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Room with a "dead cat" from a British clown

When the European Union breaks like an earthenware cup, they will curse England, a red clown Boris Johnson with his number “dead cat” under the sauce “Newbie”. Boris Johnson owns a pearl with a “dead cat” on the table: in his writings, he suggests, in case of difficulties with partners, “throwing a dead cat on the table” in order to transfer everyone’s attention to an unsuitable object, and at this time to do his dirty work. So the idea to throw on the European table the "Case of the Violin" may belong to him personally.

This English scandal is reaching its international climax. Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov accused the West "of blatant lies in the case of Skripal." Earlier, Lavrov spoke of "manipulating international public opinion" of certain forces, now it is said directly: The West frankly lies. Moscow responded to the direct accusation of involvement in the "Skrypal case" by directly accusing the West of lying. This says that Moscow no longer sees the possibility of reaching some kind of compromise with the West on the “Skripal case”.

Because this English lie has already taken place, it has already been used to unleash an anti-Russian international scandal, while the results of the investigation of the “Skripal case” are none, none at all. Therefore, the results of the investigation of the OPCW, and the more so of the English investigation, lose their meaning: Moscow cannot believe the notorious liars. “We will not accept any results if our experts do not participate in the investigation,” snapped our ambassador to the Netherlands, Alexander Shulgin.

Now the West will have to agree that he is a “frank liar”, or continue to lie further, as he is still lying about the “Malaysian boying”. The latter is more likely, therefore the international crisis around the “dead English cat” will continue.

Earlier, the opinion was already expressed that the “Case of the Violin” is a false casus belli, a pretext for the war of the West with Russia, and there are precedents: the killing of the Austrian Archduke Ferdinand in Sarajevo became the formal reason for the First World War. In England, the violinist and his daughter were poisoned. Since nuclear world war is considered impossible, one comes to the idea that the West means “hybrid world war” in all environments except the military.

But it is impossible to isolate Russia with the help of a hybrid war, since it is already isolated from the West by sanctions, then there is simply no place. It remains to cut off energy flows between Russia and Europe, but for Russia this is not critical: it will go to Asian, non-Western energy markets, primarily through the Power of Siberia gas pipeline to China.

Formally, Washington and London are using the Fiddle Case, ostensibly to further isolate Russia, apparently football and the like, and to consolidate the West in front of the “Russian threat.” This is also a lie, another operation of a certain “deep state” “under a false flag”, since these goals are illusory. The ultimate goal of the dead cat number under the “Novice” OB may be the collapse of the European Union, this is both an achievable and desirable goal for the Anglo-American elites.

Anglo-American experts, including George Soros, have long talked about the inevitability of the collapse of Old Europe, under Russian pressure, of course, but to the economic benefits of America and England, who were the first to profit from this collapse. If America did not succeed in destroying Russia, and now, after Vladimir Putin’s March 1 speech, it is clear that they will not succeed, then America needs to destroy someone else to solve its economic problems.

And the old Europe is the most suitable and economically fit candidate, also a “herbivore,” according to ex-German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel. The withdrawal of England from the European Union is the preparation of America for the dismemberment of the "herbivore", that is, without its own army, Europe. In Europe, many people understand this, probably, but they can’t do anything, and go to the slaughter with a noose of the “Case of Skrypal” on the neck. And they wink at Russia: we understand everything, but we cannot do anything because of our “herbivorousness,” and Atlantic solidarity, of course.

When, with the help of the number "English dead cat", collapse of Europe, it will be extreme red clown Boris Johnson, retired. He will make a company to another liar in retirement - Tony Blair, and this will be all the consolation for Europe: the whole foreign minister of England, with Prime Minister Teresa May, will be punished for this by resignation. I wonder who the first in Europe will say that “the king is naked,” that England lied? This is inevitable, because a further break in the economic ties between Europe and Russia will lead to energy strangulation and, as a result, to the disintegration of the European Union - this is the only realistic attainable goal of the “Skripal case”. Before death, the victim usually speaks the truth.

