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SOUTH AFRICA. White outlaws, or who awaits Russian officers in Africa (part 3)

It does not make sense to cite the chronology of the second Boer War in this cycle. Just clarify the main details. A kind of blitzkrieg, which the Boers had counted on, having delivered a preemptive strike on the British, failed. The transfer of fresh forces and technology was in full swing and soon gave Britain superiority over the drills. After a series of victories, the Boers lost the initiative, and at the same time lost both capitals - Pretoria in the Transvaal and Bloemfontein in the Orange State by June 1900-th fell. The war became partisan.

Often it is the guerrilla nature of warfare that the Boers become a stone in the foundation of the reasons for the new inhuman methods, which already have little to do with war, and more to extermination. This miraculously correlates with schizophrenic attempts to justify Nazi raids on villages in the fight against partisans, accusations against Russia of “inadequate use of force”, as well as efforts to shift blame for the Holocaust to the Jews themselves. In my humble opinion, the British were ready for "new methods" long before the Boer partisans. In the previous part, I described in some detail what efforts the British undertook before official hostilities, from the punitive detachments of the cutie Cecil Rhodes and setting black tribes to diligent reduction of the Boers to the status of animals.

Great effect in this regard on the licked British aristocracy produced photos of the Boers. In fact, the unusually brutal bearded boers, cattle farmers, farmers and hunters who could not afford their daily clean collar and cologne liters could not be compared in orderly rows of tin red uniforms (later these dudes changed their color to khaki). Even our volunteer Eugene Augustus described in his memoirs what a nostalgic delight he was when he met Prince Alexei Ganetsky. The prince had just arrived in South Africa to fight against the British, was fresh, stately, in an elegant suit with a well-groomed beard, and this attracted, "having dirty shaggy Boer figures before his eyes." Thus, it was not difficult for the British to turn the Boers into an “untermen”, while Adik was still a snotty 11-year-old boy.

SOUTH AFRICA. White outlaws, or who awaits Russian officers in Africa (part 3)

Detachment of the Boer commandos

From the very first days of the war, British “gentlemen” possessing refined manners in the company of London ladies sipping sherry (in fact, this is Spanish sherry, and the true British cuisine and drinks once forced the author's stomach to contract in fear and heartburn - especially marmayte), quickly knocked out knightly principles and laws of honor. In fact, what are the laws of honor in relation to a buffalo or a buffalo? Here Goebbels would give a long ovation.

The first “swallow” of true British Nazism and racism were dumdum bullets, i.e. expansive bullets that can significantly increase in diameter when hit in soft tissue. Such bullets caused severe, extremely painful injuries to the Boers. Despite the fact that the first Hague Conference of the 1899 of the year, gathered at the initiative of the Russian emperor, declared expansive bullets forbidden due to horrendous consequences, Britain, who was present in The Hague, did not intend to comply with the resolutions.

Moreover, the president of Transvaal Kruger openly declared that he would prohibit the use of dumdum bullets that were not prohibited in the hunt, and the Boers would be notable hunters if Britain introduced a similar ban. Officially, the British condemned the dum-dum, but our volunteers testified to the availability of these bullets from the British is not a handicraft modification. Whereas, the Boer warriors themselves cut off the head of the nickel shell, turning ordinary bullets into some semblance of dum-dum, Her Majesty’s soldiers used expansive industrial-made bullets. They arrived at the front in the usual boxes with the standard Rifle Catridges stamp - “these are dumdum cartridges, not with a sawn-off head, but with a shell equipped with four precise longitudinal cuts.” Naturally, soon the Boers themselves began to massively use dumdum bullets, including those captured from the British.

British machine gun crew

Even those who managed to survive after injuring dum-dum, but did not manage to get off the battlefield in time, did not shine through this damn day. And not because it waited for gangrene, but because the British rarely left wounded prisoners alive. Does a white Anglo-Saxon hunter leave a wounded animal alive?

