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Navy to begin the formation of replaceable crews

This year, the Russian Navy will begin the formation of replaceable crews, which, if necessary, will be sent to ships serving in the distant sea and ocean zone, the newspaper reports News.

Navy to begin the formation of replaceable crews

It is planned that on each navy one reserve crew will be created.

According to the military, the innovation is connected with the complexity of the tasks facing the Navy: “the Russian fleet is returning to the World Ocean”. Seafarers have to perform multi-month campaigns in order to demonstrate the flag, "while due to the objective shortage of surface ships of the main classes, the task is to ensure the almost continuous operation of the existing equipment." And attracting reserve crews will allow sailors to give rest.

According to the naval expert Dmitry Boltenkov, today many surface ships, for example, amphibious assault ships, can be at sea for up to a year, and this is a very large load on sailors. Therefore, the idea to create a backup crew.

Six months served - and in the plane, on rest to families. And reservists carry out the task further. Thus it is possible to ensure the continuous operation of ships. That is what submariners have always done. We have one or two more submarines in each submarine division,
said the expert.

It is assumed that most of the year reservists will undergo intensive training ashore using simulators. In addition, it is planned to train some reserve combat crews on ships in duplicate mode - in turn with full-time specialists.
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Press Service of the Border Department of the Federal Security Service of Russia
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  1. aszzz888
    aszzz888 April 3 2018 12: 15
    The correct and rational decision. It is hoped that the equipment will not fail, working in this mode.
    KVU-NSVD April 3 2018 12: 25
    Tartus will be brought to mind and some of the ships will receive a permanent "residence permit" there. Anyway, it’s cheaper to transfer crews than to drive ships from base to base for this purpose ..
  3. askort154
    askort154 April 3 2018 12: 28
    There was a time, shift crews carried aircraft. yes
    1. Mavrikiy
      Mavrikiy April 3 2018 12: 36
      Quote: askort154
      There was a time, shift crews carried aircraft. yes

      Was it exactly?
      Crew member, airplane, tank .... but the ship ....
      PL is clear. The crew of 100 people., Swimming under water for six months, but a surface ship ....
      1. askort154
        askort154 April 3 2018 12: 54
        Mavrikiy ...PL is clear. The crew of 100 people., Swimming under water for six months, but a surface ship ....

        Yes, it’s the crew of the submarine.
  4. Ingvar0401
    Ingvar0401 April 3 2018 12: 38
    Reasonable. The Swedes have been doing this for a long time - “Orion” krtr has been with our clerks for ten days, then returning and changing the crew ....
  5. next322
    next322 April 3 2018 12: 54
    Kolpino and Veliky Novgorod in Tartus since September ....... shift crews work
  6. Sasha_Sar
    Sasha_Sar April 3 2018 16: 09
    We l / s stronger than steel. They can serve as much as they say without a salary, and then as many more. Hang out for months in the seas. But alas, the technique. The resource is not rubber and delaying repairs is infinitely impossible. And given how many years our BDK pr 775, 30 years or more. Low bow to the designers and operators.
    1. 22 dmdc
      22 dmdc April 3 2018 16: 36
      Crews for 775 are formed and not yesterday. But who will trust them to get rid of the pier.
  7. egor1712
    egor1712 April 3 2018 20: 15
    The main thing is that reservists take care of the equipment. Terrible thing temporary workers. They came, and after them at least a flood. So no technology is enough for them.