Paradoxically, however clever our liberals ... Whatever happens, on any "Skrypal" our TV liberals, Nadezhdin, Nekrasov and Rybakov, are advocates of the West. They creep before Europe, Europe before the main reptiles in America. A terrible clown appeared in our country - Nikita Isaev, fortunately, on TV, and not in the ministry, like the red-headed clown Boris Johnson in England.
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  1. Vard
    Vard April 4 2018 05: 44
    Previously, an English gentleman ..this is a synonym to believe in a word ... Now hold your wallet ... And then he’s stealing ..
    1. Spartanez300
      Spartanez300 April 4 2018 05: 57
      There is no faith and no confidence in the West at all. This time they screwed up in full.
      1. Sergey-svs
        Sergey-svs April 4 2018 06: 15
        Buckwheat supplies to the UK. Volumes are unlimited. I am looking for a new partner in connection with the disease of the old. For every thousandth buyer, a gift: "Novichok" seasoning, balalaika and budenovka with a red star! wink
        PS Teresa May, Boris Jones and the whole House of Lords - buckwheat with seasoning at the expense of the institution ... yes
        laughing laughing laughing
        1. Grandfather
          Grandfather April 4 2018 06: 50
          joke on the topic
          : The reason for the thorough search of the Aeroflot aircraft was an incident that happened in the air.
          One of the passengers of English origin during the flight asked for water from the stewardess. And she asked him: “Do you need gas or not?”
          1. Grandfather
            Grandfather April 4 2018 07: 00
            about gas - a fresh joke, a "newbie", so to speak ... repeat lol
        2. Victor Kamenev
          April 4 2018 07: 12
          - What will happen to us now, Homs?
          - We will be renamed Velikoskripalia, dear Watson ...
        3. tv70
          tv70 April 4 2018 16: 29
          And it is possible without partnership and purchase, as it were for the thousandth, 2 not not 3, damn it also mother-in-law 8, gifts ... good
    2. Victor Kamenev
      April 4 2018 07: 20
      I love England
      But with a strange love
      When she screams:
      Russia, without a doubt,
      Guilty of this terrible crime ...
      And who else is here "Newbie"?
      And the red-haired clown.
      .................................... ..
      James Mattis
      Mad dog waking,
      John Bolton,
      The devil is in the flesh,
      They will save
      America and England
      Without Putin, alone ...
      01.04. 2018
    3. iouris
      iouris April 4 2018 11: 25
      Quote: Vard
      Formerly an English gentleman ..

      Nothing changed. The island has always lived due to the robbery of savages. Many problems of our electorate are connected with the fact that some people in our "elite" foolishly tried to "integrate" into the "world elite" without destroying these gentlemen. Therefore, we have become a raw material colony.
    4. Dead duck
      Dead duck April 4 2018 16: 18
      Quote: Vard
      Formerly an English gentleman ..this is a synonym to believe in a word ...

      They never happened to them and only in the movies did they believe ...
      Normally they communicate and accept only their own (even legislatively fixed), the rest is rubbish for them (slaves)
      But they can’t kill people ...
      1. tv70
        tv70 April 4 2018 16: 37
        I also return to this site and advise the offspring to drop in more often.
    5. Artek
      Artek April 5 2018 11: 25
      Quote: Vard
      Previously, an English gentleman ..this is a synonym to believe in a word ... Now hold your wallet ... And then he’s stealing ..

      it’s not so a gentleman always keeps his word for his own, and for everyone else you can carry any nonsense, lie, dodge, be carried in arrogance and arrogance, as these “gentlemen” have always acted.
  2. Ingvar 72
    Ingvar 72 April 4 2018 06: 29
    It’s paradoxical, but as smart as our liberals ... Whatever happens, according to any Skripal, our tele-liberals, Nadezhdin, Nekrasov and Rybakovadvocate for the West
    Victor - they get pretty good for the role of liberals on TV. Moreover, on state TV channels hi .
    1. Victor Kamenev
      April 4 2018 07: 16
      At the same time, they are all status liberals, apparently others are much worse: complete liberals, there is absolutely no brain left ...
      1. Ingvar 72
        Ingvar 72 April 4 2018 07: 18
        Do you have the impression that they are specially cultivated as a scarecrow for the people? (Echo of Moscow, even through intermediaries, is financed by the state)
        1. Golovan Jack
          Golovan Jack April 4 2018 07: 20
          Quote: Ingvar 72
          The echo of Moscow, even through intermediaries, is financed by the state

          You, of course, are not able to prove it.
          Yes, and why do you need it - "a gentleman made to believe the word," as well? wink
          1. Ingvar 72
            Ingvar 72 April 4 2018 07: 25
            Quote: Golovan Jack
            You, of course, are not able to prove it.