Even before the concentration camps, the crown was completely satisfied with this situation in Africa. In no way could Britain allow white Africans, for whom the interests of Europe are empty, familiar with the device of the state machine could build their own state on such a rich land. The very fact of the sailing away from the hands of the profits of the ladies drove the haughty Englishmen to mind, not counting the frightening prospects of getting a competitor on the world stage. The tribal squabbles of black Africans in general did not interest Britain. Even now, supposedly independent African countries, divided by a square-nesting way, without taking into account the autochthonousness of the living nations and without any demand at all - whether they want to live together, are torn apart within themselves. Those. pose no danger, except for refugees, and even those most often used by rams by third countries.

Thus, at the end of the 20 of the 20th century, the black people of South Africa did what the British intended at the very beginning of this very 20 of the 20th century. But back to our sheep.

The British, having taken the capitals of independent African republics, were suddenly confronted with an obstinate Boer character. The Boer partisan detachments and special forces, the forerunner of the commandos, fought not by number but by skill. They forced the red uniforms not only to change the color to khaki, but also to stop sipping a cigarette in an open area. It was the Boer snipers who became the reason for saying “the third one is not lighting a cigarette”. Cunning, stealth, knowledge of the terrain and signals of the British Army made the Boer troops a dangerous adversary. Coupled with a sense of their own racial superiority, the British elevated contempt for the Boers to the rank of politician.

The initiator of the relatively new for the world system of blockhouses and camps was the Baron (at the time of this brilliant insight) and General Herbert Kitchener appointed by the commander-in-chief of the British troops in 1900. So when Adolf sputtered saliva in the 1941 year, stating that the concentration camp was not invented in Germany, he was, strangely enough, absolutely right. It was the little Gerbi with famously twisted mustaches and aristocratic manners that flashed behind the British crown behind tens of thousands of Boers in wire-enclosed camps, the very concept of concentration camps (in translation - concentration camps) belongs to them. In general, Baron had driven thousands of people into concentration camps from 160 to 200, without any difference in age and sex, every fifth was tortured by hunger, heat and disease.

South African concentration camp

No, of course, there were precedents for the concentration of undesirable in one isolated place and earlier. But the strictly built system of these cannibalistic measures for the disposal of inconvenient people without trial was not. However, some citizens still use such facts as a kind of justification for the British, they say, they are not authors. Allow me, but it’s not an author’s work to rivet an enemy’s skull too, but for some reason every next organizer of such a «action’ is taken for a causal place without fuss and sent to places not so distant ...

The scale of construction of fortified firing points in different parts of the country and near railways (the so-called blockhouses) and concentration camps reached such heights that Britain, with all its arrogance, was forced to shove its pride in one deep place and place an order for barbed wire in Germany .to. their resources were not enough physically. The blockhouses, somewhat detached from the main forces, did not stop firing at women. The British claimed that the Boers often dressed as women. The Boers actually used a disguise and often changed clothes ... to English uniforms in order to get close to the enemy! Especially since the women with a beard of centimeters 20 could not be grabbed, and the burqa was not in honor of the Boers, as you understand. Therefore, such an excuse seems to be the height of cynicism.

Scorched Land Tactics in Practice - Boer Farm Glows

Boer farmers, of course, actively helped the partisans. And then the conclusion is ready, based on the reinforced concrete British logic: to burn helpers to hell. And they began to burn, everywhere, by reason or without it. Agriculture, which is already extremely extreme in such a climate, has fallen into decay. Hunger snapped even by those who were lucky enough to remain outside the concentration camp. At the same time, part of the Boers were not just thrown into the camps, but sent to the same establishments in India and Ceylon.

Of course, there were no gas chambers in the British concentration camps. Yes, it was not required. The cruel treatment of the overseers, up to periodic executions, famine and climate worked just as well, and they didn’t need any expenses. The first news, in addition to widespread rumors, about the real state of affairs in South Africa penetrated into Europe thanks to Emily Hobhaus. Emily was a human rights activist when human rights activists were not yet selling at each corner for a thirty-ruble bundle.

Emily Hobhaus

Not far from Bloemfontein there was one of the concentration camps, which was just a tent camp in the middle of a desert area under the scorching sun, surrounded by a thorn. 2000 women and children who were unable to grow anything edible on this soil, and this was permitted in some camps, were slowly dying of hunger. During torrential rains the camp was flooded. It was in this institution visited Madame Hobhaus, deciding to check the disturbing rumors. Emily desperately began to ring all the bells, but it did not help the boers anymore - the year was 1901 outside.

