDS in Marbrige
  9. The comment was deleted.
  10. Hurricane70
    Hurricane70 April 4 2018 14: 39
    Quote: Lance
    The United States will escape from Syria only when cargo 200 travels from there to the United States, as in Vietnam.

    The United States will flee from there when they are convinced that Iran and Syria are not plotting anything against Zion Israel! Look at the root! Also probably led to oil fields?
    It was the same with Iraq ...
    “The reason for the attack was not oil, as many crafty“ analysts write about it. The main one was the threat to Israel. It is no secret that S. Hussein was Israel’s main enemy in the Middle East. Oil is the second factor. And the third was the ordinary revenge of the Bush rat the younger, because his dad, Bush the elder, could not bring Iraq to his knees back in 1991, during Operation Desert Storm.
    "... Very eloquently showed who Washington politicians are serving, the leader of the black movement of the American Nation of Islam, Luis Farrahan, who during his stay in Russia in January 1998 gave an interview to Kommersant-Vlast magazine.
    "... We don’t trust President Clinton’s advisers, who, it seems to us, love Israel more than the USA. America puts pressure on Iraq not because Iraq has threatened anyone with weapons of mass destruction over the past seven years. America claims to be you don’t need a better relationship with Iraq until Iraq changes its attitude towards Israel. So tell me: whose policy is the US government pursuing? ""
    Hence the attacks on Syria and Iran! These countries also do not like Zionists ...
    1. Maz
      Maz April 4 2018 14: 48
      If the United States smells fried in Israel and leaves, they have military bases there.
  11. Vitaly Anisimov
    Vitaly Anisimov April 4 2018 17: 19
    We’ll break through nothing! Today, Russia, Turkey, Iran agreed on joint actions in Syria .. So the United States and Israel will be much more difficult to atrocities and provocations in BV!
  12. Valery Saitov
    Valery Saitov April 5 2018 11: 55
    Only ours know how to establish peace in Syria, but no one will give them. war is chaos and ... money, big money.