            Pussycat - at least face you in a basin with evidence stick - you will still yell about the lack thereof. negative
            P.S. "Echo of Moscow, owner of Gazprom-Media Holding"
            1. Golovan Jack
              Golovan Jack April 4 2018 07: 32
              Hamite. In the morning. Not good wink
              Quote: Ingvar 72
              owner of Gazprom-Media Holding

              Is Gazprom Media a state? This is not on the map ...
              OsiaDo not bother to argue, break.
              There even to Gazprom - three floors still. The owners.
              And Gazprom is also far from being a state of the Russian Federation. But did you mean this state from the very beginning? If yes, then you were mistaken ...
              And for some reason I'm not surprised recourse
              1. Ingvar 72
                Ingvar 72 April 4 2018 07: 37
                Quote: Golovan Jack
                There even to Gazprom - three floors still. The owners.

                66% of the shares - three floors? Yes, Kitty, you recently remind me of two heroes of another work, Shvonder and Sharikov. And at the same time.
                Quote: Golovan Jack
                And Gazprom is also far from being a state of the Russian Federation.

                A controlling stake in the state.
                1. Golovan Jack
                  Golovan Jack April 4 2018 07: 44
                  The client begins to fidget. This is ... a good sign.
                  Quote: Ingvar 72
                  66% of shares

                  Whose shares? Who is the owner of the shares? You are ... slurred.
                  Quote: Ingvar 72
                  State controlling stake

                  So what?
                  I give a beacon:
                  - Echo is part of Gazprom Media
                  - The owner of Gazprom Media is Gazprombank. It’s quite an independent bank, by the way. Not a "laundry" nirazu wink
                  - 35.5% of Gazprombank shares belongs to Gazprom.
                  - 50+ percent of Gazprom shares are owned by the state.
                  Question: what exactly percentage of the Echo "belongs" to the state? It’s easy to count, show off ... intellect.
                  And then, when you think it over, think about it - is it exactly Echo (which has quite an extensive and stable audience, by the way) that someone is "financing", but does not live, for example, through advertising?
                  Osia? wink
                  1. Ingvar 72
                    Ingvar 72 April 4 2018 07: 54
                    Kisa - the main owner of ALL Gazprom subsidiaries - Gazprom (dad) Miller there for the supreme commander. But you are all God's dew ....
                    1. Golovan Jack
                      Golovan Jack April 4 2018 09: 54
                      Quote: Ingvar 72
                      ... the main owner of ALL Gazprom subsidiaries is Gazprom (dad) Miller there for the supreme commander ...

                      ... and our world was created by the Lord God. This is if your thought is brought to its logical conclusion.
                      Quote: Ingvar 72
                      all God's dew to you

                      I don’t. But it seems to you, yes ...
                      Stocks? Owners? Financing? No, they have not heard (s).
                      So still -
                      Quote: Golovan Jack
                      what percentage of the echo "belongs" to the state?

                      Osia? wink
                      1. Alekhanets
                        Alekhanets April 4 2018 16: 13
                        guys, why are you arguing ... The echo is clearly a steam descent device for liberals ..... the truth is sometimes it’s not clear who twists someone by the tail, or vice versa, production costs
                      2. Ingvar 72
                        Ingvar 72 April 4 2018 18: 36
                        Quote: Golovan Jack
                        if your thought is brought to its logical conclusion.

                        If to bring to the point of absurdity. wink
                  2. BAI
                    BAI April 4 2018 11: 27
                    I have already written repeatedly, the ownership chain is as follows:
                    Echo of Moscow - Gazprom Bank - Gazprom Fund - Bank "Russia". (for the maximum shareholding)
                    1. Golovan Jack
                      Golovan Jack April 4 2018 12: 15
                      Quote: BAI
                      I already wrote repeatedly, the chain of owners is as follows ...

