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Kosovo v. Serbia: Planned Provocation

Organized provocation

On March 26, in the town of Kosovska Mitrovica, militants from the “Kosovo police” (a special detachment of separatist police, trained and armed by the Americans and Germans, called ROSU) attacked a peaceful meeting of unarmed Serbs inhabiting the north of the region. They threw stun grenades and gas irritants (tears), thrashed them with butts, beat dozens of people. These are seemingly good, but stupidly, equipped and differently armed (for some people ancient AK works by unknown masters, for someone G-36, “famous” in Afghanistan, for someone M-4, etc.) with unarmed fight well enough. Although looking at their tricks and manner of dealing with weaponsit is somehow embarrassing even for the Americans who taught these trained monkeys. The aim of the operation was the head of the Office for Kosovo and Metohija of the Government of the Republic of Serbia, Marko Djuric. Djuric arrived in Mitrovica and delivered a speech there.

Kosovo v. Serbia: Planned Provocation

“I would like from here, from Kosovo Mitrovica, to report that the north of Kosovo and Metohija was not and never will be part of the so-called“ independent Kosovo ”, as well as part of the so-called“ Great Albania. ”Such projects are supported only by those who want to cause the conflict in this territory. Today we came here primarily because Serbia wants to hear what you would like to say about Kosovo and Metohija. As before, all Serbia will continue to be with you, "Djuric promised, The policy of the President of Serbia is a policy to achieve Issa, which means that the Kosovo Serbs "will also get something."

The first, however, “something got” Djuric himself - from the Kosovo militants in police uniform. Which was first taken away by force to Pristina, and then deported from Kosovo.

Kosovo’s leader Hashim “Snake” Thaci praised his police for “professionalism” and said that this episode “should not interfere with relations between Kosovo and Serbia, the dialogue between our countries and peoples and the establishment of good-neighborly relations”. Now the Kosovo authorities are trying hard to pretend to be "civilized" and nationally and religiously tolerant, but it turns out somehow not very.

This action, no matter how it was explained in Pristina, was directed either to "show the Serbs in their place" - they say, you see how independent we are, they took, they arrested your minister, they nag him, and they threw him out like a naughty kitten . Or to provoke, "blow up" the situation. More like a mixture of the first option with the second, because this is another attempt to wipe dirty shoes off the Serbs, the previous one was just recently, when one of the leaders of the Serb community of the region was killed.

Belgrade Reaction

The reaction of the Serbs was quick and very harsh. Barricades appeared on the streets of Mitrovica. Ethnic Serbs in the Kosovo office resigned in protest against the humiliating expulsion of Marco Juric. They called on Kosovo’s “prime minister” Ramos Haradinaj to resign, but he refused. Serbian President Vucic held a meeting of the Serbian Security Council, and spoke very sharply about Albanians and the EU.

“No, of course. They all lied, they were never ready for any compromise, they just waited until we were in a difficult situation and we recognized the independence of Kosovo. This work is meaningless,” said Vucic.

There were many other tough statements. And Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabic said after talking with Vucic that she had "never seen him so angry and frustrated." Apparently, the reaction of the EU, in which he was so eager, including. The Americans cautiously condemned the arbitrariness of the Kosovo militants.

This is the EU forced in 2013g. Belgrade to sign the Brussels Agreement on the normalization of relations with Pristina. By the way, the well-known stories with Ukrainian Maydaun Baroness Ashton. Without the implementation of this agreement, Serbia could not start negotiations on joining the EU, which the current authorities really wanted. By the way, by the way, the Albanian Kosovo “authorities” were obliged to form during the year the so-called “association of Serbian municipalities” of the north of the region, thus creating, in fact, Serbian autonomy, but so far they have not struck a finger! But the Serbs, in general, fulfilled their conditions. The classic situation is just like with Ukraine and the Minsk agreements. Bandits - they are equally negotiable. The Kosovo Serb List is demanding more active intervention from Belgrade. Belgrade is cautious and calls for compromises, which causes a sharply negative reaction of Kosovo Serbs who lose patience. Sooner or later they can take up arms themselves. In addition, many people in Serbia, in particular, the clergy and a large part of the population, consider this agreement a surrender. In addition, it is contrary to international law, as, incidentally, the "Kosovo precedent" with the recognition of the "independent" Kosovo by the West, under which specially trained lawyers even came up with a new theory, embroidered with white threads.

Among the Serbs, however, even now the percentage of those who “want lace panties in the EU” is still considerable, and among the leadership their percentage is even higher, they relied on EU membership. Although neither the population nor the leadership want to join NATO, and more than 85% of Serbs remember 1999 perfectly for a year and are not going to forgive the United States and NATO. Here is such a strange dualism. But the farther, the more growing the understanding that instead of even "at least some kind of compromise" and "Serbs will get at least something" (think about the wording), the Serbs will simply bend to the right posture, forcing them to abandon their claims to Kosovo and education. associations of municipalities, and even begin to bend further, waving a carrot with the inscription "EU" in front of his nose. They will force them to cut down the army and the military-industrial complex once again, will force them to recognize same-sex marriages and all other "achievements". Although the Serbs and so, won, the prime minister lesbian Brnabich did, but, apparently, this is not enough. In the end, lace panties will make even those whom they don’t rely at all. But the EU may be still the same poorly accessible carrot on a fishing rod in front of a donkey's nose.