Photo of the Boer girl Lizzy van Tsil, who died in 7 years of age in one of the concentration camps of the British army. Notice that there are no special units, like the SS or the Gestapo, quite ordinary British army

At the same time in Russia, this bell ringing news was not. Already in 1899, the Russian military agent, Lieutenant Colonel Vasily Romeiko-Gurko, became military attache of the Boer troops. And thanks to the efforts of Russian diplomats, the British army, against its own will, was forced to accept an observer from the Russian Empire in the person of Lieutenant Colonel Pavel Stakhovich. Reasonably, not believing any English word, our attaches regularly sent correspondence to Petersburg. For which Stakhovich was awarded the Order of St. Vladimir 4-th degree, and Romeiko-Gurko also a reputation as a robber in the British press.

Stakhovich and Romeiko-Gurko

Unfortunately, the official Petersburg never made any big movements. Perhaps for the reason that most European countries, although they sympathized with the Boers, but also inactive. Apparently, they did not want to get a weighty competitor in the face of the developed African republics - a geopolitical clearing, and so was full of toothed players. And the help of some countries in the face of volunteers, such as the Italian Ricardi (Ricciardi), who became famous as a shouting bawler and a frank marauder among his own and others, brought only harm by sowing contempt and squabbling in the ranks of the Boers.

Russian, do not take it for pride, favorably differed in the eyes of the Boers from other volunteers. First, they didn’t want to hear about the benefits. Secondly, they were in no hurry to form their own troops, which in the Boer War were formed by volunteers from almost all countries and were much more concerned about their own comfort. Thirdly, they actively joined the ranks of the Boer commandos.

To be continued ...
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  1. Vard
    Vard April 4 2018 04: 58
    So many years have passed ... But the Englishwoman did not change a gram ... How did they not give a damn about other people's lives ... So everything remained ...
    1. BNVSurgut
      BNVSurgut April 4 2018 15: 12
      One educated comrade once told me, while drinking a glass of tea, that people have not changed since the days of the Roman Empire. I did not believe it and we argued for a long time, then I became interested in history, and it turned out that he was right.
      1. Arakius
        Arakius April 6 2018 08: 54
        So the best moral principles that we have were formed back in 2000 by Christ in the era of the Roman Empire (and after all, there were also Buddha and Confucius and Zarathushtra before him). But as then they were trampled upon by people, and now, nothing essentially has changed
        1. Ruudi 34
          Ruudi 34 April 21 2018 09: 09
          Moral principles were formed even when the primitives to share the extracted meat with a woman were taken for granted. Well, accordingly, the woman "thanked" the function of procreation ...)
          1. Golovan Jack
            Golovan Jack April 21 2018 09: 21
            Quote: Rudi 34
            ... share minced meat with a woman was taken for granted. Well, respectively the woman "thanked"...

            ... so the man had the idea to tame a dog laughing
            1. Ruudi 34
              Ruudi 34 April 21 2018 11: 32
              And this is pragmatism. You can get more meat with a dog .... Well, accordingly, there will be more "favors" ... smile
  2. Bouncer
    Bouncer April 4 2018 06: 40
    Russian officers proved to be in Africa
    For example Gurko
    Well done!
    1. XII Legion
      XII Legion April 4 2018 08: 20
      For example Gurko