                      I hope you don’t think that Ekho Moskvy is "funded by the state"?
                      1. BAI
                        BAI April 4 2018 13: 41
                        Bank "Russia" is not a bank of Russia. These are two completely different institutions if you are talking about government funding.
                2. Romulus
                  Romulus April 4 2018 08: 40
                  Quote: Ingvar 72
                  Shvonder and Sharikov. And at the same time.

                  I remember Osya and Kisa - they were here)
                  You cut so - I do not have time to illustrate lol drinks
                  PS Well .. you figure out who is hu) in the picture)
              2. Romulus
                Romulus April 4 2018 09: 07
                [quote = Golovan Jack] Hamite. In the morning. Not good wink

        2. Victor Kamenev
          April 4 2018 07: 37
          I think there is a different calculation here, and the correct one: “Keep a friend close and the enemy even closer.”
          1. Ingvar 72
            Ingvar 72 April 4 2018 07: 39
            Quote: Victor Kamenev
            "Keep your friend close and your enemy even closer."

            May be. But this does not preclude the possibility of using them for the purposes I have indicated. hi
  3. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 April 4 2018 07: 07
    Regarding the article, it remains only to support the author.
    appeared with us and his terrible clown - Nikita Isaev, fortunately, on TV
    Thanks to the author, aptly, and most importantly, fairly identified the essence of Isaev.
  4. bandabas
    bandabas April 4 2018 07: 43
    I thought. whom Boris Johnson recalls. Taki Oleg Popov (I do not want to offend the "Sun Clown").
    1. tv70
      tv70 April 4 2018 16: 44
      And for me, from: "Dumb, dumber."
  5. sib.ataman
    sib.ataman April 4 2018 08: 38
    In Marktven's Huck Fin, a dead cat acted as the main defense against ghosts, the dead and all sorts of obsessions! It’s time to throw a dead cat on Bo'ris Johnson’s desk as a defense against the ghosts and obsessions that she and T. May have bred. And it is better to give them a black mark, and send it to all four sides! Well, you understand where!
  6. BAI
    BAI April 4 2018 08: 57
    “We will not accept any results if our experts do not participate in the investigation,” snapped our ambassador to Holland, Alexander Shulgin.

    So Russia needs to behave in the event of any “investigation” - doping, Boeing, etc.
    1. Cossack 471
      Cossack 471 April 4 2018 09: 18
      There is no coordinating body to protect the interests of the country. the government does not count. since it is occupied (as Kudrin said) with "resolving macroeconomic flows." There are many directions: to sue shaggy clowns. with burnt newspapers. pouring mud on our country ... tracking bloggers-provocateurs. Ukrainian Svidomo patriots who block our embassy. and then someone who comes on tour with us. someone to earn money. Someone must track the "heroes of the ATO" by face control and give them a face. Shorter work no end
  7. Kostadinov
    Kostadinov April 4 2018 09: 31
    But this cat didn’t die. At least one of the cats.
  8. Oleko
    Oleko April 4 2018 09: 46
    I read about nerve-buckwheat buckwheat yesterday. He slept poorly. I thought myocardial stroke was enough. I remembered our representative at the UN who said that the GB should not turn its head, but look in the eye. A worthy candidate for the ambassador. A little that - heel in Adam's apple (as taught). They are in his parliament drill and will go with the song.
  9. Glory1974
    Glory1974 April 4 2018 10: 10
    Anglo-American experts, including George Soros, have long talked about the inevitability of the collapse of Old Europe, under Russian pressure, of course,

    According to geopolitics, those political entities that are assembled into a single whole will inevitably experience centrifugal forces that seek to break them. The unity and struggle of opposites, nothing new. Just why under Russian pressure? What are the prerequisites?
    about the economic benefits of America and England, which were the first to profit from this collapse.