And all this pressure, which is not accompanied by anything other than empty promises, especially on the main issue, leads to the fact that both in society and in the top of the government there is an understanding that the problem should be solved differently. Now 80-85% of Serbs, according to polls, declare that they do not need the EU in exchange for the loss of part of the territory, that is, Kosovo. And the appetites of the Albanian gangsters are only growing in power. Haradinai has already stated that "he needs the north of Kosovo," and there will be no "community of municipalities". There are also offers from Pristina "to return the original Albanian lands" in Serbia itself, and even to Niš. These insolent people demand the same from Montenegro and Macedonia. In general, there is a detachment from reality and the feeling that for Pristina in the yard of 1999, there is an 55-thousandth KFOR army in Kosovo, mainly consisting of NATO troops (and when there were real armies in NATO and besides the American, but not now ), well, the word of Russia in the international arena means nothing. But those days are long gone. In reality, the strength of the KFOR contingent stationed mainly in the south and in the center of the region is now less than 4. people

Demonstration of power - no matter what

It seems that Vucic has begun to make it clear that these individuals in Pristina understand only power. Or maybe this was explained to him in Moscow, where he called immediately after the incident in Mitrovica. And, perhaps, they promised some kind of support, except for the expressly diplomatic one.

Almost immediately, near the border with the region, exercises of the 4th brigade began, together with the special forces brigade of the Serbian army and airmen and air defense forces, "Assistance-2018". Officially - pre-planned, but somehow very successfully coincided with the events, as usual. The teachings did not say that large, ordinary brigade KShU, with the designation on the ground by the forces of one battalion tactical group (the number of participants about 1000 people). Then, according to the Serbs, much larger exercises will begin all in the same southern areas - the scenario, of course, will apply to Kosovo. The J-22 “Orao” fighter-bombers involved in the “Assistance” also quite “accidentally” demonstratively flew on a shaver with pendants over the administrative border with the edge of Kosovo, which caused protests in Pristina and a panic among Albanians who did not see the Serbian aviation since 1999

Vučić, who arrived at the exercises, held a speech there, the essence of which was reduced to the same thesis that “we will not let ourselves be deceived,” “Serbia will protect its people by any means.” He also said about the Orao aircraft, telling the Albanians that no one can forbid us to fly anywhere over Kosovo, because this is our land. And he also talked a lot about updating the army. For example, that a significant part of the military equipment in storage of the army, in particular tanks T-55 and hundreds of guns were destroyed under external pressure, and according to corruption schemes. And that the leadership, they say, is doing a lot to restore the air force and air defense fleet and the army in general. In general, the speech did not really fit in with his behavior before that, and in general, with his appearance (well, Vučić does not make the impression of a decisive leader). Maybe this is a simple populism - and certainly not without it. Perhaps he remembered how he had previously been in nationalist positions? Or began to ponder that sooner or later the problem with Kosovo would have to be resolved to one degree or another by force? It is very possible that now the aggravation will not reach the armed confrontation, but in the future, given the logic of the development of events, this should not be excluded.

In addition, it’s not for nothing that the Russian military-political leadership is building up military ties with Serbia, conducting joint exercises with pilots, special forces, paratroopers, etc. It is possible that the Kremlin knows a lot more about the possible aggravation of the situation in the Balkans than they say and a very long time. In addition, we will soon have a new round of exacerbation of the situation - the formation of the “army” of Kosovo, postponed by Pristina, 5th number. people and 3tys. reserve. The very fact of changing just the signs from the Kosovo Security Forces to the Armed Forces can even lead to war - this cannot be allowed in Belgrade.

The next "Ichkeria" in the Balkans should be eliminated

Moreover, in Europe, in general, it is difficult to find a more abominable formation than the "independent" Kosovo created on NATO bayonets. The state formation, created and led by outspoken gangsters involved in human trafficking, drug trafficking and illegal arms trade, and various types of “live goods” trade. On the territory of the region, almost all cars are listed in Europe in the hijacking, smuggling of everything, anything, is flourishing.