      On November 21, 1899 he was sent to the Boer Army in Transvaal to monitor the progress of hostilities. For the successful completion of the mission, Vasily Iosifovich was awarded the Order of St. Vladimir of the 4th degree (January 1, 1901), and on August 7, 1900 he was promoted to colonel.
      1. Reptiloid
        Reptiloid April 4 2018 11: 03
        Russian high school students dreamed of fleeing to the distant Transvaal republic to help the Boers. Konstantin Paustovsky wrote that the children had compassion for the Boers, were interested in the events of that war. Leo Tolstoy was also on the side of the Boers and dreamed of their victory.
        There was an understanding of the role of England in the Crimean War and in the Russo-Turkish War .......
        But it turns out that if at the turn of the century there was a memory of Nagliya's affairs for the Republic of Ingushetia, then the participation of the Republic of Ingushetia in 1MB on its side was a betrayal of the interests of R.I.
        1. Ruudi 34
          Ruudi 34 April 21 2018 12: 59
          Generations are changing ... the interests of states are changing ... For example: apartheid was arranged by the descendants of the same Boers ... and now they are in South Africa - no one.
  3. parusnik
    parusnik April 4 2018 08: 00
    As a child, he was read by Louis Boussenard: “Captain Daredevil” ... There is an interesting episode there when the British switched to hacks ...
    1. Reptiloid
      Reptiloid April 4 2018 08: 50
      I learned new things for myself. I look forward to continuing
  4. Engineer
    Engineer April 4 2018 09: 11
    nda ... and the famous writer Conan Doyle was the mouthpiece of English propaganda
    1. Reptiloid
      Reptiloid April 4 2018 10: 46
      During this war, most of Nagliya’s population supported the government. Well, writers, too (unlike the intelligentsia of other countries and other times, who were crying for their king and government), Bernard Shaw was very indignant over the defeats of the arrogant troops. He demanded a commission. We mentioned Kipling. It should be added that Kipling sacredly believed in the burden of a white man, so much so that he was able to send his poor health son to war, where his son died.
      We give all our best sons to our sea
      ......... And in a quick wave, and on a dirty day, sharks tear their terrible food
      Lord! If their blood is a risk payment, then we paid the debt ......
      1. voyaka uh
        voyaka uh April 4 2018 12: 54
        Mark Twain, who visited Transvaal at the end of the 19th century (before the war), also ran into the Boers severely.
        1. Ruudi 34
          Ruudi 34 April 21 2018 13: 01
          The Boers are "cruel with their black servants," Twain wrote. . But somehow I feel sorry for them. They sing songs very plaintively. laughing
  5. Mavrikiy
    Mavrikiy April 4 2018 12: 01
    In my humble opinion, the British were ready for "new methods" long before the Boer partisans.

    And what doubts and reservations are not what. The colonial empire has already had hundreds of years of history and experience in bringing obedience to the obstinate aborigines. Another thing is that all the deals went on "behind the scenes", gained fame only in North America and India.
    "Having dirty shaggy figures of Boers before their eyes."

    Well, the photo "commando" gives us the look of a handful of Little Russians. Shaved chins, mustaches, beards are few. Although the youth ...
  6. voyaka uh
    voyaka uh April 4 2018 12: 25
    I thought there would be a story about the Boer War, but the cheap anti-English propaganda went "to the grudge of the day" negative
    For Russian idealists who came to help the Boers, general criticism of the article does not apply.
    1. Reptiloid
      Reptiloid April 4 2018 13: 00
      Agitation, non-propaganda, and the story of that time. What else will be continued? For example, I forgot to think about that war, but now I’m somehow reminded of various information, fragmented.
      Victories in individual battles at the Boers were --- they fought fiercely .... Did they lose the war?
      Yes, there are many parallels.
      Lloyd George seemed to be against that war ...... ?????
      It’s good that the early articles on the African topic came out.
      1. Mavrikiy
        Mavrikiy April 4 2018 13: 16
        And Churchill participated and was submitted to the “Victoria”, but not approved.
        1. Reptiloid
          Reptiloid April 4 2018 13: 42
          Churchill was a newspaper correspondent at that time and was captured by the Boers, and then fled, a few weeks later. His home was hailed as a national hero. Thus began a political career. Election of the English Parliament to the House of Commons !!!!!
          1. Mavrikiy
            Mavrikiy April 4 2018 14: 03
            From the beginning of the corr., Then the lieutenant of the cavalry, introduced to the Victoria Cross, but not approved.
      2. voyaka uh
        voyaka uh April 4 2018 19: 50
        The Boers fought very high quality, I do not argue with that. And the fact that heroically defended their homes from the enemy is also true. But do not demonize the British. They wanted to win politically, not destroy the Boers. After the victory, an amnesty was declared to all Boer fighters. All concentration camps are closed. From the exile sites the Boers were released to their native lands. Their farms were not confiscated. For destroyed farms, owners received cash compensation. All volunteers who fought for the Boers were also allowed to go home.
        And the Republic of South Africa was founded, where the Boers received self-government in their cities and towns. And soon, as a result of the elections, the Boers also gained political power.
        And they formed their apartheid state.
    2. Artek
      Artek April 5 2018 13: 15
      Quote: voyaka uh
      I thought there would be a story about the Boer War, but the cheap anti-English propaganda went "to the grudge of the day" negative
      For Russian idealists who came to help the Boers, general criticism of the article does not apply.