    The European Union, this is an American project, if they were not profitable, it would not have appeared at all. What are the benefits to them now of his collapse?
  10. BAI
    BAI April 4 2018 11: 17
    In general, it simply touches a new accusation - proof:
    As noted in the prepared translation of InoTV, sources familiar with the course of the investigation said that the method used in the assassination attempt against Sergei Skripal was too sophisticated and most likely required Kremlin approval.

    The method that most likely required approval.
  11. Bobxnumx
    Bobxnumx April 4 2018 11: 26
    Clown from London!
  12. DREDD
    DREDD April 4 2018 15: 16
    I wonder what will happen next? First they fanned the hype around Skripal, the expulsion of diplomats, and then everything seems to be covered with a copper basin, yeah. If the aim was precisely the mutual expulsion of diplomats, then something should follow this action, and soon. Well, diplomats should not return to their places as they were! From this situation, England made only image losses for herself. Yes, just how to understand this? England would not be England if it acted in this way.
  13. Stavr Godinovich
    Stavr Godinovich April 4 2018 21: 47
    “Sherlock, have you thought about the fact that such a thick fog has been standing over London for a whole week?”
    -Watson, do not pay attention, just the Russians are poisoning their traitors.
    (joke of the day)
  14. BOPOH50
    BOPOH50 April 4 2018 22: 51
    Yes, this is of course a trick, and the goal here is not Russia, it is only part of this trick. In my opinion, the goal is Theresa May, her resignation is the closure of the Brexit and the return of Great Britain to the European Union.
    1. Paranoid50
      Paranoid50 April 4 2018 23: 52
      Quote: BOPOH50
      and the return of Great Britain to the European Union.

      So this, it turns out, Merkel muddied everything ... Suddenly wassat
  15. iouris
    iouris April 5 2018 00: 01
    This clown recently came to Moscow as a host.
  16. Monster_Fat
    Monster_Fat April 5 2018 08: 01
    What is such a "collapse of the European Union"? The author began “health, but finished peacefully”: he began correctly — that the goal of the “scandal” is to further “demonize” Russia with the aim of forcing the European Union to take energy measures against Russia — gradually switch to American LNG. and ended up with the "collapse of the EU" as the main goal. The collapse of the EU is not beneficial for the “deep state”, since at the same time the countries that have fallen off will immediately begin to look for new patrons and form new alliances, and Russia's role will multiply.
  17. Topol M
    Topol M April 5 2018 15: 22
    Vasily Ivanovich returned from England with full pockets of money. Petka asks: Where did the money come from? They got to play cards in a point, Hand over Cards - an Englishman says a point, I say present an Englishman - the yeltmen take their word for it. Here’s Petka
  18. japs
    japs April 5 2018 20: 18
    "... Nadezhdin, Nekrasov and Rybakov ..., the clown - Nikita Isaev, ..."

    Who are all these people?
  19. japs
    japs April 5 2018 20: 40
    Quote: Spartanez300
    There is no faith and no confidence in the West at all. This time they screwed up in full.

    I, Dear, have never had faith or trust in the West. Even German friends in Berlin liked to repeat: “Alles Scheiss kommt vom Westen!”, “All r (wah) but comes from the west”, but they are excusable, they are “Aussie”.
  20. shuravi
    shuravi April 11 2018 23: 46
    Once upon a time, when I was on the forum of the “new newspaper” and reading the local comments of the “warriors of the world” there, I started a spy novel, a banter, right in the discussion. Because of laziness, I did not finish the narration, but what was published on the pages of the forum has healed my life.
    And today, accidentally stumble.
    Excerpt from passage:

    Executive car type "Moskvich", creaking rusty suspension, rushing through the streets of London. The car was shaking mercilessly, either from potholes on the pavement, or because of the abundance of hernias on long-bald tires. Drove, it was turned to speak with the passenger, but he yanked him.

    --- Follow the road, you see what English riders?

    --- Yes, yes, agreed the carrier, --- Still say at our house the drivers of the boor. But in our country, well, one, well, two, well, three, they will jump out to the oncoming lane and that's all. And here, look, after all, everything is streaming along the oncoming stream. And there is enough arrogance to honk, to blink with headlights.