As for the bandits, it is enough to at least take the biography of the current “prime minister” of Kosovo R. Haradinaj. The hereditary Albanian terrorist (2 brothers from 5 killed the Yugoslav security forces), was on trial more than once, twice even went to the Hague Tribunal, which is normal for a Serb, but not for an Albanian (the tribunal is clearly anti-Serb). But he was acquitted - witnesses who were supposed to testify against him, either died, or disappeared, or refused to testify, or did not appear in court. In his biography, not only murders, terror and dark affairs, but even a fight with a Russian paratrooper is listed. He is in 2000g. at the Russian Federation Armed Forces checkpoint in KFOR, he began to accuse the Russians that they were "not warriors" and "can only pile on one and with weapons, otherwise he would show them one on one. Immediately there was one paratrooper who smashed the future "The premiere" head in a duel. It can be seen, still affects. This Haradinai recently dismissed the heads of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the "intelligence" of the region ... no, not for the fact that they organized an armed seizure of the Serbian minister. For helping the Turkish special services to arrest and take out from Kosovo six members of the organization of the religious preacher Fethullah Gulen, who Ankara blames the attempt of the putsch in 2016.The Gulen organization under the CIA cap, apparently, the owners of the "independent" Kosovars were offended that the Turks (with whom the US is “all difficult”), being one of the cosponsors of the Kosovo separatists, are too bossy Kosovo, without asking anyone.

There was a similar education on the territory of Russia, but it quickly ended, of course, we are talking about “Ichkeria”. But Russia is Russia, and on the territory of the "Ichkerian" gangsters there were no bases of the western "peacemakers". Serbs more difficult. And Russia, if such a desire and necessity arises, where it is more difficult to help them - the country is now surrounded by countries that are members of NATO, there is no way out to the sea either, in general, there may be difficulties. But a number of possibilities exist, for example, the use of PMCs or volunteer vacationers, for example. What is more important here is the fact that the Serbian leadership has the political will and determination to achieve the goals set in relation to Kosovo and to choose real priorities. And for the time being, anti-Serb Serbia, while trying to preserve traditional values, retain its original territory, but at the same time trying to get to the EU, where, as practice shows, it does not expect anything good - it looks like the baptized Jew on a nudist beach, where for completeness of appearance it is necessary either to remove the cross, or to put on the trunks. And if the Serbian leadership is finally determined, then in this case it makes sense for Russia to render assistance to Serbia (within reasonable limits, of course).

What forces does Serbia have? This will be discussed in the next article on "VO".
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  1. Spartanez300
    Spartanez300 April 3 2018 05: 06
    The United States can’t arrange for the fact that in the center of Europe some country does not bow at their feet, and in order to avoid this, they need to subordinate this people to their interests. So to speak, to promote your "democracy" here. Russia does not have many allies in Europe, or rather, practically does not, and it is simply necessary to support Serbia so that it does not become another puppet of mattress covers.
  2. Heterocapsa
    Heterocapsa April 3 2018 07: 33
    and be sure that this time Russia will not stand aside.
  3. Pete mitchell
    Pete mitchell April 3 2018 10: 33
    My comrade, was a peacemaker in northern Kosovo, not the last. From a business trip, he brought several cans of Slivovitsa, a gift from the Serbs, an understanding of the hopes of ordinary Serbs and an extremely sharp hatred of the Albanians living there. You can agree on everything with the Serbs, they will also feed you a drink; Albanians are negotiable only while the pistol at the head, the most infamous public. The history of the Albanians in this region since the time of the WWI is the story of an attempt by a “civilized” Europe to bend the Serbs, artificially increase the number of Albanians and put them on the neck of the Serbs.
    There is nowhere to retreat;
  4. iouris
    iouris April 3 2018 11: 46
    It seems that the problem of Serbia cannot be solved now. The Russian Federation has its own “Kosovo” - “Ukraine”. Until this problem is resolved, the status quo in the Balkans will not change. Serbia will not be able to “invade” its territory until the successor of the USSR does so.
    1. Sergey985
      Sergey985 April 4 2018 13: 14
      Serbs and help problematic. Europe is most likely to interrupt all communication with the outside world (airspace will definitely be closed). Gas pipe to threaten? So this is the calculation. Enough stalemate for us. Our diplomats have to turn inside out. Also a hysteria with poisoning so "on time". Everything is very similar to the planned actions.
    2. Setrac
      Setrac April 7 2018 21: 10
      Quote: iouris
      It seems that the problem of Serbia cannot be solved now. The Russian Federation has its own “Kosovo” - “Ukraine”.

      The possibilities of the “hegemon” are not unlimited, if the events in the Balkans begin, the US will not be in Ukraine.
  5. Dam
    Dam April 4 2018 19: 44
    I really want to help the Serbs emotionally. And with his brain, until Vučić himself decides where he is going to Europe or to us, probably prematurely
  6. AleBors
    AleBors April 6 2018 19: 39
    Predictably. Another hotbed of tension is being created. And such that we cannot be indifferent to its bloat. During the year, tension will grow in all directions and in the Donbass and in Syria and in Serbia. Perhaps they will rock something in the east. They encircle us and wait for our response, so that later they will accuse us of all mortal sins and attack ... In parallel, an informational noise will be created, moreover, about how we are bloodthirsty and bad. So what are we waiting for ...
    I really suspect that things will not go beyond concerns ..