      don't like the truth? But for example, when the Angles destroyed the Irish or the sepoys, or Kenyans, do you really like that?
      1. Reptiloid
        Reptiloid April 7 2018 10: 32
        In general, an interesting topic could be about writers, poets, playwrights of the English-speaking and their attitude to those wars. Or recall the dealings of the British in India ...... A lot of things have been done there!
        But our cinema directors and artists managed to create in the film about Holmes the image of good old England. But in other films, including contemporary films, this image does not work. It would be interesting to learn about Stevenson, his attitude.
    3. Ruudi 34
      Ruudi 34 April 21 2018 13: 12
      Being determines consciousness ... well, the British do not like us .. even though you crack. lol
  7. voyaka uh
    voyaka uh April 4 2018 12: 47
    Assistant to the Russian military agent (attache) in Transvaal captain (later - Major General) von Siegern-Korn:
    About the Boers ...
    “While the black servant serves him with humility and devotion, he treats him calmly, fairly and even good-naturedly. But it is enough for the drill to feel the slightest shade of treachery in the black, the slightest spark of indignation, as a calm and good-natured master turns into a formidable, implacable executioner and subjecting the rebellious to cruel punishment, not embarrassed by any consequences "

    The war ended with the signing of a peace treaty on May 31, 1902 in the town of Feryning near Pretoria, according to which the Boers recognized the annexation of Transvaal and the Orange Republic by Britain. According to its provisions, the Boers recognized the power of the British Crown, but in return the government announced an amnesty to the participants in the hostilities, promised to provide the Boers with self-government in the future, gave permission to use the Dutch language in school teaching and in courts, and pledged to compensate the losses incurred by farmers by the actions of the British troops.
    1. co-creator
      co-creator April 5 2018 14: 34
      This is generally the most idiotic war in my opinion. Two white people living among the black population that hates them begin to fight with each other instead of agreeing to sit down and create a purely “white” state.
      What is the difference between the Boers living in their independent state or under the British flag?
      What difference does the Boers have for self-government or not?
      The economy is even simpler. Boers are farmers, Britons are industrialists and their interests do not overlap. On the contrary, the Boers deliver food, the British shaving. products.
      A compromise could also be found on black slaves. The Boers refuse slavery, and the Britons undertake to buy the same cattle from them in industrial quantities.
      1. voyaka uh
        voyaka uh April 5 2018 19: 26
        You are right, the war began because of the stubbornness of the Boers. Nobody encroached on their farms.
        As in their language and religion. We could have agreed and turned the bantu together.

        "Boers are farmers, Britons are industrialists" ////

        That was exactly what happened later in South Africa. And they even divided the army: the headquarters were from the British, the middle officer link - both the British and the Boers, but in different units, so as not to quarrel, and the soldiers began to gradually recruit Zulus (actually professional soldiers).
        In politics: number one is always boer, and deputies are English.
  8. BAI
    BAI April 4 2018 12: 49
    The poem of Galina Galina, “The Boer and His Sons,” was published in the fall of 1899.
    It has arrived, it has come a difficult hour

    For my motherland

    Pray women for us

    For our sons.

    Mine are all ready for a hike, -
    I have ten of them! ..
    The eldest son said goodbye to his wife -
    Cried with him and I ...

    Three brides will be waiting -
    Lord have mercy on them! ..
    Comes with a smile to die
    Five of the rest.

    My youngest son ... Thirteen years old
    It turned to him.
    I firmly decided: “No and no -
    I won’t take the boy! .. ”

    But he frowned, answered:
    “Father, I will go too! ..
    Let me weak, let me small
    My hand is faithful ...