    And the driver succumbed to gas vigorously turning the steering wheel dodging oncoming cars.

    And the passenger fidgeted in the back seat, choosing a position in which the springs through the rubbed dermatin would not bite into the sciatic muscles.

    The Russian diplomat was in a hurry, a shooter with an English colleague was clogged with him. No delay was allowed, show off in the world of diplomacy above all. He lovingly straightened his bosom, which he grabbed just in case. The same stone with spy equipment that another James Bond sowed in Moscow. The Tajik janitor found this stone and would have been forever an adornment in the flowerbed, but a police patrol came to the trouble of the Tajik and the joy of special services. The Tajik did not have registration, the poor fellow was also brought to the police station on suspicion of terrorism. After all, during his detention, cobblestone and weapons of the proletariat were seized. Then the Tajik was in a cell for twenty people and swept the streets for fifteen days. At the end of the term, the Tajik returned to his room, where twenty people lived with him and went about his business, sweeping the streets.

    And the stone dusted for a while on the shelf, a thing of the docks, then some joker decided to forward it to the specialists. Surely there would have been appreciated a joke and thrown things dock in the trash, but here the mail showed itself from the best side. The stone reached the addressee already divided into two fragments. An unimaginable noise arose, under which the cunning head of the supply department quickly sent representations to orders and ranks to his entire department, but those who detained the Tajiks forwarded material evidence, got reprimands and official inconsistencies.

    And now the stone was to be thrown on the scales of international politics.

    --- The main thing is to choose the right moment for the throw in order to achieve the maximum effect, --- the diplomat reflected. In fact, he was appreciated for his ability to choose the time and place for throwing such arguments, either onto the side of political scales, or simply onto the table in front of the opponent, and, if necessary, directly into his head. He did the last thing most often and struck a lot of goals, for which he was known as a punchy diplomat who could solve the most difficult issue.

    A medalous screech of brakes tore off the diplomat’s thoughts. The brake linings of the Moskvich have long been erased and the metal rubbed over the metal. The car jerked, jumped, started to use, but nevertheless stopped at the building, freshly whitewashed and painted in the Ukrainian manner.

    --- Not only the Ukrainian guest workers did the trick, --- the diplomat thought and frowned, he remembered the repair walls that had not been seen in his memory, peeling off the stucco walls of the Russian diplomatic mission. For another minute he looked displeasedly at this elegant, but for some reason more reminiscent of an inn than a business office building. But his gaze noticed something that made his mood somewhat better. Local football fans have already written on top of fresh whitewash in huge letters "Zenith --- Champion"!

    The diplomat kicked the door with a chrome boot and entered the half-dark staircase. The elevator was turned off for non-payment and he began to carefully, so as not to step on dog excrement, to climb to the desired floor.

    His English colleague was already waiting.

    --- Here, admire your spies poisoning our citizens! --- and on the table in front of the Russian a weighty pack of photos splashed.

    The Englishman did not take off the bat because he wanted to overwhelm his opponent. In general, etiquette relied on a small buffet at first, but he was a Scotsman and his toad insisted on omitting this very wasteful part of the ceremony.

    The Russian diplomat looked around and only after he was convinced of the absence of a free drink, he reached for the photos. It was inconvenient to browse through the photo with one hand, the Englishman readily rushed to help and explain.

    --- Look, Khugovoi and Khovtun are coming from the airport, here they got out cool, if necessary, I'll do it for ten pounds. And this, a polony mark from the airport to the hotel. You can see it better here, at night took a picture, see how it glows, --- and the Englishman held out the best shot of his collection.

    The Russian also looked at the photo for a long time, for some reason he sniffed, finally could not stand it and asked.

    --- Listen, stitch, how did you do? --- I stood a diplomatic pause and added, --- Bubble from me.

    --- And we added phosphorus to polonium, --- the Englishman proudly answered, after which he put forward an ultimatum.

    --- In short, all the evidence against you, you must give us Hugovoi.

    I need to call, the Russian said shortly. The Englishman grimaced, again sagged for three hours on the receiver, and as always forgot to send money for the conversation. But you can’t argue against etiquette. The Russian diplomat quickly dialed the number.

