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Where is the best combat aircraft in the world born

Once, in these walls, the famous Belka and Strelka were prepared for flight, then the first cosmonaut detachment was trained here, and now it is here that the Central Research Institute of the Air Force is located. The Central Research Institute of the Air Force is engaged in everything that is somehow connected with the air.

This includes aerospace medicine, the development of new principles for the training of pilots, and the investigation of aviation accidents, not only military, but also civil ones. And of course - this is the creation of absolutely new airline complexes. Invisible airplanes, drone drone aircraft, fighters, attack aircraft, heavy transport workers, and helicopters.

In short, the entire Russian aircraft engineering is born under the control of the Central Research Institute of the Air Force. It was here that the appearance of the X-NUMX generation of the Su-5 was born, and it is here that work is underway on the future bomber PAK DA. This is the place where designers are given a technical task - what should be our military fleet in the future.

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  1. cedar
    cedar April 2 2018 11: 06
    Very interesting and informative, and most importantly once again you understand how much is needed for the birth of a new aircraft and how difficult it is to take every step of modern aviation. BUT, the fact that Russia is capable of such steps certainly gives rise to a sense of pride in our aviation science and the people who are moving it to new aviation heights and achievements.
    1. Mavrikiy
      Mavrikiy April 2 2018 12: 01
      Pride, it’s a good thing, but ..... The quantity is not enough.
      Faster and bigger.
      1. Vol4ara
        Vol4ara April 3 2018 10: 59
        Eh, you need to become an adult, but she’s all born ...