    Father, won't you blush
    For the boy in battle -
    I can die with you
    For your homeland! .. "

    Yes, the time has come, hard time
    For my motherland ...
    Pray women for us
    For our sons!

    The poem grew into a folk romance

    Transvaal, Transvaal, my country,
    You're all on fire
    Only for you, yes, for you
    We perish in war.

    So many scary years
    Without purpose and reason,
    You are to the glory of ghostly victories
    Leading your men.

    They go a column of old and young,
    Among the scorched fields
    You do not spare your soldiers
    Both women and children.

    I am always indebted to you
    Still alive
    Cause only dead can I
    Leave this system.

    When death comes,
    Why die silently
    I want then, for the last time,
    I will sing this song.

    I will fulfill my duty to the end,
    I'm not sorry ...
    And the lips of a dead man whisper:
    Damn you, Transvaal.
    Maybe this family inspired a verse

    An elderly drill and his ten sons.
  9. voyaka uh
    voyaka uh April 4 2018 12: 51
    And a funny document wink
    Announcement of reward for the capture of escaped from Boer captivity
    Winston Churchill - the future Prime Minister of Britain.
  10. Altona
    Altona April 4 2018 13: 35
    Quote: parusnik
    As a child, he was read by Louis Boussenard: “Captain Daredevil” ... There is an interesting episode there when the British switched to hacks ...

    Similarly, also with the "Ice Wind". Such cool adventure books. In general, I read all the books about adventures in Africa that I have come across. And the books of zoologists and geographers about Africa and its nature. It's even cooler than Discovery Wild Life (wildlife) is now showing. If you write a normal script and shoot a series of films based on Boussenard’s novels, you would get a great blockbuster, abruptly than The Novel with a Stone or Indiana Jones. But here, after all, the script will contain the “exclusive nation” in a ridiculous way, and our angled buying and selling directors will never go to ridicule the British. Therefore, a similar film we will not see for a long time. So we will watch the "pirates of the Caribbean".
  11. Weyland
    Weyland April 4 2018 15: 37
    Kipling, we must pay tribute to him, the valiant opponent respected:

    Only two African hillocks,
    Just dust and scorching heat
    Only the path between them
    Only the Transvaal behind,
    Marching column only
    In deceiving silence
    Impressive and adamant
    Walking around the country.

    But don’t laugh when you meet the hillock,
    Smiled in the hot hour
    A completely empty hillock
    Behind which - Pete and Klaas, -
    Be a zork when you meet a hillock
    Do not declare a smoke break.
    A hillock is always a hillock
    A drill is invariably a drill.

    Only two African hillocks,
    Only the distant rocky range
    Only vultures and baboons
    Only solid camouflage
    Only visibility, only mask -
    Just a sudden flurry
    Only hats in newspapers: “Fiasco”,
    Only time and time again failure.

    So don’t laugh when you meet the hillock,
    Always be on the alert
    Get around the hill for a hundred miles
    Loved the conductor, -
    Be a zork when you meet a hillock
    Do not declare a smoke break:
    A hillock is always a hillock
    A drill is invariably a drill.

    Only two African hillocks,
    Only heavy wagon trails.
    Only frequent boom shots,
    Only our bullets in response -
    Only the Boers settled tight,
    Only the sun is hellishly baking ...
    Only - "all retreat bonkom"
    Only - “forced to report.”

    So don’t laugh when you meet the hillock,
    Watch out if you meet two
    Idyllic damn hillock
    Noticeable barely -
    Be a zork when you meet a hillock
    Do not declare a smoke break:
    A hillock is always a hillock
    A drill is invariably a drill.

    Only two African hillocks,
    Bristling like hedgehogs
    Capturing them is not painful,
    And try to hold it, -
    Just an ambush outing
    Only a fight under the cover of darkness
    Only our troops are dying,
    Only we are fed up!

    So don't laugh at a miserable hillock -
    He got us hard;
    In front of this brown hillock
    Soldier, bare your brow
    Only the staff officers didn’t take it into account,
    A hillock on the edge of the earth, -
    For two and a half years
    We could not take two hills!