    --- Hello, did Hugovoy come there? Already three days at home? Well done! --- then, despite the fact that the Englishman standing nearby made grimaces, rolled his eyes, began to find out which car Hugovoi bought, the mileage, the compression in each cylinder, how many accidents, paints were there, whether the carjacking was listed.

    But when at the second hour of the conversation they went on tips on how to clean the interior and in what service tuning is cheaper, the Englishman could not stand it and pulled the receiver from his hands.

    --- Have a conscience! We did not end the conversation. When do you give us Hugovoi?
  21. shuravi
    shuravi April 11 2018 23: 47
    Continuation of the passage from the passage:

    The Russian has all gone into the automotive topic, for a moment he wondered what they want from him. Finally I got it.

    --- Hugovoy to you? But you don’t want this? --- And with these words he pulled out a stone from his bosom and slammed it on the table with force.

    The stone rolled and stopped in front of the Englishman, exactly the side on which in English, German, Russian, Ukrainian, Uzbek, Moldavian and several other languages, through a sweeping mark with oil paint "Inv. No. 5674 ”, an inscription appeared saying that this product was the property of the British intelligence services and the number was given that should have called the finder.

    A short glance was enough for the Englishman to identify the stone. This inventory, agent James Bond No. 5789836906446 has lost, and here it has surfaced.

    In general, with these James Bond some kind of misunderstanding happened. This operation was developed more than one year, but when they started implementation, everything went awry.

    In the Russian Federation, James Bond was sent under the legend of masons from Moldova. Their task was to introduce, in other words, walled up on the stack, brickwork, these devices in various government institutions. So, the implementation phase took place without delay. The agent, together with a team of local laborers, began to work at the specified facility. But then, something unimaginable began. The agent stopped contacting regularly, and in those rare sessions that did happen, he did not report any information, but only demanded money not for current expenses, which tended to increase. Then completely strangers came into contact on the secret channel and said in completely plain text the following, --- This goat is in a binge, urgently send the loot.

    The most thorough checks did not reveal traces of the agent’s re-enlistment by Russian intelligence.

    When a resident was sent to clarify the situation, the agent came into contact as expected, under the guise of a local homeless man and called out a password, --- We are not local, we stole money and documents from us ...

    Instead of recall, the resident was required to present three thousand-ruble notes. This is where the plan went down, the agent grabbed money and instead of transmitting information quickly disappeared.

    Nevertheless, part of the stones is nevertheless placed for the intended purpose. But there was no need to talk about any effect. For example, a stone that was in the department of non-ferrous metallurgy regularly transmitted information, it was only necessary to create an entire institute, to attract the best linguists, but so far it has not been possible to understand what “real boys are bawling” about it.

    In another case, there was a case when completely identical gears came from two stones. At first, they decided there was an overlay and two stones were nearby, however, bearings showed that this was not so. When these bearings were superimposed on satellite images, it was found that one of the stones is in a psychiatric hospital in the city of Uryupinsk, the second, in the office of one of the parties included in the State Duma.

    All this flashed through the Englishman's head while he looked at the stone.

    --- Okay, let's move on to the “M” plan, --- he decided.

    --- Mr. diplomat, let’s take a look at the mosaic of facts, they are very curious, --- with these words the Englishman took out a children's toy “Lego” and quickly put down the word of Khugova.

    --- Well, look.

    The Russian only scorned contemptuously, --- We also know how to work with facts.

    He went to the table and made the famous word of three letters from the same cubes.

    The Englishman answered this move with restraint in English. He turned pale, kicked the table, knocking it to the floor.

    --- But you mean what! I thought so. Then we will send one hundred of your diplomats.

    --- And we are all your missions!

    --- And we will take Ukraine into NATO!

    --- And we will turn off the gas for you! In the winter!

    The Englishman could not find an answer to the extreme argument and said in a quivering voice.

    --- Negotiations are at an impasse ...

    --- He went! --- answered the Russian, after which he picked up a stone from the floor, it came in handy, chopped nuts and left the room. In the end, he slammed so that cockroaches dozing on the walls rushed into the cracks in panic.