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PJSC "Il": the Ministry of Defense will receive eight IL-76MD-90A in two years

PJSC Il will deliver to the Russian Ministry of Defense this year and next eight eight new military transport aircraft Il-76MD-90A with an increased flight range, said the vice president of the United Aircraft Corporation for Transport aviation, general director of the aviation complex "Ilyushina" Alexei Rogozin.

PJSC "Il": the Ministry of Defense will receive eight IL-76MD-90A in two years

This year we expect to transfer three sides to the Ministry of Defense, next five more
- He said, adding that the manufacture of aircraft is carried out in the framework of the contract for 39 such machines.

IL-76MD-90A is significantly different from IL-76MD. In fact, this is another plane. He has a lot of new: engines, wing, avionics. The car is made from scratch
- Rogozin explained.

Instead of the old D-30KP-2 engines, the Il-76MD-90А uses more powerful, economical and low-noise PS-90А-76, which made it possible to significantly increase the maximum flight range. The aircraft uses the latest digital flight navigation equipment, and the navigator’s workplace is equipped with a multifunctional indicator.

Aircraft production was established in Ulyanovsk at Aviastar-SP, where, after upgrading the production base, it will be possible to manufacture up to X-NUMX Il-18MD-76A aircraft per year.

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  1. Comrade Beria
    Comrade Beria April 3 2018 15: 38
    The news is good, but better when it is achieved.
    up to 18 Il-76MD-90A aircraft per year.

    But with a contract of 39 pieces no one will rush.
    1. seti
      seti April 3 2018 15: 49
      The contract can and should be increased. And it would be nice to adapt these machines for civilian needs.
      1. maxim947
        maxim947 April 3 2018 16: 05
        To increase it, need is necessary, and if it is not there, then why?
        Tightened something production.
        1. seti
          seti April 3 2018 17: 24
          Do you even understand what is written in the subject?
          And it is written literally: "The production of aircraft was established in Ulyanovsk at Aviastar-SP, where after upgrading the production base it will be possible to produce up to 18 Il-76MD-90A aircraft per year."
          Where was the production before? In Tashkent. And you have everything so easily respected.
          1. maxim947
            maxim947 April 3 2018 20: 41
            Do not amuse yourself with the thought that your eyes have opened ... Everyone has been aware of Tashkent for a long time. You look at the initial plans for Ulyanovsk and then look at the calendar. For the last time, shifts to the right for a couple of years have become the norm and this is not normal. But most likely this is not the fault of production, but the reason is the excessive populism of various officials, in short, even those who are astrologers ...
      2. donavi49
        donavi49 April 3 2018 16: 27
        Civil needs? 4 engine? Immediately to the morgue, after 747 Cargo, which had already died from this, neither subsidies nor lobbying factor from Boeing helped.
        1. Kurare
          Kurare April 3 2018 20: 20
          Quote: donavi49
          Go to the morgue ...

          hi To the morgue? And then what? On the wings of hope and in a good way?
          8 boards for two, of course, very few. Well, if there is a "debriefing" and work on bugs. I still have hope that the project on the basis of IL-96 will be revived as a refueling tank, otherwise the 76th will not be enough for a transport tanker, a refueling tank (IL-78) and a new AWACS (A-100)!
        2. keeper03
          keeper03 April 4 2018 14: 32
          Yes, and if you remove two dvigla and leave two, you get a great civilian airliner! yes
      3. antivirus
        antivirus April 3 2018 20: 23
        there is a need.
        about a year and a half ago, we discussed - the purchase of Boeings for transport aviation (not MO).
        I then wrote: "we pay compensation for the Crimea"
  2. Koronik
    Koronik April 3 2018 16: 12
    Good news, for work1
  3. rehev931
    rehev931 April 3 2018 18: 08
    with new dvigunami and looks more solid and convincing !!!
    1. ALEXXX1983
      ALEXXX1983 April 3 2018 21: 05
      Quote: rehev931
      with new dvigunami and looks more solid and convincing !!!

      But because of the old cabin, it’s still archaic.