    So don’t laugh when you meet the hillock,
    Even if the world is signed, -
    A hillock is not a hill at all,
    He is wearing a military uniform, -
    Be a zork when you meet a hillock
    Do not declare a smoke break:
    A hillock is always a hillock
    A drill is always a drill!

    or that:

    We confess in a businesslike, honest and forward way:
    We got a lesson, but will it suit us for the future?
    Not partly, not unfortunately, not because we took a risk,
    And utterly, and completely, and completely, and completely,
    Our illusions have a lid, everything is for a junkman and for scrap,
    We got a lesson and, I must say, rightly so.
    Far from tents and groves our troops studied
    Eleven degrees of longitude of the African mainland,
    From Cape Town to Mozambique, far and wide,
    We got a luxurious, full-blown lesson ...
    1. The comment was deleted.
  12. Earnest
    Earnest April 5 2018 11: 24
    Sometimes I think that the American-European press, which does not pay attention to history, is not so wrong - this energy spent on describing the war of two peoples vile by their nationalism should be spent on more creative work ... But the author’s aim is to A sketch of a fan can be described in a couple of lines: "The military-technical cooperation of the Russian Federation and South Africa carries a negative meaning, because in South Africa a black cannibal is waiting for a white Russian." For this, the heading is appropriate, but about the Boers ... Well, what else to write about, if there is nothing to write about, and the transition immediately to the phrase: "do not sell weapons to Negroes, they will shoot from it," will cause laughter and a desire to drive the author under shop. Therefore, I urge you to study the words of S.K. Shoigu, he said at a meeting with South African Minister of Defense 04.04.2018: "Russia is ready to build up military cooperation with the Republic of South Africa. We are bound by good relations to strengthen the defense capabilities of our countries and our relations will only be strengthened." In turn, Nosivive Mapisa-Nkakula invited Sergei Shoigu to the aerospace show, which will be held in the republic in September. “I want to invite you to South Africa. We will have an aerospace show. I would really like for you to participate there personally, ”said the South African Minister of Defense, addressing Sergey Shoigu. She noted that at this exhibition "key Russian factories and corporations will be presented." “This will be an opportunity for many to see and evaluate the achievements of the military-industrial complex of South Africa,” added Nosivive Mapisa-Nkakula.
    So, will we read about a hundred years ago a small-town conflict between racists and colonialists or will we build up military-technical cooperation with the strongest African state?
    1. Reptiloid
      Reptiloid April 6 2018 15: 32
      To read or not to read ..... That is the question! Well, it's everyone himself, but how to influence cooperation?
      In fact, it would be good at the state level to simply take into account the experience of previous relations of the USSR with the countries of Africa, and their history should not be forgotten.
    2. Ruudi 34
      Ruudi 34 April 21 2018 13: 15
      Well ... not dependent on us. They agree to sell - they will sell. repeat
  13. Knizhnik
    Knizhnik April 5 2018 13: 19
    It was the Boer snipers that caused the saying - “the third doesn't light”

    Is it not from the time of the Crimean War of 1853-56?
    1. Weyland
      Weyland April 5 2018 15: 58
      Quote: Knizhnik
      Is it not from the time of the Crimean War of 1853-56?

      ours - from the time of the Crimean War (because our enemies had choke fittings. And we - hell and a little). But the British - it is quite possible that it was from the time of the Anlo-Boer!
  14. co-creator
    co-creator April 5 2018 14: 05
    Hmm .. Instead of agreeing among themselves and creating a state exclusively from the "whites", resettling the extra population from Europe there, the whites destroyed each other. As a result, in the 20th and 21st centuries, there is no longer a place for whites in Africa. It’s sad.
    I am not a racist, but as practice shows, it is better for white and black to live separately.
  15. Earnest
    Earnest April 7 2018 20: 53
    Quote: Weyland
    ours - from the time of the Crimean War (because our enemies had choke fittings. And we - hell and a little). But the British - it is quite possible that it was from the time of the Anlo-Boer!

    Crimean was still earlier laughing
  16. colotun
    colotun 26 January 2019 19: 32
    The author of this article is respected, very interestingly written, we look forward to continuing.