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Jacob Kedmi: Soon the Syrians will drive Americans out of the country

The Syrian army successfully cleared the Eastern Guta. The last bastion of terrorists - the city of Duma - fell. Now the capital of Damascus is in complete safety. In the immediate plans of the government forces - an operation against militants in the province of Dar'a, in southern Syria.

Nevertheless, there are still areas of tension in the country. First, it is the province of Idlib, where all the "moderate terrorists" were brought. Secondly, the north-western part of the neighboring province of Aleppo, which is partly occupied by Turkish troops and pro-Turkish militants. The fate of the provinces of Deir ez-Zor and Haseke, which are densely occupied by Kurds and American troops, does not remain resolved either.

However, given the recent news about the attacks of the Syrian underground against the US military, the Americans may soon withdraw their units from the territory of the SAR.

According to Israeli expert Jacob Kedmi, despite the hysteria of Western countries about the alleged use of "chemical weaponsRussia was able to turn the tide in favor of the Syrian people.

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  1. heavy division
    heavy division April 4 2018 06: 10
    fantastic predictions ...
  2. Vol4ara
    Vol4ara April 4 2018 21: 29
    Og and then cross the Atlantic and storm Washington
  3. Opera
    Opera April 7 2018 12: 29
    These are not predictions! It is a reality. Well, and the so-called Syrian underground))), which has recently begun regularly and not without success to nightmare the garrisons and convoys of American Rambo is a great answer to the comments of two all-crawler from above and the rest too!
    SASHA OLD April 9 2018 20: 51
    Americans jump, but damn, today Israel itself bombed missiles in Syria ...